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Creating an Add-On

My first add-on

By now you have probably seen all the great Add-ons available to Kodi and you might be thinking to yourself "Hey, I have a great idea for an add-on, how do I get started?". Well thankfully there are many great resources to get you up and running with your first add-on. Kodi add-ons are typically written in python however there are exceptions depending on the add-on type. Detailed help pages on add-on development can be found in our Wiki and for support, we have a forum dedicated to add-on development here.

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Kodi add-on generator

We now have a brand new Kodi add-on generator which can get you up and coding your Kodi addons in a matter of minutes. 

addon generator

It will generate a structure with directories and files, for your addon using best practices. After it has done its thing, you can jump straight into writing code. The only dependency is NodeJS and the package can be found here and the source code here. For support and questions about the add-on generator head over to the forum.

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How do I ...

Kodi add-ons are extremly poweful and unlock huge potential, but with this comes many questions. Things like "what is the difference between the different add-on types", "How do I debug my add-on", "What is the best way to test" and "How do I submit my add-on to the Kodi repo". As these questions (and many more) get asked a lot, we have a helpful page in our forum on writing and publishing add-ons that breaks all these common questions down so you can get started with the business creating your awesome new add-on and then sharing it with the world.

Writing and publishing Add-ons