Beers, Users, and Devs Night

Posted By: Nathan Betzen on Oct 09, 2013 in Community Updates, Dev Journal

fkoch_lederhosen_kleinWe apologize for the late notice, but for those of you in the Munich area we finally have a date and time for our Devs and Users Meet-up.

We’ll be meeting at the NH München Dornach, Einsteinring 20. D-85609 Dornach. Munich at 19.30 (that’s 7:30PM for Americans) on this Friday. Just head over to the hotel bar, and we’ll get things rolling from there.

If you can make it, definitely let us know in the comments!

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  • Yannik Oct 09, 2013 

    Always on the other side of the earth. :(
    Currently in Florida and normally in Germany. Where is the next Meet-up planned?

  • Martijn Oct 09, 2013 

    Well I will be there for sure :D

  • Ulrich Oct 09, 2013 

    Great, definitively I will come (but around 20:30), together with my son.
    Looking Forward to meet you soon

  • mad-max Oct 10, 2013 

    Hey great news…
    Let’s see if I can manage to get around…it’s a bit away from me, but hey, I get the chance to chat with you guys :)

    BTW: Do we get a live blogging like last year?

    • Nathan Betzen Oct 10, 2013 

      Max, I’m gonnna put that in the category of “probably.” I have to be involved in more things this year, so I may miss some topics.

  • mh Oct 11, 2013 

    Damn, I just made plans for Friday. What are you guys going to do this evening? Are you staying at that location? Maybe I’ll drop by later if it’s not too late.

  • ArnoldLayne Oct 11, 2013 

    I’m so there.

  • Memphiz Oct 11, 2013 

    We are staying at the hotel as it looks like … there is a nice bar here and a lounge to crash ;)

  • Michael Oct 12, 2013 

    What have you planned for the next days?

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