XBMC 9.04.1 Released

XBMC 9.04.1 Released



May 26, 20092 min read

A few bugs managed to slip into the XBMC Media Center 9.04 (Babylon) final release, so we decided to do a quick update. This maintenance release addresses those glaring Babylon issues as well as some other things that we have fixed since. No new features are present here, this is strictly a bug fix release. As always, you can grab the latest version here or from the PPAs. Note: We had a bit of a problem upon initial this release, so some builds have been repacked as a result.

For those interested, here is a brief changelog:

  • Updated the web scrapers
  • Fixed segfault when clicking on either a Video or Music source which contains a malformed .pls file
  • Shoutcast had two “..” paths
  • Typo caused VobSub subtitles to render at incorrect timestamps (and possibly crash XBMC)
  • Diffuse texture used the wrong coordinates for orientation when scalediffuse=”false” was specified
  • Reset LCD dim after resuming from suspend
  • HDHomeRun was crashing when browsing tuners
  • Main title DVD/ISO rips did not return to GUI when playback finished
  • XBMC would suspend directly after resume when suspend time > shutdown time
  • Speed up RAW image loading and handle more file extensions
  • Better WAV handling on 64-bit operating-systems
  • Metadata from NFO files not used unless default scraper is the same as the URL in the NFO
  • H.264 video and AAC audio streamed over RTMP memory leak and video FPS problem
  • [OSX] EventServer could be started multiple times on Mac and Apple TV
  • [LINUX] RAW image loading was broken
  • [LINUX] Startup.xml was not loaded
  • [LINUX] Some plugins were crashing on 64bit
  • [WIN32] Updated: ImageLib.dll
  • [WIN32] Fixed raw image loading
  • [WIN32] XBMC crashed on playing media or no sound with MP3 and video files
  • [WIN32] XBMC would crash before the OpenGL warning pop-up message was shown

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