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It’s time to test XBMC Live 8.10.2 Beta1

Time has come for a new XBMC Live release: XBMC Live 8.10.2b1

This BETA release has to be considered as a total fresh start, since not only it is based on Ubuntu Intrepid (8.10.2), but also because I used a fresh, updated installation of the build tool.

It also marks the start to a new approach: I have created some pages in the XBMC Wiki where both the build process and the configuration process are briefly described, and I am looking forward to users’ contributions in these pages so that both the quality and the completeness of the documents could increase. Not to mention omissisions and mistakes that this new beta release will carry in.

I need to stress the fact that this release was not tested in all details, and issues may arise here and there. However, identifying issues is the main cause I’m releasing it in the public: with help of all of you we may end up with something that barely works (sarcasm here…).

I can anticipate that NVIDIA and ATI/AMD users may have to struggle to have a working setup, as in the previous releases, but that’s a limitation of the restricted drivers not being tolerant interms of configuration files. Les’t s hope that the newer releases will allow an higher number of success stories.

Details about the release:

  • NVIDIA drivers: 180.29
  • ATI/AMD drivers: Catalyst 9.1
  • Natively supports MCEUSB remotes
  • New installer script that allows building of XBMC Live USB bootable disks from any Ubuntu-based system without the need of burning a CD and booting from it.

Finally, the SVN repositories sources are already configured, so updating XBMC to follow the bleeding edge will hopefully be easy – check your disk space!

Wiki references:

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