XBMP/XBMC XStream Contest

XBMP/XBMC XStream Contest



November 06, 20031 min read

bald bouncer (uk) has kindly donated some nice prizes for us to run this xstream contest. the goal of the contest is for you developers out there to create one platform independent and user-friendly xstream server, the code must be in c++ and fully open source. the ultimate goal is that when the contest is over we only end up with one, and only one official xstream server which the xbmp/xbmc projects will retaining ownership of. the contest starts of right away and will come to an end in two months from now. all good entries (winners or not) can/will be integrated in the winning source code base, however the top-three entries (decided by the existing xbmp/xbmc team members) will win prizes listed bellow (again, thanks bald bouncer) and get an invitation to join the official xstream development team. developers are allowed to enter the contest as a team, (in fact we encourage it), note however that a team entry will count as one entry.

prizes (sponsored by bald bouncer):
first-prize, winner can select one of these two alternatives:

  • alternative #1 (uk only): xbox pre-modded xecuter 2.2 pro
  • alternative #2 (world-wide): 8 x xecuter 2.3 lite modchips
    second-prize (world-wide): 5 x xecuter 2.3 lite modchips
    third-prize (world-wide): 3 x xecuter 2.2 pro modchips

more info: xstream contest code requirements, rules and conditions