Contest results delayed – just a little

Posted By: Nathan Betzen on Jun 14, 2011 in Community Updates, Dev Journal

Hey all, this is only a brief note. As you know, we are currently hosting a contest for a new XBMC mascot, and the results of that contest were supposed to be finished and announced today. Unfortunately (or fortunately), our community went absolutely above and beyond the call of duty and submitted an incredible number of really awesome mascots.

At one point, a Team member suggested we just take the top six, because the selection was so difficult. Unfortunately, it really wouldn’t have made much sense to have six different mascots, so we are going through a couple rounds of narrowing the list to reach our top three first, second, and third place, per the contest rules.

Regrettably, this has resulted in a brief delay on our part, as we do our best to select the best winner we can, but final voting is occurring as we speak, and a winner will be announced on Friday. So keep an eye out.

And in the mean time, good job artists! You’ve done an absolutely incredible job!

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  • rob Jun 14, 2011 

    The “XBMC fish” one has my vote! I hope it makes it the cut!!

  • Anonymous Jun 14, 2011 

    Wow, there are some really good ones in there. Will be difficult decision.

  • basco Jun 14, 2011 

    mu top three: squid, chameleon, sloth

  • Martdj Jun 14, 2011 

    My votes:
    1. htpc_guy
    2. Noddy
    3. Allfodr

  • Martin Jun 14, 2011 

    My votes:
    1. Zapy
    2. Morph

  • Blacksar Jun 14, 2011 

    Love the Octopus by Joen the best. But then again, just a picture of XBMC plastered across a woman’s cleavage says it all I think. :P

  • scaR Jun 14, 2011 

    1. Roelio
    2. No mascot

    A lot of entries don’t seem to capture the feel of XBMC.

  • Juan Jun 14, 2011 

    The chameleon is nice, but is asociated with OpenSUSE…

    My votes are for the fish and “Pozzy” smyle face and the fish at the bottom. Just simple, nice and original.

  • zag2me Jun 14, 2011 

    Yeh love the fish one

  • Stephen E. Baker Jun 14, 2011 

    1. Annie4k (tv)
    2. grumpygamer (sloth)
    3. Holkis (specifically the one with the popcorn – I can’t identify the animal)

  • Stephen E. Baker Jun 14, 2011 

    Some of these look familiar, e.g. chameleon -> OpenSUSE. Wouldn’t care need to be taken to avoid stepping on other people’s trademarks / copyrights?

  • Shish Jun 14, 2011 

    Pozzy or xb-fish for me

  • Gizmoatwork Jun 14, 2011 

    Natethomas, my entry seems to no appear in the list.
    Could you check please ?
    It`s entry 472 in the contest thread.
    Thank you.

  • rockoo Jun 14, 2011 

    Votes for mascot:
    1st choice: Zapy (da-anda) – it’s really a mascot and could be modified for especial events/days/occasions.
    2nd choice: Fish (wmclain) – but it’s more like a logo then a mascot

  • Rixtar Jun 14, 2011 

    Has to be the one that is included on the Nice Blonde Lady’s T-Shirt and says No room for me on here!

  • Adam Outler Jun 14, 2011 

    For the Wife Acceptance Factor, I’d say the fish or this guy

  • Shannon Jun 14, 2011 

    Really hope that a lot of those are just there because they were submitted. Some of those just hurt my head to look at. I like a few, like the octopus and the fish, but hope that the “cute” designs and anime chicks get chucked real quick. Big grinned lazy mammals don’t do it for me either.
    I’d hope that what ever mascot is chosen represents the adult side(grown-up) of this hobby of ours.

  • Terly Jun 14, 2011 

    I was trying to to make a funny: X followed by a bee followed by a motorcycle. But I failed at that too :(

  • kto Jun 14, 2011 
  • Dan-Pingu Jun 14, 2011 

    that sloth was freakin` awesome! :D

  • Jose Angel Cantu Jun 14, 2011 


    I know the contest is closed, in not trying to skip that, i m sorry i didnt got it on time, I just wanted to show you guys my proposal
    i had it on my head, but i was busy, comments accepted

  • Clog Jun 15, 2011 

    Obviously everyone has their own taste, but in my opinion only a few entries really cut it: the sloth, the chamaleon (although it might remind of opensuse), the hamster, the ant (the baboon would be good but it’s too complex). Don’t really agree with Shannon on his so-called “grown up” side of this hobby, I think that a mascot has nothing to do with it.

  • Ego Jun 15, 2011 

    I like the non-cartoon sloth (the black and white one on the loading screen especially), and the squid. Though I would probably pick the sloth, because the squid doesn’t really scream mascot, it just looks cool, plus the tentacles almost form an X which would go great on a logo. The fish is cool too, but when used in the logo, it’s almost changing the name of XBMC. Maybe it would look better animated and rotating/morphing? Great simplicity though

  • vlatro Jun 16, 2011 

    I never got around to submitting to this, so I have no dog in this fight. Rather than cast a vote, let’s look at what some of the criteria for selection should be:
    1) Vector image (or easily converted to vector for use in various forms of media)
    2) Should look good in monochrome so the logo can be used when referenced in print. Color can be used, but it shouldn’t be necessary. The image needs to retain it’s characteristics and appeal using only one shade of black.
    3) The “Mascot” should be unique (Not a Linux penguin knock-off, monkey with headphones is already used in media monkey etc)
    4) The mascot should in some way be a symbolic reflection of the software if at all possible.
    5) consider any symbolic meaning symbols or animals may have in other cultures. It may seem stupid to us that the image of an animal in marketing offends some people, but entire cultures have ostracized products for this, so a little research is in order. Also be mindful of other various negative connotations a symbol may have. I love the sloth logos, but the sloth is best known for being slow and clumsy, things which should never describe software.
    6) Simplicity is very important. Complex images introduce issues with scaling (icon vs splash screen vs billboard). More significantly, a good logo needs to register with people on a subconscious level immediately when seen. Simple shapes accomplish that, complex shapes take too long for the brain to process. Compare a peace sign or Ying Yang symbol to more complex images like a coat of arms or Celtic knot-work, the former has a more universal identity and is more easily recognizable than the latter due largely to the simplicity of the shapes. If using faces (as you would with a mascot), studies have also shown that bilateral symmetry has a greater impact in terms of how recognizable the image is, though I personally prefer unsymmetrical images.
    7) If you plan to sell bumper-stickers, T-shirts or produce any physical object with the mascot, contact the producer (or several producers) before settling on a color pallet. A one or two color image can be produced in many cases much cheaper than a CMYK printing. If you use a common pre-mixed color in screen printing, you can lower your production cost by several cents per unit, which adds up to a lot very quickly. The failure of many logos comes from people settling on the coolest looking version without doing a cost analysis on reproducing that image in other media. Probably not a huge concern in this case anyway, but worth noting.

    For my money, The woodchuck, the rat and the little fish-letter guy all have potential. I also like the dragon guy with the USB tail, though it could be refined a bit, it also has potential.

  • michael Jun 16, 2011 

    +1 XB fish, acually the one that does really look like a fish , i.e.

  • Mr.Good Jun 16, 2011 

    Hey there, here are my two cents;
    I agree partially on what vlatro has to say, it’s always confusing when you speak about a mascot.
    1. Agreed
    2. Disagree: IMHO a mascot doesn’t HAVE to look good in black and white, monochrome is for logos, it’s like Tony from Frosties shoed look good in black and white.
    3. Agreed, no monkey-> mediamonkey, chamaleon->opensuse
    4. Partially agreed: the mascot should reflect AN IDEA, NOT necessarily “the software” (See any mascot for reference).
    5. Agreed to a point: sloths are just lazy rather than clumsy and I think the author was trying to represent the userbase with some irony not the software itself, AND the payoffs underline that too.
    6. Here you are talking about a logo again. They asked for a mascot. Enough said.
    7. Nowadays CMYK printing is VERY cheap so partially agreed on this one. As I said before a mascot should not refrain on using colors.

    Woodchuck? Rat? I don’t recall seeing any of these. You might have mistaken them for another animal in which case it means they are not easily recognizable… enough said about that too.
    Personally I’m on the sloth and the squid, I do like the anime girl but I understand it’s slightly restrictive. The chamaleon is open suse…

  • tuxen Jun 16, 2011 

    Sorry to say.. Still think the current one looks best.

  • tuxen Jun 16, 2011 

    tuxen :
    Sorry to say.. Still think the current one looks best.

    Its more a logo than a mascot tho.. heh

  • Stephen Baker Jun 16, 2011 

    @vlatro: All important points in a logo; but I think a logo and a mascot shouldn’t be confused and I’m not sure that all the points apply to a mascot.

    To distinguish, the KDE gears are the logo for the KDE foundation – simple, scalable, looks good in monochrome. Their mascot there is Konqi the dragon who is cute, but complex. I still think points 3,4,and 5 important, but for 6 particularly you’re listing properties that should apply to logos and not necessarily mascots. Mascots can be quite complex and they also don’t always need to be depicted in the same way; if your mascot is a flamingo e.g. you could have it flying, standing in the water, whatever – it’s still your mascot.

  • h.udo Jun 16, 2011 

    Wow! Great remarks.
    A lot to be learned. Thanks.

  • Wormizzle Jun 16, 2011 

    1. XB Fish: Sleek, simple, yet still actually resembles a fish! Great job whoever did that one.
    2. Sloth.
    3. I’m partial to the Hamster as well.

  • Briam Jun 17, 2011 

    Imo mascots are unnecessary and makes a product childish instead of the stylish mature thingy xbmc got going atm.
    Logo change would be nice though. I like the fish :)

  • MacGyver Jun 17, 2011 

    Wow, that would be a hard choice to make. I guess it would boil down to whether you wanted a static mascot image, or one that could be rendered in different positions, and is it unique enough to easily identifiable from a different angle. A lot of those entries are really great.

  • migueld Jun 17, 2011 

    xb fish looks more like a logo than a mascot IMO… and reminds me a little bit of the boxee logo with the big eye

  • CMoose Jun 17, 2011 

    the ‘sloth’ is the best one.

  • da-anda Jun 17, 2011 

    the suspense is killing me :)

  • Clog Jun 17, 2011 

    Suspense is lol-ing me instead ;)

  • ashlar Jun 17, 2011 

    Hmmm… many good ones. I like the small beast with the HDMI tail, I like Zapy and I like the sloth.

  • Chaval Jun 17, 2011 
  • Alain Jun 17, 2011 

    da-anda :
    the suspense is killing me :)

    Technically they didn’t say which Friday, so….


  • joen Jun 17, 2011 

    da-anda :
    the suspense is killing me :)

    UTC+1 makes it even worse

  • da-anda Jun 17, 2011 

    joen :
    UTC+1 makes it even worse

    guess what timezone I’m in ;)

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