Farewell to future Apple TV2 development

Posted By: Memphiz on Jan 28, 2015 in Dev Journal

Dear users,

As the current maintainer of the AppleTV2 platform for Kodi, I wanted you to know that I have decided to stop official support for it. I know that the fact that XBMC/Kodi runs on Apple’s black puck has been the main reason for buying one for many people, but it has become a dead end for Kodi.

If you are currently using an AppleTV2 for Kodi, you may already have realised how the quality of the XBMC/Kodi experience has degraded on the device since the release of Frodo. The HD playback is unstable and liable to crash the device, and the overall performance is beginning to fall behind other platforms which are based on more recent hardware. From a developer’s point of view the AppleTV2 is a major challenge because Apple never released any Software Development Kit for it. The fact that XBMC/Kodi has ever been able to run on it is a testament to the countless hours of hacking by Scott Davilla and Edgar Huceke. I want to personally give a big thanks to both of them for all they have done with the box. Without this work XBMC/Kodi would never have been able to support the iOS platform at all, and yet today it remains alive and well on numerous tablets and phones.

Maintaining the AppleTV2 for XBMC/Kodi became more and more demanding each time Apple decided to update the AppleTV2′s iOS Version. The big bang was iOS6 where I had to rewrite a substantial amount of the AppleTV2 specific code to do runtime hooking, an obscure means of adding functionality to iOS that Apple never intended iOS to have, because Apple made it even more obvious that they didn’t want 3rd party apps to be run on the black box by removing the private Framework which all our work previously relied upon. There are no tools to work for this platform – most of the work can only be done by trial and error and carefully watching log files. That’s not the way sane development works in 2015 anymore.

All in all I am sadly not able to restore the stability of Frodo in the current Kodi versions. The memory of the AppleTV2 is limited to 256MB and each time Apple decides to push a new app to it (like Netflix) there is less free memory for us. Also there is a lot of new code hitting our mainline tree daily and it’s almost impossible to keep an eye on its influences to this closed platform.

This virtual impossibility of maintaining stability while introducing new features and other refactors demanded by technological progress is why we will now stop building our code for this platform.

The Final Apple TV 2 Release and the Future

The upcoming Kodi 14.1 will be one of the last official versions in which we will provide support for the AppleTV2. We will continue to provide support in the forum for the AppleTV2 (as long as it’s related to bad configurations or other things we can solve without code changes). The source code will stay in our tree until at least after the release of Kodi 15.0. At some point we may prune the code, but no official decisions have been made as to when. Users or other developers are, of course, welcome to fork the code and attempt to maintain it if they choose, much as XBMC4Xbox did for the original Xbox.

There are rumors that Apple wants to provide an SDK for the AppleTV3 at some point. If this happens, I will see if we can revive support for this platform in an official way (hopefully without the hacks, without the need of jailbreaking and with proper tools for development).

Thank you for using XBMC/Kodi on the AppleTV2 all these years,


Editors note: After release 14.1, a previously unplanned bugfix release came out. This version Kodi 14.2 also supported aTV2 and was the last official version.

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  • Dani Jan 28, 2015 

    Although I don’t like this news, I fully understand.
    Thanks for bringing XBMC to ATV2, and thanks for the years of support!

    • frank Jan 29, 2015 

      Is it just xbmc or is the whole box gone frank

      • Ro Feb 05, 2015 

        just xbmc

  • three80 Jan 28, 2015 

    i haven’t used koki for apple tv2 but I used to us fodo, and I just want to thank you for all youve donel, you made my apple tv2 worth using while I had it.

  • bham Jan 28, 2015 

    XBMC was fun on the original AppleTV. (I found one for $5 at a garage sale once). I have moved on to OpenElec on Chromebox and I can only imagine that having to hack a closed system like ATV is much less rewarding than tuning an open system like Linux.

    • gonace Jan 31, 2015 

      To be fair Linux is a Kernel and should not (in my mind) be compared to an OS. However the ATV is locked but it’s still a Unix-like system, for a fact iOS is based on Darwin (BSD).

      So it’s not the type (linux, unix or unix-like) of the system that is the source of the lockdown. It’s just a business desiccation form Apple.

  • Headonism Jan 28, 2015 

    thanks for taking time to make it :)

    I’m gonna move to the fire tv me thinks

  • harry Jan 28, 2015 

    WOW! a week ago I just sold it for 170$ after 2 years of usage, bought at 99$.
    Thanks you for all these years, really THANK YOU!

  • DJCAPI Jan 28, 2015 

    And ATV1 still will have support or is just for ATV2 ? Or this for all iOs equipment :( ?

    • Martijn Jan 28, 2015 

      No only atv1 or atv2. iOS still alive

  • Michael Jan 28, 2015 

    Good riddance. The AppleTV 2 should be left where it belongs: in the stone age. Sorry to consumers who were too stupid to buy such a weak device (trust me I was one of them at one point) – but you realize how limited and lame/unstable it truly is as a device…time to move on or the time will move you!

    Best decision Kodi could do.

    • Stupid consumer Jan 28, 2015 

      Thanks for pointing out how stupid we are because we choose to buy with our money what we choose to buy. Next time I’m looking to make a purchase of any kind I’ll be sure to consult you as you are now past the stupid point and make the right decisions when purchasing.

      • smart consumer Jan 30, 2015 

        Sounds like a good plan; you seem to need the help.

    • artur Jan 29, 2015 

      Put apple logo on anything and will sell…. There are dozens of better devices for kodi.

      • Joel Jan 31, 2015 

        Please name a few. I have to change or get something better.

        • Zebraitis Jan 31, 2015 

          When I was considering a lower end solution, I had considered the ATV2, but instead went with the Pivos Xios and the Linux OS for around US $99 . http://kodi.wiki/view/Pivos_XIOS_DS

          The Pivos Xios is still running fine in Kodi 14.

          If I were to do this again today, on the lower end, I would likely buy the Amazon Fire. http://kodi.wiki/view/Amazon_Fire_TV

          However, the reality is that if you choose a lower end solution, you will likely get a few useful KODI release cycles out of it, but at some point it’s over. (trust me, I milked the life out of my original XBMC XBOX’s longer than I should have).

          On the higher end, it’s best to build a media PC with a dedicated video card that matches your receivers’ surround sound capabilities.

          That type of solution will likely run three times the low end solution, but you will get a far longer extended life.

          So, it’s a trade-off. (.. like most things in life)

          • Joe Feb 03, 2015 

            Theres a lof more embedded systems available that have the footprint of a ATV or Fire TV but are full x86 hardware. Look for anything based on the Intel j1900. I have a asrock q1900-itx with 4gb running Kodi on ubuntu server. My end all test for this is the dolby and dts intros in full lossless format. If your media center can handle those it can handle anything.

            My build was less than $200, never crashes, runs Kodi and my download programs. Plus I use it as a development platform with virtual machines. Boot time is under 20 seconds. I have had 12 media centers all running XBMC and this one kicks ass and was the least expensive of any options.

        • MetalorDie Feb 05, 2015 

          My family uses a couple of G-Boxes for Kodi, they’re not the fastest device but it is a full on android with XBMC built in as a launcher if you want and they’re only $100. I’m not sure if they’re updated to Kodi now but I don’t see why you couldn’t update them yourself.

          • glen Feb 26, 2015 

            Amazon fire tv is smooth- The remote is lacking but it streams very well.

        • Kimi Feb 06, 2015 

          Raspberry PI, for example. I use it just for Kodi, and it is much much better than atv2 ( i have both )

    • Rob Feb 18, 2015 


      I still have the ATV2. What device do you recommend as an alternative?

  • Fritz Boyle Jan 28, 2015 

    i am sad for atv2 and hopeful for atv3

  • Jonathan Flanagan Jan 28, 2015 

    New to this, I’ve got a Apple TV 2 atm running 14.0, does this mean that Kodi will stop working or just that they’ll be no updates after 14.1?

    • Memphiz Jan 28, 2015 

      the latter ;)

    • Shahed Feb 28, 2015 

      off course will work ? Just kodi will not update there software that’s all chill,

  • gizmo Jan 28, 2015 

    I am aiming a HDMI stick.. but it looks like there is not flagship so far
    What about Amazon Fire TV Stick ? good choice ? heard WiFi was the basd part since no external antenna

    • baruchin Jan 29, 2015 

      Excellent choice. A little underpowered than it’s big brother but it’s way, way better than Apple TV 2. No problems with Wifi for me. I bought 2 for 24.99 each back in november and I’m very satisfied.

    • Luis Feb 01, 2015 

      i highly recommend Firetv both versions, very good Wifi antenna even with the stick one

  • Graham Purnell Jan 28, 2015 

    That is sad news, but inevitable. I use Kodi 14.0 every day on the ATV2.

    It’s a pity the device is so locked down and that the hardware specs aren’t strong. I know it’s been an uphill battle but when everything works, it is just so elegant. A fork dedicated to the ATV2 hardware would be great but I don’t see it happening, especially if an SDK for the ATV3 makes an official XBMC distro possible.

    It has been a joy using XBMC/Kodi on the ATV2 and I’ll continue to do so until it’s no longer feasible.

    Thanks for all the fun.

    • Bruce Feb 06, 2015 

      I went ahead and sold my ATV2, bought Fire TV, and load it with Kodi. It’s doing very well. I would recommend selling ATV2 before everybody realize it will become a brick soon. The stick works well also.

      • lynne Feb 24, 2015 

        Hi does fire tv have to be jailbroken before installing kodi/ xbmc? If so is this easy to do. I am bit of novice using atv 2 atm but managed to install kodi on it and other android devices but wouldnt have a clue where to start with jailbreak. Thanx

  • Steve Jan 28, 2015 

    Thank you so much for all your hard work on this. I was lucky enough to get an ATV 2 when it came out and got XBMC running on it as soon as the jail break appeared. I agree… the hardware is getting a little long in the tooth and have already been shopping around for a one of the cheap small (full) computer systems to replace it. But you have provided thousands of hours of enjoyment for me from that little black box. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

  • dudeslife Jan 28, 2015 

    sad to see but thankfully the Amazon FireTV has taken the AppleTV ball and ran with it. Kodi on FireTV is glorious. Thanks for your hard work.

  • Matthew Robinson Jan 28, 2015 

    Would it be better to run XBMC 11 or XBMC 12 on my ATV2 for the fastest performance?

  • Carl V Jan 28, 2015 

    If moving away from AppleTVs what should I look to for a replacement device? I currently have a ATV1 and would like to upgrade to something faster. Does anyone have any recommendations?

    • Bahndit Jan 29, 2015 

      Carl V,

      I would recommend an ASUS Chromebox @ $159.99. It will give an amazing experience compared to your ATV 1. Just follow the steps on the KODI wiki to get it up and running. After the initiial install it should be really easy to maintain and update.

    • Rutix Jan 29, 2015 

      The amazon fire tv is a great choice :) . It works well with XBMC and has good support from the community. Besides it can play DTS ect. with no problems.

    • Jeff Jan 29, 2015 

      The Odroid-C1 might be a good replacement for apple TV users.

    • Jared Jan 30, 2015 

      I use an ouya and have zero complaints. and if your not streaming tv or movies the ouya has other potential with its games and emulators

    • DeeDub Jan 31, 2015 

      if you don’t mind spending a bit more I wholeheartedly recommend an Intel NUC. I moved from Xbox1>ATV1>Xios DS>NUC and this is the first one that has played EVERYTHING I’ve thrown at it without breaking a sweat, including 30GB Blu Ray rips and 4K video. It might be overkill for some, but I was getting sick of throwing money into boxes that struggled with certain files, so wasn’t taking any chances this time. :)

    • Almvik14 Jan 31, 2015 

      I would recommend Minix Neo X8h plus at about 135$
      It supports H.265 and 4K TV.
      Have XBMC preinstalled.

    • CFWhitman Feb 23, 2015 

      There are so many possibilities that it’s hard to narrow it down. The new Raspberry Pi 2 model B is replacing the Raspberry Pi model B on one of my Televisions. The Cubox-i 4Pro is running another. As a Kodi box I have no significant complaints with the Cubox. It just keeps working better so far. My brother-in-law is planning to pick up an Amazon FireTV box, which by all accounts I’ve seen works very well for Kodi. A NUC is always a possibility, but will tend to cost more than the options I’ve mentioned.

  • Fergus Jan 28, 2015 

    Memphiz – Many, many thanks for all the blood, sweat and tears you’ve all put into this over the years. Like Dani, I’m disappointed at the news, but completely respect and understand the rationale. If I look at the leaps and bounds that’ve been made since dropping the original XBOX (which feels like a lifetime ago now) I’m sure the removal of the support burden from the core team will prove to be a force for positive change over the next few years!

  • rdsu Jan 28, 2015 

    Thanks a lot for the work you have done!!! ;)

  • Dingospoon Jan 28, 2015 

    Memphiz, thanks for all you’ve done. With the impending doom of my ATV2, any suggestions on getting another device that will run XBMC?

    • aag Jan 29, 2015 

      Amazon’s FireTV, without a doubt is the new platform of choice. Netflix support, ethernet port, quite a bit of CPU power, USB port for RF remote or additional storage.

    • Jared Jan 30, 2015 

      Ouya works flawlessly!!!

  • Jonathan gamble Jan 28, 2015 

    What machine would you recommend to change it to

  • ville kummu Jan 28, 2015 

    So what would be best hw option after atv2? Fast, easy to operate, cheap, steady updates coming in..

  • bill Jan 28, 2015 

    Just bought a Roku 3. $80 plus $5 for Plex and I have what I wanted the AppleTV with XBMC to be.

  • Matt Jan 28, 2015 

    So what is the best hardware platform now to move to that will support Netflix as well as Kodi?

    • Neogeo71 Jan 29, 2015 

      i personally moved to Roku 3 with Plex on the back end and it is wonderful. If you really want XBMC, I think the Amazon Fire TV is a great way to go! I am glad I sold my 4 ATV2′s a few months ago and fetched a premium on each one. Roku + Plex is a great combo and I am very happy. I love XBMC but the headphone port on the Roku remote sold me in that device as it fits my needs. Thank you for all the years supporting XBMC on ATV! Plex works great on iOS phones, tablets, can watch media at home or away, I miss XBMC but Plex has come a long way…

      • Nathan Betzen Jan 29, 2015 

        As a follow up to this, the NVIDIA Shield Tablet has a controller that provides the same sort of headphone service as the Roku’s remote, and I also love it. I’m such a proponent of it that I occasionally try to push the devs into making it possible via software, possibly through the iOS remote or any of the Android remotes. Would be so cool.

        • hazeh Jan 31, 2015 

          Audio out through the remote control device is a great idea!

    • Jon Jan 29, 2015 

      Try the google Nexus Player

  • Jonnymeese Jan 29, 2015 

    I had atv2 but I wanted full hd and a bit more reliability so after playing on a friends I’ve ordered a prometheus. Can’t wait for it to turn up!!

  • Jaime Castillo Jan 29, 2015 

    Thanks XBMC- Menphiz, for those all happy years on Apple TV2… hope some issue could be possible in the near future… maybe Apple TV3

  • Dan Jan 29, 2015 

    Amazon Fire TV

  • Jesus of Haghdad Jan 29, 2015 

    Thank you for all of the great work on ATV2.
    I started with XBMC on ATV1, then ATV2 and since I have upgraded to an Intel NUC running Win7, been using it for 2-3 years now. ATV was a great introduction to XBMC/Kodi and I’ve been enjoying it thoroughly since.
    Bravo for the great job and RIP ATV2.
    Long live Kodi.

  • weewee Jan 29, 2015 

    Time to move on to Ouya. Thanks for all the good work guys.

  • arcko Jan 29, 2015 

    sad to hear that

  • logan_x50 Jan 29, 2015 

    I used the ATV2 for years and it was fantastic but moved on for improved performance especially around the GUI and library viewing (AFTV). Thank you for all your hard work.

  • spraz Jan 29, 2015 

    Sad news indeed… what alternative now?

    Points (for me) are:

    1)low cost device: buying and operating.

    2)capable using same remote control as Tv, like atv2 was able to do.

    So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish :)

    • zilexa Jan 29, 2015 

      I would HIGHLY recommend buying a CuboxTV also known as Cubox i4Pro. It is WAY faster than an AppleTV, smaller, has full CEC support (which means you can control Kodi completely using your own TV remote control, you will absolutely love that) and it is a low energy consumption device. It has gigabit network, USB ports and even an eSATA port and digital audio.
      It can function as your media hub, not just running Kodi but also other things like download software and BittorentSync. Fantastic!

  • pancheto Jan 29, 2015 

    another thankful user here who definitely understands all your words. I bought an ATV2 only to run XBMC, and I have used XBMC on my ATV2 almost since this development started. due to all those limitations mentioned above I’ve recently decided to move to an Amazon FireTV, again only to run Kodi, which works flawlessly and amazingly fast. thanks a lot for all this years!

  • orviwan Jan 29, 2015 

    Thanks for all your hard work. I flashed back to the stock ATV2 and now use plexconnect which just hooks into the Trailers app. Works really well.

  • Rene Jan 29, 2015 

    I finally came to the conclusion that my AppleTV wouldn’t work on the newest versions and downgraded to 12.3 a week ago. I’m glad to hear that this version is being discontinued – that means I won’t be tempted to try out new versions!

    Thanks for all the work you guys have put in!

  • ATV2 User Jan 29, 2015 

    Thank you for all the hard work. I love the Apple TV for AirPlay. You made it so much more functional tho.

    It only serves the bedroom now, but I think it’s time to move the Pi into the bedroom and replace the Pi with a NUC in the lounge.

    On the plus side I’ll get more than I paid for it many years ago. :0

  • Briant Jan 29, 2015 

    I Don’t own a Apple TV, but I do own a Raspberry Pi, and as long as support for that isn’t taken away, I’ll be OK, and won’t freak out. But I do beg the question, will there be any more targets that will stop receiving support?

  • joe Jan 29, 2015 

    thanks for all your great work. but people should move on, you can get a fire tv box for less than an apple tv. AND IT’S FAST!

  • John Jan 29, 2015 

    hello, I fully understand your decisions. However, Can I make one request. That IF apple ever releases a SDK for future apple TV’s and IF you decide to revisit development, Please look into/Consider leaving hooks for developing with Text to speech (i.e. Voiceover for apple), in mind for us folks who are Blind and V.I. Being that apple does implement Voiceover in pretty much everything they do.

    Thanks Much

  • Mark Williamson Jan 30, 2015 

    This is very sad news but thank you for making it available for so long. I just installed Kodi on my ATV2 and it actually works GREAT! I’ve never had any major issues. I wouldn’t have used my ATV2 without it.

  • Scooby Jan 30, 2015 

    Thanks for all the work you did..Curiious to your thoughts on getting Linux to run on the Apple TV 2 and running openelec off the box like you do with the 1rst gen Apple TV

  • Steven Jan 30, 2015 

    I have to respond to this. I’m currently using atv2 with 5.3 seas pass jb, and atv flash black 2.5. And yeah it crashes now and then while doing daily updates and or while trying to play 1080p movies, but other than that my family uses that atv2 as the main source of our movie entertainment. I don’t think you have realize how many people r using that atv2 to connect to kodi. Now on the other hand for all the people saying there’s at least 5-10-15-20 ways to run it kodi. I have personally used all apple devices including atv3, android, rroku,, raspberry pi, ouya, windows, and mac so I would love to hear the 15 other options that are better than atv2 and are just as simple and reliable and damn near maintenance free.. when it comes to just sticking a box or a stick by ur tv plugging it in and it works you have the atv2. all the other options are gunna be hours troubleshooting and googling errors and issues.

    • Crapple sucks Jan 31, 2015 

      Have you heard of windows? It is LITERALLY maintenance free.

    • Tom Jan 31, 2015 

      Thanks Steven for you concerns. The apparent problem with apple tv is that, it simply is not the way forward to the future of where this ongoing project that we ALL love and enjoy is going. Having come to this conclusion, lets move forward together now choosing an operating system that is open to EVERYONES needs. Right? : ) Thank you Koki for all your work to provide for our enjoyment. And also (sadly) for telling us what we ALL need to know.

      PS I watched ROBOCP on my android box in 1080 last night with 5.1 on XBMC and it was seriously just awesome. : )

  • Muzrik Jan 30, 2015 

    I would just like to thank you guys for all the hard work over the years.

  • Carlos Jan 30, 2015 

    Thank you for all your hard work on the ATV.


  • ade Jan 30, 2015 

    Plenty of better android boxes around anyway like the mini neo x8h plus. Does more than a crapple tv will ever do

  • Some dude Jan 30, 2015 

    Sad to hear this, but thanks for everything!!! Much much much much appreciated! Cheers from Brasil

  • apple fan Jan 31, 2015 

    I have discovered XBMC with AppleTV 2. Before that I was using my apple tv for airplay only. XBMC is my only media solution since than. I would like to thank you for all your support and to make it possible to run XBMC/Kodi on Atv2.

    As a replacement, fire tv sounds great but I would say Raspberry Pi is a better option. It is a low cost device with CEC support and XBMC/Kodi running almost flawlessly. I am using TV’s Usb port to power it up and HDMI CEC to control it. No additional remote control or addition power source is needed. I stick it behind the TV and forget about it. It is working like an internal hardware of the TV.

  • hendrik Jan 31, 2015 

    Memphis, just one word from my side: THANKYOU!
    the atv2 xbmc started my interest in xbmc/kodi. thanks a lot for all the work.

  • Brian Jan 31, 2015 

    Thxs for all your hard work on the apple tv 2 . I switched to mygica atv520e long time ago and it works great! So much faster then the appletv . 2

  • chaseboogie Jan 31, 2015 

    so i I’m new to this whole deal here, but i need some help! i just got a atv2 fully loaded kodi14 add ons all that,, but paid 215 for it. so reading this does this mean the atv2 will now be obselete? i have the chance to return it now , i liked the fact i had all apple devices an could mirror with my mac, but if i can get a device for cheaper an can do the same or even better than the atv2 ill rather do that, iv been looking at gbox q or the armada mach 8?? but still don’t know much about this,as far as whats a better device. any help will be much appreciated . thank u

  • Derrick Jan 31, 2015 

    Thanks for the years of support. I personally made the switch to Minix X8 last year and couldn’t be happier. I’ve never had any issues running XBMC and now Kodi. Best bang for the buck for those looking for an alternative.

  • Olleol Feb 01, 2015 

    Does this implicate that I can’t use Kodi on my Mac-mini?

    • CFWhitman Feb 23, 2015 

      No. The Mac Mini is an OS X based system, so as long as Kodi still gets developed for OS X, it should continue to work on your Mac Mini.

  • biGdada Feb 01, 2015 

    thanks for the years of support on this amazing platform.
    time to finally start using the pi i bought about half a year ago ;)

  • La Direzione Feb 02, 2015 

    Thanks for al the work and passion you all put in get xvmc/kodi running on ATV2. As many others, I ran kodi and xbmc on two ATV2 in my home. Wife and kids were happy to access all files on local NAS, handlle securely all official and unofficial plugins and enjoy the maturing system.
    I fully understand the decision, nevertheless its kinda sad.
    We will switch to amazon fire TV hardware, hopefully with the same results we were able to enjoy all the years.
    Thank you again!

  • Darren Feb 02, 2015 

    Thanks for all your hard work over the years
    Memphiz, sad but inevitable.A great journey mate.
    All the best,time to move forward.

  • glyn lavery Feb 02, 2015 

    very good

  • emueyes Feb 03, 2015 

    I got an Apple aluminium remote purely because they just look so good. Interfacing to a PC is easy, I made a little receiver with an Arduino 32u4, (yes, needs to be the 32u4, for eg a Leoanardo, and IR receiver and some code. The Leo and anything else with the 32u4 chip are special, they can output signals along the USB cable to the host, and seems to be the hosts like key or mouse events.

    It doesn’t cover everything, there aren’t that many buttons on the remote, but the most used are there, play, pause etc and the remote can be operated easily by touch in a darkened room. The total cost of this would be maybe anything from $25 – $50 for the receiver, depending on the case, mostly, plus the Apple remote, potentially much cheaper if you have parts laying around.

    I’mm happy to post the schematic and code I made, if there’s any interest at all

  • Jeff Feb 05, 2015 

    Hey I have been using the Apple TV as well as the ouya for about a year now! I love them both but need a replacement for my atv2.. Is there anything that comes pre set like the ouya that is better then the ouya? Thanks in advance

  • ghostshadow Feb 05, 2015 

    Wow, heavy news indeed. Understandable though. The Apple TV 2 is getting long in the tooth (like iPad 2) – Apple has started to cut off updates to it as well. The Apple TV 3 has their support, unfortunately it has yet to be jailbroken.

    I haven’t had any issues with the latest release of Kodi on the aTV2. It’s quite unfortunate others are experiencing some sub-par performance. Mine is cooking right along though, playing everything I throw at it. Performance is great.

    Hopefully Apple will release a newer-updated machine soon along with an SDK.

  • Pete Feb 06, 2015 

    Another sad but understanding atv2 user here also.. So- now that it’s time to move on- are there any little pucks like this that will be semi-future proof and also currently support hd-audio passthrough to AVR (dts-hd, truehd)? Would rather not go full on htpc in this room unless it’s really small and power efficient. Thanks for all the hard work!

  • DeterminedObserver Feb 08, 2015 

    Wow..Thank you guys for making my atv enjoyable all of this time!!!
    I’ll be checking the forums to figure out the best box to get next for my tv.

  • Sirvick Feb 08, 2015 

    thanks for the hard work and the hours of relaxation, right now using Kodi on the fire TV works great, however should I look for a better alternative or is the fire TV still my best choice for the best Kodi experience

  • techguru Feb 08, 2015 

    best alternative is to buy a second hand pc on ebay or such sites for like 100-150 and use it for kodi
    you only need a core2duo or higher pc for 8bit 1080p

  • tonyaltos Feb 08, 2015 

    It is sad news but we all knew the day would come. Thanks guys for all the hard work. Personally im going for the new Xmedex Xtreme Plus. Quad core with 4GB RAM running Android & Ubuntu, seems to be top notch & future proof.

  • Logan Feb 09, 2015 

    I love my Apple TV 2! I’ll never give it up! Who cares if you can’t jailbreakable it, I only use the thing to airplay my jailbroken I devices to my monster projector.

  • Skribbler Feb 09, 2015 

    A big THANK YOU for your time and effort would be the least to offer you. The ATV2 will still be my Kodi device for series and other simple media offerings; still love this no frills little black box. For now it’ll still remain functional (with of without updates), so for now a big thanks.

  • Gordon Shumway Feb 09, 2015 

    Sold my ATV2 2 years ago for $275…. great mark up, built an HTPC, and just recently bought Firetv and loaded KODi…it runs like butter

    • spoc Feb 11, 2015 

      not so sure why to say thank you for …many year xbmc on aptv2….you said that coder was in the dark to code update with this device but why not just keep old code for this already well working device ? api have been public (probably by apple to dev people) and is perfect for the hardware….

      Many people do not select to stream 1080p on xbmc and the content is often less than 1080p… so what is the real problem with this aptv2 harware? worst aptv1 with cristal hd is doing the job….
      just seem that we want to sell another plastic box..no air play

    • vk Mar 01, 2015 

      i recently bought fire tv in dec 2014 but do not know how to install kodi in fire tv. can you help me in installation..appreciate your help

  • phaze1 Feb 11, 2015 

    Good looking out with providing us with all the money saving over the years. Your 1 smart mother “F’er ” & I mean that in a good way. I applicator the hard work in trying to keep it alive but like you said if it’s not worth it time to let it go. Thanks again & much respects in your work.

  • Nate Feb 13, 2015 

    Another thing to consider trying if you have it, is an Android device that can connect to your TV. There are superior solutions, but this won’t cost you anything extra if you already have the device. I tend to bring my Shield Portable and a 3tb hard drive with me when going away from home and can hook it up to any TV with HDMI for video with Kodi or games. Flagship phones might do a similar job if they can connect via HDMI.

  • nurchi Feb 13, 2015 

    Thanks a lot. This just gives more reasons not to buy AppleTV. All of their stuff is garbage, and I hope people learn to open their eyes and not jump in bed with a “better advertised” product which is shittier than a 3 year old Android box…

  • Brent Feb 13, 2015 

    We have two ATV2′s that have been worth their weight in gold because of the XBMC support, I have clearly watched as their reliability has gone down the drain using Kodi. Which is unfortunate, but completely understandable.

    I wish that Kodi would work on our Xbox One. Then we’d have everything we want, minus the airplay capability of course.

    With that being said; what is the platform of choice for Kodi going forward?

  • Nitek Feb 15, 2015 

    That’s really bad news, since I love the Kodi + ATV2 combination (and I haven’t seen an equivalent replacement so far).
    Nevertheless I’d like to thank you for the fantastic work you have done! Thank you!

  • Toze Feb 15, 2015 

    That’s sad but totally understandable. While I thinking of which device I’m going to replace my atv2 with, which release would be the best to roll back to in the meantime?

  • spokes100 Feb 15, 2015 

    that suck a big fat (@)%. i guess life will go on

  • Amedeo Feb 16, 2015 

    As a XBMC4Xbox user, I remember exactly the day XBMC on AppleTV2 was announced: the same evening of that day I was buying my ATV2!

    What a GREAT jurney it has been: Thank you so much!


  • Hari Feb 17, 2015 

    This is bad but totally understandable… Meanwhile it is a good time to switch to Amazon fire TV or fire TV stick. I have fire TV stick and I have sideloaded kodi there. Works fairly well.

  • Col Feb 21, 2015 

    Gutted, Ive really enjoyed learning to jailbreak my ATV2 and upgrading XBMC versions to KODI, there are so so many different recommendations for alternative hardware, is there anyway we could run a poll of users to see what come out on top ?

  • jerry s Feb 22, 2015 

    So as a replacement device for apple tv2, what would be the better recommendation, the fire TV or the Asus Chromebox. I am pretty set on one of these two devices, which would be better for kodi?

  • marcel Feb 22, 2015 

    i think your all tripping hard core you think the apple tv 2 is only good for kodi .lmfao its the only box out there that allows airplay and mirroring better then all your firebox raspberry ouya put together ewwww who wants an android piece of crap vbox boxxie all garbage stick with apple tv and get an iOS device cheap skates

  • mani Feb 23, 2015 

    I personally think atv should have never been used for kodi/xbmc the unit couldn’t handle it I currently use a amazon firetv and also have a raspberry pi imo the aftv runs smoother and faster than both

    • CFWhitman Feb 23, 2015 

      Well, considering how much newer and more powerful the SoC in the FireTV is than the ones in the ATV2 and the Raspberry Pi, that is to be expected. I’ve got a Raspberry Pi 2 on its way, and I’m going to see how that works to replace the Raspberry Pi Kodi box I have on one TV now.

  • Richie Feb 23, 2015 

    @Marcel it seems like you are living in the stone ages. Android allows airplay, miracast, DLNA + More. iOS is falling behind, due to their restrictions and greed. iOS doesnt have barely half of the features that a new Android device does. The ATV2 is USELESS without Kodi, why would you buy an ATV2 for airplay ? What a waste of money really. Whoever bought the ATV2 for Kodi to begin with would have just been an apple fan boy (sorry apple fanboys lol). They’re Old, overpriced and full of restrictions. Buy a device YOU can control. The new Xmedex Xtreme Plus from Australia is your pure example of what Android is now capable of.

  • PoL Feb 23, 2015 

    Bad news! but fully understand, thanks for the hard work and the support. In my case i ve been using for a year. I agree that is an old device, but i enjoyed a lot. In my opinion ATV does not exist without kodi, i can believe how can apple be so closed. i used to be an apple fan, but day after day i understood that android is better, more connectivity, more compatibility. Do you think its true apple provide an SDK for the AppleTV3???
    Thanks a lot!

  • Mikahel Feb 24, 2015 

    We all (in various part of the world) are greatefull for your work! Thanks a lot!

  • daveybfire Feb 26, 2015 

    A massive thank you for the hours and hours of enjoyment you have brought for my family and friends. Thank you

  • Karl Feb 28, 2015 

    All understood, but a misfortune nonetheless.

    Apple should have contacts with somebody such as yourself, this news will greatly decrease the demand and price of the ATV2, only furthering the decline in overall interest in Apple products…

    Good luck in your future development projects, and thank you for providing for so many over the years.

  • phaze1 Feb 28, 2015 

    Not to worrie ATV-2 owners just because Nemphiz has decided to hang the gloves up & I’m greatful for what he has done he’s battled & fought to make things happen. It doesn’t mean some1 else won’t pick up right where he left off let’s think positive. It’s 2015 there’s a lot of crazy ass software out I’m pretty sure something will develope some kid of hack 2 bypass the private framework. I would recommend holding on to them & not getting reed of them just yet. If you do what to hit me up on my email
    [email protected] I’ll pay $50 for your ATV2 with contral. Also wanted to thank Scott Davilla and Edgar Huceke for the awesome & amazing work much respects.

  • Anton Mar 01, 2015 

    Its sad the support is stopped and on the other hand i very great-fully appreciate the good work you guys have done for me/us on the Black box[Apple TV2] i work in IT and i admire your Enthusiasm, KODI is very Brilliant and fun to use, i wish it was possible to make it the Main OS on apple TV 2 that would be crazy awesome, Apple TV OS has too much rubbish that we don’t need and No way to uninstall it than Hiding it .

    Projects Like KODI are the stuff i donate too with-out thinking twice.

    Thanks alot guys .

  • Peterkins Mar 01, 2015 

    I wonder if Apple ever figured out how many of their ATV2 puck sales were leveraged by its ability to run XBMC/KODI. Its the only reason I bought mine. There must be a good reason to have made it hard for users to have extend its usefulness, its just I can’t see it.

    Thanks for those that have worked so hard to have made XBMC work on it in the first place.

    Upgrading to a FireTV as we speak. Live long and prosper.

    • mfreedman Mar 05, 2015 

      Being an ATV/KODI novice I wonder if someone can answer the following :

      1. My ATV2 is working fine right now. Will ATV2 continue to work with XBMC/KODI ? It’s not as if it will just stop working…is it ??
      2. I am using V13.0 right now.Yes I have some issues with crashing and such but overall it works fine. Do I need to upgrade to 14.1 ? Is there any reason I SHOULD upgrade ?
      3. Does anyone know if the FIRE TV device will work in Canada ? Is there any reason it would not ?

      Thanks for your help in advance.

  • Herbert Feuersemmel Mar 06, 2015 

    Hello and thank you for all the years developing for the jailbroken ATV1/2.
    The message hit me when I was thinking about changing to RaspberryPi2 from ATV2, just because of the mentioned “problems”.
    And I’m very glad, I did the change!
    For all Users who like to use the silver remote control from the ATV2 with the Raspberry Pi2, it is possible, but the user-behaviour needs to be changed ;-/
    But if u can agree to re-learn your brain for some keypresses, then it’ll be a pleasure to use Kodi on a RaspberryPi2 with the silver Remote.

  • Mountaingamer Mar 07, 2015 

    First – Thanks for all the fantastic support. ATV2 has been a awesome little device. I use 3 of them, mainly for AirPlay and Xbox/Kodi. I love AirPlay, and it works flawlessly as a whole home audio system, along with other AirPlay enabled speakers. I have not been able to find anything to replace them as audio timing always becomes a issue. I will hang on to my little pucks as long as they continue to function.

  • Nemo Mar 07, 2015 

    Like a lot of others, I would like to thank all for your efforts in Atv2 and all your continued efforts in future endeavours…….you guys are Awesome in my book!

  • Hannes Mar 07, 2015 

    Thanks for all support and a great job over the years.
    Now we hope Apple opens up for you in the future.

  • iJoey Bellic Mar 10, 2015 

    Many thanks for the ATV support.
    Can anyone suggest any new alternatives?

  • Louis Mar 15, 2015 

    please continue support for atv2 for all 14.x releases.
    do not drop us in the middle of a release cycle

    • Memphiz Mar 17, 2015 

      All 14.x releases will still support atv2 (14.2 might be the last 14.x release though).

  • Cesar Ramirez Mar 21, 2015 

    I completely understand. As I landed here looking for solutions to stop all the reboots/crashes happening on my ATV2. Thank you for giving us the many years of support. For XBMC gave ATV2 a real life, I hope Apple keeps an open mind that there are Apple lovers out there that like to enjoy a box without boundaries.

  • Dave DiSisto Mar 24, 2015 

    Is there any other way to watch XBMC/KODI on a TV?

  • WSMFP Mar 26, 2015 

    Great times on the ATV2. I then used a Raspberry Pi and now I am on Fire Stick, which for the $39 works great. I am sure the $99 version is better and I am curious about the performance of the Minix. Thanks for the great time on the ATV2 and nothing compares to the feeling I had on my first JAILBREAK and XBMC install.

  • WSMFP Mar 26, 2015 

    Oh yeah, FIRE STICK and FIRE TV are super easy to install KODI on and are a great replacement.

  • AHFR Apr 01, 2015 

    My parents own a ATV2 and I was thinking of getting one. Is it worth purchasing a used ATV2?

  • Ade Apr 09, 2015 

    Is there anything the ATV2 does that can’t be done by other solutions?

  • eoinola Apr 16, 2015 

    worthwhile jailbreaking my ATV2 at this stage?

  • Chris Apr 24, 2015 

    I like UK TV and my atv never played all UK channels like bbciplayer, itv player. 4od and 5 and sky. I live in Brisbane and have a UK IP address.
    Any advise please. Thanks

  • Chris Apr 24, 2015 

    I forgot to add. What box will play all these channels?

  • Jul Apr 26, 2015 


  • Jimmy May 03, 2015 

    Hello, turned my Apple TV on today, it’s running Kodi 14.1, supposedly the last released and discontinued version. Yet I got a message prompting me to install Kodi 14.2 Stable version, anybody else had this?

    • Kib May 04, 2015 

      After this announcement an 14.2 was released, also for Apple TV2.
      aTV2 support was dropped starting with the 15.x versions. I’ve modified the text of this announcement to better reflect that.

  • Mario May 05, 2015 

    Thanks for having maintained it for such a long time. Good thing i never upgraded the software on my ATV2. It’s always been rock solid, even with the later releases. Thanks a million!

  • Scott May 07, 2015 

    Thanks for all your hard work. Guess it’s time to get rid of my ATV2′s.
    Since i’m behind the times…….what is the goto system for running KODI and also has a Netflix app? Also….a cool small remote like ATV2?

  • olvaid May 22, 2015 

    o my dog!
    thanks for all your hard work

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