Scale 9x and XBMC Meetup

Scale 9x and XBMC Meetup


Nathan Betzen

February 18, 20111 min read

As some of you may know, XBMC will have a booth at SCALE 9x at the LAX Hilton on February 25th through the 27th. This year the booth will be manned by Cory Fields (theuni), Sean Soria (malloc), and Nathan Betzen (natethomas). We’d all love to see you there. Additionally, our very own theuni will participate on a panel at 1:30PM on Saturday in the La Jolla room about FLOSS Media Centers. Naturally, we’d like to invite you to come visit that panel discussion as well.FLOSS

Team XBMC discussed it among ourselves, and we agreed that in addition to our time at SCALE, this weekend presented an absolutely perfect time for a first ever XBMC L.A. Meetup. At the moment, location is still to be determined (tentatively, we’re eyeing either the LAX region or the Malibu/West Hollywood region), but we are currently planning for 7PM TBD on Saturday evening until the drinks run out or the establishment kicks us out. We’d love to see anyone there who can make it.

We’ll provide more info on location as we nail it down. In the meantime, feel free to let us know whether or not you’ll be stopping by for a visit in the comments.


Location: LAX Hilton

Time: Feb. 25th – 27th


Location: LAX Hilton, La Jolla Room

Time 1:30PM, Sat., Feb. 26th

XBMC Meetup

Location: TBD

Time: Sat night, Feb 26th. Exact time TBD.