XBMC Community Updates

XBMC Community Updates



May 24, 20091 min read

Boys and Gals

By now you’ve probably realized that XBMC developer’s aren’t into doggies or other unrelated BS that gets them distracted from their key goal – polishing, continuously improving and delivering the finest media center application to its users.

What you might have missed is that XBMC, unlike many other open or closed source projects, has a huge active user base creating skins, scripts, plugins, scrapers and other addons on a regular basis – making full use of XBMC’s flexibility. Since not everyone seems to have the time to read through the hundred’s of new posts on our forum every day, much of this work does not get the attention it deserves. In order to correct this shortcoming, TheUni and myself will try to summarize newsworthy additions from the XBMC community on a regular basis going forward.

At the same time, we’ll try to get any developments in Team XBMC to you – welcoming new team members, pointing towards newly created branches and features under development.

Stay tuned

DonJ & TheUni