Gotham 13.0 Feature freeze

Posted By: Martijn Kaijser on Oct 31, 2013 in Dev Journal, Pre-Release

As you may have already read in our XBMC Devcon 2013 liveblog, we have decided that it’s time to feature freeze XBMC 13 “Gotham” and get ready for a new major version release. This feature freeze date has been set around the 10th of November 2013 so this means we have less than two weeks for adding any possible features we think are worthy and more importantly are deemed ready to include. So for people who are following our monthly posts you should already know about what things were added since our Frodo release. Secondly we set the 10th of December 2013 as final date for any bigger changes that we agreed upon at our Devcon conference, that are worth adding for the 13.0 release and might need some more time to prepare than was available.

Release Manager

We will continue the course set with the Frodo release and assigned a release manager who will take it upon him to handle the process from the moment of feature freeze till the time of the final release. The Release Manager will determine when a new Beta is released, when XBMC is ready to switch to release candidates and in the end the final release. This also accounts for whether code changes are fixes (OK) or features (not OK). This of course in conjunction with the team of developers who have specific knowledge of the code areas. Needless to say, it is a thankless job and a job that requires a person who is both extremely well versed in the code of XBMC and not afraid to make people angry to get the job done.

One change from last year which there was only one release manager (which we would like to thank him for doing an excellent job) is that we have now appointed two to handle the release. This should lighten the burden as now they can take dissensions together on what the best course of actions should be taken.

This year JMarshall and AlTheKiller volunteered to be our Release Managers for XBMC 13. We are convinced that they will do a truly fantastic job in the role together with the support of our entire team.

What does this actually mean for the users

For the average user, this means a couple things. First, you could be expecting to see XBMC Beta releases coming out some time after the last merge window set at December 10th. Second, given our fairly well documented open development cycle, there should be very few surprises from then until the release of Gotham. By definition, the features you see now are the same features you will see when Gotham is released with the possible exception of some smaller updates in the default skin Confluence. One downside you may notice is that due to changes done during development we have bumped the minimum requirements for Add-ons and skin. So if you are still using old plugins or scripts they might end up broken. The same will likely happen for skins depending if the authors have provided a skin that is compatible with Gotham. More information will follow for developers shortly.

So if you’d like to see what XBMC 13 is going to look like, feel free to install the last available alpha monthly build which you can find in the links to at the bottom of this post. We’ve noticed that already a lot of people are installing these monthly version and are happily using these and providing feedback. We hope that this change we set in last year has proven to be effective for having a more stable and better XBMC. As always, it’s important to remember that the alphas are definitely alpha software that you use at your own risk.

How can you help

There are many ways you can help actually. The easiest way to help is actually installing the Gotham builds and take them for a test-drive to see if you encounter any issues which can be reproducible by our developers. By providing detailed information like debuglogs and steps to reproduce, bugs can be narrowed down more quickly to find a solution for them. If you are a developer yourself it would even be great if you could fix the issue and send it to our code base on Github. Another option is helping out on the translation of XBMC and it’s many Add-ons and skins as explained here: Translating XBMC. There are of course more ways like helping other users out on the forum or simply help spreading the use of XBMC.

Bonus: If you really like the Gotham image used in this post you can get a 1080p version here to replace your background with.


So if you feel you are ready to try out a last monthly build (October), it’s time to start downloading. Be aware though, that this is still alpha software which contains potentially several bugs. There is a  good chance that this alpha will break on you.

Should want to download and install XBMC, please visit our download page.


How to Contribute

If you use these builds, we encourage you to report possible bugs with enough information, if possible provide support in our Forums where you can, or donate to the Foundation if you like. For a current FAQ on XBMC 13, visit our Gotham FAQ.


Discussion - 50 Comments

  • Pedro XNG Oct 31, 2013 

    I’m getting a “file not found” error.

  • Ronald Oct 31, 2013 

    The links mentioned in this article for downloading the nightly build are not working. Atleast they dont work for OSX.

    • Martijn Oct 31, 2013 

      Links are fixed

  • Schoezi Oct 31, 2013 

    The links to download don’t work.
    “Not Found

    The requested URL /snapshots/osx/xbmc-13.0-Gotham_alpha9-x86_64.dmg was not found on this server.”

  • ZS Oct 31, 2013 

    “XBMC” can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.


    • Nathan Betzen Oct 31, 2013 

      If you hit “control” and then Open, it’ll open, zs. Pinging around internally to see if we can solve the problem.

      • ZS Oct 31, 2013 

        Got it opened anyway.

        Pointer doesn’t move side to side, only up and down, making it sort of point(er)less.

        rMBP 13″ with Mavericks.

        • Martijn Oct 31, 2013 

          OSX 10.9 has a lot of issues which cannot be attributed to us alone. Apple decided to mess with things. So whatever XBMC version you run there will be issues atm

    • Heisenberg Nov 04, 2013 

      Thats YOUR fault nobody else’s – you’ve got your security settings blocking non-App store installs. Go to Apple logo (top left) / SYSTEM PREFERENCES / SECURITY & PRIVACY / GENERAL / Check “Allow apps downloaded from anywhere”

      #SchoolboyError #Fail


  • hudo Oct 31, 2013 

    Links are still pointing to alpha8. Somewhat confusing to new users.

    Might be better to point to the download page instead of the file itself, i.e. instead of

    • Martijn Oct 31, 2013 

      That’s because there are no new alpha build yet when posted. It’s still not 1st of November

      • hudo Oct 31, 2013 

        Yes, I know it’s still the 31st but alpha9 builds are already available.

      • hudo Oct 31, 2013 

        BTW, I not a “latest” symlink?

  • tep Nov 01, 2013 

    make “recently added movie” hide watched items by default: that would be most useful to all users of XBMC.

  • Ezüstszegi Zsolt Nov 01, 2013 

    Why can’t play the BD50 3D movie on smart tv? So, xbmc is the best media player and center what i used, but the 3D iso BD50 still dont play in 3D. If this fixed and works very well, then the xbmc still the best movie player. :) (Sorry for my language, just a little bit speaking the english)

    • eema Nov 01, 2013 

      Because there’s no free mvc decoder…

    • da-anda Nov 01, 2013 

      like eema said we currently can’t decode 3D blurays which use the MVC format to save space/reduce file size. Once ffmpeg (the library we use to decode audio and video) has support for MVC, we will have it as well and be able to play 3D blurays just nicely.

  • eyekyu Nov 01, 2013 

    will this release help those who updated to the latest OSX

    • Ned Scott Nov 01, 2013 


  • Paul Nov 01, 2013 

    Looks like the Android-arm link is missing the ‘/arm’ portion of the link. I was able to download and install it but it had to navigate to it manually.

  • Henk Nov 01, 2013 

    Link for the android ARM version is broken, the “arm” versions are now in an “arm” subdirectory just like “x86″ has its own directory. So the correct link is:

  • hameed Nov 01, 2013 

    i want to find out it can run on r pi on android tv box

  • Joe Nov 01, 2013 

    Wen make the XBMC more easy to change the ( librtmp ) file in any device , I thing this is one of the big issues on XBMC

  • Desvio Nov 01, 2013 

    The ANDROID-ARM link is still not quite right. It is still giving a “Not Found” error. It appears to be missing …../arm/…..
    I believe it should be:

  • whatever Nov 01, 2013 

    Does this mean that the already finished GsOC 2013 (specifically upnp, database and Wayland) probably won’t land in Gotham?

    • da-anda Nov 01, 2013 

      Wayland AFAIK is in. UPNP and database won’t make it though (database was known from the first second that it will be a huge undertaking that needs time).

  • Dumble Dorf Nov 01, 2013 

    I still run my XBMC on an old softmoded XBOX. My current setup runs great and i can not complain about the lack of features. Will this still run on my current rig? I for one was quite upset at the loss of external app integration within the last release. It was also rather hard migrating to my OSX release. The plethora a features is to hidden under the hood. When will they make the user friendliness found on my XBOX on the PC? they should rediscover the roots and include Blu-ray integration, and also make the DVD playback feature more seamless.

    • Just some guy... Nov 03, 2013 

      All good things come to an end.

      You can likely keep playing that XBOX if you are looking to keep the same features on that box.

      However, life at XBMC has moved on. XBOX is not supported here.

      Try to find a Pivos Xios, load Linux, and be impressed with 1080 capabilities.

      Still cheaper than a PC, and more entertainment center ready looking than a Raspberry Pi.

      Of course, that is just some guy’s opinion. Do what you wish, listen to others, mull it over or do nothing.

      It’s a great world. :)

  • Jtm920 Nov 02, 2013 

    Hey all download links were broken for a few min. Dont know what was up but got the same error message as everyone else, kept at it and it worked. Maybe because server is busy…

  • GoNzO Nov 02, 2013 

    None of the links seem to be working. Is anyone else able to verify this? I’m unable to download the stable release as well.

  • Will Nov 02, 2013 

    Lyrics plugin is broken on beta9

  • Jan Nov 02, 2013 

    Many plugins are marked as broken in nightlies for the last 3 weeks due to
    “deprecated the v1 of xbmc.python. Many addons imports this and all of those shows broken.”
    like URLResolver and tommy common(?)

    And with latest nightly more are marked as broken: Icefilm, several of Tommy Ws Danish addons, …

    Looking forward to when this is sorted out; but hey my Raspberry is still trundling along on 12.2

  • asdf Nov 02, 2013 

    The unstable PPA doesn’t appear to be updated to alpha9 yet:

  • Werd Nov 02, 2013 

    I really enjoy the new features especially the 3D. I was wondering if you plan on adding page-flipping support for dlp-link devices?

  • isamudaison Nov 03, 2013 

    Alpha9 has the best playback quality yet… great job on v13!

  • Jose Nov 03, 2013 

    It’s mash down it won’t play none movies?

    • Martijn Nov 03, 2013 

      XBMC has nothing to do with MashUp. Please ask some where else

  • shay Nov 03, 2013 

    please fix the rss feed, in hebrew…its scrolling right to lest and not left to right. on frodo it worked great.

  • Nick Nov 03, 2013 


  • ahmed Nov 03, 2013 

    my don’t open with the new update from apple maveric

  • shay Nov 03, 2013 

    my lyrics for songs isnt working, how can i go back to alpha 8? please help

  • Vladimir Nov 04, 2013 


    whether there will be a stable version with hardware decoding for android devices with AmLogic or Allwinner chipsets,

  • Frank-NL Nov 04, 2013 

    I hope VAAPI will make it in… Is that considered a major change even after the feature freeze?

  • ergman Nov 04, 2013 

    how long will it take for beta version to come out ? there are various glitches in osx, and android, for example android devices the audio is out of sync and as the movie goes towards the end the video start skipping frames, talking about 720p and 1080 materials (chip rk3066 and rk3188) in mavericks xbmc just crashes a lot, i ll like to help providing logs but i don’t know where to send this logs and regarding android i don t know not even how to dump them on usb.

  • Rico Nov 05, 2013 

    Hi, I have been using the old xbox with xbmc until 2 years ago.
    Now I have a windows 7 PC dedicated for the living room and I use it mostly for party.
    I have alot of video clips(music) that we and our friends enjoy when we get together.
    I’m using v11 xbmc Eden that somebody changed (continuas play) and it works ok.I can play videos random out of folders(all my video clips are now .mp4) don’t like playlists, but If somebody asks me to play a certin clip that I have in a different folder or on another pc in the house (I use android phone to control it) after the clip has played it returns to the menu, It would be perfect if it continued to play the rest of the folder where it was before the new clip was played. The original xbox was doing this. For you guys, programmers this is a piece of cake.
    Can we have a separate button in the main menu for music videos (also in android remote app)
    that behaves just like playing mp3? and it does not get mixed up with movies?
    I appreciate if someone would look into it, it may not be too complicated but you could make so
    many of us happy. Also I use a Logitech wireless F710 and would like to have the next and
    previous buttons working when playing video clips. Thanks alot. God bless.

  • DopeAssEddy Nov 11, 2013 


  • bat0nas Nov 12, 2013 

    What about external players? Are they suppoted in this release or still broken like in 12.1 or 12.2?

    Only 12.0 supports external players without any problems.

  • black_x24 Nov 13, 2013 

    What happened to this Input devices option????
    “Remote control sends keyboard presses”

    Very useful for simple remotes (non keyboard)

    I love everything you guys do!!! Keep it up!

  • Emre Nov 13, 2013 

    Great job! Now just one question? How can I keep XBMC running even if i send it to the background? It’ installed on an android that’s hooked up to my audio system, so I want to pick a music to play from an XBMC remote on another android even when it’s not in the foreground. It seems to sleep or die after some idle time in the backgroud, maybe it needs a notification icon to prevent it being killed by android system?

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