Weekend Weather Update

Weekend Weather Update



November 09, 20111 min read

As many of you are aware, recent API changes have forced XBMC and most XBMC-based software offshoots to change the way they handle their weather app. We have refrained from commenting until now, because the Team wanted to internally discuss what the best step forward would be. .webp weatherWe were debating between a few different options, ranging from simply updating the current app with a new provider to totally nuking the weather app from XBMC-core and making it all addon-based.

Well, as you can probably guess, we here at XBMC don’t like doing things halfway. If there is a “right” way to code something, we will do everything in our power to code it that way. And so we’ve chosen to acknowledge our mistake in making weather part of XBMC core, and, as we speak, Spiff and Amet are busily pulling weather out and creating an easily replaceable and updateable Weather Addon.

This by itself shouldn’t add very much time to the Eden dev cycle, but it likely will cause current skins to break, which means we’ll need to allow enough time for our brilliant Skilled Skinners to make their changes.

Update: I’ve since been informed by Skilled Skinner Ronie that Spiff’s magical unicorn powers and coding skillz should actually prevent current skins from breaking. Chalk another one up for the brilliance of Team XBMC.

Thanks much for everyone’s patience. Feel free in the comments to let us know if you’d rather we fixed the problem a different way, or if you’d rather we just got rid of weather entirely, in favor of sticking our heads out the window.

Finally, for your weather forecast: Winter is coming.