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Posted By: Nathan Betzen on Nov 15, 2011 in Dev Journal

happy cloudAs a quick followup to the previous article, we are happy to say that XBMC Eden-Pre now has working weather once again, using an addon created by Amet that connects with World Weather Online. To turn weather on, one must install a nightly build of XBMC Eden-Pre no older than 2011, Nov 15, go to addons>Weather, and download the World Weather Online addon. Then go to System>Weather and select World Weather Online as the default. After that, just set your location in Weather Addon settings.

The way weather has been set to work now is by creating a space in XBMC core to interact with weather addons. This space then pushes out weather data to skins in exactly the same way it did prior to the weather breakdown. This method creates a convenient way for backend weather addons to do their work, while keeping weather display methods the same for our skilled skinners.

An immediate benefit to this method appears to be that a number of additional weather addons are already in development. None are officially released yet though, so we’ll hold off on mentioning them until they’ve been deployed.

It’s amazing what a few skilled programmers and some ingenuity can do in a very short period of time.

P.S. Good job, all of you who correctly caught the Game of Thrones reference. 10 points shall be awarded to your houses. Or something.

Keeping Social

In unrelated news, we’ve now created a Google Plus page, for those of you allergic to our Twitter and Facebook accounts, but somehow not allergic to the idea of social networks generally. Feel free to circle us in Google, and we will continue to try to occasionally remember to sign back into Google Plus.

Discussion - 36 Comments

  • josei98 Nov 15, 2011 

    first!!! not bad at all

  • Debottam Ghosh Nov 15, 2011 

    Waiting for Nov 15th nightly for windows. There has been no windows nightlies after 12th Nov.

  • Will Nov 15, 2011 

    I’m downloading it and building it as we speak… I’ll post the link up here if for some reason they don’t get it posted before I have mine compiled.

  • Eu Morales Nov 15, 2011 

    Good work, guys !!!

    THANK YOU !!!

  • Will Nov 15, 2011 

    Hey guys, I just compiled (my first ever) build of XBMC for Windows. It has no viruses, and I’ve tested it, (albeit not much) and the latest version of Transparency! works. Get it here: If it has problems… sorry [I guess you'll just have to wait for the official nightly then :( ] But the best news of all, Weather works!!!! Thanks to Amet and Spliff and anyone else (including nate for letting us know what’s up) for putting in the work to fix it this quickly. If any of you guys like XBMC, tell them thank you! It’s quite possibly the best piece of open source software around.

  • Will Nov 15, 2011 

    Well, after proofreading I still messed up Spiff’s name… sorry :(

  • Rflores2323 Nov 15, 2011 

    Will try it out tonight.

  • bjorn eriksson Nov 15, 2011 

    Why do ppl leave these comments? post something constructive or dont post at all..
    Great work on the new addon functionality! will be happy to test this out when I get around to it :)
    Thank you for working your arse of for us!

  • Cristiano Nov 15, 2011 

    Where can I get an updated version of XBMC Live with this Weahter plugin working?

  • Pednick Nov 15, 2011 

    Good work.

  • Harley Nov 15, 2011 

    Thanks for the weather extensions and addon(s)! :)

    Is there a short-name URL to XBMC on Google+ too?

    You should get a page for XBMC as well ;) is more open source and GNU friendly :D

  • Anonymous Nov 15, 2011 

    Awesome … good job guys …

    It would be awesome if it could handle the EAS system in the usa … I’ve cut the cord from the cable company and don’t really watch on air stuff so I spend 99% of the time on xbmc, but the winter coming it would be great if the alert system would popup somewhere

    thanks again everyone

  • Kujo Nov 15, 2011 

    Awesome work. It feels like the first Eden beta is just around the corner. I can’t wait. :D

  • Alessandro Nov 15, 2011 

    Great! Just installed Nov 15th nightly and the addon and weather is back!

  • a51Alias Nov 16, 2011 


    Me too… what about us 10.1 users!!

  • duffy Nov 16, 2011 

    weather isn`t back on windows maschines because there is no new nightly……………..

  • Cristiano Nov 16, 2011 

    Nobody, could help me?

    I’ve XBMC Live and would like to get Weather Plugin work, Is it possible someone to give me some hints how to do it?

    Thanks in advance…

  • spiff Nov 16, 2011 

    @ 10.1 users; unfortunately we cannot do anything to help you as the weather code is built-in.

  • odoll Nov 16, 2011 

    Debottam Ghosh :
    Waiting for Nov 15th nightly for windows. There has been no windows nightlies after 12th Nov.

    Sadly XBMCSetup-20111112-a2f830e-master.exe is still the newest which I can find at, today 11/16/11 ~ 9:30 UTC

  • telperion Nov 16, 2011 

    for 10.1 users

    (in italian, use google translator)

  • Cristiano Nov 16, 2011 


    So, is there any other XBMC Live version we can download to support the new weather implementation? I’am new at XBMC, what versions that work and people talk in this thread that work with the pulgin?


  • Jojo Bean Nov 16, 2011 

    What about aptv2 anyone tried?

  • Craig Nov 16, 2011 

    Open elec nightlys maybe instead of live

  • Will Nov 16, 2011 

    I built the Direct-X version for Windows:

    It’s working fine on my computer… but no guarantees.

  • samson Nov 16, 2011 

    how to a switch from degrees C to F?

  • hasselhof Nov 16, 2011 

    Hi I updated my XBMC Live 10.1 to Nov 15th pre 11 by following this guys guide and the weather is running again. Thanks guys

  • BigJRM Nov 16, 2011 

    You folks are FANTASTIC! XBMC is the most comprehensive eye-candy media player I have tried, and I have tried quite a few. Your fanart backgrounds are just super! XBMC’s ability to play all the media I use blows my mind, and on a 42″ flat panel wide screen TV just about blows my eyeballs. I wish I had programming abilities to help out.
    The new weather add-on for Windows works great, but a suggestion I have is to be able to name (rename) the city location.
    Thanks for the great work you folks do for us on XBMC!

  • Cristiano Nov 17, 2011 

    Is anyone working on a new release with weather plgin working on XBMC Live?


  • kr16 Nov 17, 2011 

    Ok , there is a small problem here
    I enter my zip code 48066 and it shows correct city (Roseville) but then it shows the weather for the same city in a different state.
    Roseville,CA is what I see in XBMC and the zip code is for Roseville ,MI (weather is dramatically different :) )
    For now quick fix it to pick up different city next to me.

  • Don Nov 18, 2011 

    The Nov 18th release does not have weather yet.
    I will try the release published by Will.

  • Don Nov 18, 2011 


    No weather in Will release either. I see the weather option, but are no weather add-ons available… thus no weather :(
    How are others seeing this work? (or are these non-windows versions that are working)

  • craig Nov 18, 2011 

    I have the november 16th nightly for windows running with everything working.

  • Harley Nov 18, 2011 

    Thanks! Hope to see weather condition fanart + animated icons in the default Confluence skin by XBMC 12 :)

  • Csimbi Nov 18, 2011 

    So, how do I create and install a nightly build for Ubuntu?

  • kr16 Nov 18, 2011 

    Don , try fresh .xbmc folder.
    I am on Natty and I had to rename my .xbmc folder to see weather working.

  • Will Nov 19, 2011 

    Hey guys, just built the 19th nightly for Windows.

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