XBMP/XBMC Logo Contest Over

XBMP/XBMC Logo Contest Over



March 25, 20041 min read

first of all we like to apologize to all people who entered the contest for the delay we took in deciding a winner, just know it’s very hard to organize such a large team as xbmc/xbmp have become, and on top of that the contenders where all excellent it was so very hard to choose just one. the winner of the xbmp/xbmc official logo competition is tamper with his 31a entry, congratulation 31a. we will now ask tamper to tweak and perfect his entry as the official xbmc/xbmp logo(s), he will in exchange receive a xenuim modchip with lcd-display, (courtesy on team-ozxodus). our thanks goes to everyone who entered the contest.

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