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Posted By: Team XBMC on Jul 18, 2010 in Site News

Last night jmarshall created the Dharma branch, which will eventually become the stable Dharma release. That means that from this point on, only fixes and important updates will go into the release branch, while trunk remains open for business. So for all the skinners, translators, and add-on developers, you may now consider the Dharma branch frozen. Please begin submitting your translations via trac. We’ve begun evaluating bugs and deciding on blockers for release, so the first beta should be out relatively soon.

Keep submitting those add-ons! We understand that several of the developers have wanted to wait until feature-freeze and translation-freeze, so now is the time to get them finished up and submit them to the official repo. Please use the mailing list when you’re ready.

Also, please be sure to use the official nightly builds and not others that you may find. We have no control over the build process that others may use, so bug reports and nags should only be filed against our builds. Note that nightly builds will switch to the Dharma release branch.

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  • Red Tape Media Jul 18, 2010 

    10.7? Or still 10.5? :P

  • queeup Jul 18, 2010 

    Please don’t forget to add latest translation. I’m just a little bit late because of my holiday. Now on Trac (Turkish Language).

  • Tom Jul 18, 2010 

    Will there be a PPA be made available for Linux? That way we can join in with the testing without having to compile ourselves

  • yellowman Jul 18, 2010 

    Awesome! Looking forward to it!

  • pinkfloyd Jul 18, 2010 

    Just to thanks you for 3 screen support ! xbmc rocks again in my media center !

  • Lloyd Jul 18, 2010 

    Nice! This release will be great. Sounds like it’s getting close. Can’t wait to try out a beta. :-)

  • topfs2 Jul 18, 2010 

    @Red Tape Media
    It will be done when its done. Isn’t it better it rocks when you have it than being a buggy pile of shit but done now? You can’t have both :)

  • Red Tape Media Jul 18, 2010 

    @topfs2 Sorry, wasn’t a dig at length of time it’s taking, was more a question of what the release would be called. If I want I can always get nightlies. Didn’t mean for it to be taken the wrong way.

  • Dan Jul 18, 2010 

    Can’t wait to try it out. Huge XBMC fan. Thanks for everyone thats involved with this release.

  • jmarshall Jul 18, 2010 

    Heh – I deliberately didn’t put a 10.0X number on the branch name :p

  • Freestyler Jul 18, 2010 

    We love you, guys, keep up the good work! :)

  • Cowfodder Jul 18, 2010 

    /Happy Dance. Though the last SVN I grabbed is pretty stable and bug-free for me, having an official release is comforting.

  • Chaval Jul 18, 2010 

    Hope Transparency! comes out in the add-ons soon

  • rcoops Jul 19, 2010 

    Sorry for the crazy question I’m sure but why not build both the Trunk and the Dharma branches?

    I know that the Trunk will pretty much sit still for a while with very few large alterations happening while all the developers focus on the clean up of bugs and so on on the Dharma branch but still having both branches build should keep confusion to a minimum as any updates to the trunk can actually be tested after the official build process rather then having to rely on a possibly slightly different build process with all the complications associated with it.

    Other then that I can’t wait to get my hands on the next stable release so far XBMC has been absolutely wonderful and only getting better with every new release so I’m very much looking forward to having an even better XBMC soon.

  • Ig Jul 19, 2010 

    where’s possible to download binary drahma branch for openSUSE 11.2 ?

  • jmarshall Jul 19, 2010 

    We switch to Dharma only builds simply to ensure everyone focuses on the release – without folk using the release branch it will never get as stable as it needs to be. It won’t be a long release cycle.

  • Bas Jul 19, 2010 

    Great, looking forward to the release :)

  • OwlBoy Jul 19, 2010 

    Dharma OS X is coming soon right?

  • Bernhard Jul 19, 2010 

    Is ther any PVR-Support included in this release?

  • Junaid Dawood Jul 19, 2010 

    What is the all the “buzz” about the Dharma release? What’s new and different from the current stable release?

  • ecco Jul 19, 2010 

    You guys rock! can’t wait for this one… gonna see if I can get my Dad setup too :)

  • Mitch Jul 19, 2010 

    Absolutely stoaked about this new release :) Thanks for everyone to who is working on this.

  • hansvon Jul 19, 2010 

    Build for Fedora 12 and 13 are available here: http://hansvon.homelinux.org/fedora/

  • Roelio Jul 20, 2010 

    This is just awesome I’m just starting to get familiar with XBMC and now there will be even a completely new release !

    Keep it up, XBMC FTW

  • topfs2 Jul 20, 2010 

    @Red Tape Media
    Oh, ok. Sorry for barking at you then :)

  • Anonymous Jul 20, 2010 

    First test on Win…. this is just IMPRESIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pletopia Jul 20, 2010 

    umm .. with the dharma branch split off .. how does an enduser like myself who doesn’t compile his builds get nightlies ?? i figure for windows/osx someone will be building them and posting them .. however i also use *nix on one of my htpc’s and i’ve noticed that the team-xbmc-svn ppa has been sitting stagnant for awhile now

    also, for the past few months i’ve been happily content with camelot final and never bother using svn until recently. i know that one of the new features for dharma will be the addon manager, and also prolly some under the hood skin engine things. Could one of the dev’s just put together a quick list of other new features to focus on?

  • spiff Jul 20, 2010 

    see the roadmap on trac.

  • Anonymous Jul 20, 2010 


    I’m also curious about this

  • Yblih Jul 20, 2010 

    Hmmm having a problem with an Xvid, great green screen :(
    Old Dogs (2009).avi: RIFF (little-endian) data, AVI, 720 x 384, 23.98 fps, video: XviD, audio: Dolby AC3 (6 channels, 48000 Hz)
    On xbmc 9.11 no problem. (vdpau enabled)

  • Lucetuweb Jul 20, 2010 

    Thank you very much!! Nice job!
    Best regards,

  • bmentink Jul 21, 2010 

    I presume that Dharma will incorporate the PVR testing2 Live TV addons? I notice not much action on testing2 branch lately, so assume
    it is being merged to trunk for Dharma.

    Can someone tell me where I can get (svn or git) access to the Dharma branch for Linux?
    It seems windoze/OS X gets first look which I think sucks ..

  • jason Jul 22, 2010 
  • Jezz_X Jul 23, 2010 

    bmentink you assume wrong

  • Red Tape Media Jul 23, 2010 

    @bmentink no PVR testing, see http://trac.xbmc.org/roadmap for a list of features.

  • Species8472 Jul 23, 2010 

    This Dharma Initiative I like :P Great work! Also great work on the Android app!

    Yes, need Linux binaries. My mediacenter run on Ubuntu 9.10

  • Dazmonic Jul 24, 2010 

    Awesome yet again, been using this project since XBMP and you’ve all done amazing things. Bring on the Add-Ons eh?? :)

  • Phantasize Jul 25, 2010 

    This is looking great! Thank you VERY much to everyone involved…….

    Quick question: Is there ANY way to use a skin like Transparency! that hasn’t yet been added to the add-on section?

  • Anonymous Jul 26, 2010 

    Sad that PVR support seems to be dropped for this release … any chance that tvheadend/vdr-support will be available via addons for dharma?

  • martdj Jul 26, 2010 

    What does this mean on the Dharma roadmap for Live Specific: “Include the HTS Tvheadend PVR backend client by default”. Does that mean that there will be a PVR addon in Dharma, but only for TVHeadend (which is all I need personally)?

  • Anonymous Jul 26, 2010 


    Yep.. just put the files in the addon directory and change the name to skin.transparency..

  • Anonymous Jul 26, 2010 

    Please implement in the future version seamless (gapless) video playback.

  • k0sm Jul 27, 2010 

    Great work guys! Can’t wait.

  • Lucas Jul 27, 2010 

    I love XBMC and decided to give up my satellite receiver and build an HTPC incl. XBMC. Don’t wanna be a smartass, but if I read comments correctly, the most requested feature for XBMC – PVR Frontend – isn’t even going to be implemented in the upcoming release.

    Honestly, I don’t get it and that spoils it for me big time.

    I read XMBC is aiming for a new release twice a year (realistically that’s one release a year.)

    So, I am grateful for this amazing project, but gutted that the biggest thing seems to be missing.

    btw, is there news when the new release can be expected?

  • SephoD Jul 28, 2010 

    There is a reason for why this has not been implemented, this is an open source project,
    where the coders are not getting paid for their work, but do this because they like it. Therefore they
    focus on the things that they think is most important, not what someone that gets the software for free is wining about.
    If anyone wants something so much, I suggest that they get their hands dirty and start contributing.

    To the coders I just want to say thank you guys so much, I really appreciate all the hard work you are putting into this, and I am really looking forward to the next release :)

  • vdrfan Jul 28, 2010 

    PVR functionality is left out intentionally due to the fact it’s not stable enough yet. The upcoming release focuses on Addons, which will be used for PVR stuff as well.

  • spiff Jul 28, 2010 

    @ lucas, we’re only human beings and we do all this work in our spare time. priorities had to be made. pvr depends on add-ons. add-ons had to be done first. i don’t get why this is so hard to understand…

  • tfh Jul 28, 2010 

    No worries: There will always be a few people that will be disapointed, no matter what you do. I would have liked the PVR function to be there as well, but… I will just wait for a future version that will have this feature.

    I really think it’s unbelievable, that a great product as XBMC is available for free. I have showed it to quite some people, and a lot of them have bought ION based systems, and have installed XBMC on it. Most people are also staggered to learn that this is a “free” products.

    Just keep up the great work, and we all know: The new version will be released when it’s ready :) :)

  • Generacy Jul 28, 2010 

    The fastest way to get the PVR functionality released is to get it, test it, and provide feedback!


  • defiler Jul 28, 2010 

    Great news, guys. Looking forward to the full release. Currently running Pin’s AppleTV image, so it’ll be nice to get a drop-in release with CrystalHD support etc etc.

    Got to say, PVR would have been nice. But I’m not ready for it yet myself, so I’m happy to wait a while. After all, I’ve not exactly sunk a significant amount of my own time into the project!

    Thanks to everyone involved, and I’m looking forward to the release.

  • eckie Jul 29, 2010 

    I would be very happy to help with PVR testing. Does anybody know where I can download a compliled version of XBMC with the Myth TV client?

  • Mike Jul 29, 2010 

    Go Go Go…

  • Bobby Blixberg Jul 29, 2010 


    especially looking forward concerning this:
    “Base XBMC Live on a stripped Ubuntu Desktop 10.04 (Lucid Lynx) Linux Distribution”

  • Teepee Jul 30, 2010 

    Hey guys,

    Just wanted to say Thank You for all your work. People don’t say thanks enough and, not being a tech, am In Awe of your skillz :-) Currently on Win7 Media Center and hanging on your every announcement for Dharma. Can’t wait for the PVR stuff in the future but not whinging about it – just looking forward to the point where I can lose Windows forever and make the switch to Ubuntu – happy days :o ) Thanks guys!

  • moshelog Jul 30, 2010 

    its time to fix the hebrew font into the default xbmc skin .
    anyway great job , wait to see the final version

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