Kodi Edition Raspberry Pi Case Version 2 - May The (Open) Source Be With You!

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Kodi Edition Raspberry Pi Case Version 2 - May The (Open) Source Be With You!



November 22, 20181 min read

Two years ago, we surprised everyone by taking our first step into hardware by announcing the 'Kodi Edition' Raspberry Pi case. For the past year, we’ve been working with Flirc on an exciting and ambitious newly-designed case to follow that one. Using the second-generation Flirc case as a starting point, we wanted something prominent that both matches the character of Kodi and blends seamlessly into your entertainment systems.

We’re eager to show you what we’ve been working on. More than that, we're thrilled to announce that, starting today, it’s available to order.

Still manufactured from aluminum, we've now gone to the dark side with a metallic, jet black coating for that cool Vader look. It will be a beautiful addition for your living room and is definitely the case you've been waiting for.

The top edge is polished, and features anodized silver to create a mirror-like finish that hugs the Kodi-branded, soft touch plastic.

The second-generation case features better access to the SD card, a better built-in heatsink, precision manufacturing, and subtle details that make a great case amazing.

And, just like the first case, a percentage of every sale will go towards cancer research at the USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center, where they lead the industry in groundbreaking cancer treatments and trial medications.

The second-generation 'Kodi Edition' Raspberry Pi case is a limited edition: starting today, though, you can order them from Flirc and The Pi Hut.

Thank you, and Happy and Healthy Holidays from team Kodi and team Flirc.

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