Finally out the door: Dharma Beta1

Posted By: Team XBMC on Aug 30, 2010 in Pre-Release

Today we announce the first beta in what we hope is a very short pre-release cycle. Dharma has been in development for over 9 months now, and we’re quite happy with the result.

The improvements are too many to name, but head over to the milestone page to get an idea. By far the biggest new feature is the Add-ons system. Our community is full of talented script-writers, skinners, and designers; we wanted XBMC to display their full potential. The result is a powerful and flexible system that allows for complete customization of the XBMC experience. Gone are the days of digging for the latest version of buggy plugins, or incomplete skins in our forums. Most of our users probably never even made it that far.

Currently available video sources.

We have refactored everything that doesn’t belong inside the core of XBMC to be an addon. So in the future, your scrapers, visualizations, skins, etc. will update automatically (unless disabled). Since opening the repository a few weeks ago, submissions have been pouring in. We expect to have a very nice  collection by the time we reach our final release.

But don’t let the add-ons take away from the loads of other features (hardware acceleration, anyone?) that have gone into XBMC in the last 9 months. We’ll be sure to hi-lite some of the other big features in the coming days/weeks.

Install new skins from inside of XBMC

For those brave users, please give beta1 a shot. Builds are ready for all OSs, visit the download page to grab them. If you stumble upon any nasty bugs, be sure to send us a QUALITY bug report. Beware of (at minimum) the following:

  • As always, treat this as beta-quality software. Be sure to back up your profile in case you decide to roll back.
  • The clunky old web interface has been removed. We’re working hard to have a new one ready for final release.
  • svn-ppa users may have to remove old xbmc packages before installing Dharma.
  • You may have to reset your screensaver and visualization settings after upgrade. These are now addons.
  • Pre-Dharma scripts/plugins/skins will NOT work with Dharma, but most have been updated accordingly.

Enjoy. And to the add-on creators: keep the submissions coming!

Discussion - 111 Comments

  • Nick Aug 30, 2010 

    Awesome! I’ve been looking forward to trying out the beta.

  • Wulfsdale Aug 30, 2010 

    Congratulations XBMC!!
    A major milestone with major enhancements. Thanks to all Devs and contributors.


  • SpacemanNZ Aug 30, 2010 

    Choice Bro! Keep up the good work!

  • Thursday Aug 30, 2010 

    Can’t wait to give it a shot this weekend, great work!! Congrats!

  • fonzie Aug 30, 2010 

    Sweet. Going to try this out immediately.

  • Francis Aug 30, 2010 

    Noob question.

    Running the previous stable XBMCLive release. How do I upgrade to this beta? An Apt-update/upgrade/install XBMC said I have the latest.

  • mwm Aug 30, 2010 

    Great work guys!

  • happyXBMClover Aug 30, 2010 

    I love you guys and want to have all your babies!

  • Cowfodder Aug 30, 2010 

    Awesome. Here’s hoping for a short beta.

  • Evan Richardson Aug 31, 2010 

    When the final is released, can we just update over that, or do an apt-get upgrade, or will it require more work?

    @Francis: I would just install clean, as there are SOOOO many changes.

  • Sonic Aug 31, 2010 

    Nice!. Will try first thing when I get home from work!. Thnx to all developers!

  • Jermz Aug 31, 2010 

    I’ve always been very impressed since the day I used this on my xbox! I’ll continue to share xbmc with all I know!

  • Waj Aug 31, 2010 

    Installing now, very excited. Thanks everyone!
    rubber dinghy rapids bro!

  • Hjkop Aug 31, 2010 

    Nice, can I exclude folders from libary in this beta?

  • Jz Aug 31, 2010 

    I’m as new to xbmc as one week, introduced to it by my friends, I dropped MCE as soon as xbmc booted up for the first time out of one of last weekds nighty builds. I’ve heavily used it in the weekend, and I’m very pleased.
    Great work, thanks so much!

  • yellowman Aug 31, 2010 

    Nice! Looking forward to start testing this.

    As someone asked before. If I upgrade from Camelot, is there anything special I should remove first?

    I suppose doing a clean install would be the best, but I really want to keep my library intact, with watched statuses, etc.

  • Maca5631 Aug 31, 2010 

    Excellent news.
    Have been using for a couple of weeks now, and have found Dharma to be as steady as a rock (no crashes whatsoever).

    You guys are the mutts nuts!!!!!

  • Markoh Aug 31, 2010 

    Thanks guys, amazing realese. DXVA finally works !!

    And addons is really great as well .

  • RabbiDreed Aug 31, 2010 

    The best HTPC software in the world just got a whole lot better! Well done!

  • maluxus Aug 31, 2010 

    Great job! Looking forward to wrapping my head around this beta :)

  • jmarshall Aug 31, 2010 

    An upgrade over Camelot *should* work just fine – at least we’ve tried hard to make it upgrade seamlessly – you certainly shouldn’t need to remove anything prior to upgrading.

  • Wil Aug 31, 2010 

    Does cancelling a network operation from a script now work instantly, instead of locking?

  • sstfn Aug 31, 2010 

    Nice work guys!

  • Bertrand Aug 31, 2010 

    Congratulations on the hard work guys !

    I’m sure the new addon system will give XBMC even more of the attention it definitely deserves.

  • al Aug 31, 2010 

    Excellent news, will give it a try tonight!

  • MooSeePoo Aug 31, 2010 

    Great news, and thanks to all involved! I’ve been eagerly awaiting the next update to XBMC and more specifically the fully supported h.264 playback. Hopefully the full release will come just in time for me to move into my new house and get my new entertainment set-up up and working! Thanks once again!

  • Ryan Aug 31, 2010 

    What is the upgrade path if you installed the LIVE distro to the hdd?

    Do I upgrade to 10.04 then change the ppa?

  • yellowman Aug 31, 2010 

    That´s good to hear! Thanks for confirming.

  • StarChild Aug 31, 2010 

    Sweet, looking forward to it!

    Maybe the devs should add “Dharma Beta1″ as an option when reporting a bug?

  • adsoto Aug 31, 2010 

    There are news and there are GOOD news.
    Congrats to the XBMC Team

  • snel Aug 31, 2010 

    You just made my day!

  • Babalu Aug 31, 2010 

    I’m so excited! You guys are awesome! Jeep up the incredible work!

    Testing soon…

  • Babalu Aug 31, 2010 

    I meant “keep up the good work”


  • peters1988 Aug 31, 2010 

    Congratulations! Looking forward to play with this new version!

  • Awikatchikaen Aug 31, 2010 

    The add-on system is awesome. Is there a place to be warn for the new addons or updates ?

  • JiSiN Aug 31, 2010 


    Cant wait to try that out ^^v

  • Johny007 Aug 31, 2010 

    Well done getlemens.
    It’s nice to see that you’re heading the right direction. It’s like with those silent update in Chrome. Most of the people doesn’t need to know about updates.

  • Fiestaodin Aug 31, 2010 

    Great, Thanks for the Work.

  • Cuba Real Estate Aug 31, 2010 

    Great! i’m ansious to try it and of course wainting even more the final release! Hardware Acceleration is my most wanted improvement. Great Again XBMC!!!

  • skins Aug 31, 2010 

    the skins are hard to use. it is troublesome to know what you’re getting, so you have to try them all and even then you’re not sure if it is working properly.

    so you cant tell if the skin will work well or not. they dont even say what resolutions and system configurations they support. how do I know if it is a 4:3 skin? 16:9? 16:10? 5:4? which ones support the mouse? which ones are missing library display options?

  • k0sm Aug 31, 2010 


  • spiff Aug 31, 2010 

    @ awikatchika; there’s a node in the root of the add-on browser if updates are available. alternatively you can enable auto-updates in the left hand side menu in the browser.

  • NaBz Aug 31, 2010 

    Thanks devs!!! I’ll try it this weekend!

  • ariel Aug 31, 2010 

    Fantastic. Already tried the nightly SVN and the add-on system is super sweet!

    Thanks to all the dev’s for their hard work! Keep it up.

  • Anonymous Aug 31, 2010 


    I think the skin system works fine…but I admit it would make a whole lot of sense if they were to list supported resolutions, mouse/no mouse, etc

  • theuni Aug 31, 2010 

    Not a bad idea. Currently we would hope skinners would list this info in their skin description. But it would be reasonable to ask them to fill in some metadata that we could display in the addon dialog.

  • Joakim Eriksson Aug 31, 2010 

    Really amazing work! Well done! Not that I manage to figure out how to view the music visualizer without any gui stuff infront of it.

  • mushroom Aug 31, 2010 

    Testing it right now.Until now it feels blazing fast on my htpc.Wanna ask if pvr is integrated in this release

  • fluXXXion Aug 31, 2010 

    Just tried the Beta in Windows, keeping my 9.11 Live installation as is.
    A Great improvement in concerns of speed the new version is.

    @mushroom: No PVR in this release.

  • Chris Aug 31, 2010 

    A great piece of software, thank you for all your efforts!

    I have one problem though, I lost my library again :( I did a backup of my userdate map and I exported my library to a single file. However XBMC won’t import my files.

    It opens the xbmc_videodb_2010-08-31 folder, yet it only sees the folders movies, , tvshows, actors,musicvideos….

    Hope anyone can help me?

    Thanks in advance.


  • Mr. Orange Aug 31, 2010 

    Congratulations dev team! Can’t wait to try it out

  • Thomas Aug 31, 2010 

    Amazing as always… Have been using the svn version for a month or so and it works nicely! Donation is coming!

  • kevcampbell Aug 31, 2010 

    cool, i think i will wait for the final release, hopefully not too far off?

    will this new xbmc be able to play blu ray iso files now?

  • AH Aug 31, 2010 

    Installed it over the previous (up to date) version on Mac (intell), i’m getting a lot of “Buffering …%” pauses during video playback of a movie that used to run smoothly.. Thoughts?

  • jmarshall Aug 31, 2010 

    @Chris: Dharma will update from your existing userdata just fine – no need to move it out of the way. I suggest you pop to the forums and ask there for specific support – much easier than giving it here in the comments.

  • Zaptor Aug 31, 2010 

    Great news, Really hope Akezeke releases the Spotyxbmc music plugin soon!

  • forcedalias2 Aug 31, 2010 

    Woooh! Gonna test this out now. Thanks guys, keep up the awesome work.

  • Fjerpje Aug 31, 2010 

    Darn GREAT news! Mediaplayers are the far future and this software is getting better and better! I got one tip for you developers; please make an advanced and innovative non-irritating advertisement system in XBMC to help you with financial support. I believe that many big sponsors would like to participate in making advertisements on mediaplayers with XBMC all over the world. It´s a way to contact the people directly in their living rooms. It´s a great way to get a few more bucks for the hard working developers wich are doing allot for all XBMC fans in their spare time. Great work guys! Keep it up!

  • transcender Aug 31, 2010 

    finally got live usb to my Acer Revo. I dont have hdmi tv, unable to get audio working from the phono jack / dvi adapter which was supported in Camelot revision? Anyone have any insights?

  • Zoso161 Aug 31, 2010 

    I’ve been using svn 31579 for a long time. It’s the last build where I don’t get stuttering while browsing and videos stuttering at thr beggining of playback. Any clue as to what the culprit could be?

  • DeadDuck Aug 31, 2010 

    Awesome news… can’t wait for the final release. One questions though, will the HW acceleration support Intel HD Graphic? The one found on Core i3 processors? I’ve got Core-i3 530 processor which has integrated graphic, which runs 1080p movies fine under MPC-HC by the way on DXVA… just wanted to know of XBMC supports this, so that I won’t have to shell few bucks on some entry level GPU.

  • [email protected] Sep 01, 2010 

    Anyone else having the problem of just getting “Unable to find a medium containing a live filesystem” when booting from USB?

  • Evan Richardson Sep 01, 2010 

    @Fjerpje: ARE YOU CRAZY?!?!?! If they add ads, someone is just going to find a way to remove them (hosts file, blackhole dns, etc) ADS DO NOT belong in XBMC. I’m sure most users would rather donate on here than see ads. You’re nuts.

  • Rag Sep 01, 2010 

    Cant wait to test it.
    I love xbmc

  • spiff Sep 01, 2010 

    @fjerpje ^^ ads are the spawn of the devil and we’ll rather quit than adding such nonsense.

  • 3000 Sep 01, 2010 

    Thank you so much. I am in love with XBMC.

    Suggestion for an Add-on: Kinect for Live-TV usage.

    I know, it’s not even out for another two months, but I wonder if it’s possible to make an add-on for Kinect, so I can use gesture and voice-commands to switch channels and arrange volume from Live-TV or use it to play my media. Using just my hands or voice.

    Like I said, since neither Live-TV nor Kinect are currently out, I am just interested, if it is possible in the future.

    Thanks again for all the hard work.

  • Pyro Sep 01, 2010 

    Very excited for this release. I’m going to grab the live disk and try out the LiveTV support and tie into my MythTV backend PVR. Great work XBMC team!

    Also ads are a horrible idea to have in the final product, especially of this type. Have you ever watched a TV show with subtitles that had ads running over the top of the text? This would be along the same lines of annoyance. If you like and use XBMC then donate, it is that simple.

  • GhostDog Sep 01, 2010 

    The new add-on manager is a thing of beauty. No more scouring the internet for skins, and other add-ons. I’ve noticed the GUI is much slicker, and faster as well. Nice work. Can’t wait to see the final product.

  • cycy Sep 01, 2010 

    Great Job! Have been using an svn build for a bit now and it is working rock solid. The video acceleration is just awesome and it feels faster than Camelot. Full support of audio bit-streaming would allow me to ditch powerdvd completely, just a hidden request :)

  • Domini0n Sep 02, 2010 

    Awesome work guys! This will make it much easier to maintain XBMC versions and addons. And if hardware acceleration in XBMC for Windows works well, I’ll finally be able to use my Blu-ray player. (with an addon that loads an external player of course)… Really looking forward to testing this baby out!

    Thanks guys!

  • Alan Sep 02, 2010 

    Wonderful!! I use XBMC a lot for streaming videos, but it is quite useless to my wife because she likes to watch recorded TV shows. Plus, video quality was not too good with XBMC before. I cannot tell you how much more compelling XBMC has become with the new hardware acceleration and Youtube add-on. Thanks.

  • Mitch Sep 02, 2010 

    This works wonderfully. With graphic acceleration in W7 I can notice a huge jump in how snappy things are. Thanks for all your hard work guys!

  • Ian Sep 02, 2010 

    Thanks XBMC team. Looking forward to trying this out.

    Re: Ads. If the devs want to include this feature as a (not overly intrusive) revenue generator, I don’t think that would be such a bad idea.
    Such a feature could be included in the release as standard with the option to remove ads, subject to a small donation, perhaps a £ or 2.
    Of course this is entirely up to the devs. If they can manage as thing are that’s cool. But the increase in revenue would surely result in.

    Anyways, thanks agoin for the new realease. Cheers.

  • David Sep 02, 2010 

    Another huge success… some talk about adverts, although I couldnt see where that was mentioned… ? I’d hate adverts too, but I didnt see a reference to them ?

  • Rich Sep 02, 2010 

    I know the beta has been released but I don’t understand why it doesn’t show up on my Apple TV Launcher in order to enable me to update it. If I want to update XBMC manually, can you point me to a thread?

  • NegroISO Sep 02, 2010 

    I have a mirror up if you guys want a faster download, should be able to max out your d/l speed. I have a 20mbps pipe at home and I constantly get the same. you can find it under projects / xbmc / mirrors

  • Joop Sep 03, 2010 


    New versio looks great!!! But after testing i have a question: why does the new version XBMC not play blue-ray discs or blue-ray content? I have seen the new future 7.1 audio / HDMI, but it does not support HD audio / DTS HD Master Audio and Dolby Thrue HD ? Will this be work at the stable version?

  • Babalu Sep 03, 2010 

    s (or will) it possible to update the program itself within XBMC Dharma?

    I mean it would be really nice if :
    - XBMC checks it’s version and if there’s a new updated version it will
    - ask for an automatic update
    - Press Yes or No to proceed
    - reset the program if necessary.

    Thank you.

  • bointus Sep 03, 2010 

    Cool! Nice job, sure to try it out when I get home from work :)

  • BatraD Sep 03, 2010 

    I have not been able to use any 10.x version (both XBMCFREAK or this Beta) on my ASUS AT3N7A-I motherboard. The NIC refuses to get an IP from my router. Same box works fine under the 9.x release

    Appreciate if someone can guide me on how to fix this


  • robweber Sep 03, 2010 

    I’m guessing that since Dharma is already in beta that there is a feature freeze; so although a lot of the comments above may be good suggestions there is probably no way they’ll make it to the Dharma final. You might want to post them on Trac as a suggestion and see if they are picked up for later releases.

  • coax Sep 03, 2010 

    Outstanding work! this new version is fantastic! i’m loving the addon easyness.

  • Hush Sep 03, 2010 

    AH :
    Installed it over the previous (up to date) version on Mac (intell), i’m getting a lot of “Buffering …%” pauses during video playback of a movie that used to run smoothly.. Thoughts?

    Yea, I’m getting the buffering problems too. Windows 7, Acer Revo.

  • Anonymous Sep 04, 2010 

    Is Live TV/PVR functionality included in this release? or is this coming as a plugin?

    So far I’ve played with it for a day or so and loving it so far. The plugin architecture it excellent and making simple thing like getting plugins SO much easier

  • AH Sep 04, 2010 

    Acer Revo huh? Movie running from a NAS by any chance? Mine is (samba share)

  • Hush Sep 04, 2010 


    Yup. Just as you said: Movie on NAS via samba. The culpri, methinks?

  • kovalski2 Sep 05, 2010 

    I can’t install xbmc live on hard disk. Instaler was halt when load partiton manager.

  • 3000 Sep 05, 2010 

    Hi, where can I get the Aeon Skin on Dharma? Is this currently in work or do I download a .zip somewhere?

    thank you

  • Felipe Magno de Almeida Sep 06, 2010 

    Just downloaded (from git), compiled and executed. It is AWESOME! Loved the youtube plug-in, loved the subtitle download plug-in, loved the new confluence skin. Loved *everything*.

  • Comet Sep 07, 2010 

    I’ve been using the svn version and I love all the improvements. The add-on system is marvelous. Easy to use and much more user friendly

  • Cuba Foreign Investments Sep 07, 2010 

    Hi amigos! look this new from the plex project:

    I think if Plex can, we can too, what if we have a TV set with XBMC on it! i think would be great, can we insert xbmc in the firmware of some device?, well is a new move to consider.

  • Liam Sep 07, 2010 

    BTW I have an Acer Revo running Ubuntu, movies on NAS via SMB:// share, working fine with no buffering issues with Dharma.

    The add-on easyness is indeed very groovy.

  • Anonymous Sep 07, 2010 

    For the love of god, please give us a recently played feature. using boxee just for that.

  • Anonymous Sep 07, 2010 


    I would imagine you could make a smart playlist do that…

  • Clinton Sep 08, 2010 

    Few bugs ive found, probably not the right place to post them
    if for some reason your server with movies, tv ip address changes and u update the source in Dharma it dosent update the libary sources, meaning you have to update your libary all over again, also when you start up XBMC with libary update on startup and it cant find sources hangs for about 10 mins!

    but working great other then that

  • MrIcka Sep 08, 2010 

    How… for music it may work?!? But I like the function on movies… is it possible?

  • robweber Sep 08, 2010 

    You can – in the new beta you can make a smart playlist and sort by the last played date to get ‘recently played’. There was a change to when the last played date gets updated so you don’t need to finish a video for it to be updated. Now it is updated when a video is stopped so you can use the smart playlist to see a history. A lot of skins also support putting smart playlists directly in the main menu so it would be easy to name it ‘Recently Played’ and have it show up there.

  • Anonymous Sep 08, 2010 

    I rarely go into the forums so I was pleasantly surprised by a new XBMC coming out. LOVE!!! the Night skin, super cool. Can’t wait for the offical release but so everything is great

  • fasterthanquick Sep 09, 2010 

    finally had a chance to install and scrape all my media on dharma. must say that it is freakin sweet

  • MrIcka Sep 09, 2010 

    robweber :
    You can – in the new beta you can make a smart playlist and sort by the last played date to get ‘recently played’. There was a change to when the last played date gets updated so you don’t need to finish a video for it to be updated. Now it is updated when a video is stopped so you can use the smart playlist to see a history. A lot of skins also support putting smart playlists directly in the main menu so it would be easy to name it ‘Recently Played’ and have it show up there.

    Sounds awesome, but am I totally blind or what because I can’t find the “Edit Smart Playlist Editor” in XBMC how do I do?!?

  • Laura Sep 09, 2010 

    I swear I spend more time playing with all the features of XBMC, configuring it, reading forums on more things I can do with it, and making it look pretty than I do actually using/watching the content I put in it!!!!!

    I love this program so much – you guys have done an amazing job.

    Dharma is working out great for me so far – not one issue yet.

    Thanks for all your hard work.

  • Laura Sep 09, 2010 

    I forgot to mention that I only started using XBMC two weeks ago. So this has been the highlight of my evening when I get home from work. :)

  • robweber Sep 09, 2010 

    When in the video library back all the way up to the root node. You’ll see ‘Movies’, ‘TV’, etc. At the bottom is Playlists. Click on that node and you will be able to create a new smart playlist or bring up the context menu to edit an existing one. This will show the Smart Playlist Editor you’ll need to make the playlist.

  • George O. Sep 10, 2010 

    Thank you soooooooo much for the analog audio mixing (CPCMRemap I assume). Now I can fully use my analog USB audio 6-ch sound card! I finally dont have to use VLC for that (Mac OS X platform), instead I can do everything in-house of XBMC now. Once again great job, I have been patiently waiting for this. Thx.

  • Nick Sep 10, 2010 

    @Laura LOL YES! This is exactly my situation.

  • Godfazzer Sep 11, 2010 

    Can i use xbmc scrapers with xbmc dharma?

  • Alain-Olivier Sep 11, 2010 

    “Builds are ready for all OSs, visit the download page to grab them”

    I guess you don’t consider Linux so important anymore that there is non Beta version available for it!

    What’s happening guys?

  • theuni Sep 11, 2010 

    Sorry for not making it more clear in the post. Linux pre-release builds are available in the SVN PPA:

    And btw, most devs develop in Linux. So it is certainly important to us.

  • Paulo Henrique Sep 12, 2010 

    Perfect program. i feel fault only of two things: one search bar for music and the possiblity of jump film by one timeline…or don’t have or i don’t see –’

    sorry by my english –’…i’m brazilian =D…hugs

  • David Newvine Sep 12, 2010 

    Thank you XBMC developers for all that you do in making XBMC THE most amazing multimedia program EVER!!! As has already been said by others, I too spend as much or more time simply playing with and configuring it as I do watching the content it so wonderfully showcases.

    When I first built my HTPC around the XP Media Center Edition OS I thought I had something “going on”, but when a google search turned up XBMC as a FREE (still shocked that it is for all that it does!) alternative, well…bye Media Center! It simply doesn’t hold a candle to XBMC, in functionality or especially aesthetics.

    I’m currently using – and loving – the Dharma Beta release while I wait it for it to become final. Keep up the excellent work! Love the new ‘night’ skin as well!

  • Jason Sep 13, 2010 

    Any ETA on an official release? I want to start using XBMC as a front-end to my unraid server but don’t want to mess around with the beta.

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