Kodi presenting at Microsoft Build 2017


Kodi presenting at Microsoft Build 2017


Martijn Kaijser

May 10, 20171 min read

Last year we announced that the team worked together with Microsoft on creating a Microsoft Store version of Kodi using their Desktop Bridge (Project Centennial) project. Taking this opportunity to reach millions of Windows 10 users has proven quite successful and since the official launch of Kodi v17 it has become one of the most popular apps in store. Due to this success and growing popularity of Kodi in Windows Store one of our two attending developers will be holding a presentation at the Build 2017 event in Seattle. During this he will highlight some of the steps it took us to enter the Store and further highlight some of the main features that makes Kodi a great project.

Presentation time

You will be able to watch the stream live at https://channel9.msdn.com/ or watch the recording afterwards:

If you are attending the event be sure to visit one of the talks if you can. During this three day event the two attending developers will probably wear their Kodi shirts so if you see them walking around be sure to say hi.

We certainly want to thank Microsoft for giving us this opportunity to do a presentation about our open source project on such a big event. Doing so might inspire some developers to join in improving our volunteer project which is enjoyed by millions.