Feature Friday: Pure Imagination

Posted By: Nathan Betzen on Jul 09, 2011 in Community Updates, Feature Friday

Hold your breath

Make a wish

Count to three

Where the Magic Happens

Where the Magic Happens

Come with me to the home of Lutz, one of our Germany XBMC users. Lutz’s home doesn’t have a bat cave or any other kind of man cave. There are no super creative touch screens or repurposed upstairs bedrooms.  In fact, the intro to this post aside, Lutz doesn’t even proudly display any delicious Milka chocolate or Haribo.  What Lutz does have is oodles and oodles of candy.

Tech candy, to be specific.

As a rule, I try to be as jealous as possible of everyone who submits a Feature Friday.  Lutz may just take the cake for most assorted things I want.

Sure, he’s got the basic things. For example, he’s got an AMD dual core computer with 5tb of storage running Win7 Pro 64 and XBMC, and he’s outputting his sound using an ASUS Xonar DS, for one of the cleanest consumer analog outputs on the market, and certainly one of the best cards out there for receivers that don’t accept HDMI in.

5TB of Awesome

5TB of Awesome

Of course, he’s got a PS3, a DM 800HD PVR, and a Kenwood 5.1 receiver.

And, naturally, it goes without saying that he controls all these things with a top of the line Harmony 900 remote.

Harmony 900 plus keyboard

Harmony 900 plus keyboard

At this point, you’d think Lutz would be content. Maybe toss a nifty TV into the system and some speakers and call it a day.

Instead, Lutz installed some of the most interesting surround speakers I’ve ever seen into the corners of his room.

Triangles never looked so good

Triangles never looked so good

Then he stuck a fully motorized 110 inch 16:9 screen on his wall.

My 40 Inch TV weeps in self-pity

My 40 Inch TV weeps in self-pity

He mounted his apparently infinite supply of bluray movies onto his wall.

This will take a few hours to watch

This will take a few hours to watch

Then he stuck the BenQ W600+ 3D projector on the wall to give his living room that “My room is better than yours” look.

The BenQ 3D projector

The BenQ 3D projector

Now, as you can see from every angle, his room is a candy land of awesome for many an XBMC lover.

Angle 1Angle 2Angle 3

The Many Angles of Awesome

All jokes of jealousy aside, Lutz really did put together a room that any XBMC lover ought to love hanging out in. Good job Lutz!

And if any of the rest of you have anything creative or awesome you’d like to share, don’t hesitate to drop me a line at natethomas AT xbmc DOT org, or just leave a note on the Facebook Fanpage, or shoot a tweet to @XBMC or @natedrives. I should be able to get in contact in with you in at least one of those ways.  Meanwhile, stay tuned for next week, when I’m going to try to pin down a very special guest for Celebrity Feature Friday!

(note: all celebrities are not actually celebrities)

A Land of Pure Imagination

A Land of Pure Imagination

Discussion - 61 Comments

  • hegemon13 Jun 22, 2011 

    What skin is that in the TV Logo screenshot? I like that view a lot!

  • Ghosty Jun 22, 2011 

    How I met Your Mother
    Always sunny in Philadelphia
    The IT Crowd
    Kim Possible

    What do I win?

  • Gary Jun 22, 2011 

    Glee and Kim Possible. The other three hopefully don’t need said. :)

  • Anonymous Jun 22, 2011 

    I think it’s Transparency. @hegemon13

  • natethomas Jun 22, 2011 

    hegemon13 :

    What skin is that in the TV Logo screenshot? I like that view a lot!

    It’s Aeon Nox. Also, the winner of the extra credit gets a hearty pat on the back, if ever I see you at a convention or other setting. :)

  • Coops Jun 22, 2011 

    Good update. It’s great to here what’s going on!

  • darkscout Jun 22, 2011 

    It’s been a while since I donated. NFS/AFP support probably deserves another $20.

    You have no idea how happy I am that my house is SMB free and I don’t have to deal with autofs anymore.

  • green Jun 22, 2011 


    The link to fanart.tv is broken in the article!

  • ppic Jun 22, 2011 

    I thought i’d also participated to clearart, logo and other stuffs integration in xbmc with scripts and plugins :-(

    as imaginos when he created http://www.xbmcstuff.org or giftie that has followed me for music stuffs scripts

  • joebrady Jun 22, 2011 


    It’s hard to try to remember and comment about everyone who helps out in these post. Everyone’s hard work and contributions are appreciated by many!

  • natethomas Jun 22, 2011 

    Links should be fixed now. Had a minor mishap during the writing phase.

    ppic, much of what I write about is interesting things that the community or team brings to my attention. If I miss things, I assure you, no slight was intended. It’s merely a case of bad reporting combined with limited time resources. If you are interested, shoot me a message over in the forum and we can talk a bit about the origins of all those things. I’m not really very versed in their history, and that history would probably make for a really interesting story.

  • ppic Jun 22, 2011 

    ho yes, and i miss some too, there’s been so much people to make those beautiful arts !

  • ppic Jun 22, 2011 

    don’t worry, i wasn’t angry ;-)
    just I things that these kind of script that make all those art available in xbmc are essentials for people adoption.
    this lack is what make me fall in python, and why i wrote my first plugin: xbmcstuff downloader
    i’ve always been motivated by communities that born with all those things.
    now you make me think about it, it’s been a long time since the start, revisiting the history could be interresting !

  • Kode Jun 22, 2011 

    Thanks for the mention natethomas ;)

    I would also like to mention ppic’s script has been pretty instumental in fanart.tv’s success, having the TV Logo downloader script has made it much easier for people to get the images and has helped drive adoption in different skins.

    If I haven’t mentioned it before ppic, thanks for all your help, it has been most appreciated.

  • bossanova808 Jun 22, 2011 

    Thanks v. much to Memphiz – on lower quality connections (like wireless and ethernet over power), NFS is way better than SMB at delivering HD content reliably (sans buffering issues), so this is a big win for all those who don’t have the luxury of ethernet everywhere…most appreciated!

  • Big_Noid Jun 22, 2011 

    Thx for mentioning Aeon Nox!

  • Harley Jun 23, 2011 

    Do not forget http://htbackdrops.com which hosts home theater backdrops and thumbnails for XBMC.

    Thanks for the baked in NFS support! Can we also look forward to baked in AFP support too?

  • Harley Jun 23, 2011 

    ppic :…imaginos when he created http://www.xbmcstuff.org or giftie that has followed me for music stuffs scripts

    Do you not mean http://www.xbmcstuff.com as the first host of cdArt, clearArt, and season thumbnails?

  • wnuck Jun 23, 2011 

    Hail Memphiz. Does this please you?

  • Lord HellFire Jun 23, 2011 

    I look forward to the added support and improvements, but it would be nice if you could fix up the FTP-protocol as well as codec support for larger files, so it works better.
    Even though I primarily use XBMC at home, I still connect my ATV/MAC/PC to my NAS via the FTP-protocol in XBMC. This way it will still work, even if I go to a friends house or abroad.

    These are the issues I tend to deal with:
    The library cannot show filesizes above 2 GB. A simple annoyance, but still!
    Some movies will not play because they are too large, but other times because it cannot buffer fast enough for the specific codec used in the video.
    – Examples: an MKV of 4,5 GB plays fine via internet. At the same time a 2,5 GB AVI will not play via internet and sometimes not even on LAN. Not an FTP issue, but a decoder or buffer issue.

    Redesigning the buffer may help here.
    – Increment buffer size every time it needs to buffer, reducing the need to repeatedly buffer. We use XBMC to avoid “commercial” breaks!

    Buffer issues seems to be a general problem with all players. Is there like a 10 MB absolute max limit for how much buffer memory you can assign? Why not use whatever available memory there is to buffer at MINIMUM enough to ensure the movie can be played fully while the rest is buffered. Make buffering smarter!

    Another issue is that you cannot make changes to the library while it is updating the library. I sometimes want to mark series or movies as watched, while it is spending time updating the library. Also find a way to update the library faster via FTP.
    – Is it possible to request and download a directory and file list from the FTP server (in a single stream) and then parse it afterwards, rather than going into every single folder “manually”?

    Beyond those issues, I find XBMC to be the best media platform out there :)

  • ppic Jun 23, 2011 


    ho yes you’re right ! http://www.xbmcstuff.com

  • Kode Jun 23, 2011 

    We have had a few new people contributing images which is great, but PLEASE, if you want to help out, read the help section first, it has the rules and some tips, there is also a section showing a sample of images that have been denied in the past, and why.

    The biggest reason new contributors images get denied is because they aren’t correctly aligned, ClearLOGOs MUST be bottom aligned, this isn’t optional.

    The second biggest reason is poor image quality, the goal of fanart.tv is to have top quality images which means we have a policy of no image is better than a poor image (though we aren’t perfect and some do slip through the net), so again, please look through the denied images section it will give you an idea of what we expect.

    Please don’t be discouraged if your image is denied, try to take on board the comments made, fix the issues and resubmit, your hard work is very much appreciated, even if it doesn’t seem like it sometimes.

    Last but not least, the mods and I don’t know everything and we are all busy people, sometimes we get frustrated and our denial comments aren’t exactly constructive, or we just don’t know how to improve an image so that it will be accepted, don’t take it to heart.

  • green Jun 24, 2011 

    @Memphiz, Great job on the NFS support!


  • h.udo Jun 24, 2011 

    Thanks for all the hard work, guys.
    XBMC just keeps getting better and better.

    I’m not complaining but I though you guys were moving to a shorter release cycle?


  • Mark Jun 24, 2011 

    Hi folks, thanks for your great work.

    I am wondering though, I can not upgrade from 10.0-7 to 10.0-9 because I am using a XBMS stream and this is removed in newer versions…
    Something about licensing or so? How to solve this? What are the options here?


  • Ricardo Jun 26, 2011 

    Helo… I’ve install the solstice XBMC edition in my ATV2 and it not work fine… the frames fall down and it’s impossible to see any video. Any idea?


  • MidnightWatcher Jun 26, 2011 

    My wish has come true — thank you Memphiz for the NFS support. 1080p over WiFi! :)

  • hegemon13 Jun 27, 2011 


    Thanks! I don’t remember seeing that view in Aeon Nox. I’ll have to give it another look. As much as I love Neon, Aeon Nox runs much smoother on my system.

  • Ricardo Jun 28, 2011 

    Finally… I’ve to restore the ATV2, actuallise to 4.3 with seas0npass and it works fine…


  • buy sonic producer Jun 30, 2011 


    me too.

  • CASHMON3Y Jul 02, 2011 

    Yay! When Eden releases ill be setting up NFS then. Although, I dont have a problem with Samba speeds at all.

  • Sean Jul 09, 2011 


  • seb Jul 09, 2011 

    wooow !

  • ppic Jul 09, 2011 

    Nice room!

  • Name Jul 09, 2011 


  • Martin Jul 09, 2011 


  • Nic Jul 09, 2011 


    >What Skin do you use for your XBMC?

  • Dannydekr Jul 09, 2011 

    Being a bachelor (yeah, I’m confident he is) is just awesome :) +1 for Lutz

  • Thizizmyname Jul 09, 2011 

    Awesome. Just pure, totally awesome.
    But, why is the projector upside down?

  • Brian Fahrlander Jul 09, 2011 

    WOW, this guy has spent an AMAZING amount of money, to sit still and do nothing.

    Irony, isn’t it?

  • hnhgnasdf Jul 10, 2011 

    what are those triangles from? which company?
    kind regards..

  • Peter Jul 10, 2011 

    What is the Name of the XBMC Skin?

  • Tulz Jul 10, 2011 

    Hey THX for Feedback…
    @Nic The Skin is AEON MQ 2…
    @Thizizmynar With upside down Beamer… There is no Keystone…

  • Maxoo Jul 10, 2011 

    Nice room, and amazing bluray collection.

    @Thizi : There must be a fan beneath it.

  • Topher Jul 10, 2011 

    Very, very nice setup. This has given me some great ideas. I just posted my house setup w/ XBMC @ Reddit here: http://www.reddit.com/r/xbmc/comments/ilpmj/whole_house_xbmc/

  • idiotlocator Jul 11, 2011 

    Hey Topher – why?
    If you need the attention, get your own thread.

  • Sam_dal Jul 11, 2011 

    A folding screen is not a good idea if you want to enjoy your screen for HD projection for a long time.

  • Charlie Jul 12, 2011 

    Nice setup. Now who want o see my setup. ?

  • Charlie Jul 12, 2011 

    that projecot only does 1280x720p. U can pick one up for about $530 bucks.

  • Charlie Jul 12, 2011 

    Brian Fahrlander :
    WOW, this guy has spent an AMAZING amount of money, to sit still and do nothing.
    Irony, isn’t it?

    his setup is cheaper than a average 50″ TV. So your comments is stupid.

  • h.udo Jul 12, 2011 

    A very nice looking space. Congrats Lutz!

  • Handaloo Jul 12, 2011 

    Wow. That is an extremelly braggable setup. I am very jealous. Let us know where those speakers came from, I want some! :)

  • gorgone Jul 12, 2011 

    this skin looks realy nice i cand find it in the repository
    im blind ?
    what is the name of this skin ?


    …. nice beamer ;-)
    i like my 60″ plasma to …

  • Chris Jul 12, 2011 

    Considering that a lot of the movies on that shelf haven’t been released on blu-ray yet, I’m going to guess that they’re all DVDs.

  • Frank (NL) Jul 14, 2011 

    Great stuff! I can’t stop drooling…. Great room that would look nice in my house ;) ) One remark though: the Asus Xonar one of the best analog cards on the market? That’s hardly the case. It should say: one of the best BUDGET analog cards on the market. As it can’t be beat at that 50 bugs price point. But for (a lot) more money you can have much better soundcards.

  • meh Jul 15, 2011 

    What are you people smoking? -1. It’s awful in so many ways. Bad taste and a terrible room for front projection.

  • Zeke Jul 15, 2011 

    So beautiful, yet so tastefully minimal, I nearly wept tears of joy. I’d be jealous if I wasn’t so goddamn awestruck!

  • JP Jul 15, 2011 

    Really cool! Keep feature friday going! I love to see other peoples setups. Someday i’ll have a sweet enough setup to submit.

  • Zeke Jul 19, 2011 

    Really disappointing to see some seemingly jealous putdown comments on here. What’s the matter, embarrassed because your own home cinema rig pales in comparison? :P

  • chrisdk Jul 20, 2011 

    meh :
    What are you people smoking? -1. It’s awful in so many ways. Bad taste and a terrible room for front projection.

    I have to agree, the room looks very cluttered all around the screen and shelving. People are calling this minimal??

  • mj Jul 22, 2011 

    Replace blinds in the windows with 100% dimming roller blinds. When you pull them down they cut all the light from outside.

    I also have a 720p projector (a 3LCD EPSON EMP-TWD10) conneted to my PC through an HDMI cable. But my projector doesn’t need to be placed upside down, because it is equipped with lens shift which allows to move the projected picture some amout in each direction by modyfiing lens position (it doesn’t create an image distortion like digital keystone). With lens shift you can place the projector higher and then set it to beam the picture lower than the projector is placed.

    Of course my setup is also mainly used with XBMC :) .

    PS. Sorry for my English.

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