Platform Statistics: October

Platform Statistics: October

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October 23, 20131 min read

XBMC runs on many platforms and everyone has their favourites, but ever wondered which is the most popular?

Take a look at the chart below to find out (based on audio universal scraper usage*). Currently Microsoft Windows makes up over half of the XBMC user base but this is shrinking with the rise of easy Linux installs such as OpenELEC. We’ve also seen a large increase in Raspberry Pi users in the last few months. It seems many people like the idea of using a cheap bit of hardware as a home theatre device.



  • The data was collected from 24 days of music requests from so its not a reflection of the entire XBMC ecosystem, just people requesting music metadata. The last time we checked our add-on statistics, we had around 1.9 million active installs around the world.