SCALE 2010 Report

SCALE 2010 Report



February 05, 20101 min read

Last weekend I got the opportunity to fly out to sunny (or so I thought) California for the 8th annual SCALE expo. Sean (malloc) and I had a great time shaking hands with users, talking about XBMC, and meeting developers and volunteers from a vast number of projects. It was especially fun hanging out with Long Phung from Yahoo, meeting Shawn and Katherine from the Linux Journal crew who are apparently loyal XBMC users, Lysandra from the SFLC, and everyone else along the way. Also a special thanks to Gareth Greenaway for the invite and for arranging such a great expo.

The crowd there was very impressed by what XBMC can do, and many stopped by to give their thanks and ask good questions. Many visitors dropped in just to ask about the beautiful Zotac MAG (thanks Zotac!) that was on display — a great htpc for use with XBMC.

I encourage all of our users to drop by and see us at these shows, they’re really a lot of fun! Sadly, my pictures did not turn out well at all so there’s not much to show, only one that I’ve borrowed from LinuxJournal. Maybe next year I’ll remember a decent camera…

Left to right: me (Cory Fields), malloc (Sean Soria), Shawn Powers from Linux Journal