XBMC feature freeze and bug bash

XBMC feature freeze and bug bash



September 17, 20042 min read

we are happy to announce that we have now once again put the xboxmediacenter cvs in a feature freeze and our second official xbmc public bug bash have begun, which is the first steps in the process of getting ready for another stable point release of xbmc. the cvs feature freeze stage implies that in order to not introduce new bugs no new features/functions coded should (preferably) be introduced into the cvs until after the source code for the next point release have been set, this feature freeze will also give skinners a chance to catch up as xbmc’s skin-structure is also locked down. in the mean time the official bug bash implies that we all should do our best to find and fix most bugs before the point release can be set. this also means that we now really need the publics help with xbmc development, we need you to update/translate strings.xml to all languages (xbmc now support all foreign language characters through ttf-fonts), plus find/troubleshoot bugs and most importantly submit them as very detailed bug reports on sourceforge.net bug tracker, we of course also more than welcome other developers to help us of solve and submit fixes to those bugs. only with your help can we get a xbmc 1.1.0 point release ready in a matter of weeks, however understand that all our team-members are volunteers so we can not set a definite deadline nor release date but we will do our best to try to have a release candidate ready within three weeks.

we also like to remind you all that the xbmc project relies on your donations for its survival!

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