Students Time to start applying for GSoC


Students Time to start applying for GSoC


Nathan Betzen

April 22, 20131 min read

Hey all you students, now is the time to beginning applying to work with XBMC on your favorite project this summer during 2013′s Google Summer of Code. To apply:

  1. Take a look at the XBMC Ideas page
  2. Prepare an outline for your GSoC proposal using our outline guide
  3. Visit the Google Summer of Code 2013 homepage and click Apply for Students.
  4. Once you’ve finished, head over to the GSoC XBMC subforum and tell us about your proposal. Potential mentors will be browsing that sub-forum looking for interesting projects, so speaking up there will be the best way to get noticed and selected.

We are excited to read the great proposals, so get on it!