Updated add-on repository for nightly users

Updated add-on repository for nightly users



April 28, 20111 min read

For those of you using unstable or nightly builds, you will soon notice a change in available add-ons at the xbmc.org repository. Dharma users shouldn’t fret as nothing changes for stable add-ons.

With each new version of XBMC, there are sure to be changes that require add-on authors to make changes in order to remain compatible. We have made improvements to python, JSON, the skinning engine, etc. So much like Firefox, we will be asking all add-on authors to test their creations against each version of XBMC and mark them as compatible in each before they’re available in that version. For more detailed information on API changes for Eden, check out the wiki.

Browsing the repository list with the new Xeebo skin

So what does this mean for you?

If you are a stable user happily using Dharma, it means nothing. Only that bleeding-edge add-ons are getting good testing before you’ll see them in the next stable version

If you are an unstable/nightly user, it means that from now on you will only see add-ons that have been accepted into the Eden repository. Much like Firefox, they will likely be few in the beginning and really begin to pile in when we enter the beta stage for Eden.

So remember: if you open your add-ons list and your favorite one is not listed, poke the author in the forum and ask him/her to make the necessary changes and submit to the Eden repository, or better yet, help with it!

And before anyone asks, the new Feature Friday has been a big hit. Nate is out of town this week, but he’ll be back next Friday with another installment.