Dharma Beta 3

Posted By: Team XBMC on Oct 13, 2010 in Pre-Release

Nearly one month after the release of Beta 2, the latest Dharma pre-release is ready for testing.  We have been working very hard to to stabilize XBMC for the final release; there have been over 300 commits to the release branch since the last beta. Notable fixes include:

  • Lots of Live fixes and clean-ups. We want Dharma Live to work out-of-the-box as much as possible. Those who have been plagued with broken ALSA upgrades and unsupported soundcards will be happy to know that these issues have been resolved. In addition, most ION/ION2 systems should just work ™, though there are a few small issues remaining.
  • Shoutcast, which is now an add-on, was causing hard-freezes. Now Fixed.
  • A bug causing redundant http requests has been fixed. Scraper sites (Hi TMDb and TheTVDB!) should see significantly less requests per session.
  • Several new addons. Many scrapers have been fixed. The popular Transparency! skin is now in the official repository; a total of 9 available even before official release!.
  • Many more small fixes. Small fixes are good.

There are still a few known bugs:

  • CrystalHD support is great, but drivers and libraries still require manual intervention for installation in Live/Linux. This may or may not be fixed in time for release.
  • No packages for Ubuntu Maverick are available as of now. We’re working hard on this.
  • A few small miscellaneous bugs. Small bugs are bad.

Update: All users of Live Beta2 or earlier are advised to backup their XBMC profile (~/.xbmc) and reinstall. Due to the way some drivers were installed before, a smooth upgrade is unlikely. This should now be resolved for future releases.

Go forth and download!

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  • fonzie Oct 13, 2010 

    This is awesome to hear. I just got an Acer Revo 1600 and am hoping for a smooth install of XBMC live.

  • Mitch Oct 13, 2010 

    Hoooray! Just installed it from the ppa on 10.04, works like a charm. I’m looking forward to the 10.10 ppa goin online so I can upgrade. Any idea on when that is set to be up?

    Thanks for all your hard work guys!

  • hudo Oct 13, 2010 

    Fantastic work, as always, mates!

    A huge thanks and lets hope for a fast final release!

  • John Oct 13, 2010 

    Will XBMC Live be based on Lucid or Maverick? If Lucid, will an upgrade to Maverick be relatively painless, once PPA packages are available?

    Thanks for the hard work! I’m glad that all the developers are not rushing the release out the door.

  • Cowfodder Oct 13, 2010 

    Just got uncomfortable in the pants region.

  • forcedalias2 Oct 13, 2010 

    Cool. I hope the -trailer file bug is squashed. :>

  • Rodalpho Oct 13, 2010 

    WMV files still don’t work, but I guess that’s considered a very small miscellaneous bug.

  • daemox Oct 14, 2010 

    Great job all!

    I’m updating via the SVN PPA now on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS x64!

  • thefreedom Oct 14, 2010 

    Function is necessary !
    Reproduction a kind of video files one after another and randomly

    I need the function as in music player like playing music tracks one after the other.

  • Anonymous Oct 14, 2010 

    Eagerly waiting for Ubuntu Maverick XBMC packages

  • Anonymous Oct 14, 2010 

    If you’re saying what I think you are, I believe there is a setting you can enable for that under video settings

  • phool Oct 14, 2010 

    Doh! I just downloaded the Beta 2 iso yesterday :x Thanks for all the hard work, I guess I’ll be holding off until Dharma goes final :)

  • Varazir Oct 14, 2010 

    Hello, dose this mean I can activate the pulsaudio server on my ubuntu and the digital sound should work ?

  • durmason Oct 14, 2010 

    Great keep up the good work
    I’m running beta2 at the moment can’t wait untill it’s final.

  • JaccoH Oct 14, 2010 

    Maverick works fine for me……. using the lucid xbmc svn repo..

  • buczo Oct 14, 2010 

    Can you give us more details about linux version:
    - intel clarkdale support (va-api)
    - dts-ma and dolby true hd support
    - color space problem (16-235) on intel clarkdale

    greetings :) )

  • amine7bal Oct 14, 2010 

    Great job all!
    I’m testing the live release on my new HTPC :)

  • Rob Oct 14, 2010 

    Have you reported it? Is there a trac ticket?

    You need to find these things out if it is not reported people will not know about it.

  • scandermore Oct 14, 2010 


    I’ve been using Beta1 and Beta2, and they work perfect, so I guess this will work even “more perfect”. Great work!

  • Babalu Oct 14, 2010 

    Thank you guys for your hard, invaluable and awesome work!

  • thefreedom Oct 14, 2010 

    please, tell me where to find it?

  • Zed Oct 14, 2010 

    This software should be up for awards or something, it is truly awesome. Thanks so much for all your hard work its greatly appreciated.

  • thefreedom Oct 14, 2010 
  • wilson Oct 14, 2010 

    Hey thanks for the amazing job.
    A question…. I am Working on Live beta 1 … Can I run apt-get update … apt-get upgrade and will I be Updated to the Beta3?
    onother… I am working on intel i3 and I can not get video…. the mensagge is “unkown user id” what can i do?

  • Mark Oct 14, 2010 

    I have installed beta 2 from the live CD. Is it possible to upgrade from beta 2 to beta 3, or do I need to reinstall?

  • Anonymous Oct 14, 2010 

    THX for your hard work !!!

  • Brendan Oct 14, 2010 

    Unfortunately it seems the ION/ ION2 support is still a bit flawed. “Out of the Box” is a stretch for live (no audio) and video playback now fails (X restarts!).

  • Zaptor Oct 14, 2010 

    Can i marrie y’all? :D

    XBMC is glorious! Cant wait for the RTM…

  • KJ Oct 14, 2010 

    Can anyone confirm whether the Samba lockup issue has been fixed on Live?

  • dj Oct 14, 2010 

    When will Beta 3 Win32 version being released? I see Beta 1 and Beat 2 but no Beta 3 at this time…

  • Rodalpho Oct 14, 2010 

    Yes, you could say that. I created a ticket for the WMV bug TWO YEARS AGO.

  • NeuGier Oct 14, 2010 

    using xbmc live (installed on HD) and Build2. Is there an easy way to upgrade to Build3? without installing from scratch…??? I have stored pictures, music on the system and i did not want to delete all of them

  • Xett Oct 14, 2010 

    You guys kick @ss. Keep up the great work!

  • XBMC Oct 14, 2010 

    I am so excited! Cant wait for the Release. THanks a lot for your hard work!

  • theuni Oct 14, 2010 

    For all those who have installed Live beta1/beta2, we seriously recommend reinstalling rather than upgrading. Unfortunate, but it’s the cost of running beta software. As I mentioned in the post, the upgrade breakage should be fixed for good now, meaning that a reinstall should not be necessary from here on out.

  • NeuGier Oct 14, 2010 
  • NeuGier Oct 14, 2010 

    Ok, when ist ETA for the final release?

  • Anonymous Oct 14, 2010 
  • Fiestaodin Oct 14, 2010 

    great work….keep it up.

  • Diego Oct 14, 2010 

    Will this version contain iTunes library support?

  • Mleczarz Oct 14, 2010 

    I consider installing beta 3 on my asrock ion 330ht. What is the easiest way to upgrade this beta 3 to full version (in the future). If there is no such solution I’ll have to wait for full version.

  • EvilDindon Oct 14, 2010 

    Thanks a lot from france for your fantastic work !

  • Zak Oct 14, 2010 

    Thank you for your hard work, keep it up!

  • daemox Oct 14, 2010 

    Anonymous :
    If you’re saying what I think you are, I believe there is a setting you can enable for that under video settings

    Yeah, you can. Mine auto-advances tracks just fine. :)

    Varazir, I did a reinstall of Ubuntu 10.04 LTS for Dharma’s 2nd beta and all my audio issues were resolved (I had previously removed Pulse and went pure ALSA, which isn’t without it’s own quirks).

    If I want to stream un-decoded audio to my receiver via coax I still have to set pulse to use Analog so XBMC can use the digital out, but otherwise it’s perfect (I don’t have the best GNU/Linux friendly audio chip-set either, so you may have better luck depending.)

    Best of luck,

  • Anonymous Oct 14, 2010 

    This update is fantastic. I’m running it on Windows 7 and everything seems to be incrementally better than Beta 2.

    Wonderful work!

  • FiVAL Oct 14, 2010 

    I guess I found a BUG and I don’t know what to do… :-(
    When I want to export my movie libary it will not overwrite the old files!! Even when I tell XBMC to do this… If a delete the old nfo files (etc) the export goes well. But delete all those files :-S

  • dj Oct 14, 2010 


    What do you mean then Beta 2? I’ve not found Beta 3 for Windows yet. am I missing the download location? The above ‘download’ link then Win32 only has Beta 1 and Beta 2.

  • Anonymous Oct 14, 2010 


    Works fine on a Shuttle XS35 (ION2) – just change the output to Nvidia HDA HDMI and away you go…

  • Anonymous Oct 14, 2010 


    I don’t think it is fixed and elupus wrote somewhere that it probably won’t until a new smblib comes out – I presume maybe therefore the next Live on maverick some 6 mths from now?

    Have you tried the autofs solution – it works a treat for me.

  • Hiethen Oct 14, 2010 

    Still have no audio from videos with DTS Mono audio tracks in beta 3. :(

  • Adam Oct 14, 2010 

    Seems to be running great on ATV :)

  • ALexis Oct 14, 2010 

    Can’t get mpc-hc to work as an external player on beta 3.

  • osirisjem Oct 15, 2010 

    Please include Ubuntu 10.10 – which was released on 10/10/10.
    Ubuntu 10.10 Beta

    The Ubuntu developers are moving quickly to bring you the absolute latest and greatest software the Open Source community has to offer. The Maverick Meerkat Beta is the beta release of Ubuntu 10.10, bringing with it new features for the next version of Ubuntu.

    This is a beta release. Do not install it on production machines. The final stable version will be released on October 10, 2010.

  • Samuel Oct 15, 2010 

    cannot you read the blog post ? they are working on it !

    osirisjem :
    Please include Ubuntu 10.10 – which was released on 10/10/10.
    Ubuntu 10.10 Beta
    The Ubuntu developers are moving quickly to bring you the absolute latest and greatest software the Open Source community has to offer. The Maverick Meerkat Beta is the beta release of Ubuntu 10.10, bringing with it new features for the next version of Ubuntu.
    This is a beta release. Do not install it on production machines. The final stable version will be released on October 10, 2010.

  • pcook Oct 15, 2010 

    Hi! I have tried installing on a Windows XP SP1 system, but it said there was a problem installing DirectX and that I should install the latest version from Microsoft, however, the latest version of DirectX seems to require Windows XP SP3. I try running XBMC and it tells me it can not find d3dx9_43.dll, so I downloaded a copy, but when I tried to register the file with the Windows, I was told that the required entry point could not be found in the kernel. This is leading me to believe that the latest update to DirectX 9 is no longer compatible with SP1.

  • spiff Oct 15, 2010 

    @ osirisjem:

    it would be quite insane to change what distro we base the release on after beta3. not happening.

  • Tzim Oct 15, 2010 

    There’s a small bug in french translation.
    String 338 should be “Analogique” instead of “Optique/Coax”

  • Lee Fear Oct 15, 2010 

    Is there a way to upgrade rather than re-install the live version?

  • Johnny Oct 15, 2010 

    Can someone tell me how to transfer the database files over to Dharma 3 if I re-install to avoid having to re-scrape everything again? Where are they located? I’m on Dharma 2 for Mac.

  • Matt_G Oct 15, 2010 

    Loaded it up on my Zotac ZBOX and, with a little fiddleing, but not much, got audio over HDMI working great! This is awesome!

  • Diekund Oct 15, 2010 

    Any improvement on the wireless front? I still cant seem to get my wireless network working with XBMC Live. If anyone could give me any tips i would really appreciate it (i know nothing about Linux unfortunately). I’ve been trying for a while with the live version but cannot quite get the hang of it. May give up and go back to windows7 :(

    I have an acer aspire revo 3610 if that helps

  • wilson Oct 15, 2010 

    The Live Cd does not work with intel H55 Core i3 CPU+GPU
    this is the error:

    GLib-WARNING **: getpwuid_r(): failed due to unknown user id (0)

    Any Idea????

  • wilson Oct 15, 2010 

    When the live cd boots (with out install) a mensagge aperar and say “the video car do not sopport acceleration”
    or something like that…. Core i3 CPU+GPU …. if i install ubuntu and then XBMC all is fine…. but i want the live
    cd for more speed but…. I can not with that error

  • noname Oct 15, 2010 

    when downloading plugins, i was attempting to download three at the same time, it brings xbmc to a slow sluggish halt. The application becomes unusable and i was unable to Escape out or shutdown the application. I was able to recreate this several times. My Internet connection is DSL, which from my experience has been horrible, but to say the least its slow and unreliable. Though the speed and reliability if my Internet connection shouldn’t effect the overall stability of the app. Has anyone else experienced this issue, or can anyone else recreate it?

  • DeadDuck Oct 15, 2010 

    As per wilson’s comment… is there anything in pipeline for supporting Intel HD Graphics (ClearVideo) under Windows 7/DirectX??

  • blue3c Oct 15, 2010 

    Been using XBMC since the original XBOX. Love it. Dharma is awesome so far. I have no complaints. It works for me great running on a ubuntu system. Many Thanks to you guys for all your hard work.

  • wilson Oct 15, 2010 

    I dont know… I am Realy a Linux User…. What I thing strange is In Ubuntu 10.04 Intel Works Fine…. But The Live Cd (is suposed based in 10.04) It does not Work….

  • thefreedom Oct 15, 2010 

    Make function autoplaynextvideo it would be time for 4 years

  • wilson Oct 15, 2010 

    Mira el link que te dejo….
    Si la tarjeta de red ya esta reconocida no habra mayor dificultad…

    Please dont go back to Win Stay with us In linux….

  • thefreedom Oct 15, 2010 

    6 years !!!

    Join Date: Feb 2004
    Posts: 831

  • Nugot Oct 15, 2010 

    Excellent work! Love what you are doing.

    This morning I was saw a bug that was kind of irritating, one of my DVD folders played perfectly on Beta 2, but on beta 3 it is freezing my whole machine when I try to play it? And it happen every time (replicate-able). Hard freeze, have to switch my computer of at the power switch as the usual ctr-alt-del etc don’t work. This is on a WinXP Home running on AMD AM3 X4 4GB ATI Radeon 5750.

  • acid Oct 15, 2010 

    thefreedom: this is the beta and features are freezed. BTW I still do not get the point of that feature. Why not use playlist? Anyway, if it is that important for you, you might as well code it…

  • bandi Oct 15, 2010 

    It seem much more unstable than the previous beta (running on arch, building from source)

  • AAAA Oct 15, 2010 

    mms/h rtmp streams still don’t play correctly

  • stoli Oct 15, 2010 


    Why on earth would you still be on XP SP1? Install SP3.

  • Anonymous Oct 15, 2010 

    In the settings you can export the lib I think

  • baz1860 Oct 15, 2010 


    Assuming you’re using WPA encryption on the wireless network (and if you’re not, you should be – WEP is inherently weak and no encryption is just asking for trouble) http://morningbeat.blogspot.com/2010/01/xbmc-911-on-acer-aspire-revo.html is awesomely helpful. Solved all of my wireless issues on the 3610.

  • chazmraz Oct 15, 2010 

    I really like what has been done for XBMC, I have used it since it came out for the XBoX…I was wondering if possibly the team could release
    the ability to add some of the trackers back in that have been removed from the Pre-Dharma stage, maybe just the required files and small set of instructions to add personal scrapers as add-ons???

  • Jan Faber Oct 16, 2010 

    For me it works not completely (atv linux), it needs a lot of tweaking the settings and short stutters because of alsa broken pipe errors every couple of minutes keep bugging me. I have been trying to solve this with driver upgrades, settings etc…..I have given up finding a solution. Maybe I will go back to osx and try if it works there…. it is a shame; i’ ve put a lot of work into getting it all to work on linux.

  • Stan Svec Oct 16, 2010 

    Like with Dharma2 version I have problem with fullscreen mode on the secondary display (TV). When I click by mouse anywhere on the primary display XBMC is minimalized. For example is impossible watch the movie on the TV (where XBMC is running on the fullscreen) and browse the internet on the monitor. Have somebody the same problem? Do you think I should report this like a bug? (sorry my English)

  • doppelfonk Oct 16, 2010 

    Ralink modules in 2.6.32 in ubuntu 10.04 are screwed. So I doubt that revo 3610 wifi will work out of the box on Dharma-final.
    Just tested Debian squeeze (that also comes with 2.6.32) on my revo 3610, and wifi works fine.
    If you want to stay with Live, there is this solution:
    I have tried it myself and it works.

  • hubi Oct 16, 2010 

    great job again!
    please keep the “more..” button in each addon section always visible to get a quick access to the addon-management

  • Blondejon Oct 16, 2010 

    apart from having to re-install some music plugins updating from beta2 to beta3 hasnt broken anything on my revo. Awesome works guys, thank you so very much

  • Gav Oct 16, 2010 

    Any ideas when the full version will released? I don’t tend to use beta software too much but I really love what you guys are doing with the whole XBMC project! :D

  • theuni Oct 16, 2010 


    doppelfonk :

    Ralink modules in 2.6.32 in ubuntu 10.04 are screwed. So I doubt that revo 3610 wifi will work out of the box on Dharma-final.

    We have installed wireless backports from 2.6.35. Most chipsets should work out of the box, the only work necessary should be connecting to your network (which may have a nice gui soon ;)

  • deppan Oct 16, 2010 

    I’m still having issues with the audio remixing not working properly for anything but 2.0. When i try to set 5.1 (like my setup) It seems to only play the front stereo channels anyway… Anyone knows what’s up?

  • arun Oct 16, 2010 


    I am using XBMC on ATV, everything seems to be fine with version 3 except the xbmc subtitles, before when i used to go to subtitles it used to download the subtitles and it used to work fine, but now for all the movies it says “Local subtitles available” and it doesn’t even look for the subtitles over the internet..

    I have one more issue, the Jdownloader never works for me, I installed the add on but it always says it cannot connect to the server..

    please someone post some solution.

  • wilson Oct 16, 2010 

    The freeze en Beta 3 Is tooo bad… Beta 2 OK…
    I have two diferent machines is both that freezes

  • DejaVu Oct 16, 2010 

    All sorts of issues with B3. Going back to B2.

    Namely, SSH issues. Sickbeard/SabNZBd and CP would NOT install. Gave me errors all over the place. Given up til Dharma’s released. Happy with B2. So will stick to issues ironed out. XBMC still FTW! :)

  • pcook Oct 17, 2010 

    I have other machines with XP SP3. This machine has XP SP1 because I run into software (mostly games) which require Windows Media Player 8 or below, and will not function with Media Player 9 or above. Even uninstalling Media Player 9 after the update will not restore compatibility and there are no patches available. The problem is, I also use this machine for software development and like to listen to music using XBMC while doing so.

  • Anonymous Oct 17, 2010 


    maybe you should post a debug log and give some specifics (in your own thread, now here). They can’t fix a problem just based on the statement that it freezes.

  • olaffi Oct 17, 2010 

    I have an AT5IONT-i, same problem as wilson, beta2 worked perfect for my with a custom .asoundrc. With Beta3, don’t have any sound in the menu, and shoutcast is freezing. I didn’t have any of these problems in beta2, can’t really see any improvements sorry…

  • Bobby Blixberg Oct 17, 2010 

    [quote]Update: All users of Live Beta2 or earlier are advised to backup their XBMC profile (~/.xbmc) and reinstall. Due to the way some drivers were installed before, a smooth upgrade is unlikely. This should now be resolved for future releases.[/quote]

    I was lucky, update from B2 to B3 went fine, everything is working well – and even simultaneous playback over HDMI and optical out is working!

  • Placey Oct 17, 2010 

    Thanks mate was looking for a post on Zotac Zbox. Excellent to here will be going ahead and purchasing a bunch of these. Cheers.

  • shakes Oct 17, 2010 

    I was trying to help a friend after updating to Dharma beta 2 and it would appear that USB drives are no long automounting? Is this by design?

  • b Oct 17, 2010 

    just wanted to com in and say thank you for working so hard XBMC team and all those who make this one of the best softwares evar. kbye

  • arun Oct 17, 2010 

    why suddenly all the video ad dons have stopped working..it scans for all the movies,TV shows but when you click on it , it comes up with empty folder..

  • J Oct 17, 2010 

    Can I just chime in here and say that XBMC has, by now, left ‘awesome’ far behind and is rapidly gaining ground on ‘perfect’. Pretty soon it will overtake that, and we’ll all know what Paradise is like. Great work!!!

  • Jack Oct 17, 2010 

    Running Windows version on three Revos with a central MySQL database. Did a straight upgrade to beta 3 and all three of them (so far) seem to work without problems.

  • MrIcka Oct 18, 2010 

    Sweet stuff, Beta 3 runs perfect! Have been running this kick ass product since XBMP on XBOX, and it just keeping getting better and better! Great work from you developers!! Thanks

  • Chunged Oct 18, 2010 

    scraping still does not work with Beta 3. still getting the “unable to connect to remote server”. and i cant download any other scrapers, the download wont start in the add on screen.

    is this going to be fixed?

  • fidoboy Oct 18, 2010 

    there is still no sound in 3gp movies using linux. can i expect that this bug will be solved before the final version??

  • Gon Oct 18, 2010 

    Is there any place to get a torrent for Dharma Beta 3? I tried several times direct iso without success.

  • jokono Oct 18, 2010 

    So far, so good. Making for a great release. Thank you.

    I miss slideshow screensaver being able to pull from SMB mounts (or from the default Pictures source) like Camelot. Currently, only Video/Music fanart and local sources are supported. I hope this feature will be duplicated in Dharma. If not, Dharma will be a no-go with the wife. :(

    (running live, installed to thumb drive.)

  • Sebastian Oct 18, 2010 

    I miss a easy installation from the remote. I have a x10 remote from medion and the configuration is very difficulty.

  • bobjames Oct 19, 2010 

    anyone having issues with beta 3 freezing? every time i try to download addons, the whole thing freezes. Beta 2 didnt have this issue.

  • Berk Say Oct 19, 2010 

    the final version will be perfect as it seems.
    I can not wait for the live cd version

  • Michael Oct 19, 2010 

    Is there any possibility to fix the alsa bug for Asus M3N78VM spdif out in next version?

  • vdrfan Oct 19, 2010 

    Michael :
    Is there any possibility to fix the alsa bug for Asus M3N78VM spdif out in next version?

    Please file a new bug report at trac.xbmc.org with all needed details.

  • blondejon Oct 19, 2010 

    Bobby Blixberg :
    [quote]Update: All users of Live Beta2 or earlier are advised to backup their XBMC profile (~/.xbmc) and reinstall. Due to the way some drivers were installed before, a smooth upgrade is unlikely. This should now be resolved for future releases.[/quote]
    I was lucky, update from B2 to B3 went fine, everything is working well – and even simultaneous playback over HDMI and optical out is working!

    HOW, please tell me how you configure the audio to allow for this?

  • wilson Oct 19, 2010 

    Yes sir +1 Beta2 OK Beta3 Freezes with the addon… all the addons…

  • Arun Oct 19, 2010 

    why the subtitles dont work. It used to work with beta 2..

  • vaton4 Oct 19, 2010 

    I am relatively new XBMC user, but a quite experienced computer professional (in the battlefield
    since 1968 :) Recently I tried the new (Dharma) web control interface and I must say I am a bit confused.

    I can connect without problems, but If XBMC is not allready playing, it’s all I can do. At the bottom I see
    just big gray rectangle; at the top there are REMOTE, MOVIES, TV SHOWS, MUSIC, and SETTINGS fields,
    but they seem to be dead (If I point to some field, its background color changes, but clicking does nothing
    except the ‘ajax-loader.gif’ icon shows and starts to rotate). No directories, no files, no controls, no messages,
    no help …

    If XBMC is allready playing, I can see album and track info, timing info, next track info and basic control
    butons. Buttons seem to work as expected, but no playlist for random track selection, no playlist edition.
    And again, no directories, no files to build playlist. Beyond this, track name sometimes changes properly,
    somtimes does not (reloading page helps here). No volume control (do not understand why?).

    In the Wiki there is just a very, very brief description of the old interface and list of JSONRPM functions
    for developers (with bugs) – no description, no help for users.

    Would some of developers make this part of XBMC more user friendly, please ???

  • Nicolai Oct 19, 2010 

    @Stan Svec
    I had the same problem, you need to choose the option “use a fullscreen window rather than true fullscreen”.

  • anter38 Oct 20, 2010 

    i’ve problem with Upnp connection

  • Martin Oct 20, 2010 

    Anyone with windows experiencing very slow slideshow in Dharma?It’s here since at least Beta1 (see http://trac.xbmc.org/ticket/10133 ) but so far only two reports that this is the case on Linux.
    Keep up the great work!

  • Delf Oct 20, 2010 

    Hope ION/2 platforms will be now fully supported.
    Because it was a pain to run XBMC video on it without jutter effect under Xorg.

  • mnkt Oct 20, 2010 

    I can’t not see anytext in Video Library with “Media Info 1,2″ and list view type. My YM! kazihaha, I will send you pics.

  • Chris Oct 20, 2010 

    I am a huge fan of XBMC and Night skin. I am very happy with all the time that is being put in to it.

    The add-ons are a great plus, but I fail to see other important improvements.
    For instance: mkv playback is still mediocre (laggy) compared to mpc.
    mkv subs still have no end time, sometimes I am looking at a subtitle for 4 minutes because no one is speaking :)

  • rothgar Oct 20, 2010 

    Is there instructions on how to get the CrystalHD drivers and libraries loaded on the live CD? I didn’t see a link for it in the post or comments and is a great tip since I just bought one and am installing beta 3 right now.

  • MrIcka Oct 21, 2010 

    I don’t think its finished, but for me it works to browse movies and tv show library and play them.

  • burke Oct 21, 2010 

    First of all …Thank you…for all your hard work…this is just great!
    I noticed a few things….
    1. the wave form visualazition does not work
    2. when screen saver is set to my photos when i press volume button I stop screen saver
    3. wether funart does not work (i think it worked fine in beta2)
    4. I have one mkv file thst restrats my pc when i try to play it with xbmc

    thx :)

  • Antioch Oct 22, 2010 

    Sound for Dharma Beta 3 does not work on a Lenovo Q150 (ION2) system. It doesn’t appear to jitter on video though (from a brief 10 second check). Can’t really tell is if the audio will stay synced because I can’t hear it yet.

    I easily managed to get audio working on this system after clean installing Ubuntu 10.10, but with XBMC from the repository (non svn) the video lagged and audio desynced.

  • Anonymous Oct 22, 2010 

    @Stan Svec

    I have even worse problems. I cannot use fullscreen if I have 2 monitors enabled, since the “fullscreen” area ends up in _between_ the two monitors, so I get 50% of the xbmc window on each monitor.

    I can also not start B2 if I disable one of the monitors, I hope this is fixed in B3. What I do is I start XBMC with both screens active, disable one, and THEN activate fullscreen.

    The setup is a laptop with a displayport connection to a TV. I dont need/want the laptop screen to be used at all ideally.

    I will file a bug if this is not working with B3.

  • Anonymous Oct 22, 2010 

    Nicolai :
    @Stan Svec
    I had the same problem, you need to choose the option “use a fullscreen window rather than true fullscreen”.

    Ooh, I hope this option will also solve my dual-screen problems… Will try tonight.

  • AussieDan Oct 22, 2010 

    Tried live last night and everything seems to be working great! Many thanks to everyone involved, I’ve been using XBMC since the XBOX days and it just keeps getting better and better.

  • arun Oct 22, 2010 

    why subtitles are not working anymore…

  • Antioch Oct 22, 2010 

    For the devs or anyone else facing sound issues with the Q150 / Ion2, the fix is really simple.

    Go into your /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf and remove the following line:
    options snd-hda-intel enable_msi=0 probe_mask=0xffff,0xfff2

    Edit /usr/share/alsa/alsa.conf to have:
    defaults.ctl.card NVidia
    defaults.pcm.card Nvidia
    defaults.pcm.device 9

    Run aslamixer, press f6, select your nvidia card, unmute all 4 devices (press m)

    Reboot. In XBMC configure your sound to use nvidia hdmi. Done.

    Source: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=9732345&postcount=8

    Good luck!

  • creazion Oct 23, 2010 

    very nice works !
    great thanks to developpers
    the only needed feature i see is remote management
    i’m on the liveCD, and it seems to be the only thing which don’t work out of the box
    (and mountage of my storage HDD, but i think it’s normal for a liveCD, i’ll fix this at installation)
    perhaps we can imagine an addon to download the proper LIRC configuration.
    i’ll perhaps do this, but sorry i’m only on linux and have no idea on how does it can work on other platforms.

    I really like your project, after testing a lot of solution (freevo, mythTV, elisa, …) i’m impressed by the ease of setup.
    so another great thanks to you

  • Tristan Oct 23, 2010 

    Scraping movies for library mode (imdb) from xbmc media compagnion is not working or very very slow.
    Exit xbmc has a huge delay.

    Version: Beta 3 on Windows xp sp3.

  • Konan Oct 23, 2010 

    I have numerous problems on ATV with Beta 3. They seem mostly related to playing HD video (720 and 1080) with CrystalHD acceleration and disappear when I revert back to Beta 2. So far Beta 3 is 80% unusable for me. It seems like nobody does at least a smoke test of most usable features like HD playback which is sad. Wasted about a week trying to figure out what’s wrong before finally gave up and reverted back to Beta 2 which works OK so far.

  • modrnninja Oct 23, 2010 


    I had the unable to connect problem as well…I ran beta originally installed over camelot…however, the problem went away when I uninstalled xbmc completely and reinstalled beta 3 from scratch. Hope this helps.

  • commk Oct 24, 2010 

    I feel like a bit stupid asking this, but the Dharma release is not designed for the XBOX classic?

    I cant find a link for the xbox on the download page (maybe because of legal reason though..)

    I’ve just dusted of my good old xbox, finding a release from 2004 :)

  • CoreDuo Oct 24, 2010 



    It’s not officially supported by the XBMC team any longer.

    See here: http://xbmc.org/theuni/2010/05/27/farewell-xbox/

  • d_link Oct 24, 2010 

    Thanks for your hard work I love dharma and so does my wife you guys are the best!
    Found a few issues please replay if others are also having these issues or if it’s just me.
    I would love to see Dharma be the best out there so far I think it is.

    Windows version of Dharma
    1. THX sound test on any DVD is not in sync with the picture of the speaker it is testing, works fine in windows though.
    2. If you use the window key on your keyboard instead of \ and then go back to Dharma using the window key and then click exit via the mouse the system will crash and not even crtl alt delete or alt f4 will get you out. You must do a hard reboot.
    3. Clicking the shut down button only exits dharma and does not actually shut down windows (most likely there for linux version).
    4. While playing music and it goes to full screen you can not get the scroll bar menu on the side back without stoping the music from the top menu bar.
    5. The Movie Blade II reboots your computer!
    Info on my system:
    I have a Sony 7.1 DTS and dolby reciver hooked up via spdif through a 7.1 sound card that is set for DTS and Dolby live and Dharma is set to pass that info via my sound card.
    How it crashes:
    Insert the movie Blade II and select DTS 6.1 on the DVD menu
    Turn screen info on using O and I keys on your keyboard
    Wait for the sound on the dvd menu to stop, your reciver should at this point switch DTS from dolby 5.1 EX
    Select play movie from the DVD menu and watch what happens
    The reciver will switch back to dolby 5.1 EX when the intro starts
    Then the movie trys to start and the reciver switches back to DTS
    At this point the whole computer will reboot! This KILLS both Dharma and Windows HARD!

    Linux Live CD
    1. Need ATI crystall support (looks like you guys already know that)
    2. Need CMI 8788 chip set sound card b-Enspirer from bluegears.com supported

    General suggestions:
    1. Make the slide window menu on the left side auto hide after 2 or 3 sec.
    2. Make all controls of media on the top tool bar auto hide unless rolled over.
    3. Gui option to set the menu bar delays

  • sluggy Oct 25, 2010 

    I’m trying to use XBMC Live via usb with an MSI N210 MD512H graphics card. I’m attempting to use audio via HDMI. So far, I am able to stream youtube and shoutcast with sound working fine (receiver indicates PCM). When I attempt to play a DVD or video file, I don’t get any sound. When attempting to see what the signal is from the receiver, it flashes, occasionally saying no signal. Has anyone seen this and if so, what can I do to correct? I am using Beta 3.

  • arun Oct 25, 2010 



    I am using apple tv flash on my apple tv, so when even i download XBMC it downloads the latest version, can you please let me know how did you reinstall beeta 2.

  • arun Oct 25, 2010 


    I am using apple tv flash on my apple tv, so when even i download XBMC it downloads the latest version, can you please let me know how did you reinstall beeta 2.

  • Konan Oct 25, 2010 
  • Sukke Oct 27, 2010 


    I have tried this Dharma Beta 3. It works quite well, but I have noticed that it crashes nearly every time when I’m trying to config some rss-feeds. It also went down when I was tried to config last.fm settings, so I had to do it several times until it worked right.

  • Capricorn Oct 27, 2010 

    Also problems with scraping… unable tot connect to remote server.
    This is realy anoying, but…. i know beta. Hope it’s going tp be fixed soon. When is the next release planned?

    XBMC on ubuntu maverick

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