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January 27, 20101 min read

David Teirney and I just got back from hosting a successful booth at the open day in Wellington, NZ.

It was great to meet a bunch of people and show them just what XBMC is all about. In particular it was great meeting Erik de Castro Lopo of libsamplerate fame, which we use for resampling audio when video is synced to the refresh rate of the monitor.

We had 3 systems showing off what XBMC could do, one of which was the MSI Windtop AE2020 – an all in one unit with a 20″ touchscreen kindly on loan from MSI Europe (Look out for an upcoming post where you’ll see some of the new touch stuff being utilized within XBMC.)

Thanks heaps to the organizing committee and everyone who popped over to the booth – we’ll definitely see you all again in Brisbane at next year’s!

Left: Jonathan Right: Patrick
Left: Jonathan Marshall (almost smiling for once), Right: Patrick, JM's helper for the day