The New XBMC Website Look

The New XBMC Website Look

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Nathan Betzen

July 03, 20131 min read

After quite a lot of hard work, we are very excited to present to everyone the new and improved look for (as well as a very necessary WordPress update). In particular, thanks go to Zag and Da-anda for their major contributions to the site, as well as Keith, Clumsy, theuni, and many others.

For the most part, all of the really important things haven’t changed. You can still check out all the important news on our blog, download XBMC on the download page, and find all the critical links to our forum and wiki. The purpose of this update was not to substantially change the experience of, but rather to pull it up from its old 2008 look to something a bit more modern.

With that said, there are a few changes many are likely to appreciate. To begin, the About page actually covers the functionality of XBMC, in addition to giving background on the development team, the Foundation, and other software developed by the organization. We’ve created a page discussing how users can contribute, as well as a FAQ page on the XBMC Foundation. We’ve also created our own GPL Violators page to encourage reporting of organizations that may have either accidentally or intentionally released a copy of XBMC without also including a means of delivering source code, as required by the GPL.

We’ve updated our donation page to better recognize our donors. Today, if you donate, you’ll have visual proof of your donation for all the world to see. We’ve also gotten rid of the old, confusing “Members+” title and replaced it with the much clearer “Donor” title, both on and in the forum.

Feel free to browse through the site. There’s quite a lot to see. If there is anything you like or don’t, or if you think we’re missing important pages, feel free to sound off in the comments.