Impending Merge: Addons

Impending Merge: Addons



February 28, 20101 min read

The next version of XBMC is shaping up quite well, with a host of new features already in. For a refresher, see a few posts back.

Next up is the merge from the addons branch, the underpinning of the new addons manager (go figure) as well as the basis for the PVR frontend branch. Once finished, though still a ways out, this will add the capability of extending XBMC from the couch. No need to ssh/ftp into your box to add skins, scrapers, plugins, PVR Backends, etc.

As I alluded in the previous post, the codebase will be a bit rocky as we clean up after the merge, so we suggest that users and builders take a break until things have settled. For this reason, official nightly builds have been temporarily suspended. We are not asking for bug reports at this time because we know that things are broken. If this seems all too familiar, we’ve done this before. Again, we ask that users of nightly builds take a break, and that third-party builders please suspend your releases for now. Builds at this time only make things harder for us. Really.

See you on the other side!

Update: Revision 28276 is the revision before the merge. Stay below that and you’ll be fine.