Dharma RC2

Posted By: Team XBMC on Dec 02, 2010 in Pre-Release

Dharma RC2 is ready, and this one is a Release Candidate in the truest sense. There are a few reasons we decided to do one last pre-release:

  • Shoutcast support has been redone. Listening to your favorite online radio stations with the shoutcast plugin is now a much nicer experience.
  • The add-ons moved out of the testing repository and into their permanent home. This means that everyone will need to upgrade in order to see future add-on updates. If you continue to use RC1 or previous, please don’t report a lack of updates.
  • Automatic updates for add-ons are now enabled by default. Of course, you can still disable them via the add-on manager if you prefer.

It has been far too long already, so the final release of Dharma should be close behind this one. If you have any outstanding issues speak now or forever hold your peace!

Head this way for the good stuff.

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  • oak Dec 02, 2010 


    I know everyone behind this is likely receiving heaps of pressure to get this out the door, I’m equally sure you’d all have liked it done sooner as well :)

    Just great to see it nearing completion.
    (funnily enough, after waiting a couple of weeks I finally installed RC1 yesterday, looks like I’m doing it again today!)

  • Jokono Dec 02, 2010 

    Downloading Live now.

    You guys are aaaaallllright!

  • Giftie Dec 02, 2010 

    Great work guys!!!

  • RyanG Dec 02, 2010 

    Excellent… Going to install it ASAP.

    Is the list above the only changes made? Is there a changelog or similar available for this RC?

  • theuni Dec 02, 2010 

    (link replaced to help server load)

  • RyanG Dec 02, 2010 

    theuni :

    Perfect! Thanks heaps! :D

  • Xen Dec 03, 2010 

    I have noticed some video tearing in Dharma which I dont notice in 9.11. But that might just be an issue on my end.

  • Xen Dec 03, 2010 

    Xen :I have noticed some video tearing in Dharma which I dont notice in 9.11. But that might just be an issue on my end.

    During HD video playback that is

  • Tim Dec 03, 2010 

    Anyone know if the buffering issue got fixed in this release?

  • Stefan Dec 03, 2010 

    I’ve been keeping up with Dharma on my laptop. Can’t wait to start using the Final at home.

  • Joker Dec 03, 2010 

    YEEEEHAAAAA ! Nice Work Guys !

  • Lloyd Dec 03, 2010 

    Way to go! Thanks to everyone who worked on this.

  • Orbi Dec 03, 2010 

    Great! Big thanks to all devs and testers. The final straight line to the final!

  • thefreedom Dec 03, 2010 

    Add a tick in System/Video/Playback/Play the next video automatically !!!

  • Fudge Dec 03, 2010 

    “Thefreedom” I agree with you, When playing TV series it would be good if you could just queue up all unwatched episodes, I’ve tried right clicking on the folder (“Episode 5” or “House” for example) then selecting play but XBMC queues up all items in that folder even if you currently have the filter enabled NOT to display or view watched content. I believe if you have the filter on not to display content already watched XBMC should not queue watched files when asking to play a folder/category. Thanks very much for all your great work other than this it’s very hard to fault such a great product and appreciate all the effort put in!

  • moshelog Dec 03, 2010 

    1 more vote to thefreedom suggestion

  • castortray Dec 03, 2010 

    Is there a chance that the option “play next video automatically” appeared in final release ?

  • kaczor47 Dec 03, 2010 

    I second that. Please….

  • Justin Dec 03, 2010 

    How about the PVR integration (e.g. MythTv)? Is there any news on this? Thanks!

    Great work anyway!

  • Vendril Dec 03, 2010 

    Well done and a big thanx to the xbmc team. I’m been chomping at the bit for dharma to go stable since it was announced .. but after looking at an old xbox I dusted off and gave a whirl I can see the great leaps and bounds that xbmc has done in the last few years. FANTASTIC!!!

    And such a massive overhaul from Camelot. Thanks for creating the best media player.

  • HP User Dec 03, 2010 

    Have tried RC1 Live-CD on HP 6735b, and it starts up fine but the machine freezes after approx 1-5 minutes. Hard reset is the only option. I’ll try RC2, but since the RC2-announcement did not cover any stability problems I guess that I’ll end up with the same result. Any ideas?

  • Andreas Dec 03, 2010 

    Is there an easy way to upgrade if I installed the RC1 live version?

  • Jack Dec 03, 2010 

    thanks guyz

  • Jayrod Ray Ru Rardo Dec 03, 2010 

    Very nice! LOVE the menu improvements and auto downloads.

    I had to re-download my skins. My only request would be an add on for Pandora.

  • guest Dec 03, 2010 

    what’s with that tone?

  • Gary Dec 03, 2010 

    Great work! Thanks to everyone who’s invested so much time and energy into this :)

  • uomiarz Dec 03, 2010 

    …speak now or forever hold your peace!
    :) )) I like that, congratulations team XBMC

  • bugboy Dec 03, 2010 

    Is it okay to update my RC1 live installation using ‘sudo apt-get update’ and ‘sudo apt-get upgrade’? Or do I need to reinstall from a fresh RC2 live CD?

  • bugboy Dec 03, 2010 

    I checked out the changelog and it only seems that the AVAHI daemon has been added. Can anyone tell me why we have Bonjour support in XMBC?

  • MrIcka Dec 03, 2010 

    thefreedom: ffs, when will you get it this is’t a place to post requests… give it a rest.

    XBMC Team, thanks for the excellent work you are doing!

  • Montellese Dec 03, 2010 

    How about doing it yourself instead of demanding (not even asking nicely) for it on every news?!

  • ST Dec 03, 2010 

    RC2 RSS Editor is still very buggy!

  • Nk813 Dec 03, 2010 

    hey guys love xbmc and can’t wait until final… can someone tell me if this version will be able to play music and let me view pics at the same time? is there any way to do this with version 9?

  • mariyoshikong Dec 03, 2010 

    Good job on all the hard work! Almost there!
    I have one request I would like to see before the final release.
    Could we please get a fix for the stuttering video with multi channel FLAC?

  • Pete Dec 03, 2010 

    I’m so happy that I just had to donate. You guys do a fantastic job, and I look forward to getting RC2 up and running.

  • Mcflash Dec 03, 2010 

    Thanks guys! Been looking forward to this for a while.

  • Thomash72 Dec 03, 2010 

    Really looking forward to this. I am still on Camelot so this will be a major upgrade for me. I like the way this release has matured – rather late and working, than premature and buggy. Keep up the good work!

  • Adrian Dec 03, 2010 

    Hi, I have Version: 2:10.00~svn35567-maverick1 vesion installed. It is the RC2?

  • Anonymous Dec 03, 2010 

    hi leute

    wie kann ich das RC2 installieren?

  • Ramiro Dec 03, 2010 

    http://trac.xbmc.org/wiki/WikiStart is not working. There is a bug when trying to search subtitles in audio menu while playing a video on streaming (ej.: pelisalacarta). It keeps looking for the local folder and takes several minutes because it’s online… It’s easy to solve, just much more smaller timeout or no local folder option.

  • jpf55 Dec 03, 2010 

    Since there is no mention of a Mac specific problem, I will assume it is an oversight, the link for the RC2 Mac version is missing or not there yet.


  • arty Dec 03, 2010 

    too bad I still can’t play a movie with a simple enter – I have to choose ‘resume’ or ‘play from start’ every time :(

  • tHe-BiNk Dec 03, 2010 

    Devs thanks for all the great work! Have not had a issue for many months.

  • rob Dec 03, 2010 

    Is there a windows version.

  • arrr Dec 03, 2010 

    Andreas :
    Is there an easy way to upgrade if I installed the RC1 live version?

    Like to know also, i still have Beta1 but it took me 4hrs to set up my library and would like to skip that process if i could.

  • The Eggman Dec 03, 2010 

    I had same issue on the beta’s & RC1 installed an older nvidia driver & that resolved the problemmm

  • hudo Dec 03, 2010 

    To everyone that has RC1 and wishes to upgrade:

    Just do a apt-get update followed by apt-get upgrade. And please keep the help requests on the forums.

    Again, thanks to all the people around the world that work hard to make XBMC a reality.


  • Zaxxan Dec 03, 2010 

    arty :
    too bad I still can’t play a movie with a simple enter – I have to choose ‘resume’ or ‘play from start’ every time :(


  • Zaxxan Dec 03, 2010 

    rob :
    Is there a windows version.


  • Chris Dec 03, 2010 

    Great! Lot of nice improvements!!!!! I’m loving this, thanks for all the hard work!!!

  • zistra Dec 04, 2010 

    anyone know how to turn of the on screen display of the cpu and memory usage?

  • Charly Dec 04, 2010 

    Thanks! In download!
    Just today I will donate my xmas gift to my brother: a brand new home theater with attached a Linux box with XBMC ;-)

  • baspt Dec 04, 2010 


    Use O (on windows) to toggle that information

  • teepee Dec 04, 2010 

    Check out @margro’s amazing work on the PVR front end here http://www.scintilla.utwente.nl/~marcelg/xbmc/prebuild.html Really really pleased with Dharma – thanks guys!

  • Yeehaw Dec 04, 2010 

    Wow, thanks a lot! The Shoutcast add-on is working really nicely now. :)

  • Sirichard Dec 04, 2010 

    Sorry if I am being stupid, but where is the download for RC2 live version. I have clicked the link for Head this way for the good stuff, which takes me to the file repository, and I can only seem to fine the download for osx, nothing for live or windows. Has it been removed?

  • Sirichard Dec 04, 2010 

    Never mind, I managed to download it. Thanks

  • Dennis Dec 04, 2010 

    At first I was very happy with Dharma RC2, but with playing my first movie (upnp with PS3 MediaServer) it crashed. HELP!

  • BlueScreenJunky Dec 04, 2010 

    “f you have any outstanding issues speak now or forever hold your peace!”

    Well I don’t know if it’s “outstanding” but it’s definitely not something I’d like to see in a final product : http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?p=657355#post657355

  • Lukas Dec 04, 2010 

    Can´t wait for the finale version! Thank you guys, for this big present!

  • topfs2 Dec 04, 2010 

    bugboy :
    I checked out the changelog and it only seems that the AVAHI daemon has been added. Can anyone tell me why we have Bonjour support in XMBC?

    We use it to announce servers on the network. This so remotes for example knows xbmc is available and how to reach it. So zero configuration for remotes is one of the big reasons, iPhone remote uses this IIRC. There are lots of other clients that could use this information to make your life easier!

  • masej Dec 04, 2010 

    Small problem playing videos when folder names contain danish chars æøå. Works when I rename the folders :o )

  • masej Dec 04, 2010 

    Missing deinterlace option when using DXVA.

  • KennethC Dec 04, 2010 

    Is it possible to get this patch added to the final release?


    Thread discussing it here: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?t=80247

    It basically allows to have a global audio offset for those pesky 24p audio/video out of sync issues.

  • Victor Dec 04, 2010 

    Is there any guide to the shoutcast changes?

  • Mehul Dec 04, 2010 

    Has the ambx issue being worked on? It randomly stopped working on a build one time, no luck since

  • paaja Dec 04, 2010 

    I’ve got still problems with stutter in MVK files with DTS audio, when I change audio during playback to AC3, the stutter is gone :-(

  • Peter Dec 04, 2010 

    Is the rc2 lacking of the HD video accelerator option found in previous releases ? 720p movies and tv shows on playback appear freezing and segmented…

  • WisdomWolf Dec 04, 2010 

    The only outstanding issue I see is that when using a shared MySQL library XBMC still hangs when on another network. If I disable my wireless NIC it starts up fine, but if I am connected to my work Wifi I can’t launch XBMC without changing advancedsettings.xml. It seems that a simple timeout would solve this issue.

  • oep Dec 04, 2010 

    On windows 7, if adding videos on a NAS, movies do not scrape properly when using the UNC (ie. \\nas\foldername)

    However if I map the share to a drive letter, the movies scrape fine.

    This issue did not happen on Windows XP.

    Tested by doing a clean installation.

    NAS is a Synology DS1010+

  • oep Dec 04, 2010 

    also can’t disable subtitles via remote by clicking on the speaker icon while playing a movie.

    can only disable them by pressing ‘t’

    thanks for the hard work!!!

  • Kenneth Dec 05, 2010 

    I am new to XBMC….Does XMBC allow the USER through the WEB INTERFACE…Select a Movie….then Download the Movie instead of playing it?

  • skv Dec 05, 2010 

    Can the issue with the xbox 360 controller led constantly flashing in XBMC Live be fixed for the final version? Perhaps using a different driver would fix this?

  • paaja Dec 05, 2010 

    I forgot to mention that it is related to Asrock ION 330 and XBMC RC2 Live.

  • koop Dec 05, 2010 

    Hi guys,

    thanks for the amazing work. The only problem i have is that hd trailers need to buffer every 3 seconds on a 20mbit internetconnection (wired).
    I setup the imdb scraper not to get hd trailers but fallback on the imdb trailers, which the scraper ignores.
    sd trailers run perfectly and would be good enough for me, but it seems i cannot get those with the imdb scraper
    does anyone else have that problem?
    [Zotac Ion Ubuntu 10.10 minimal, tried with all the dharma releases.]

  • seiichiro0185 Dec 05, 2010 

    Thanks guys for this great software! Update from RC1 went smooth as expected, and shoutcast really is a *lot* better than before. Thanks again!

  • Magnus Westermark Dec 05, 2010 

    Hi and thanks for a nice program!

    I posted some thoughts for RC1 which i think is still valid for RC2:

    I have notice some possible improvements:
    1. When using playlists, the songname is not displayed but rater a hex code (01$88576.mp3)
    2. In some modes, using the remote control it is not possible to escape using the exit buttom so I need to use my mouse instead to hit the X. One example is if I accidentally hit the “power off (shut down, suspend, etc..” buttom where I can´t undo without streching for my mouse. This problems also occurs in situations like add source etc…
    3. In 9.11 it was possible to add links to plugins (now add-ons) directly under videos, music and pictures which provided a direct acess to live tv stations and shoutcast etc. It would be nice to have that feature again.
    4. I like the “favourite” bar where i can add shortcuts, but I think it would be more convinient to have it located in the same way as video, picture and music to provide faster and more logical acess
    5.when typing search strings or lable links from my keyborad and hit “enter” a new character pops up rather then executing my command

    Thanks again for a very nice program!

  • sebak Dec 05, 2010 

    @koop : I think a theoretical 2.5MByte/s might not be fast enough for a HD stream. Can you stream it fluently with other software?

  • koop Dec 05, 2010 

    sebak: they work from my windows pc..they buffer in the beginning for a few seconds but after that the stream fluently. xbmc buffers every 5 seconds which makes trailers unwatchable.
    but like i said lower quality videos would be fine too but the imdb scraper keeps adding the hd trailers.

  • topfs2 Dec 05, 2010 

    And everyone else asking for patches. This is a _release candidate_ which entails NO feature additions ONLY bug fixes.

  • dath1 Dec 05, 2010 

    Hey guys nice job, love the program. Any thoughts on a 64bit version of XBMC?

  • KennethC Dec 05, 2010 


    Right. The proposed patch is a bug workaround.

  • NebulaOdyssey Dec 05, 2010 

    Since upgrading my XBMC Live from camalot to Dharma RC1 and now RC2 i can no longer automount sub storage drive, and my usb dvb no longer works (it’s on light does even come on). I’ve tried adding the diskmountenable (can’t remember exact tag) thing/tag in the advancedsettings.xml no luck? Any help with this?

  • GuyverXT9 Dec 05, 2010 

    Keep getting Assertion Failed errors when certain episodes end. 64 bit Windows, File: mathematics.c Line: 80, Expression: b >= 0.

  • forcedalias Dec 05, 2010 

    RC2 Live on Zotac IONITX-A-B — Still no sound… Haven’t had sound since Beta 2… and I’m only trying to use Analog stereo…

    Too much to ask for a little sound? :)

  • fiveisalive Dec 05, 2010 

    Any chance of getting in this one-line bug fix: http://trac.xbmc.org/ticket/10799 for Dharma final? The specified sort order for in album-type smart playlists (e.g. Order by “Artist”/”Year”) is currently being ignored and defaults to only sorting by album title, this patch fixes that.

  • djvanguard Dec 06, 2010 

    All my .mkv files experience low frame rates in xbmc. They work fine in mpc-hc though. Is there an option or quick fix for this?

    • prae5 Dec 06, 2010 

      Sounds like you haven’t enabled hardware acceleration – make sure you enable it in your video settings.

  • xhaos Dec 06, 2010 

    I spotted a problem with non Unicode subtitles. In particular when I try to use ANSI subtitles, I see unreadable subtitles even though I have tried to set up xbmc for Greek/ISO and Greek/Windows.

  • koop Dec 06, 2010 

    I am running xbmc on the same system and it works fine. Analog + Digital Audio.
    Maybe you should play around with your asound.conf?

  • Samim Pezeshki Dec 06, 2010 

    B U G :
    Hi, there is still a bug from Dharma Beta1. It is automatically switched to Library Mode in Music. If I switch the Library Mode off, it will be in Library Mode next time I open Music. It does not remember. Many have the same problem and I have reported this bug several times.

  • Tripkip Dec 06, 2010 

    A main feature of xbmc is the trailer scraping for movies from the library.
    It doesn’t work with me and a lot of other people around here.
    It should be fixed in the final version!!!!!!!!!

    Devs check out the ticket: http://trac.xbmc.org/ticket/10757

  • Chris Dec 06, 2010 

    I am using XBMC RC 2 with stoli/mcborzu’s excellent Neon skin. I am very happy.

    I have 2 problems though, 1 minor, 1 big.

    Big problem, when selecting a movie rather quickly the system locks up. This also happens when clicking shutdown fast.
    Minor problem, my music is being played random, I cannot find any option to disable this, maybe I am idiot with this one ;)

    All in all, happy camper here, props to everyone who made this dream possible!!

  • StarChild Dec 06, 2010 

    Still have some some issues with mvk files and DTS audio on my ASRock 330HT. Other then that, it,s very smooth. Great job!

  • Maxi Dec 06, 2010 

    Hi !!!

    I’ve installed RC2 last weekend and so far it works great !! I only had a few problems with IPv6 (using XBMC over an Ubuntu system, not Live), but nothing that I could not solve by looking at the Forums (http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?t=83339&page=6&highlight=network+problem+dharma) . Although I think it would be a good idea to deliver the final SW with IPv6 already disabled. I can imagine that to have to dig onto the forums to see how to solve known problems could be a little bit annoying for some users.

    Anyway great job guys !!!!

  • theuni Dec 06, 2010 

    ipv6 is only defaulted to “on” for the LiveCD, because it’s guaranteed to be an XBMC-centric environment. We decided that disabling ipv6 on all platforms by default is not very nice. So the option, defaulted to off, is the most reasonable choice.

    We hope that Ubuntu will work around the problem in future versions.

  • koop Dec 07, 2010 

    tripkick: thank you for posting that ticket! I have exactly the same problem, appletrailers work fine but normal hd trailers found by the imdb scraper are not watchable…trailers found by my alternative german scraper (moviemaze) work fine (but are not hd)

  • Rion Dec 07, 2010 

    Still i few bugs to sort out. Maby its not a bad ide to release RC3. I can wait for the final.

  • kappa8086 Dec 07, 2010 

    No one can do something with the timer problem in linux version?
    see this thread:

  • lars23 Dec 08, 2010 

    Good work guys. But two things are missing at the moment. First where is the awesome Mediastream Skin? And second the possibility to resume a movie or video after stopping don’t work.

  • fiveisalive Dec 08, 2010 


    Another bug with the album-type smart playlists. Currently xbmc attempt to display album playlists as if they were song-type playlists, my patch fixes this:


    should easily apply against Dharma and trunk.

  • chiel Dec 08, 2010 

    theuni :
    We hope that Ubuntu will work around the problem in future versions.
    I’m quite sure that the IPv6 problems hasn’t anything to do with Ubuntu/*nix, it has perfect IPv6 support for some time. I think the problem is with the network that the user is using or with XBMC, I think the later. Anyone with IPv6 problem please look at the forum topic and please reply.

  • muzza Dec 09, 2010 

    I have issues with RC1 live distribution. On occasion after fast forwarding a video, resuming, it can be jerky requiring a pause/unpause to get it playing properly. This is playing off Win7 SMB share. Anyone know what that is and if it’s been resolved ?

  • Nicolas_spain Dec 10, 2010 

    Perdon por mi ingles uso traductor , tengo xbmc en ubuntu 10.04 se me queda colgado el pc cuando termino de ver una pelicula accediendo a otro pc por samba . Hasta ahora nunca me habia pasado.

    Sorry for my English use a translator, I have xbmc on Ubuntu 10.04 is the pc hangs me when I watch a movie accessing another pc by samba. So far I never had happened

  • k0sm Dec 10, 2010 

    Can’t believe I missed this. -> DOPE!

  • fetalib Dec 11, 2010 

    RC2 still has an issue in the subtitle selection screen. My keyboard and remote don´t work. I have to use the mouse.


  • Dan Paul Dec 11, 2010 

    I cannot get RC2 to load at more than a snail’s pace with Win7 64bit. I don’t understand why 9.11 will work no prob but RC2 won’t.

  • Hinz Dec 13, 2010 

    “If you have any outstanding issues speak now or forever hold your peace!”
    Are you kidding me?! For whatever reason you guys seem to ignore that resume is broken. It still broken in RC2. There doesn’t seem to be any point posting any debuglogs anymore as you obviously don’t care.


  • Hinz Dec 13, 2010 

    And no, it doesn’t happen every time and some containers/encodes work fine. A file can resume fine but later resume 4 seconds later than the bookmark.

  • Matt Brusven Dec 13, 2010 

    RC2 as well as most releases of xbmc on mac has an issue where the player will not remember the language and subtitle default stream setting that you place for all videos and only the video that you changed remembers it

  • theuni Dec 13, 2010 

    At the RC2 stage, we’re worried about crashers and major broken features. Surely you can understand that a bug causing resume to be off by a few seconds will get the back-seat this late in the release.

    Also, you can’t just start playing every compressed video at any random frame.

  • Sirr Dec 16, 2010 

    Hello. First of thanks for this wonderful software. truly loving it
    just one comment if i may. the skip forward and skip backward feature is there a way to decrease the amount of seconds ahead or backwards it jumps? many thanks

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