Impending Merge: Addons

Posted By: Team XBMC on Mar 01, 2010 in Site News

The next version of XBMC is shaping up quite well, with a host of new features already in. For a refresher, see a few posts back.

Next up is the merge from the addons branch, the underpinning of the new addons manager (go figure) as well as the basis for the PVR frontend branch. Once finished, though still a ways out, this will add the capability of extending XBMC from the couch. No need to ssh/ftp into your box to add skins, scrapers, plugins, PVR Backends, etc.

As I alluded in the previous post, the codebase will be a bit rocky as we clean up after the merge, so we suggest that users and builders take a break until things have settled. For this reason, official nightly builds have been temporarily suspended. We are not asking for bug reports at this time because we know that things are broken. If this seems all too familiar, we’ve done this before. Again, we ask that users of nightly builds take a break, and that third-party builders please suspend your releases for now. Builds at this time only make things harder for us. Really.

See you on the other side!

Update: Revision 28276 is the revision before the merge. Stay below that and you’ll be fine.

Discussion - 37 Comments

  • Maksim Mar 02, 2010 

    You guys work really fast. Thank you

  • mindbender Mar 02, 2010 

    yep, definitely impressive.

  • arash Mar 02, 2010 

    I can’t wait to see this huge advancement! Thank you !

  • Jezz_X Mar 02, 2010 

    Maksim :
    You guys work really fast. Thank you

    See thats kinda funny because the addon branch has been under development for over a year :) just not as noticeable to the public eye as some of the others same goes for pvr its nearly been 2 years

  • Brice Mar 02, 2010 

    Well, I know some stuff take a long time to shape, I think that when releasing the next version, theuni should say something like that.
    Wow, this features took 2 years to get done. So maybe users will measure the time took for just a specific feature.

  • Stefan Mar 02, 2010 

    I am glad these guys work on that project. They do all that in their spare time for free. So I am highly thankful for making such a great piece of software.

  • JackieBrown Mar 02, 2010 

    I am glad I paid attention when I did my weekly svn up. I saw addons being added and immediately came over to check the build state :)

  • hudo Mar 02, 2010 

    It doesn’t matter how long it took to code. Only thing that matters is the heart and soul developers put in a fantastic piece of free software that leaves competition (free and payed) light years away. And that rocks!!! Thanks for everything. Really!

  • jqpublic13 Mar 02, 2010 

    I can’t wait… is there a rough ETA for when this version will be released?

  • Rupert Mar 02, 2010 

    I’m gonna guess, 10.05 or 10.06, but I just pulled that outa my hat (I’m slightly psychic) :-p

    (also, you guys do in fact rock!)

  • jqpublic13 Mar 02, 2010 

    Rupert :
    I’m gonna guess, 10.05 or 10.06, but I just pulled that outa my hat (I’m slightly psychic) :-p
    (also, you guys do in fact rock!)

    That pounding noise you hear is my head against my desk… I missed the Roadmap until you posted the link. Thanks!

  • Tony Mar 02, 2010 

    This is AWESOME, i was actually looking into MythTV today for my home setup. Looks like i might wait a few more weeks to see what happens and continue to use windows media center in the mean time for my PVR needs. i want to switch to full linux on both my HTPC’s. But i can wait for this if its only a few more months.

  • wallnut Mar 02, 2010 

    So i havent paid attention to PVR branch at all since it seemed so far away .. but now that its about to drop on us i gotta ask this … now we will have THREE sections where to access videos ? ( Videos (ie. File mode) , Tv Shows/Movies (ie. Library mode) and now recordings/PVR ?!?! )

  • redtapemedia Mar 02, 2010 

    Awesome work as always guys, really looking forward to the PVR stuff coming into the main branch. I’ve been reluctant to try the PVR testing branch as I didn’t want to break my finally usable setup. Once it’s hit SVN though, and things are working, I’m all over it. ;)

  • adam outler Mar 02, 2010 

    I can’t wait to see the results. I’ve been considering doing a few projects, maybe I’ll start making xbmc addons.

  • adsoto Mar 03, 2010 

    I am a bit confused by the sheer number of players and DirectX stuff, as a Windows 7 user I hope after everything is settled there is a bit more of explanation of what dsplayer, dxva2, dvdplayer…. should be chosen as default. One of my main gripes with XBMC is the occasional hanging of the video player / inability to play some video files / hit or miss FF/RW so anything that helps is greatly welcome.

  • drep Mar 03, 2010 

    Awesome! Cant wait to get the new version with PVR. My current Question now is: what will be the best PVR Backend?

  • Lukas Mar 03, 2010 

    Thanks for this great piece of Software.
    Its Awesome!

  • Victor Mar 03, 2010 

    Great work! Can’t wait to try this out.

  • Raptylos Mar 03, 2010 

    Thanks in advance, great work so far. This project has taken my image of the ideal HTPC to a higer level.
    Can’t wait to take the next step.
    Keep on the awesome developement.

  • Brice Mar 04, 2010 

    By the way, it could be cool to have the website available in a language that mainstream people can understand.
    Maybe warning people than not all content can be translated. Or maybe pointing them to the community in their language if it exists.

  • spiff Mar 04, 2010 

    brice, come again? english is rather mainstream i’d reckon ;)

  • adi Mar 04, 2010 

    humm that’ll teach me, I wish I had fully read this first before I spent 1/2 hour trying to figure out why my video plugins had section had vanished plus the already added ones had stopped working after trying the new SVN – lol. (well i assume the merger is probably part of the problem :-S ). Anyway apart from that, the development is looking good. Great work guys

  • otis Mar 04, 2010 

    just wondering will you be able to work out problem with BBC and buffering or is this the end of streaming videos from xbmc and other such features. i really enjoyed streaming content such as this along with tv episodes missed or old shows etc etc…

  • XBMC freak Mar 04, 2010 

    iPod integration, like almost any car sound and any home theater receiver have, should be a nice feature to XBMC…

  • adi Mar 05, 2010 

    @ otis – hi if you’re referring to BBC iplayer and it stopping after about a minute of playback, it’s down to BBC implementing SWF verification. Anyway the workaround in the forums works very nicely, got how to’s for both linux + windows.

  • Livio Mar 06, 2010 

    Enpublish some screenshots so we don’t have to make useless traffic on SVN…

  • lulzdude Mar 06, 2010 

    They work a lot faster than the guys over at geexbox. They just got version 2 out after like 5 years of bs and working on version 1 fixes. XBMC is far superior and is possibly the best linux based media center ever.

  • Victor Mar 06, 2010 

    Screenshots, updates, we are anxious to se the addons manager in action :D

  • theuni Mar 06, 2010 

    There are no (useful) screenshots or updates yet. Remember, this is just the *framework* for the addons manager.

  • tmpdir Mar 07, 2010 

    frameworks and generic sollution in general always -pn in tss- are a lot of work in the human interaction part. Respect… hope this wil be a succes. Although the previous pvr sollutions work OK-isch to.

  • konti Mar 08, 2010 

    Does this also apply on the SVN repository builds? I installed that this weekend and noticed some errors in different parts. Is the SVN build older then the 28276 revision?

  • jukka Mar 09, 2010 

    In git repo commit;a=commit;h=5271684414e9e96284a27c0a67954299b8ea8704 is the latest before the merge (svn r28275)

    How I can revert to that?

  • theuni Mar 09, 2010 

    git reset –hard 5271684414e9e96284a27c0a67954299b8ea8704
    (stupid wordpress, that’s “dash dash hard”)
    git checkout -b pre-merge 5271684414e9e96284a27c0a67954299b8ea8704

  • m.snider Mar 09, 2010 

    XBMC Rocks ! It plays everything out there & it has very nice skins…
    AND the best is the great XBMC-Community, its growing up day by day..

  • kumajaya Mar 11, 2010 

    Revision 28276 can not play theora video (audio only, no video). Please fix it in the next XBMC version.

  • Orbi Mar 11, 2010 

    Post your issue in the forum, it’s more likely you will get help. Devs need a debug log as well.

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