XBMC Visualization Contest Ended

XBMC Visualization Contest Ended

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April 20, 20042 min read

the last submission date for our xbmc audio visualization competition has now passed and six valid entries was received. since we had ten prize positions all six entries are winners and will each be awarded with a final version of the xecuter-3 modchip courtesy of team-xecuter. know that we are still waiting for an exact e.t.a. of the x3 to be announced by team-xecuter, so the winners will be contacted now but only sent their prize once the x3 mod chips are ready for shipping. congratulations to all the winners and thank you very much for your work, we hope you will continue develop for xbmc. note that the tripex vis is not working yet in xbmc but we decided to award this a prize in the competition anyway, on side note to that we would love if there was directx/direct3d guru developer out there that could please help us get tripex to fully work in xbmc.

winners listed in no particular order:
fountain, by (and winner): nmrs
saville, by (and winner): nmrs
g-force, by (and winner): questor/fused
starburst, by (and winner): dinomight
boxalizer, by (and winner): mynci
tripex, by (and winner): ben marsh

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