Google Summer of Code 2012: Update

Google Summer of Code 2012: Update


Nathan Betzen

March 17, 20121 min read

We are pleased and excited to announce to everyone that we have been accepted as an official GSOC mentor organization this year.

Google-Summer-of-Code-2012-And-XBMCFrom now until the 26th, we would like to encourage all our faithful student users (and other interested students) to visit our GSOC Ideas Page, review some of the ideas we think might be good ones, and then feel free to provide input on any ideas you may have in the Student Project Proposal area. Alternatively, feel free to jump into the #XBMC IRC room on Freenode and chat about any project you’d love to cover.

From March 26th to April 6th, we encourage any interested students to apply at the GSOC home page to work with XBMC. After that, we’ll notify applicants whether we get to work with each other according to the GSOC schedule.

All of us at Team XBMC are looking forward to getting some good work done this summer, and we’d love for you all to work with us!