Attention ALL Companies attending CES!

Posted By: Keith Herrington on Dec 03, 2015 in Site News

For the second year in a row, Kodi is attending CES.

CES, also known as the Consumer Electronics Show, is an internationally renowned electronics and technology trade show, attracting major companies and industry professionals worldwide.

Why do we go there?

Our purpose and goal behind attending CES is so we can reach and interact with companies who use and/or might benefit from using our platform and of course the end user. Especially since we started supporting Android, many more companies are jumping on board to shipping with Kodi and we want to make sure they’re using our standard unmodified build available from our website or Google Play Store. This to make sure the users are getting the software we are proud of creating and not misusing our trademarked name in bad way.

Previous year we got invited by an unnamed mid-west USA cable company which led us to a meeting with SiliconDust, who has since written an official add-on for their HDHomeRun product (actually, they contracted a team member to write the add-on!) and using us extensively with their DVR product that is coming out soon. Additionally we also met with Google where we discussed some things about the Android platform which where Kodi could benefit from.

Working with Kodi is easy and opens you up to a massive ecosystem of an already established platform and user-base. We’re actively seeking out DRM-free content providers that are interested in writing official plugins, do hardware integration such as home automation, or anything you can think of we might be a good fit.

Kodi can run in practically any configuration. Besides as home entertainment systems Kodi is also showing up in digital signage systems, schools media distributions, hospitality systems in high end hotels and even Yachts or cruise ships! We love to see how far companies and our users can take it.

Interested in meeting us?

So if you know anyone at such a company (or work there yourself) and you think you should have a meeting with us, please put us in contact with them, or give them our email: biz ad kodi dot tv and we’ll be happy to schedule a meeting, even if you can’t make it to CES.

Discussion - 13 Comments

  • JPTN Dec 03, 2015 

    Top of my list for hardware integration
    - Amazon Echo
    - Oomi Home: contact AT

  • Rebel Dec 04, 2015 

    Try and find while you’re there … we need an add-on for their streaming service! :)

  • jon Dec 05, 2015 

    SmartThings, ecobee would be great additions

  • Launchpad McQuack Dec 06, 2015 

    Amazon Instant Video recently stopped working because of their switch to HTML5/DRM… If you see them, inform them I will not be renewing my Prime membership because a hundred bucks to save on shipping isn’t worth it to me. If they make Instant Video work with Kodi, it’ll have value and I’ll keep it around.

  • Brad Dec 08, 2015 

    Only reason I bought the new Silicon Dust HDHR is because of the KODI addon.
    ecobee intergraion…that’s a really great idea!

  • Harley Dec 08, 2015 

    +1 for supporting home automation control and voice command APIs.

    “Ok Google” could become “Ok Kodi” on Android with Google Now API?

    Someday each Android box with Kodi could compete with Amazon Echo.

    Kodi service could turn ON/OFF lights and roll roll down curtains.

    • Grinsekatze Dec 11, 2015 

      Thats what you use FHEM for – and there’s an addon already.

  • Grinsekatze Dec 11, 2015 

    I prefer Trsanscoding, headless Server instance, Multilanguage/Profile Support (you log in as Mr X and your GUI is english including movie informations, weather and so on. You log out and log in as Mrs. Y and the same GUI is now spanisch including movie informations, weather …).

  • bryan Dec 30, 2015 

    any codes to help us waive CES registration fee?

  • Docorrin Dec 30, 2015 

    What booth will you be in? I am going to ces and would like to stop by.

  • RJ Jan 03, 2016 

    RTI should be at CES. Get those lazy fish eyed fools to do some drivers. Their installers should be actively getting some great drivers for this software and keeping it current.

  • Sam Jan 12, 2016 

    Please figure out how to get an official YouTube addon. For a media center, that shoild be the bare-minimum working streaming service, no?

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