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Posted By: Team XBMC on May 11, 2009 in Site News

Just thought I’d comment on a nice recently added feature. ubikdood did up a nice patch that gave a popup slider dialog, similar to the seek bar and volume bar, when the audio and subtitle delays were adjusted, to give nice, visual feedback as you adjust these settings directly via a keypress.

After discussions with Jezz_X, we thought it’d be nice to extend this feature to the other slider based settings in the Audio and Video OSDs.  The Audio and Video OSDs currently tend to take up a lot of space on screen, which makes some adjustments difficult.  If the audio and video sync is out, it’s hard enough trying to fix it without having a bunch of stuff covering up the video!

Now, when you click on “Zoom amount” from the video settings, the dialogs fade away and the slider bar pops up, allowing you to adjust the setting while in full view of the video file.  Now fine tuning of video settings is much easier.

It’s a nice touch that I’m hoping all skins take on board.  For the skinners, just add a DialogSlider.xml file based on the PM3.HD one, and modify the OSDs to animate out of the way when it pops up.

We’ve also added two new actions “AudioDelay” and “SubtitleDelay” which popup the slider allowing you to change these settings directly – a bit more remote friendly than having two buttons (one for plus and one for minus) for each feature.

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  • YM May 11, 2009 

    Great stuff!

    Hope to see this in Mediastream soon.

  • xbs08 May 12, 2009 

    Very nice!

    Only thing is that subtitles adjust menu goes right over the subtitle area, should be a litle higher or on one side of the screen.



  • jmarshall May 12, 2009 

    Indeed – that’s a fair point. Will chat with Jezz_X and see if we can come up with a solution for that (pity that the bottom center is nice aesthetically – I guess there’s a reason they put the subs there in the first place!)

  • Bahndit May 12, 2009 

    This is an awesome addition to the OSD. Oh and I love that you used “In Bruges” for the screen shots, that is a great movie.

  • Bruce May 12, 2009 

    Is there a patch to set volume to auto adjust playback volume to the same level? It would be a nice feature to include some sort of auto volume leveling feature.

    For example, within Apple’s iTunes application, they realize that the gain on .mp3 files can vary from one file to another, so the ‘sound check’ feature auto adjusts gain so all the files have the same volume output. This does not seem to affect the dynamics or the sound quality during playback.

    I just downloaded XBMC and will install it tonight on a homebrew HTPC. Currently I am using the TivX M-6500 standalone media player, but I want a full pc so I can have features like Skype (with cam on top of HDTV set) and web browser.

  • jmarshall May 12, 2009 

    @Bahndit: Indeed, a great film.

    @Bruce: XBMC already supports replaygain for music. Precalculating these things is the only way to do it reliably. I believe iTunes uses a similar mechanism (though if that’s what my wife’s iPod is doing it doesn’t work too flash!). phi2039 is currently working on a redesign of the audio output stages which will allow various effects to be added in to the audio chain, such as dynamic range compression which is the best way to alter volume levels for video content.

  • Bruce May 12, 2009 

    @jmarshall: Thanks for the info! Have the auto gain equalization is a nice feature. Currently my TivX M6500 doesn’t have that feature and it is a real bother having to adjust the volume for every file I play.

    I wish I knew more about the development side of XBMC. I’m not sure how the plugins work, but I hope I have the time to make some kind of plugin for Skype w/video, and maybe a phone answering plugin for Phonebot, fax, internet printing, stuff like that. That way I can centralize all communications – traditional and multimedia, all from my HTPC…

  • Max May 15, 2009 

    Awesome. Adjusting audio lag was always a chore before!

  • Bullet May 17, 2009 

    It would be great To have a Audio and Subtitle OSD that could use a(some) key(s) short(s) cut(s) to change audio/subtitles without using the OSD that you normaly use.

  • jmarshall May 17, 2009 

    As stated above, you can keymap both the new sliders and the increment and decrement of audio and subtitle delays. The audio delay slider (likely used by more people) is mapped to “a” on the keyboard by default.

  • Bullet May 17, 2009 

    In my last post i’m refering to a shortcut to change audio/subtitles tracks without going to the OSD. Can This work with this new patch?

  • jmarshall May 17, 2009 

    Ah, gotcha. Mapping via AudioNextLanguage and SubtitleNext are already supported. Possibly not mapped by default – check the section of Keymap.xml.

  • Bullet May 18, 2009 

    OK gotcha. Thanks

  • fantoma May 21, 2009 

    It is getting very excited on the OSD feature. This would be a great place to add audio adjusting feature such as audio key adjusting (as in Karaoke mode), audio tempo adjusting, and audio pitch. Thanks.

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