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We’re back!

After a nasty lightning strike at our ISP, we were temporarily left with no networking and no power. That in itself is not so bad. Unfortunately, due to the power loss, there was substantial filesystem corruption and data loss to deal with.

After the crash, we were able to recover everything but the forum database. Unfortunately, the only option was to roll back to our last good backup which was performed over a month ago. Rest assured, the boldfaced item at the top of my to-do list is to put a new bulletproof backup system in place.

Thanks to all who helped on IRC, or offered various hardware/hosting to get us back up. We will evaluate our current situation in the coming days and decide if any changes should be made.

Accidents happen, and unfortunately we were stuck in the middle of this one. Our host acted quickly, but data recovery takes time. We’re very sorry to all of our users for the downtime, and for the loss of some forum data. There will surely be some small issues (with any luck, no big ones) that crop up in the coming days, mainly missing images and a few bad links. We felt that it was more important to get the site back up ASAP, the little things can be fixed on the fly.