Google Summer of Code Students


Google Summer of Code Students


Nathan Betzen

May 28, 20131 min read

As of yesterday, all of those who applied for Google Summer of Code should have gotten their replies from the Google Open Source group. We are very excited to be working with the four students who were selected and are only sorry that we couldn’t select more, as there were quite a lot of excellent submissions this year.

For those curious, the select entries and students were:

Improved Support for Linux Windowing Systems – SmSpillaz (previously the window manager for Ubuntu)

Improved Database Layout – adamsey

Profile-base DLNA and Transcoding – alcoheca (continuing his fantastic UPnP work from last year)

Aggregate media from multiple sources and present them in unified library view – pieh

We are incredibly excited to see what benefits come from all these projects and invite you to follow along in the forum threads. To keep those threads clean, we ask that you refrain from posting in them if at all possible.

Good luck students and mentors!