Enjoy the holidays and a happy 2016

Posted By: Martijn Kaijser on Dec 26, 2015 in Community Updates

We hope you all enjoyed the Christmas diner and are now spending some quality time using Kodi as your media center. Since we’ll probably have nothing to report in coming week we as team already want to wish you all a happy 2016. Sorry, no surprise release this time.

The new year will hold a lot of exciting Kodi news which we’ll absolutely share with you through our website. Soon we’ll be releasing Kodi v16.0 as release candidate and if all goes well not long after the final version. This version has several exciting features added. Be sure to read up on that here. Later down the year we’ll also start our early alpha builds again for what will be version 17. This version will have a completely revamped videoplayer so that’s at least something to look forward to.

That’s it for now as we’ll all go back to spending some time with family and/or friends and getting ready for the new year. Wish you all the best and till next year.



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  • TaGi Dec 26, 2015 

    Thanks folks for all of your efforts !!!


  • Gotty Dec 26, 2015 

    Thanks you a lot for all the work!

    Happy holydays!

  • Soliter26 Dec 26, 2015 

    Thank you guys, happy new year and wish you the best

  • Tony Walsh Dec 26, 2015 

    Thanks to all the developers for a brilliant job

  • Rtownz251 Dec 26, 2015 

    Thanks for all your hard work and dedication. I enjoy the pleasure of kodi everyday and love it. Hope you’ll support this platform forever because it’s perfect! Hope the team has had a wonderful day yesterday and everyone will have an even better 2016!

  • slash Dec 26, 2015 

    Many thanks to all for the excellent work.
    Happy Holidays


  • Marco Dec 26, 2015 

    Thanks for all the hard work.
    Enjoy the remaining week of 2015. Look forward to a great 2016

  • Jesse Dec 26, 2015 

    Just want to say thanks for the hard work. I love my kodi;) The kodi community is great and the devs are spectacular

  • SmoothSinner Dec 26, 2015 

    Happy Holidays!

  • Juan Doe Dec 26, 2015 

    Thanks. The community appreciates all your hard work. Happy Holidays

  • Edward Dec 26, 2015 

    thanks so much for all the effort and all and all …. about kodi ,have a great 2016 ….my favorite app team.

  • RomaN Dec 26, 2015 

    Guys, whomever you are and whatever you do, thanks for all your hard work! Merry Xmas~!

  • Schumi2004 Dec 26, 2015 

    Happy Holidays ;)

  • Khalid Dec 26, 2015 

    Happy holiday to the whole Kodi team, you guys rock!

    I enjoy using Kodi every single day, couldnt live without it. ;) Kodi is THE best media center, period.

    Keep up the great work in 2016 on this awesome software, I will try to donate some $ whenever I can.

  • Javier Dec 26, 2015 

    Happy Holidays!!

  • warren Dec 27, 2015 

    you girls & guys are the greatest ever!

  • Josue Silva Dec 27, 2015 

    Um prospero ano novo a todos da comunidade!!!

  • Ahmed Said Dec 27, 2015 

    Thank you so much, great work guys. Happy holidays to all of you.

  • KodiFan Dec 27, 2015 

    Happy Holidays Kodi Team! You’re doing a great job and it’s appreciated, from a Kodibuntu user. Can’t wait for the new version, it’s going to be great as usual. Smart TVs or any other attempted smooth UI is no match for Kodi.

    That picture for the article is great. Would you happen to have a desktop sized wallpaper material one would you? :)

  • billzkid Dec 27, 2015 

    Happy Holidays to you guys. I love the work you do :)

  • HeresJohnny Dec 27, 2015 

    Thanks for your efforts! I didn’t make it to the Christmas diner, though, which supposedly is located somewhere near Santa’s place at the north pole. :-)

  • Sonic Dec 27, 2015 

    Thank you guys for a great “Kodi year”! I wish you all the best!

    Happy holidays!

  • George Dec 27, 2015 

    Merry Christmas! And all the best in the new year! thank you for all your hard work!

  • Dave Dec 28, 2015 

    Kodi is a life changer for me.
    It’s quite amazing software.
    You guys do wonderful work and I thank you for it :)
    Enjoy the festive season!

  • christago Dec 28, 2015 

    Bonsoir, dans la perspective que tout ira bien comme d’habitude, je souhaite par votre canal, une bonne et heureuse année 2016 à toute l’équipe qui s’échine pour nous sortir de merveilleuses choses; santé et prospérité à tout le monde. Cordialement

  • kadatati Dec 28, 2015 

    merci vous etes top bonne annee 2016

  • Halcon1480 Dec 29, 2015 

    thanks for all the work they do and give us the opportunity to use its software kodi tv is great .. and wish you happy new year. 2016 …..

  • mlc Dec 29, 2015 

    Thanks guys for your great work and wish you an happy new year 2016 too!

  • Hunibzrko Dec 29, 2015 

    Thanks have a great 2016

  • Kataleja Dec 30, 2015 

    Con apprezzamento ringrazio e ricambio gli auguri a tutti

  • nhanguyen Dec 31, 2015 

    thanks for all year working GUYS

  • Gabriel Jan 01, 2016 

    Happy New Year Kodi, keep the good work

  • meh Jan 01, 2016 

    Will the new player be able to resume videos at the resume points and not just ~10 sec later as the current one does…?

  • RaHa Jan 02, 2016 

    Thanks for your great work.
    Happy New Jear 2016

  • James Jan 04, 2016 

    Thanks from all the family! You’ve given us a break from one hell of a life!

  • Clinton Jan 04, 2016 

    Helllo! Thank you. I hope to see kodi ios9 compatible this year!!! I miss my AirPlay since updating iOS!!!

  • David Wang Jan 05, 2016 

    Thanks, never thought has this kind of free movies and TV shows gifts. It is fulfilled my retirement life.

  • cesdavher Jan 05, 2016 

    hats off to you Guys, The world would be one big boring place without you all. the hoodies are great . very comfy!!!!!

  • Valentino Bailey Jan 06, 2016 

    What happened with KODI? It looked like it was updating, and now has totally disappeared. I cannot get into it. Please help, have lost all content. What do I do? Thanks

    • Rebel Jan 08, 2016 

      Cry … obviously!

  • ShinobiX9X Jan 09, 2016 

    A bit late but happy new year, andere thanks for the best media player!

  • xOnur Jan 11, 2016 

    Please fix the Airplay problem

  • Robert Edmunds Jan 11, 2016 

    When will the next issue of Kodi be released?

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