XBMC Is Getting a New Name – Introducing Kodi 14

Posted By: Nathan Betzen on Aug 01, 2014 in Trademark and Branding

UPDATE: Download Kodi 14.0 from our download page.

We are excited to announce that the media center software we’ve all loved for so many years will have a new name, starting with version 14. Instead of XBMC 14, we’d like to introduce you to Kodi 14.

Since 2002, the software known as XBMC has gone through three namings. First, it was called Xbox Media Player. Upon realizing that it did a bit more than your traditional media player, in 2004 the development team elected to rename it Xbox Media Center. A mere 4 years later in 2008, the team once again elected to rename the software to simply XBMC, given that it had moved on from its original roots on the Xbox. Support for the Xbox was dropped shortly thereafter. Today it’s all happening one last time.

Real World Problems

Six years have passed since the Xbox Media Center became XBMC, and simply put, “XBMC” fits less now than it did even in 2008. The software only barely runs on the original Xbox, and then only because some clever developers are still hacking on that platform. It has never run on the Xbox 360 or Xbox One.

Furthermore, while the software still acts as a media center, it also hosts addons, loads games, streams content to and from numerous devices, and can ultimately act as a complete replacement for whatever platform it is hosted on. Indeed, XBMC today is far more an Entertainment Center than a simple Media Center.

In essence both the “XB” and “MC” simply don’t make a whole lot of sense any more.

Legal Problems

Beyond the nonsensical nature of the software’s name, there is a secondary issue. Because “XBMC” was originally based on the name Xbox, the developers of the software (that’s us) have never had any sort of legal control over the use of its name, which has resulted in a whole slew of problems.

In the past few years, we have seen the mass confusion that resulted from this lack of control first hand. Users have been fooled into wasting money buying boxes running hacked and typically broken versions of XBMC. News sites and blogs have gotten caught in confusing language numerous times. Unrelated fan communities, often founded under the best of intentions, have found themselves under attack, simply because no guidelines existed to simplify the process of clearly distinguishing themselves from the XBMC Foundation. What’s more, the Foundation itself and all of its developers have always operated under a potential legal threat from other companies that did have a legal trademark in a similar name. And that legal threat has actually gotten more problematic in recent years.

Because all these problems have been getting more and more pronounced, the Foundation decided to review its options with the help of the legal team at the Software Freedom Law Center. In the end, it was decided renaming the software that we all love so much was the most realistic solution. We’ve done it twice before. We believe this time Kodi will be the name we can keep forever.

Results of the new name Kodi

The average user will see little difference with the new Kodi. The software will remain the same. Users will get to keep using the software however they like. The code will remain licensed under the GPL 2.0. We even intend to stick with our current numbering scheme. Our next release will be titled Kodi 14. Indeed, the most significant difference for most people will be a slightly altered splash screen on boot up.

For companies, fan sites, and add-on developer sites, this name change should actually make work substantially easier. The XBMC Foundation has elected to wholesale adopt the policies of the Mozilla Foundation with regards to distribution and trademark licensing. For more information for web hosts and hardware vendors, see our Trademark Use FAQ (currently a work in progress). Simply put we are happy to remain incredibly permissive with the 3rd Party use of the Kodi name, so long as that use doesn’t confuse other users and the community. The FAQ and Trademark Policy should help you navigate exactly what “confusing” means to us.

The Last XBMC Shirt Ever

xbmclastshirtBecause of your generosity in t-shirt sales, straight-up donations, and word-of-mouth evangelizing, this project has lasted for 12 years and through four different names, and with your help, we all believe it can last twice that long again. So we figured we’d offer a t-shirt to commemorate the name change.

There’s only one thing. The image at the top of this article is not the final logo. We are working with doghousemedia to truly realize an awesome logo, and we aren’t quite there yet.

So instead of offering a bit of swag with the new name, we figured we’d offer the exact opposite. This is it. The last XBMC shirt or related piece of merchandise we’re ever going to sell.




There’s still a long ways to go in the renaming process. A ton of code has to be changed to reflect the new name. So many websites, webpages, social networks, and other things have to be updated. Much of the trademark legalese needs to be reviewed by the lawyers and government officials. The logo has to be finished. Needless to say, the upcoming Kodi developers conference this year is certainly going to be intense as we work through these issues. But we believe that with your support and the support of the whole community, Kodi, the media center or entertainment platform or whatever you choose to call it that we’ve all come to love will be even stronger than it was before.

Thank you all for your support, now and in the future. In the comments below, we’d love to hear your thoughts, whether they be about how you first discovered XBMC/Xbox Media Center/Xbox Media Player, or about what you think of the new name.

Kodi 14.0 “Helix” alpha 2

As a bonus, you can grab the first Kodi 14.0 “Helix”alpha2 build from our download page. The complete feature and changes list will follow in several other announcements. Going more in depth on all changes.

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  • ippo Aug 01, 2014 

    Sweeet! Looking forward to this!
    TNX for a great app! :D

    • Daniel C Aug 03, 2014 

      You guys should call it XPMC for “cross platform media center”. Kodi just sounds weird.

      • Matt Aug 06, 2014 

        XPMC +1

        XPMC (Cross-platform Media Center) rolls of the tongue and somewhat keeps the heritage of XBMC. It also doesn’t sound like a app for toddlers.

        • wampa_1 Aug 10, 2014 

          XPMC isn’t bad, but he mentions “MC” isn’t accurate anymore as it’s more of an entertainment center or “EC”.

          “XPEC” sounds awesome in my book. Variation could be XPECt or something.

          We’ve grown to expect greatness from this platform, it’s been amazing for a long tine.

          • Kira Manell Aug 12, 2014 

            The whole rationale that the ‘Media Center’ part is now somehow obsolete, is rather contrived, really.

            XPMC would have been a perfect name.


          • Brandkanne Aug 19, 2014 

            +1 for XPMC or XPEC(t)

            Sounds not like the usual dumb apps

          • Gadget Aug 28, 2014 

            Could honestly care less, as long as they wouldn’t call it KODI, but their decision has already been made and I can’t see anyone swaying them otherwise.

          • RAMChYLD Nov 14, 2014 

            +1 towards XPEC(t). Kodi makes me think of the new Fisher-Price Little People (which has a character with that name). Cody is a plush toy bear from V-Tech.

            XPEC(t) Sounds awesome and original, and tells the users that this is no ordinary Media Center software.

        • dave Aug 27, 2014 

          Waste of time and effort – perhaps it could be called “Consignia”

          • Richard Sep 27, 2014 

            Consignia and Scope! lol

        • Mark Sep 09, 2014 

          I agree to your suggestion. :)

        • Naveek Darkroom Sep 16, 2014 

          I really can’t argue with that name.

        • Rikus Fouche Sep 16, 2014 

          XPMC really sounds good. I also prefer it above Kodi. My house enjoys the existing XBMC very much.

        • Steve Sep 26, 2014 

          XPMC +1

          Definitely better than Kodi!

      • Arse Aug 13, 2014 

        I agree, i don’t like the name “Kodi” at all.

        • Andrew Aug 24, 2014 

          Agreed, I think I’ll just keep on calling it XBMC.

      • James Aug 20, 2014 

        Naming software with a name you have to write out for people to not be confused as to the name is a bad thing.

        “Hey, cool media center! What is it?”
        “It’s called Kodi”
        Cody? Codey? DAMMIT!

        Plus, you know scammers will be selling boxes with “Codi preinstalled!”.

      • Nunya Bidnezz Aug 29, 2014 

        I love the name because I have a friend named Cody and he is sooooo cool, I think you should meet him b4 u start judging ….DANIEL!

      • starsnova Sep 11, 2014 

        XPMC the XP reminds me of windows xp arrrrrrr. but the kodi system like xbox sys, or linux box sys, or steam box sys eventually it will stick lol

      • Derrell Sep 24, 2014 

        I agree Kodi sounds bad. Oh well Will just replace the splash screen with custom XBMC splash :(

        • Vilho Sep 30, 2014 

          Cody like Buffalo Bill was ;)

    • none Aug 03, 2014 

      Name is corny…lol…leave well enough alone

    • Phil Aug 20, 2014 

      Just been reading through these comments for the new Name change. Selecting a catchy, meaningful name for a product can take a lot of time and money.

      Back in 1997-8 I invented an internet product that offered exclusive access to encrypted content through a propriety bespoke browser. the software was distributed on an 8cm CD Card. Due to its unique flexibility to be tailored and branded on the fly it would become a customers own ISP without all the overheads.

      The product went through 4 name changes and cost a lot of time and money before we ended with ‘QODOQ’, even though the public found it difficult to pronounce from just looking at it (CODE – DOCK) it worked for us as both a name with a reason and also it can be read forwards or backwards and as encryption is CODE and the fact that it allowed you to DOCK with a wide variety of pseudo ISP’s it became our product name and a catchy logo.

      Although the product did not hit the streets, we did get a contract to licence the software to a large music blue-chip company that begins with an ‘S’, unfortunately the deal was soured by an over zealous MD and as such the product and company took a nose dive, ergo, no IP on the name.

      It may fit here ?

      • captain funpants Sep 25, 2014 

        What are you talking about and why? What does this have to do with anything?

    • RA1 Sep 29, 2014 

      XPMC +1

      Kodi sounds a bit childish! sounds like a candy or something

    • Decipher Oct 08, 2014 

      Actually, I don’t see why you cannot continue to use XBMC. Although it was originally an acronym for Xbox Media Center, it can simply by XBMC instead of X.B.M.C. I will continue to love and support you guys and your software regardless of what it’s called, however I’m not really a fan of “Kodi” either. Just saying.

      I can never express my thanks enough for all you guys do, so once again, thank you for a tremendous product made by wonderful designers and programmers.

  • ikke Aug 01, 2014 

    Nice. Like it.

    • ikke Aug 04, 2014 


    • Willem Nov 15, 2014 

      Like it too and after all, what’s in a name… as long as it’s working fine like it does ?

  • Ray N. Aug 01, 2014 

    Love it! It certainly was about time…
    Keep up the great job guys…
    Any interesting stories on how you’all came up with the name Kodi?

    • toddsunpark Aug 01, 2014 

      I was just thinking the same thing. Where did the name come from?

      • Gabi Aug 01, 2014 

        maybe from “coders” or “code”y… :)

        • Michel S. Aug 02, 2014 

          Seems likely. Same reason I registered a domain starting with “codi…” for a planned software services company :)

          • Ruxton Aug 02, 2014 

            Speaking of domains.. I wonder if they planned that far ahead ;)

  • N Aug 01, 2014 

    Surely it’s April 1 today..

    • Martijn Aug 01, 2014 

      No, it certainly isn’t.

    • Stray Cat Aug 03, 2014 

      thumbs down to that

    • Dustin Nov 19, 2014 

      I thought it was a bad joke at first too… either that or some new malware had hijacked my browser and was redirecting me to kodi”dot”tv every time I typed xbmc”dot”org in the url bar. I’m still not sure if i really believe it to be true. The name…. Kodi….it’s just so, bad. I mean really, really bad. And the logo that assaults your eyes when kodi”dot”tv loads up…. Is that Comic Sans?! Dear God why?

      • Dustin Nov 19, 2014 

        No, it’s not Comic Sans.. I know what it reminds me of now. Anyone remember the splash screen (if you can call them that) at the beginning of old VHS video cassettes? IIRC it was a yellow screen where the letters v, h, and s would be written onto it slowly like someone was fingerpainting or using microsoft paint with an old, non-optical mouse.. Ugh.

  • hdmkv Aug 01, 2014 

    Did I miss why Kodi or what it stands for?

    • Martijn Aug 01, 2014 

      it stand for absolutely nothing. no meaning.

      • Kib Aug 01, 2014 

        I thought it stood for being the best open-source entertainment center software available :)

        • BigJRM Aug 03, 2014 

          YAAAAAAAAAA! I agree, it is the best open-source entertainment center software available!

          XBMC by any other name is still XBMC and KODI Entertainment Center is fine for me. When can I set a new bookmark with KODI?

          My deepest thanks to all the KODI Foundation programmers and others who work so very hard to provide this free rich featured software.

          • ZT Aug 04, 2014 

            This. 100% this!

          • Joyce Aug 13, 2014 

            So does this program work via pc now or just XB? I got a bit lost in the shuffle. I don’t hae XB, I have a Wii and PS3. I also just bought a Roku. My laptop has HDMI, so I can watch on Netflix, etc directly on TV.. freeing up my laptop.

          • Joyce Aug 13, 2014 
      • me Aug 01, 2014 

        Way to give it your all.

      • Michiel Aug 01, 2014 

        Nice. My favourite tv show is about nothing. Now my favourite pile of code has been given a name that’s about nothing too…. Coincidence? I think not :P

      • John Aug 03, 2014 

        No meaning? That blows.

    • Eddie Aug 01, 2014 

      Kernel-less Open Desktop Interface

      • Jeremy Aug 01, 2014 

        Kodi Open Desktop Interface

        • Bob Aug 11, 2014 

          Kill Open Desktop Interface.

          It is a satanical ritual with words, codes & symbols.
          They see the potential of this taking off like wild fire world wide.
          People are dropping cable & satellite in droves.
          Just like in the old days, pharma couldn’t patent natural remedies so they synthesized the real thing & put their own label on it becoming multi millionaires then billionaires in time.
          It’s the sign of the times. Americas communities are being taken over just as our XBMC community is now. If this is truly an open community then what gives them the right to rename & license? (Problem-Solution-Takeover) Who or what then owns it? There’s a whole lot more going on here than what meets the all seeing eye here! Someones been paid off or has $$$$ visions. Huge corporations see XBMC as a Huge threat potential, you don’t think they’ll just let this whole thing take them over in silence do you?

          • NBNL4Life Sep 11, 2014 

            Ya know, at first I thought this to be some crazy rant but after giving it a lil more consideration, there are some interesting points here to be consider. Now comes the truth seeking research to find the truth.

    • Jon Sep 15, 2014 

      Kan Open De Intertainments

  • Peter Aug 01, 2014 

    I like it!

  • dr88dr88 Aug 01, 2014 

    Cool new name.
    With a new name we should also get a cool new theme.

    May favorites:
    Maybe Substratum

  • dr88dr88 Aug 01, 2014 

    Cool new name.
    With a new name we should maybe also get a cool new default theme.

    May favorites:

    - Substratum
    - Xperience1080

    • Maafeu Aug 02, 2014 

      I would like Xperience1080 to come back for Gotham.

  • Dave Aug 01, 2014 

    Will you also he changing things like install paths, user data locations, windows Installer info etc?

    I’m not familiar with the code base (it’s on a very long list of things to do), but are there plans to rename methods that make use of the ‘xbmc’ name?

    If the answer to either of those two points is yes, should we expect things to break with the release of Kodi 14?

    • Michael Tunnell Aug 02, 2014 

      If this is actually why they chose that name then that would be pretty sweet. They never gave a reason in the blog post but I hope that is why…”The sweetest entertainment center”.

  • cjacobsen Aug 01, 2014 

    Raspbmc will turn Raspodi ? ;)

    • Derrick Aug 01, 2014 

      Raspbmc is already undergo8ng a name change of its own as it evolves into… Errr, I forget the new name, but its design for multiple platforms. Sam’s blog talks about the new software frequently.

      • Daniel Gardner Aug 03, 2014 

        OSMC, Sam Nazarko has been working on it for about a year. Will be ported for many other installation types e.g. android, iOS etc.

    • Finn Aug 02, 2014 

      the namechange is more because of the XB then the MC, so Rasp as in Raspbmc only replaces the X. I’m not sure how it should be changed, but one can easily say Raspbmc has nothing to do with Xbox……

  • Rocker Aug 01, 2014 

    Cool, but that new play-sign used in the O letter for the Kodi logo looks way too close to MPlayer logo IMHO. Also the fact that Plex uses a play-sign in their logo does not make that choice of using a play-sign any better considering the history of it, so I would suggest trying to figure out a more original logo than a play-sign regardless. Now that you changed the name you wouldn’t want to end up in a silly copyright/trademark feud over the non-unique use of a play-sign in the logo.

    PS: Will you be keeping Zappy as the project mascot?

  • walter Aug 01, 2014 

    The name comes off like a kid’s brand. XBMC was born in the shadows of the underground scene. Naming it something like kodi for mainstream appeal seems like a mistake.

    • Chris Caven Aug 01, 2014 

      Agree — looking at the Urban Dictionary link above.

      • mackal Aug 01, 2014 

        They all read like every other Urban Dictionary definition of a person’s name.

    • Finn Aug 02, 2014 

      I agree. The namechange is, given the reason why, is a good thing. The chosen name however has a bit childish, plastic, cheapish ring to it. XBMC sounded a lot more formal and serious, fit to a powerful platform. Especially not meaning anything is a downside of this choice.
      The Kodi as a transformed plural of coder, someone who writes codes, would have been a nice support for this new name.

    • Jeroen Aug 02, 2014 

      Other than your personal sentiments, why?

    • Raven Aug 03, 2014 

      I agree – it can be renamed, but ‘Kodi’ is a person’s name.
      Might as well name it ‘Steve’.

    • Brian Aug 04, 2014 

      Yeah……Xbox was so underground…

      • Ollie Oct 25, 2014 

        XBMC grew out of the homebrew scene for xbox, hence why it was “underground”. Of course the console itself wasn’t underground. Guess you couldn’t resist being a smart-arse.

      • gebsmith Nov 09, 2014 

        Actually it was underground because it was illegal to distribute for licensing issues. The code was available but to install it legally you had to pay for a license and build it yourself. Of course nobody did this and just passed an illegal build around.

  • Abdelhamidzid Aug 01, 2014 

    I’m looking forward to it

  • Robert Aug 01, 2014 

    Isn’t there already other sites/programs using the name KODI?

    • Michael Tunnell Aug 02, 2014 

      yes…quite a lot actually or at least the domains are taken. Kodi.com, .net, .org, .co.uk, .biz, .us, .info, .mobi, basically everything is already taken. http://who.is/whois/kodi

      This name amuses me because of the urbandictionary definition but for an entertainment center it is complete crap. They seem to care about marketing and branding now…finally but they chose a word that is 1337 style generic and basically every instance of it for domains, social media, etc are all taken. Defeats the point in my opinion.

  • Tx8 Aug 01, 2014 

    Why not, but you need a real logo, make by a graphic designer.

    • Démonter Aug 13, 2014 

      Yeah, with a poney and magic rainbows =)

      Too bad this anouncement is not just an april fool…

  • uberman Aug 01, 2014 

    I am happy to see, the project heading in some direction that is easier given incessantly as excuses this announcement makes.

    But then I read name means nothing not a single thing, maybe I would have liked to read some positive “this is how we arrived at this name”, but at least its sounded honest announcement at least.

    I was left with the impression of much negativism in the announcement and even some bitterness towards the name XBMC and its sort of makes me sad to read the name was so little loved that it was utterly replaced by something utterly meaningless.

    • Nathan Betzen Aug 01, 2014 

      Let me assure you, the decision was not made lightly. We are all big fans of the name XBMC, and it will almost certainly be more difficult for us to come to terms with the name change, ultimately, than anyone else.

      At the end of the day, if it was just the fact that the name didn’t fit, we’d probably have stuck with it. But the legal aspects, the potential for confusion, and the trademark issues ultimately forced our hand.

      • XBMCFan Aug 02, 2014 

        If you need to change the name for legal reasons, that’s understandable.

        But the name Kodi is childish and ill-fitting, and the logo is kind of terrible.

        As a HUGE fan of XBMC (the software; not the name) I beg you to go back to the drawing board. XBMC is fantastic because of it’s community support.

        That’s your strength. That’s your answer. Ask the community.

        • keito Aug 02, 2014 

          Agreed, this new name is lame. It sounds childish and the logo sucks too.


        • Maafeu Aug 02, 2014 

          Strongly agree.

          I along with so many others have come to appreciate the work that had been put into this group, and as I’m sure you’ll still produce the same calibre of work. However the name “Kodi” doesn’t sound fitting to what you offer. Even if you keep the name, the font / logo looks like I’m about to embark on an adventure with Dora the Explorer.

          At least consider changing the font. Trajan Pro or something along those lines…it would give a little more professionalism to the group.

        • Peter Aug 03, 2014 

          I have to agree with everything you said. If this change is permanent I may have to start compiling my own version just to remove every instance of that name.

          I think it would be nice if everyone could vote on possible names.

      • Stefan Aug 02, 2014 

        I love the XBMC Name too as I loved it for this Years I’ve used it…It have a catchy to it and the new one sound like more a clowny name……But I hope add-Ons won’t suffer to much by the name change as I do have a few old ones I’m running on Java change ;) , Anyhow do not get me wrong I do love you guys behind XBMC and have even Given my chare of money (well I support this prodject as it is one of the best free one on the net…heck the best media Center in my opinion much thanks to the easy add-ons….Whatever the name though I’ll keep using this great MC and thank you so much for all the “HARD” work coding this for us the people….keep on going 4-ever please :)

      • An old XBMC user Aug 03, 2014 

        You guys lost me with the name change. This is going to be a MASSIVE pain to deal with on the end-user side, even more frustrating than the period immediately after you dropped X-Box support . I’ll just go somewhere else, like maybe Plex. It’s been a fun ten years, but I guess nothing lasts forever.

        • ZT Aug 04, 2014 

          Gonna take your ball and go home, eh? Seems a bit drastic over a name change. I’m not wild about KODI as a name, either. But it’s not that big a deal…

          Grow up people.

          • Kodi Oct 21, 2014 

            I can’t wait to download the latest Version of Kodi, I’ve been a user since it came out today.

        • tarby Aug 12, 2014 

          Listen, as the development team has stated, they love XBMC even more then we do. This is not just a rash decision that they made because the name doesn’t fit. There are legal issues at work, and as XBMC continues to grow and become more popular, these legal issues will grow. It makes since to make the change now. XBMC is becoming more mainstream every day, and the longer that they wait to change the name the harder and more confusing it will be on the user base. I agree that Kodi is a fairly childish name, and would have preferred them letting the user community have some feedback in the new name. But I intend to continue to use XBMC, Kodi, or whatever they call it. It is just a name, and while the next update may be difficult (I will have 5 or 6 installs by that time), hopefully it will never be that difficult again.

      • paul carter Aug 03, 2014 

        As far as the name… I agree with others, the name is just too… childish and it’s a persons name on top of that? Using Kodi is no different than Charles, or Frank… just doesn’t sound right for a media center. Why not something that sounds cool, or could look cool on a logo?

        Like VIZE, GX, just something that’s not a real name

        The logo is also very bleh… why not choose a name that could have a cool logo too? SEED… the D could be the play button, and you have the word ‘see’ before the logo, and the term seed in general and what it means

        I dunno in 20 seconds I’m just throwing ideas thats better then KODI :(

      • Steve Orchard Aug 05, 2014 

        I don’t care what you call it. Discovering “this product” and bringing it into our home was like finding buried treasure. thanks for your work and just keep this thing going.

      • Mitch Aug 05, 2014 

        You and the team still have not given a reason WHY KODI ? I think its your duty to at least tell us why you chose that name.

        Here is an idea… how about you run a comp or something, get your community followers to create a logo and new name….

        Then the community followers can vote…..

        This type of marketing strategy execution would of been so much better and you wouldn’t have 400+ negative comments….

        • Nathan Betzen Aug 06, 2014 

          It’s covered in the FAQ. We explain exactly how we came up with the name.

          • nisroth Aug 06, 2014 

            You chose it because you wanted “code” in the name? Seriously?? Sure you do heaps of coding to make this product work but it is not a software related product so why should it be associated with code? You’re not planing to make it into an IDE instead of a media centre are you?
            I hope there is a fork because “kodi” just plain sucks.

          • XBMCvival Sep 27, 2014 

            Keep on fighting guys !!!! and kodi seriously team xbmc you have to be shitting me i am embarresed to even tell people about it because it sounds like a kids toy and the logo looks like the nabi logo

      • dab Aug 19, 2014 

        How will be this used for branding? domains and uses similar uses are already taken.

    • Chris Caven Aug 01, 2014 

      Correct — Kodi — what does it really mean?

      • Gweltas SIMON Aug 01, 2014 

        In Bambara language (Mali – West Africa) “ko di” means “what do you say”… ;)

      • jmarshall Aug 02, 2014 

        Kodi is a verb. “To kodi” Get together with mates and watches movies and stuff.

  • schumi2004 Aug 01, 2014 

    Why Kodi?

    Seems to be registered already.

    • Chris Caven Aug 01, 2014 

      Good research and very much to the point

    • jmarshall Aug 02, 2014 

      We’ve got a bunch of domains, yes. Pretty hard to get top-level stuff for 4 letter combinations that are pronounceable.

      • baldmosher Aug 31, 2014 

        XBMC is pretty easy to pronounce.

  • hoopsdavis Aug 01, 2014 

    The name Kodi works well, it give the impression of being more family friendly and not just a toy for us geeks. :) I’m also happy to see the “XB” going away, most people who haven’t dove into the experience assumes its more of an extension of the xbox (my first thoughts also a couple years ago) and not so much stand alone software MC. Keep up the great work, I’ve been impressed from my first experience with xbmc 10 (eden).

  • Ipaddle Aug 01, 2014 

    Kodi – ok. Can we stick to the version names (13. Gotham, 14. The Hoff!) :)

    • Nathan Betzen Aug 01, 2014 

      Yup, version names are staying the same.

  • Gla Aug 01, 2014 

    Oh. Kodi is a Supermarket in Gladbeck, Germany!

    And now: supprise! It’s a Mediacenter, too!
    Isnt funny?

  • gdogg Aug 01, 2014 

    Oh god what a horrible name. I hope there’s still time to change it.

    • keito Aug 02, 2014 

      Fingers crossed!

      A community poll would’ve been a good idea.

  • Moody Aug 01, 2014 

    I have to agree with walter’s opinion – It sounds like a kid’s brand.
    I think it’s somewhat disappointing that the name isn’t an acronym :(
    how boring that there isn’t anything behind that name

    • BlahFFF Aug 01, 2014 

      Well, it sounds a bit like kobi which are lego-like blocks for kids ;P This feels weird without any real meaning behind the name.

  • foen Aug 01, 2014 

    OMG hope this isnt for real :X

  • Ryan Aug 01, 2014 

    I honestly am disappointed to hear about this.. I understand that they want to get away from the “xbox” brand since it hasn’t been on the xbox in years. But still…. Kodi? Ugh, really? That is really a bad name. This will only create confusion, even though it is why they say they are changing it in the first place. This already creates brand confusion and XBMC is already an established brand.

    Then story behind the name even seems MORE ridiculous! ” The thing we all liked about Kodi was that you could spell it using remote control buttons. Like the K is skip back. O is stop. D is play. Early on, that was a big part of the selection process. Everyone submitted names and discussed which ones they liked. We all liked Kodi a lot for that reason. The problem with it, ultimately, is that it’s almost impossible to actually READ Kodi using the remote control button spelling. So while we kept the name, we went down a different road for the actual logo design.” (THIS MAKES NO SENSE!!! That is so complex that I’m totally dumbfounded by its reasoning and logic that they stuck with that.)

    I can tell you that I won’t be calling it Kodi and will probably forget about this software as time rolls on and Plex is gaining more and more steam. Xbmc has been a part of my life since it was xbmp on the original xbox and I use it every day on my PC, but this sort of move is bad. Bad for business, and bad for the users. Best of luck, but I fear this is the beggining of the end for XBMC (and I’ll NEVER call it Kodi)

    • h.udo Aug 01, 2014 


    • rd1979 Aug 01, 2014 

      I agree. Put simply, the name is stupid. The users should have had more input on this then to just suddenly have this thrust upon us.

    • Will Aug 01, 2014 

      Plex is an XBMC Fork and the dev is a twat that threw a temper tantrum because he couldnt have OSX exclusive features and left the XBMC team to form his own MC software company. Now hes sitting pretty because he made tons of money off PLEX by forking the code for its media player.

      Instead of helping out XBMC and sharing his software much like the XBMC team he made the server software proprietary.

      Fuck Elan Feingold, He’s a douche. I don’t care how userfriendly Plex becomes, they’ll never see a dime from me.

      • TheMan Aug 01, 2014 

        You’re kidding, right? Are you literally fucking retarded? You’re holding a grudge (thereby having a loyalty to a PIECE OF FUCKING SOFTWARE) against a guy that wanted to ADD FEATURES to piece of OPEN SOURCE software, but was rebuffed by the cadre of soft-ego’d manbabies that make up the dev team. So he, like many people do with open source projects, forked it, made it better AND made money off it?

        And you are mad at him?

        No. You’re jealous. You know you’ll never succeed. So you turn that anger and hatred for yourself into a laser beam focused directly at someone you’ll never know, for reasons your feeble fucking brain could never understand.

        Rest easy, sweet Icarus. Your wax wings will never come close to the sun that is rational though and adult behavioral response.

        • CalmDown Aug 02, 2014 

          What features were added to Plex the app exactly? The majority of their effort went into their closed source Plex Media Server, any changes to the forked codebase was to facilitate that.

      • ayster Aug 05, 2014 

        Plex is free so you don’t need to pay a dime, or any currency to them, unless you really want the ‘pro’ features. I run Plex for the ease of being able to watch my media where ever I have an internet connection and a browser, without having to jump through hoops configuring databases and access rights or opening ports on my router, it just works! XBMC is also great, but at the moment I prefer Plex.

    • bleh Aug 01, 2014 

      Ok, nobody cares what you call it, you gigantic whiny baby.

    • Jason Bonney Aug 01, 2014 

      My sentiments exactly. The name is horrible. I would suggest a user contest to rename the software. To be honest I’m kinda surprised they didn’t do something that before just deciding on a new name. Or maybe a poll with a handful of options so we could vote or provide some input. Seriously please don’t let my beloved XBMC be renamed “Kodi” <- major poo

  • HarlemSquirrel Aug 01, 2014 

    I was wondering how the XBMC name was going to work out when I heard Valve wants to put it on the Steam OS. I’m sure the MS Empire was waiting for the proper time to pounce. I’m also sure they took several elements of this awesome software for the latest OS refreshes.

    Keep up the great work, guys!

  • Vampirebat Aug 01, 2014 

    I really like this idea and i think that it is long overdue.

  • Jeffrey Aug 01, 2014 

    Although I have full understanding as to the motivation behind picking a new name, and the fact you settled with Kodi it sounds and looks (right now) more like a plaything /toybrand for young children rather than a settled and renowned Entertainment Center brand..
    Luckily I read you guys are working on a new logo, because this is meant to stand in all of our living rooms, so I beg of you to keep it as minimalistic as the old logo.

    Can’t wait for the final logo! (Pleeaaase make it minimalistic-ish like the old one :$)

  • Iain MacLeod Aug 01, 2014 

    Congratulations. I’ve been using the system for at least ten years and I am pleased by this news. It’s the right move.

  • Scott Aug 01, 2014 

    Take my media studio name: DXMedia
    Not digging on Kodi but long overdue.

  • Stefan Lingenhöfer Aug 01, 2014 


    just to inform you. In Germany “Kodi” is a cheap-Shop-Franchise. The Stuff you can buy there is from very low quality and doesn’t last long. Nothing I want to associate with XBMC … ;-)

  • davero Aug 01, 2014 

    Kodi – meaning of Kodi name

  • Dan Aug 01, 2014 

    You are naming your software after my daughter Kodi? That’s kind of neat haha!

    • Nathan Betzen Aug 02, 2014 

      You probably don’t know this, but we were thinking of you during the vote!

  • h.udo Aug 01, 2014 

    Ah! Brilliant!!!

    In the long run many goods things will come out from this decision.

    Question to piss-off the nay-sayers: why the f**k do you care about the name change? Its the same brilliant software under the hood… software we all love!

    I bet that if the news title started with “This is the last XBMC release…” or “XBMC is now part of some-big-company-name-here and…” your opinion would REALLY matter.

    Get real about the name change! In the long run this is a good thing!

    From my part, +1 every second of the day. Long live the open source efforts to make the world a better place.


  • Stennie Aug 01, 2014 

    … and right as my 5 year old daughter finally started pronouncing “XBMC” correctly! Drat! “Kodi” should be much easier, though, what with the vowels and all.

    Honestly, I kinda feel the same way I did when I heard the “Nintendo Revolution” was going to be called “Wii”. It turned something that sounded badass into something silly. But I know, like “Wii”, “Kodi” will grow on me eventually.

  • sialivi Aug 01, 2014 

    I’m sorry to say I agree with some of the other commenters that Kodi sounds like a kids brand; something you would find at toys’r'us

    I’m a bit disappointed that there was no community involvement picking a new name; first requesting suggestions and then a poll

  • Rodalpho Aug 01, 2014 

    I don’t love the new name, but I’m sure it’ll grow on me. It’s certainly better than XBMC.

    Do you guys have any of the kodi domain names? Kodi.com and kodi.org has been owned by some dude in Syracuse since 2000 and 2004 respectively. Some guy in California has kodi.net. Kodi.io is available, suggest you snatch it right away.

    • Rodalpho Aug 01, 2014 

      Ahh I see you grabbed kodi.tv. Good.

      Lots of people change names without getting domains first and it ends up in tears!

  • calev Aug 01, 2014 

    Wow that logo looks awful. Not the name I think most people would pick. When is the website going to get a name change?

  • Dark Aug 01, 2014 

    I love XBMC. But not the name Kodi… :(

  • lastcoder Aug 01, 2014 

    I don’t care about brands as long as the product rocks like xbmc does. Call it as you like but try to avoid mistakes when choosing a new name like made even by big companies – i.e. Mitsubishi that called a car pajero not knowing it stands for a**hole in spanish lol

  • Ego Aug 01, 2014 

    I hope no one got paid to come up with that name, it’s right up there with the XBMC mascot in terms of originality

  • FREAKJAM Aug 01, 2014 

    Is the website also changing their domain to kodi.org?

  • John Aug 01, 2014 

    How is the new name pronounced? Is the second syllable pronounced “dee”, or is it more like the word “die”?

  • Curt Hostetter Aug 01, 2014 

    Absolutely the worst decision the dev team has made so far. XBMC is a hugely powerful brand (and a great sounding name). Now we have some childish logo and… Kodi, the dilapidated 3-legged dog with a drooling problem.

    User of 10 years and am extremely disappointed with this.

    • Nathan Betzen Aug 02, 2014 

      I’ll be honest, I think adding and then completely ignoring karaoke support may have been a bigger blunder on our parts. Maybe it’s a matter of opinion.

  • Pete Aug 01, 2014 

    Kodi sounds like a pet dinosaur, not one of the most sophisticated piece of software known to mankind… you can do better than that.
    Kodi Foundation? Kodi Software? Team Kodi? Kodilogs.com? Kodi Wiki? Kodi.org? None of it works…Sorry guys, but you’d be better off sticking with an acronym or descriptive name.

    “free and open source (GPL) software media player and entertainment hub that can be installed on Linux, OSX, Windows, iOS, and Android, featuring a 10-foot user interface for use with televisions and remote controls.”
    FOSS Media Center??? lol

  • MK84 Aug 01, 2014 

    In the Malay street language, Kodi generally means low quality/poorly built/not as good. :-)

  • pr0xZen Aug 01, 2014 

    I guess this move is long overdue – better now than later. I can’t really say I’m a big fan of “Kodi” though. No connotation relating to anything near what XBMC is, “stands for” or performs – comes to mind. Just mostly dogs and and cheap toys. The XBMC team really should let it sink in and think thrice before going with it – redoing it after the fact, is going to be a lot more messy than before it goes “in the press”.

    I know its a lot to cover – but given that XBMC has been such a community project – I think its only proper etiquette that the community gets a voice in this.

  • Rutger Aug 01, 2014 

    Not to be mixed up with the dutch pornsite kodiefiles.nl?

  • xbs Aug 01, 2014 

    Hate the new name. Awefull.
    Glad I use openelec.

  • Tony Aug 01, 2014 

    How about providing an opportunity for your loyal fan base to come up with a more dynamic, memorable name? I agree that Kodi sounds like a kids toy.

  • Xbmk Aug 01, 2014 

    Gutted, been with XBMC since the Xbox and only just got my limited edition hoodie with XBMC on the front. I Liked that the name XBMC gave the software a history within the name itself and has always retained that feeling of community within that. Kodi is at first glance simply another brand looking for a space in a crowded marketplace. I do understand that there are trademark issues and I guess that I am just a bit bitter to see my favourite piece of software change the name I have become accustomed to. You guys rule, rock and generally kick ass and we love you but in my mind I will always call it … X B M C.

  • linuxares Aug 01, 2014 

    I don’t care for the name to be honest. You have made a fantastic product. I used it well on the original Xbox.

    Kodi is nice, short and easy.

    Give it you all!

  • Alex Aug 01, 2014 

    “In essence both the “XB” and “MC” simply don’t make a whole lot of sense any more.”

    So here’s kodi which makes even less sense! Woo!

  • jose Aug 01, 2014 

    Why not simply keep “XBMC” and change the meaning of the acronym?
    I agree with @Rocker, the logo seems similar to that of mplayer…

    • nascent Aug 02, 2014 

      I just don’t get why you change the meaning of the initialism XBMC.
      XBMC stands for XBMC Big Media Center
      Or just remove any meaning from the Inialism, and just have XBMC without meaning.

  • JUSTINB Aug 01, 2014 

    Circle circle dot dot, now I have my Kodi shot

  • Sister Ranking Aug 01, 2014 

    I am okay with it. XBMC has been the best thing in my life after the birth of my kids though! I appreciate the team of developers and I would continue to support you’ll even if you’ll change the name to Susan.

  • Stephan Aug 01, 2014 

    Keep up the good work people!! The product rocks big time!!

  • ZombieRobot Aug 01, 2014 

    Nice move in my opinion!

  • Wyatt Aug 01, 2014 

    Does anyone even really know what “XBMC” stands for, these days? I mean yeah, WE all do. But in general? I think it unlikely.

    This is very similar to the situation KDE faced a long time ago, only they chose to not sacrifice their name recognition. And you’ve got about a decade of that stuff to go with your perfect domain name.

    I understand wanting to distance yourselves from the distant past, but this just seems like a waste of a very precious resource.

    PS: DEFINITELY keep the domain name. If you let it expire, I GUARANTEE it’ll get squatted.

  • Majster Aug 01, 2014 

    I do hope this is some silly joke. Who cares if this magic software nowdays can’t run on XBOX? But it’s here where it all started, you can’t just wipe that out! The name is XBMC is old and we all know what it stands for. The name is legendary and nothing you should just change like that. Don’t know how few beers you guys have been drinking. Kodie?? Honestly, you have to drink a few more. The name Kodie just sounds wrong.. horrible and childish. Drink up and let the name be XBMC for ever!

  • LastProphet Aug 01, 2014 

    it could be worse… like … kody

  • shedrock Aug 01, 2014 

    The XBMC team seems so concerned about user feedback, mind you, this is all after the fact.

    Shouldn’t such a drastic move such as a name change be put to a vote by the community?

    Who bought you guys out? Surely there is more to this name change other than the mumbo jumbo you guys are feeding us.

    Why can’t people just leave things the way they are? XBMC (the name) just works!

    If it ain’t broke, why try to fix it?

    This in my humble opinion is a very unwise decision. Plus, the name Kodi is weak and also has no meaning.

    I guess the decision is final, but you guys should have at least consulted with your donating members first. I think it was the least you all could have done to show your appreciation.

    • Martijn Aug 01, 2014 

      Put on your alu-foil hat.

      • Weirdh Aug 01, 2014 

        Way to be a dick about honest feedback… You must be fun at parties.

      • Dickbutt Aug 12, 2014 

        You’re quite an asshat. All we want is a vote for the name of the program. It’s ridiculous.

    • Ned Scott Aug 02, 2014 

      There is more to it, but no one bought us out. Check out the forum threads on forum.xbmc.org and you’ll see. We have to do a little bit of “read between the lines” because we can’t just come out and say it :\

  • J Jinglehiemer Aug 01, 2014 

    Name is horrible, sounds like a brand of granola. Logo is way too kiddie.

  • Fredrik Aug 01, 2014 

    I agree with everyone else that thinks the new name sounds childish and cheap. Even though XBMC is not the smoothest word to say it sounds professional and clean.
    And the new logo…seriously? It is hands down one of the worst I’ve seen this year. The xbmc logo was simple and elegant, the new one might as well be the logo for a plastic toy tv.
    I know picking a name can be really hard, therefore I’m really surprised that you didn’t take advantage of your giant fan base and set up some poll or something.
    Also, a last note, you mentioned you wanted to switch name because the old one caused confusion, but the name you switched to is the name of a German (cheap) store AND a lot of the standard domain names for it are already registered? Maybe should have done some research?
    Anyway, great software but please…I will definitely never call it Kodi

  • Will Aug 01, 2014 

    I’ve been an XBMC user since xbox, as much as much as I love the heritage of the name it was bound need a change in the coming years, especially now that Xbox has nothing to do with XBMC anymore other than its first platform. I can’t say I’m a fan of the name Kodi, it doesn’t really roll off the tounge comfortably when talking about a media center platform.

    Whatever the case, I look forward to the next XBMC release. Oops, I mean Kodi. Old habits die hard ;)

  • NitrousXBMC Aug 01, 2014 

    I vote to take another stab at this.

    I understand the need to leave XBMC behind (as hard as that is) but Kodi sounds like it could be the new koala reproduction of Teddy Ruxpin.

    Kodi is meaningless, which leaves the rich history of this project in the dust. That is truly unfortunate. Something that speaks to community, contribution, openness and media would be a much better choice imho.

  • Pascal Aug 01, 2014 

    KODI is also a radio station http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/KODI

    Whatever the name will be, the software is still great.

  • wolvesatm9 Aug 01, 2014 

    My opinion on this is that is going to be dificult at firts to get use to the change of name. But i also understand the legal issues. I just dont feel the name and i think it will be a good choise if you guys give us 4-5 options that you like and make a pool here and let the people (fans) have the last word. Anyway you always will have my support as well as the rest of XBMC community because you guys do an amazing work! Keep it up and good luck!! (Because your luck is ours)

  • Brosto Aug 01, 2014 

    I can’t say I’m a fan of the new name. As others have suggested, a community vote on the new name would have been awesome.

  • ilya Aug 01, 2014 

    I’m afraid I really don’t like the name.
    It’s not the sort of thing that would normally (or should….) bother me but I’ll be sad to see xbmc vanish.

    All references in my head and to other people from now on will probably be “openelec” :)

  • JohnD Aug 01, 2014 

    Horrible logo and name, it sounds like a kid and the logo looks like it was made by one.

    This can’t be the best there is, get some more ideas and put it up for a vote.

    How do you come up with cool version names like Helix and Gotham but the project name Kodi? I don’t understand.

  • reaper527 Aug 01, 2014 

    this name change is awful. put this on the back burner until you come up with a better name.

  • minorthreat Aug 01, 2014 

    What the hell? This is the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard in my life. What a massive waste of time that could have been better spent making xbmc more awesome. Seriously disappointed.

  • NEOhidra Aug 01, 2014 

    Kodi? I think i liken better XBMC but the decision is made!

    I wish the name means something like all the previous names. But no it will be meaningless!

  • Cthugha Aug 01, 2014 

    Sad to see the super classic name xbmc go away :( Well, I might just completely switch to Plex anyway (the only thing that has stopped me is the handling of subtitles).

  • Verderer Aug 01, 2014 

    Agree with the reaksjon for the name change.
    Don’t like the new name though, far to “cuddly”.
    Not be going to be getting any new T-shirts with a name like that.
    Still lurving the work that’s done though :)

  • Daniel Aug 01, 2014 

    XBMC is all about community, I built a skin before because I’m part of the community like everyone else that supports it recommends it to friends and joins the forums and want to support xbmc and help it grow

    But Team XBMC really needed to let the community cast a vote on there favorite name!

    Koki sounds likes a children’s clothing brand…

  • live4ever Aug 01, 2014 

    I’m not really a fan of the name either.

    Why not just Helix? As in “software media player and entertainment hub” is in our DNA … the whole source code ‘evolving’ into what it is today etc.

    • Nathan Betzen Aug 02, 2014 

      Trademarking the name Helix for software is next to impossible.

  • bluenote Aug 01, 2014 

    Fine, change the name. But “kodi” is terrible. Please come up with something else.

  • TheAlex Aug 01, 2014 

    Well i like the new name, but i think is not very “sticky” for a Media Entertainment Center, also i think Kodi is a Dog’s name lol.

    Anyways, i love the software and im very thankfull for all the team’s work :D , keep the name Kodi.. it will ve “sticky” with the pass of the time.

    Sorry for my bad English, hope u can understand me.

    :D :D

  • Deezle Aug 01, 2014 

    Kodi?! What an awful choice! That’s the name of a german housewares discounter and the name of a radiostation.
    Oh, please! Reconsider your choice!

  • Baldfox Aug 01, 2014 

    Love the software, have installed/converted more machines for people than I can count, but am afraid to say I too think this name sounds inappropriate. XBMC may have been a mouthful but it stood for something, and it had meaning which conveyed a sense of professionalism about it (and rightly so). Kodi is too childish sounding for me.

  • turbodonkey Aug 01, 2014 

    Change. I don’t like it, and I’m sorry, I don’t really like the new name either. I understand your reasons for changing, but…

  • Ted Aug 01, 2014 

    O no.. Use Xbmc since the beginning, even followed the Xbox media player that was before.. I also thought this was a 1 April joke.. The name Kodi is so childish..
    And why no voting/poll on the forums?
    Xbmc is worth a better and more mature name.

  • Daz Aug 01, 2014 

    Seems like you haven’t done enough research if the name is already in use.
    That’s likely to cause more problems than it prevents.

    You might want to rethink the name while you still have time.

    Xbmc is great by the way :)

  • Christoph Aug 01, 2014 

    I agree that a rename is overdue and totally support the usage of the Mozilla Foundations great work. I’m curious however, if the Software Freedom Law Center did a trademasearch on Kodi on behalf of the development team to prevent similar problems with possible trademark infringement like we have today with xbmc. At least in Europe Kodi is a registered trademark for a German supermarket franchise which will definitely make it even more of a legal challenge for european hosted “Kodi community” websites

    • Martijn Aug 01, 2014 

      Trademarks are only valid in the same segment of operation. Software is not the same as store

      • Turrican76 Aug 02, 2014 

        Yeah like Metro the Design language which Mocrosft choosed to name change because the German company Metro AG said the name had the potential to infringe on their “Metro” trademark. I think Kodi is absolutely terrible and considering that many of the developers for xbmc come from germany i can`t understand how they could event hink about naming it kodi. It`s like naming it tjmaxx in the us…

        • da-anda Aug 03, 2014 

          I’m from germany/bavaria and I’ve never seen a Kodi supermarket – didn’t even know they existed

      • Patrick Aug 04, 2014 



        => Computersoftware …. it could be a problem to use this name in germany …

        For Germany is KODI a bad choice …
        It’s a Shop-Merchandise with very low quality products … yeah :(

  • Nitin Aug 01, 2014 

    I won’t be surprised if there are skins that will wipe all references to Kodi, and stick with XBMC, especially on the initial splash screen. It never did earlier, but Plex sounds nicer now.

    Anyways, it doesn’t matter. “Rose by another name…”

  • pajser Aug 01, 2014 

    You can call it bobi I don’t care. Just keep up the good work. You are the best!

  • fortran Aug 01, 2014 

    Not so bad. Kodi, it’s easy to use. I like it.

  • snozski Aug 01, 2014 

    april fools

  • Memphiz Aug 01, 2014 

    It’s kodi – and its just a name. People will get used to it same like with others. So after letting the first shock settle – maybe we could stop the “how much beer did you drink” insults. Whatever you associate with kodi now (porn, low quality toys or what not) – associations will change for sure.

    Thx to the various positive commenters which seem to understand the reason without caring too much about the elected name.

    Long live XMBC XBMX BMXC and all other stupid permutations of those 4 letters…

    Welcome idok doki odki and others – the people which like to fatfinger the project name have still the same number of options at least ;)

    • Martijn Aug 01, 2014 

      hahahaha :D

    • Flhthemi Aug 02, 2014 

      Don’t forget “Okiedokie”. ..


  • sxm Aug 01, 2014 

    I understand the reason behind the name change.
    But Kodi? Come on, I find that a pretty questionable name.

    Why not choose somthing like:
    - LibreMC or Libre Media Center
    - OpenMC or Open Media Center
    - Open Source Media center or OSMC
    - Open Info Dashboard or OID

  • Matt Aug 01, 2014 


    I don’t like it i get why you are doing it but i have gotten used to XBMC and so have the people i have introduced it to i can just say XBMC and straight away they know what i am talking about

    Not sure about the name either Kodi make me think you named it after someone and it appears to not stand for anything and it sounds like some obscure Linux Distro that runs of KDE or something

    Maybe in time i will get used to it but right now perhaps a cooler name might have been better something cool sleek and flashy sounding might have been a better choice something to do with technology or media or something IDK

    my opinion anyways

  • Miguel Aug 01, 2014 

    Yeah! I like the name, i will get used to it. Please choose a nice logo guys
    I can already imagine Kodi OS…

  • Nitin Aug 01, 2014 

    I guess all the sponsors who integrate and promote with XBMC, also have some work on their hands. Were they informed earlier?

  • Meee Aug 01, 2014 

    Is Kodi an acronym, or just a poorly chosen random-ish name?

    Makes sense to change it, though. Anytime anoyone asked me wheat “xbmc:” stood for, I’d get a confused look upon me answering them.

  • Noak Sten Aug 01, 2014 

    The name sounds like a toy and the logo looks like it’s a TV channel for kids.

    XBMC looks more professional and is a better brand. And if it’s truly a OSS project you shouldn’t care if people package it up and sell it. Relying on copyright is only an artificial security which in reality doesn’t mean anything. Stand up for your believes.

  • discotech Aug 01, 2014 

    eh, I don’t particularly care for it. xbmc is such a sleek, clean name. It’s classy and also a little mysterious. Kodi sounds just a bit too kiddy, like a GUI heavy linux distro. A different logo would definitely help shake that perception though. But, i guess as long as the software continues to deliver, who cares?

    even so, Kodi- Helix, eh it just doesn’t sound as cool.

  • Hasu0bs Aug 01, 2014 

    You’ve got to be kidding me. You realize that although the first letter is the same this is not April the first right?!!

    I think Kodi is a horrible name. Not only because it reminds me of the cheap ass stores here in Germany that sell ‘everything and nothing’. Come on. So many German team members and now this… :(

    • Memphiz Aug 03, 2014 

      I traveled alot in germany already and really mate – i think nobody of us germans in the team ever heard anything of this kodi thingy. We know Kick – and decided not to call XBMC like that :D .

      I really don’t get the hype about things out there which are associated NOW with Kodi. I mean give it some weeks and a big bunch of hardcore users will associate it with the Media Center software they are using – don’t you think?

      Raspberry-Pi is a good example – it used to be associated with a fruit – now you know what it is associated with …

  • abrasion Aug 01, 2014 

    Was wondering just last week to myself, when are they going to eventually do this, maybe go for a more descriptive name? Something more meaningful.

    Well, I’m not a huge fan of Kodi but I’ll get used to it I guess, it’s sad to see XBMC go but I get it. I do concur with others, would’ve been nice to approach the community and have us all try to hash out a name for it in the forums for a couple of months. Might’ve been a bit messy but could’ve been worth it.

    I spose many other good media player products though don’t rely on a descriptive name, it’s what they do and how they do it which matters, so in a years time, this won’t bug me so much. Hopefully!

  • Jason Aug 01, 2014 

    Put the very last of each item up for auction as a fundraiser and likewise for the very first Kodi branded merchandise.

  • Tommy Aug 01, 2014 

    I guess it was time, but kodi is nothing more than a new name that lacks meaning. xbmc atleast had pedigree.

    Building a new name from zero is a hard job to do, the biggest problem might be that someone else snags the old name and the confusion is paramount.

    I love the software, it’s awesome, the name is for me just a name.

    And, yeah, I’ve been an avid user since the beginningon Xbox.

    So, welcome kodi and goodbye xbmc!

    • Draco Aug 02, 2014 

      Kodi has meaning kodi = kable over da internet

  • FlangeMonkey Aug 01, 2014 

    XBMC past names have always linked…The name XBMC has also gained an elitist respect. Now Kodi… what does that stand for. I understand the reasons for changing the name, but Kodi doesn’t sound right. It might over time, but right now that name alone loses loyalty. Psychologically people my see this as a new and less developed product.

    When products have changed names to something completely different, I (and many others) see the change and also see it as a time to change themselves. If its not done right.

    It should be a name that pays homage to its routes…

  • Cody Aug 01, 2014 

    You spelled Cody wrong.

    • aptalca Aug 03, 2014 


  • Weirdh Aug 01, 2014 

    “while the software still acts as a media center, it also hosts addons, loads games, streams content to and from numerous devices, and can ultimately act as a complete replacement for whatever platform it is hosted on”

    That just isn’t sound reasoning. Add-ons, games and streamed content can still all be classified as media, right?? Losing the ‘MC’ from the name isn’t necessary at all..!

  • JohnnyFrakes Aug 01, 2014 

    I don’t like the name. Let me explain why:
    Imagine me telling people “I’m using Kodi”. Nobody will have a clue what that is. Could be anything. “What does it stand for?” Nothing. It’s not an acronym, it doesn’t explain anything. For all people know it could be the nieghbours son. Think about the t-shirts. XBMC on the shirt? I can see that, and peole will ask about it. It’s nothing someone would print on a shirt because shirts with print are more likely to sell than plain shirts. But “Kodi”? Who would be interested in knowing about something called Kodi? Is it an artist? Is it a comic book? A new kids restaurant? Or just something to be printed on shirts so they don’t look plain?

    So I implore you to reconsider the name. My preferable choice would be keeping XBMC and just find another meaning for XB.
    And no, it’s still a media center. A hub for many kinds of media. If those media are entertaining is not up to you. Saying the Media Center part isn’t true anymore is just a try to rationalize the name change.

  • milko Aug 02, 2014 

    I get the reasons, but the name and logo are really bad. (And if the logo is not final… why launch a rebrand with it? The first impression is now out there.) It’s like a simple kid’s program – not representative of the software at all.

  • Ryan Aug 02, 2014 

    Why can’t XBMC be renamed “Helix” and use a new codename. Helix is a really cool, tech sounding name that will not go out of style as a fad.

    Kodi is a kids name that was chosen for a reason that doesn’t make sense without the logo. This logo better be temporary. I wish the name were too.

  • Malik Aug 02, 2014 

    Does this mean that we’ll be seeing a new GUI? I love seeing refreshed things! A new name should deserve a new look! :3

  • redeyeslim Aug 02, 2014 

    i just downloaded it but haven run it yet, is it working properly already? would it sync with the old one i have or should uninstall the old one before i run the new one?

  • Mike Aug 02, 2014 

    Gotta add my two cent.

    I’ve been using this software since it was Xbox Media Player and have loved it every since I first installed it (except for the first version of Xbox Media Center, I keep using the Media Player version for awhile). Now we have 3 installations connected to TVs and Projector as well as about 8 other installations of it in my house (seven kids), using all of the OS versions and I have also turned literally dozens of other families onto this great software; we truly love XBMC and I’m sure we will continue to no matter it’s future name.
    I completely understand the need to change the name but when I saw the RSS Feed for this topic today I came to the site and read the article right away; I have to say it made me a bit sad. I immediately wanted to buy a shirt, though it took me a couple of hours to get back to it (got number 149) and now a couple of hours later I came back to re-read the article and comments. I agree with many of the above statements; namely that it feels like changing to a name which means nothing strips away the rich pedigree and history that XBMC has and I also feel like I’m personally losing something (though I can’t imagine what the XBMC Team is feeling).
    I know that things done by committee are usually unweidly and often badly done but this change sort of feels like I came home and my wife renamed one of my kids without even talking to me first. Is there any way for a choice to be presented to the loyal community, that you’ve build, and allow a vote?

    Either way, thank you so much for all you have provided us with and for your continued commitment.

    Long Live XBMC!!!!!!

    • Gazineu Aug 02, 2014 

      Wise words, man.
      To the TeamXBMC: just change the acronym meaning, for God’s sake!

  • IcarusImmortal Aug 02, 2014 

    Why not just keep it simple with a name that tells the user what it is?
    XBMC made sense, Kodi doesn’t….

    Since it is THE Open Source Entertainment Center, why not TOSEC (pronounced as “toss” and “ek”).

    For the logo I would suggest a diamond shape as an outline and the Play symbol inside. It should of course be monochromatic so as to be visible at different screen sizes and resolutions. Why a diamond shape? Because it is the “brilliant” entertainment center!

  • cujo Aug 02, 2014 

    Kodi is an awful name for powerful software. The play symbol in the logo is tacky too. It reminds me of Amazon Prime Instant Video.

  • XBMC Fan Aug 02, 2014 

    I understand the logic behind wanting to go with a new name but this name is a bad move. A name should mean something. It should help in conjuring up an image of what it is and help users “connect” with the product. KODI to a regular user means nothing. I love the software but the name will definitely have a negative impact to mass adoption. This is a bad name!

    XBMC was easy to explain to others – it is a media center that was built for the XBOX and now works on multiple different platforms. It still is a media center a very versatile one at that. I believe the name should have MC in it. But no way should it be called KODI. :-(

  • AntiKodi Aug 02, 2014 

    I think a name change is needed for the same reasons you stated, but Kodi is just a terrible name. Kodiak would even be an inprovement.

  • AntiKodi Aug 02, 2014 


  • Garret Aug 02, 2014 

    Been a huge fan of XBMC ever since the XBMP days. I understand the need for a name change, but the name Kodi really undermines the project as a whole. I imagine it’s a matter of perspective, but I can also clearly see it being a common viewpoint rather then a vocal minority.

    I get that it comes off as a more broad appeal, but I’ve always thought XBMC differentiated itself from things like Plex by being a customizable powerhouse. Somehow, the previous name “XBMC” (which people literally say as “X. B. M. C.” made it sound like it was for enthusiasts. I agree with other sentiments that it Kodi sounds like it’d be aimed at kids, at the very least, someone introducing it to someone else for the first time would very likely point out quickly that it has nothing to do with kids.

    I can also understand why the naming selection would not be up for discussion or a vote, but at least reconsider. Surely you don’t want to be confused with the likes of Barney?

    Person:: “Kodi? Is that like Barney?”
    XBMC User: “For the hundredth time, NO.”

    • jmarshall Aug 02, 2014 

      Just say “K.O.D.I” and sound all leet :)

      XBMC was phonetic, after all.

    • Ned Scott Aug 02, 2014 


      Like of like how Kodak is “code-ack”

      It was supposed to be a way to work playback symbols into words, such as the word “code” as in computer code.

      • Garret Aug 02, 2014 

        Code eye sounds pretty slick. Kodi looks like a name though (and Google i, which is pronounced the same as Cody.

      • ruuk Aug 02, 2014 

        Are you saying this is supposed to be pronounced “code-eye” or am I misunderstanding your comment?

        • Ned Scott Aug 03, 2014 

          It’s just a suggested alternative for people who don’t like the “cody” sound ;)

          It’s probably a bit of a stretch, but it was how I was reading it for a while.

    • Memphiz Aug 03, 2014 

      You are right – the conversations before were much easier

      “Your EX – Girfriend”
      “No the 4 letters – X. B. M. C”
      “Ahhh thats cool – how did you call it? BMXC?”
      “No X…”

      Yeah i think you know what i mean …

  • waldo22 Aug 02, 2014 

    Interesting choice.

    Short, Memorable and… easy to pronounce!!!

    I think I like it.


  • BigB42078 Aug 02, 2014 

    Still plenty of time to change name before “14″. Why so drastic of a name change. XB all that needs to be changed. Why not something along the lines of open source media center or entertainment center software?

  • TJ Aug 02, 2014 

    Perhaps a bit too early to ask this, but how will the name change reflect the file structure and the folder naming of Kodi, as well as upgrading from Gotham?

    What I mean is on all my platforms that I use XBMC I merely copy my entire ‘.xbmc’ folder to the proper place, and even if I use older versions of XBMC or upgrade later, everything stays the same. Now that it will be called “Kodi,” and presumeably the folder will change in name, will all addons and customizations have to be updated from scratch and one-by-one to work? Or will there maybe be a migratory plan when going from XBMC to Gotham to make it an easy upgrade/change?

    Again, probably very early of a concern to inquire about.

    • Ned Scott Aug 03, 2014 

      If anything like that chances then we’ll make sure it upgrades from v13, at the very least. Changing the XBMC reference in internal settings and folders like that isn’t totally necessary for the rebranding, so it might not change for v14, but will eventually be done. We’ll definitely give our best to make it a smooth transition.

  • Mitchell Aug 02, 2014 

    Oh great, now I have to change all of my IVIPID home theater intros to … KODI? Are you … KIDDING?

  • Kodi Aug 02, 2014 

    With my real name being Kodi this is a blessing in disguise, Now I can tell my mates…Watch this movie on me tonight ;) Ahhh this is a dream come true!

  • sabin357 Aug 02, 2014 

    I understand having to change the name, although the chosen option is terrible. I work with numerous people named a variation of Cody. A piece of software should not be easily confused with a person’s name, as it makes it hard to speak about without confusing people.

    I’m not sure why doing away with the initials & just naming it XBMC was off the table. It doesn’t have to stand for anything…you just proved that point wonderfully with the name you chose.

  • JNasty Aug 02, 2014 

    XBMC fan since the original xbox. I had 3 modded as a matter of fact. I love the XBMC name. Like many others have said, it has meaning. I don’t mind a name change but a name change without meaning is meaningless. Branding is going to be hard to accomplish. It should have some type of connection to it’s history even if it doesn’t contain any form of Xbox. Some original names for the Xbox(1) was Marz, VERV, TAC & CPG and the 360 was codenamed Xenon and/or TSO. IJS saying stick to it’s roots somehow. BTW the name Kodi really bites IMHO and doesn’t do it any justice. Either way I’ll still support it over all other Media centers and knockoffs. JM2C.

  • me Aug 02, 2014 

    This new name still sounds like April’s fools to me.
    Kodi? WTF? Why not name it Hodor instead? Equally stupid but at least well known …

  • Red Tape Media Aug 02, 2014 

    Yeah, gotta agree that Kodi as a name is not my favourite.

  • NumbNuts Aug 02, 2014 

    Really……Kodi? I don’t get it. Like Kodi the Koala bear? Between the name and the font used in that screen shot that’s what I think of. Not a cool name. Really gay.

  • Rich Aug 02, 2014 

    Awful choice for the new name. Simply awful.

  • J C Aug 02, 2014 

    I think I had a dog named that. Not a fan of the name, agree that it sounds very childish. I you need to change the name, so be it but find something better.

  • Grant Aug 02, 2014 

    Please please please reconsider that logo. I really dig the XBMC type-face, its very slick and clean. This playful scribble doesn’t match your audience at all, and I’m not happy but saddened xbmc is going this route because of it. I too have loved XBMC since my days with a hacked xbox. Since then I’ve become a professional graphic designer. This new branding means nothing to me, the name Kodi means nothing to me, and I feel the whole idea is just a huge pill to swallow for any fan of what you do.

    • Nader nooryani Aug 02, 2014 

      Don’t worry dude, as stated in the article it’s not the final design ;)

      Nothing’s stopping fans from creating mockups and posting them on the forums.. I could really care less about the name or logo at this point as it doesn’t change the fact that this is some seriously great software.

  • nicky2 Aug 02, 2014 

    Just use ‘Helix’ and search for a new code name. Helix sounds classy. ‘Helix media centre.’

  • Ian Aug 02, 2014 

    With all the code changes to bring about the name change will this also be used as an opportunity to update the Kodi (XBMC ;) ) official remote control app for Android?

  • Grant Aug 02, 2014 

    I mean take a cue from Boxee

  • nicky2 Aug 02, 2014 

    ‘Helix Media Centre’ -HMC. Its minimalistic.

  • lou cyfer Aug 02, 2014 

    kodi sounds like a gay name or a name for a dog.
    add some Xs !!!

  • loothor Aug 02, 2014 

    Great software, terrible name.

    I think you guys needed someone with marketing skills on the team for this one… the engineering prowess clearly doesn’t equate to naming prowess.

  • lordfiSh Aug 02, 2014 
  • n_ec Aug 02, 2014 

    KODI? are u serious? name and logo is about a silly game not a f*king awsome media center!

  • Mr V Aug 02, 2014 

    XBMC was a nice slick name… Couldn’t you make up something better? It sounds like a dog or something. I won’t ever be able to stop calling it XBMC.

  • gs Aug 02, 2014 

    The only thing worse than the name is the logo.

    As educated Germans would put it, “OMFG”.

  • Matt Aug 02, 2014 

    Long time user here and I must say I am not a fan of the new name. This should have been a community vote (at least from a choice of 5 candidate names).

    Also, that logo is not elegant enough to appeal to the target demographic.

  • Alexander Brown Aug 02, 2014 

    How about UEC Ultimate Entertainment Centre. Because as interesting as kodi sounds it has no meaning.

  • Turrican76 Aug 02, 2014 

    Generally dislike the name, even without the whole german discounter story which also bothers me as a german. But what really bothers me ist, that with xbmc being a software with such a strong community, why didn`t you just ask us. I mean, you made a big contest for the mascott and when such an important thing as a complete name change is on the line, you just do it? And then make a post explaining why but not how on earth the name kodi came up? That`s quite disappointing…

    • Matt G Aug 02, 2014 

      100% agree with you on this i think given the strong and active and judging by the comments including my own loyal and passionate community it should have been put to a vote before deciding not really community spirited behind closed doors type of thing

      I think the name is probably after someone’s dog or something cause it just doesn’t fit to me it sounds like a crappy obscure KDE Linux Distro

  • yadday Aug 02, 2014 

    “We are excited to announce that XBMC is changing its name to Kodi!”
    — No… you should be ashamed. Marketing-Fail!

    • Memphiz Aug 04, 2014 

      Marketing … who cares about marketing – this is an open source hobby – stop comparing it to your day jobs guys …

      • Nick Aug 04, 2014 

        No, as the hundreds of (mostly negative) replies show, it is NOT just a hobby for most people. The opening paragraphs of this announcement (see: legal) also disprove your assertion that it’s simply a hobby. If you are going to try to act “professional”, be professional. KODI is a poor choice for a product (which is what this software is, free or not) of this category. Choose a better one. If necessary get outside help. I’m sure there are many XBMC users who have marketing (and very likely software marketing) experience. Use them. Please.

        • Memphiz Aug 04, 2014 

          Its not just a hobby to the complaining people? Well what else then? A day job?

          Maybe its some peoples hobby to complain or to start shitstorms or what not. It might be passion or addiction – totally understandable.

          But this doesn’t change the fact that this is just a name (you can’t even really determine that the name is bad now). Its the products which make the feelings about a name not the name…

          So what do i personally (i am no voice of the team here – i am an individual) care how many users are telling me the name is shit? What has this to do with professionality? It is unprofessional to not hit the taste of all users? Just think about it – it is all very subjective imo.

          Move it to the forum – there is a dedicsted ranting thread – this blog post is getting messy…

      • Jean-Max Aug 29, 2014 

        yadday said on Aug 02, 2014 :
        “We are excited to announce that XBMC is changing its name to Kodi!”
        — No… you should be ashamed. Marketing-Fail!

        Memphiz said on Aug 04, 2014 :
        Marketing … who cares about marketing – this is an open source hobby – stop comparing it to your day jobs guys …

        It’s “Open-Source” : YES :
        So let users choose their best “Open-Name” ;-)
        Don’t force users with the name “KODI” , they don’t like
        BR from France

  • Sam&nerve Aug 02, 2014 

    Name sounds different, and honestly, quite strange at the beginning. I have to take time to keep it in mind, but we’ll, whatever the name, that’s a great software.

    I just want to tell you good luck!
    Good luck with all the troll and haters. With all the stupid guys that will spit on you because YOU change the name if THERE software !

    Sincerely, good luck!

  • Johan Aug 02, 2014 

    Well this is disappointing.. Can understand the legal stuff about xbmc as a valid concern. But the new name is utterly terrible.
    And sad that this wasn’t something that was brought up with the users before being decided on.
    Really hope you’ll reconsider and change it something more unique, when you said xbmc then everyone knew what it was.. Kodi.. New nickelodian show? New child actor? New tablet game for the kids?

  • mitchell4you Aug 02, 2014 

    it just sounds wierd.. kodi 14 ( in a sentence: im downloading kodi )
    Everyone knowns by name… xbmc

    why not use… kodi xbmc 14
    -brandname,product name,version

    my 2 cents

  • Guzeppi Aug 02, 2014 

    My recommendation: XEMC. This stands for eXtreme Entertainment and Media Centre.
    I have no idea about Copyright ramnifications of this but at least XEMC is not that far away from XBMC and allows for continued brand recognition whilst still intoducing the much required legal change. Or something to that effect anyhow. There are so many possibilities :)

  • Basje Aug 02, 2014 

    I am a long time user of XBMC starting on my Xbox. I understand the name change, and although this new name is not my favourite one (I liked the suggested Helix or Tower better), I will learn to live with Kodi.

    However, people Googling for a “media center” will find results line Plex, Boxes and Kodi. I think they will not go and visit Kodi as their first choice, because it sounds, as mentioned before, not as high tech.

    Finally: as a XBMC add-on developer I also wonder about the whole technical aspect af renaming: like the profile folder name, included add-on id’s, package id’s, python module names and so forth. Will there be some technical impact wiki page?

    • Basje Aug 02, 2014 

      I hate auto correct on my phone: Tower=TOSEC, Boxes=Boxes, af=off

  • Peter V Aug 02, 2014 

    I have to agree with what I’m assuming is to be the majority of comments here, that KODI sounds and looks FAR inferior to what XBMC is and hopefully always will be.

    Sure hope that there still is time to change this. If not – perhaps an option in settings where we kan disable/customise logo splash at startup?

  • c3p Aug 02, 2014 

    Name is ok, a bit generic maybe, but than at least my mother can remember the name as well (xbmc and xkcd are bot so remember-friendly.

    Please don’t usr a play button in your logo! I really like the xbmc logo that was simple and techy!

  • hacky4real Aug 02, 2014 


  • rikardo1979 Aug 02, 2014 

    I’m really worried that this is going to be beginning of the end of XBMC.
    From the comments I reading here and all over the internet, majority do not like it at all if no hate it.
    People already started to make a jokes of it and is not even in use yet.
    And the fact that Kodi states for like bad things, poor quality products, cheap supermarket, etc ???
    I would say that XBMC Team did a pretty bad decision.
    But lets hope for good

  • nicky2 Aug 02, 2014 

    Helix sounds cool. ‘Helix 14. Gotham’

  • anonymous Aug 02, 2014 

    kodi means chicken in telugu and crore (numerical) in tamil……………

  • Marco Aug 02, 2014 

    What a terrible Name … This is a Name of a cheap 50 ct store her in Germany …

  • ProfYaffle Aug 02, 2014 

    Just trawled through the vitriol and felt the need to add to the “debate”.

    Devs: well done for having the bravery to make the change, irrespective of to what. We all know how XBMC has been subverted in terms if what it represents, so couple that with any further risk and it needed to be done.

    Community: it’s a name, that’s all. How many folks realise that VW names cars after ball games and wind systems?

    • ProfYaffle Aug 02, 2014 

      Fat fingers on a four-inch screen :-)

      Acronyms are over-rated as well. Who (outside of the DE crew) knows what BMW stands for, or AT&T, or Wal*Mart, ALDI, Esso, etc.? Many products have meaningless names – TiVo, anyone?

      Just relax. The Foundation has ultimate liability, they felt it necessary, so support them or critique politely.

      • rikardo1979 Aug 02, 2014 

        no argue if the name dont state for many other things and mostly a bad products or brands

  • fasigno Aug 02, 2014 

    Please don’t do that, XBMC is a cool name and very popular, who cares if the X meant xbox? Work on a better and complete development documentation instead, it would be great!

  • Thomas Aug 02, 2014 

    Yes, let it be “Helix 14.0″

    Community votes go go go!

    KOBI sounds like a children McDonalds menu.

  • neo2001 Aug 02, 2014 

    Changing the name is perfectly reasonable for me.

    BUT “Kodi”? Seriously? It sounds like a character in a tv show for little children.

    You really should think this over! Please!

  • Akshay Zade Aug 02, 2014 

    Not complaining, but it would have been great had the name change been disclosed to a closer group of developers earlier than public. Now, I am maintainer of the only open source XBMC Remote on Windows Phone (http://bit.ly/XBMCRemoteWP) and would have liked to reserve the name ‘Kodi Remote’. But someone else took it.

  • William Aug 02, 2014 

    where can i buy the shirt when it’s ready “I want one!!!!”

  • blondeshanks Aug 02, 2014 

    IMHO I think a name change is well overdue and I kinda like it.

    I’m also guessing the name-change is a prelude to another big announcement regarding dedicated hardware (similar to boxee) running ‘Kodi’ so a change in name was absolutely necessary?

  • 2phase Aug 02, 2014 

    Why not something like this:

    XPEC = Cross-Platform Entertainment Center

  • Jannoos Aug 02, 2014 

    Awful name!

  • pvd-15 Aug 02, 2014 

    Perhaps the creators need to think carefully over the choice of the final name. A “Kodi” like a TV channel for children, or the player with karaoke.

  • Andrew Aug 02, 2014 

    Perhaps we all need to take a step back for a moment and try to remove the emotion associated with a name change, after all, that really is ALL it is. The software doesn’t change, the enjoyment it brings to it’s users doesn’t change, all it is is a change in the way we refer to the software we all know and love.
    The XB part of XBMC has been more of a distraction than anything over the last few years – try explaining what XBMC stands for when telling your friends what a fantastic piece of software this is and watch the puzzlement on their faces as you try to explain that, no, it doesn’t run on XBox 360 or Xbox One, that it started on the original Xbox and has evolved into an open source entertainment platform that can run on almost any hardware. Invariably, their next question will be “so why is it called XBMC??” Like I said, it’s a distraction, and, if anything, is holding the software back from even more widespread uptake.
    If you are telling your friends about a really cool FREE, OPEN-SOURCE, CONSTANTLY UPDATED media centre / entertainment front end / platform, their next question will be – “awesome, what’s it called ??” You reply KODI, they check it out -BANG- new user !
    For me, and probably for an aweful lot of us, the XBox will be where this amazing journey all started, and I will never forget that, and I will still continue to use my 3 original Xbox consoles with XBMC installed until the day they (or I!!) die. But it’s relevance in the long term has ended – time to move on !
    KODI is as good a name as any, and i can assure you after reading 200+ comments here it is already becoming second nature to call it by that name to me.
    Don’t be afraid of change – embrace it !!

    • koying Aug 02, 2014 

      Thanks for those words of wisdom.

      “What’s in a name? that which we call a rose/ By any other name would smell as sweet”

      • milko Aug 02, 2014 

        “Not if you called ‘em stench blossoms.”

        - Bart Simpson

        • Jay Aug 03, 2014 

          What if it was called Poopee?

  • filgo Aug 02, 2014 

    I admit I am a little bit conservative, MMC aka Millenium Media Center sounds better to me

  • robert Aug 02, 2014 

    Why new name? O_o

  • Johnm1969 Aug 02, 2014 

    Great software…Ridiculous name. If there is an ounce of sanity they will change it. Love HELIX.
    Also why did you not include the developers early in the decision making for the name at least. Seems like a huge snub to me.

    I guess open source software but as closed a group as Apple when it comes to making these huge decisions.

    • Nathan Betzen Aug 02, 2014 

      Sorry, which developers? There are some 50-60 developers on Team XBMC, most of whom have been involved in the discussion.

      • Kodi Aug 02, 2014 

        That name is so awesome, kids everywhere already made some drawings check my site. That is where Kodi stands for :) .

      • Akshay Zade Aug 03, 2014 

        He’s probably talking about app developers like me. Right now, I’m maintaining the only open source Windows Phone XBMC Remote. I obviously would have liked to reserve the name Kodi Remote for the app. But now someone else seems to have taken it!

        • Memphiz Aug 04, 2014 

          We just sue him now that we have the trademark … *kidding*…

          No seriously – this is a sad thing – and just a bad example on why we couldn’t do this name election in the public – someone would have registered the domains of possible candidates to sell them to us afterwards.

          Try to contact the owner (if he really registered it due to our name change – at least it sounds like that?)

  • joe holt Aug 02, 2014 

    Hooked up friends with XBMC. Soldered stuff and had a chopped up usb cord with a legit 007 game. I really don’t remember the details it’s been so long. I just remember I never put the xbox’s together right so they alway were bulging.

    You guys are going for cash, which you [u]deserve[/u], but that name is not going to work.

    It doesn’t have the feel. It wasn’t about stealing xbox games, or movies. Maybe it was about stealing roms.

    But it was about fun, and doin what they said NO to. Figure out a name from that.

  • Johnm1969 Aug 02, 2014 

    Nathan you obviously haven’t read all the posts. Please see Akshay Shade post. As you said most not all. I guess you can’t contact them all.
    However the point remains terrible name.
    Fantastic software and support but maybe the devs should have left the naming to a publicity company who excels in these things and instead concentrate on the software. If anything a name and logo makes all the difference for a brand, you have to acknowledge that the majority of posts are negative, not in the need to change the name, most understand that but the name and logo are at best amateurish.

  • joe holt Aug 02, 2014 

    And if you need money to fight for the name XBMC just ask.

  • Gabby Aug 02, 2014 

    Seriously? So much negativity over a name? Get over yourselves. And thankyou to the developers for creating and continuing to create something that has unlocked us from the capitalist majority. Such a massive thankyou from myself and my family, giving us the control :o )

  • majide Aug 02, 2014 

    Terrible name! Please consider user’s proposals: HEC, LEC, REC, … or some more independent like XBMC release names: Helix, Gotham, Frodo, Eden, Dharma, Camelot, Babylon, Atlantis – awesome names so far. Kodi sound like dog name for me.

    • nicky2 Aug 02, 2014 

      Helix is the best. It sounds classy. Cool name

  • Kodi Aug 02, 2014 

    You do now that you can hire people who can do make good graphical logo’s right?

  • Rebecca Aug 02, 2014 

    Kodi is the name of the young boy in Disney’s The Rescuers Down Under. Okay, his name is probably spelled Cody, but as that fact never appears in the film, so it could just be.
    If I had to pick a new name, I wouldn’t want the possibility that the people from the big D brand might file their trademark lawsuit claims. Their laywers cost more money than all of us combined make.
    Anyway, just thought I’d mention it, just because it is such an awfully terrible name and I haven’t even begun to mention that turd of a logo.

  • Ben Aug 02, 2014 

    There is a discounter in germany under the same name… So much for “quality”. Don’t like the name at all :-(

    • Memphiz Aug 04, 2014 

      I will rename this discounter if you tell me in what city in germany i have to travel.

      I kinda live in 3 german cities from time to time and somehow those kodi stores didn’t make it into my sight …

      No stop the discounter argument – Kodi is something else – no discounter (you might not be aware of that by now – but you will after some time for sure …)

  • George Aug 02, 2014 

    At first I thought this was a joke.

    There is a talentless, horrible quasi-celebrity named Kathie Lee Gifford. Ms. Gifford is a co-host on the final hour of Today, a morning show in the USA. She had a Broadway show last year about a woman who tried to inflict her moral values on Hollywood in the first half of the 1900s. The Broadway show only lasted about three weeks before it was canned. Ms. Gifford had a clothing line with her name at Walmart which was allegedly made by children working in sweatshops in third world countries.

    Kathie Lee Gifford’s son is named Cody. The name Kodi reminded me of the spawn of Satan. Not in a cool way but rather in a way that brought on nausea.

    Either keep XBMC or else seek public input

  • asdf Aug 02, 2014 

    Never forget where you are coming from…
    I have been using xbmc since the original xbox. While it surely is not the most elegant solution for the PC i often downloaded it anyway for PC as well because of its awesome heritage.
    Bye bye XBMC for PC and i hope the XBMC for XBOX will keep its original name.
    And yeah KODI sounds lame.

  • Vinoth Aug 02, 2014 

    fYI, In Tamil language, ‘Kodi’ means, flag.

    (Tamil is the most ancient language in the world and it is one of the longest surviving classical languages in the world.)

  • Chimera Aug 02, 2014 

    Yeah uh…no. Terrible name for many reasons mentioned above, and I’m guessing this means all of the install paths and binary names will change. This is going to cause massive headaches for people trying to upgrade to v14.

  • Me Aug 02, 2014 

    Panda antivirus detects virus in this file ?

  • blondeshanks Aug 02, 2014 

    Just a thought…

    If the name hadn’t been changed and we’d got to XBMC 17 codename ‘Kodi’ nobody would’ve battered an eyelid so I honestly cannot see the problem.

    It’s FREE and developed for FREE so I’ll be happily embracing it

  • MDK Aug 02, 2014 

    I hate the name kodi.
    I hate it!
    I Hate it so much, i will continue to release xbmc, taking your code and changing the name back.

    XBMC will continue. Now you are the fork! HAHA!

    But congratulations at getting shitty exactly like mediaportal

    F*ck kodi!

  • jjkusaf Aug 02, 2014 

    It is just a name for F sake. Some of these comments from self-entitling punks is nauseating. I personally could care less what they want to call this awesome piece of software. They are the ones that develop and spend their personal time, without asking for a dime, to give us a full featured media center. If that want to name it Kodi, or Kaka, or whatever…it is their right. I have nothing but praise and thanks that they have enabled my HTPC to have a great looking front end free of any playback issues.

  • MDK Aug 02, 2014 

    this just got to be the worst joke ever!
    Kodi is a registred trademark already, and you don’t own kodi.org but xbmc.org.
    Then fspath will change making things hard.
    If the X stands for XBOX well, did someone call it xbox media center lately? its just exbeeemcee or crossbeeemcee, whatever. that name had a tradition, it had history. now you just dump it like trash for a name with meanings like “low quality”

    But it’s a shocking thought that you are really caring about the name and then come up with kodi… and think that would be better…. now its just the same shit as everything else is on this planet nowadays, american style, optimized for braindead!

  • Goli84 Aug 02, 2014 

    Personally I would have kept XBMC and just changed the meaning. (XtraBadassMediaCollective lol!)
    The important thing to remember is that these people have developed something incredible, and no matter what they decide to call it (because they made it, not us) we should all give our thanks and support.

  • Dark Aug 02, 2014 

    As many others I too have been an XBMC user since the Xbox days. I actually bought a second hand Xbox just to run Xbmc on, as it was a great addition to my setup with a file server tucked away and the Xbox sitting under my tv. I have a few games (3 to 5 or something) for the Xbox but I only played them a maximum of 10 times I think. The thing just served as a media center, and it did a great job.

    When the Xbox started to get behind I got an Asrock mini pc which booted XBMC from a USB stick. It took over as the new media center.

    Now I have RaspberryPi’s running OpenElec and other distros based on XBMC.

    It’s easy to see how XBMC has grown and changed through the years. I’ve always been a happy user, advising people to use it and setting it up left and right.

    I have no problem with the new name. I actually think Kodi sounds kind of nice. Fresh with the times but nothing specific. To survive any company/product has to evolve with the times and I think you’re doing the right thing. XBMC doesn’t have anything to do with Xbox anymore. So I for one welcome Kodi 14.

    … but I’ll be scoring one of those XBMC shirts though, for nostalgic reasons ;)

  • hdmkv Aug 02, 2014 

    Hate Kodi as well. How about keeping the XBMC acronym, but calling it Xperience Broad Media Center? If not this, something else for X and B. Maybe “Built” for B, or “Backed”, or whatever. Just not Kodi.

  • David Aug 02, 2014 

    If the name and logo bothers everyone so much why not just make your own logo.png (splash screen) and call it whatever you like. I made my own called Dave’s Movie theater that I’ve been using since 10.0. If you use a skin that incorporates Kody name in it just edit the xml file. Voila. It is not like your distributing it… or taking credit for their work..

    Anyways, thanks to the DEV team for all their great work. I understand the reasoning and support it 100% (should have been done long ago). This is the best software in the universe. The new name does sound like it is meant for a kids leapfrog console but hey, you guys chose it so that’s the way it is!

    • David Aug 02, 2014 

      Splash.png not logo.png. In the root/media folder.

  • Matt G Aug 02, 2014 

    i was talking with a buddy who also used XBMC and i told him the name is Kodi and he just cringed and said why??? that sounds like a stupid name

    i think told him that the name of the new build is called Helix and he said now that sounds cool and i though yeah that does sound cool like just HELIX or HMC

    (Helix Media Center)

    that sounds pretty cool too me i personally think as this is a community project the community should decide we should choose 10 or 20 names and have everyone vote on it best name wins don’t just slap a new random unfitting name to it just read the comments a lot of people are not liking it

    So I say either give it a decent name like HELIX MEDIA CENTER (HMC) or put it to a vote

  • hasselhof Aug 02, 2014 

    Is it pronounced cod i ?, like the fish. I’m really not sure about this name you’ve chosen.

  • Brice Aug 02, 2014 

    Well, I agree with the name change to something more easy for many non technical people.

    However I don’t like Kodi, it seems like a boy name and doesn’t represent the domain (i.e. entertainment) that XBMC represents. I’ve read in a comment that Kodi does not mean anything. And I feel that this new name is lacking because of that.

    If existing names like Helix or whatever difficult to “trademark”, the new new name should have been closer to the entertainment ideas than “kodi”. Nonetheless I know this is difficult to find a name that works in all languages. XBMC was working well, so maybe some other acronym could have worked well.

    For example VLC is well known and popular among non technical people ; phonetic names work, the same could with something like xbmc.

  • Red Aug 02, 2014 

    Awful attempt at a modern name.

    Should’ve just renamed it XBMCr, couldn’t have been much worse. Then you could’ve had http://www.xbm.cr ! .

    Kodi.. :D :D

    • Red Aug 02, 2014 

      oh… and that logo! *dead*

  • Scott R Aug 02, 2014 

    I hate to be one of “those guys” but I really think this name change is a bad idea, and I hope there’s still some time to convince you guys to come up with a different name. I agree that having a name like XBMC which stopped standing for anything was a bit odd, but this new name just seems plain awful. Also, it loses all connection to the old name. I haven’t spent a lot of time mulling over ideas, but just a couple of off-the-cuff ones…

    - MediaX
    - EntertainmentX
    - Media Center X
    - X-Center

    You hopefully get the idea. I’m thinking that you should carry the ‘X’ forward into the new name.

  • Thomas Aug 02, 2014 

    Helix is the best. It sounds classy. Cool name

  • decoy7 Aug 02, 2014 

    Been using xbmc since the beginning.

    Initially disappointed to hear it’s changing names, read the blog and then see there’s sufficient reason I guess…don’t like seeing “it’s the last name change” this statement shows lack of foresight, no one can predict that as fact, even more so on a product that’s been through 3.

    Don’t like the name, it’s not a step up from xbmc, I’d rather it didn’t change but if it has to it gets my blessing when the new name is an improvement.

    1st problem, say the name to anyone over the phone and ask them to spell it…that’s not a good brand identity is it?

  • GeXX Aug 02, 2014 

    “Kodi” is the most stupid name you could choose. Kodi is a cheap companyname in Germany. So at least you could get trouble with brands. In earlier days i was a programmer for xbmp and xbmc. But i had to stop for time-reasons. I cannot believe that this great product would be called KODI. OMG. Please don’t. BTW: The Logo is horrible. I’m so sorry to tell you that, but i loved the XBMC for years. To change the name is not a really good descission.

  • XBMC Poweruser Aug 02, 2014 

    I don’t like the name. KODI is a “cheap stuff” discounter in Germany (and probably other countires). That’s a bad association in my opinion…

    • Jeroen Aug 02, 2014 

      Not everyone lives in Germany.

      • Cestmoi Aug 21, 2014 

        No and not everyone uses an Xbox, so you can keep the name.

        You must be from Holland, bringing that argument.

  • idoric Aug 02, 2014 

    “The reason was that we wanted to register this name, and the associated domains before someone else did.

    Although most of the community is made up out of great people, there is always going to be the person that will register the domains themselves to score a quick buck out of it.

    This, as well as the explicit advice from our lawyers, was the main reason we kept the name-choice process internal.”

    in http://www.reddit.com/r/xbmc/comments/2ccmey/xbmc_is_getting_a_new_name_introducing_kodi_14/cjer3f7

  • Nic Aug 02, 2014 

    To me the Kodi name definitely feels off… (maybe it will be better with a better logo design but so far I really dislike it)…

    I wish you guys could have just gone with something like XPMC for Xross platform media center… because it really is on nearly everything….

  • InuSasha Aug 02, 2014 

    To change the name is hard, but same times necessary.
    I think it will take time, to feel well with the new name. But i us it XB.. Kodi ith OpenElec so no change for :)

    And the german discounter I(for crafts) have 200stores primary in one state, so who cares.


  • Luke Aug 02, 2014 


  • Faus Aug 02, 2014 

    Great product…but horrible name!

  • Tim Aug 02, 2014 

    Can we get women’s version/sizes too for the last T-shirt please?

    • Nathan Betzen Aug 03, 2014 

      Tim, if you see this, I’ve had the Teespring guys add a women’s cut with a few different colors for you and anyone else interested. I’ll probably also announce it on the social networks in a few days, if you don’t see this.

      • Tim Aug 04, 2014 


        Thanks! My wife appreciates it!

  • Michael Aug 02, 2014 

    It is a mistake to rename, and an even bigger mistake with the name “Kodi”.

    There is nothing wrong with the “XBox” heritage. There is no trademark or legal issue that the XB used to be XBox, because now it’s just XBMC as a totally new and unique 4 letter word, NOT an acronym that means something.

    I don’t agree (and I have a legal background) that there is any issue over exerting tighter control over the name XBMC.

    At least choose a name that plays to the XBMC heritage, e.g. something-MC, e.g. UMC (Universal Media Centre), etc.

    Remember that XBMC lives because of its community. Make sure its a name the community is in general happy with. Pay homage to the community.

  • Myatu Aug 02, 2014 

    Kodi Joster…

  • Dom DXecutioner Aug 02, 2014 

    Relevant to the change of name to “Kodi,” it should make no never mind to anyone as the software itself isn’t changing but rather improving. True, many of us get accustomed to things and as most of us know, it is hard for people to accept change. Still, with time we move and accept it. So no big deal.

    Having said that, the aforementioned new name seems a bit kiddiesh; my neighbor’s dog is named “Kodi,” the reason being, as they tell it, is because he is a tiny cute dog that can’t be taken seriously but rather amusing. If XMBC was geared to a predominantly female population or children, that would be perfect! Just an opinion.

    Now, I think the person who wrote this news should be more responsible on how things are said: “The software only barely runs on the original Xbox, and then only because some clever developers are still hacking on that platform.”

    To utilize the term “hacking,” for most, can be misinterpreted; whilst it was said “clever developers,” the term is now more commonly referred to breaking into computer systems; the objective of the writer was to emphasize the fact the software barely runs on that platform but because some developers are (is) actively updating the system, in most cases with update from mainline, for that platform, it is still being utilized on that platform.

    Writers should be more careful on how they present information to the public and most importantly be aware of the context in which is being presented.

  • Roby77 Aug 02, 2014 

    i suggest openmc ( as i read on fb)

    kodi doesn’t mean nothing

  • Temper Aug 02, 2014 

    Not change the name, change the acronym. What mean Kodi? Nothing! What it means to the future XBMC? Anything other than XBMC.

  • dnairb Aug 02, 2014 

    Sheesh, going on some of these comments, one would have thought that the whole project was being changed radically. It’s just a name!

  • Peter Aug 02, 2014 

    Just want to chime in… Though I follow your reasoning that the name Xbmc is an acronym for something that doesn’t cover the load anymore, I don’t really like the name Kodi. For the same reason I hate that Zappy thing. It’s simply too childish looking/sounding for my taste…
    Having said that, while I might hate the name, as long as crappy Zappy doesn’t jump up and down in the UI chanting “Kodi is fun, Kodi is great!” I don’t really care and won’t even think of choosing something else over xbmc.
    Thanks for this great piece of software, whatever it ends up being called.
    But secretly I hope it’ll end up as something other than “Kodi”, though ;-)

  • Alfred Aug 02, 2014 

    No mention of how the name Kodi-14 came about? Is that the original programmers name? Smart move on not offering T-shirts with the name Kodi on them just yet. Might as well grab the last few dollars off the XBMC name while you can.

  • Björn Aug 02, 2014 

    In swedish, “kodis” means condom. First thing that popped into my head while reading it. Sorry, its just a terrible name.

  • DC Aug 02, 2014 

    This is a good change and I approve wholeheartedly. XBMC can’t be pronounced easily, the acronym no longer has any meaning, and this new branding seems easier and friendlier.

  • evilspoons Aug 02, 2014 

    I’m find with rebranding, but I hate the new name. This sounds like a brand name for infant clothing or something. Bleh.

    Was there at least some sort of “can we have some suggestions” thread put out that we all missed?

  • Grouch Aug 02, 2014 

    I just need to know: ko-DIE or ko-DEE?

  • Meee Aug 02, 2014 

    Consensus: Yes, a name change is needed, but Kodi is a terrible name.

    I’d like to know how they came up with it. Picked it out of a hat? A tribute to a corpse?

    I would’ve thought that they would go the community for a new name, narrow it down, and pick one themselves, or put names up to vote. Seeing how strong the community is…

    Just watch – people will start releasing mods to change any instances of “kodi” possible, so something more suitable.

    • Upchuck Aug 03, 2014 

      I understand why the dev team didn’t approach the community. There are inherent problems with public consensus. For starters the foundation needs to determine domain availability and legal conflicts with existing businesses. If the foundation let’s the community decide, then more than a few domain squatters would start snatching up names. Beyond the technical issues, there are issues with trying to find a common ground between names prefered by the community and what the dev team/foundation believes to be appropriate.

  • Meeee Aug 02, 2014 

    Consensus: Yes, a name change is needed, but Kodi is a terrible name.

    I’d like to know how they came up with it. Picked it out of a hat? A tribute to a corpse?

    I would’ve thought that they would go the community for a new name, narrow it down, and pick one themselves, or put names up to vote. Seeing how strong the community is…

    Just watch – people will start releasing mods to change any instances of “kodi” possible, so something more suitable.

  • HolyM Aug 02, 2014 

    Making a new brand is hard and iam not sure KODI is the best name for it.
    since u have sutch an huge user base , why not make a brainstorm contest for a new even better name ?

  • Motwera Aug 02, 2014 

    Sounds cool, but I think Kodn would sound a lot cooler and professional

  • AlterEgo Aug 02, 2014 

    Kodi………………….seriously? …………….why..???

    Was it the last free trademark name left on planet earth…..

    It sound so uncool….than the more obnoxious XBMC (which still remained a capitally called abbreviation and could’nt be turned in an acronym)….

    Please reconsider the decision..

  • Ella Mennopi Aug 02, 2014 

    I, for one, think it is fantastic that they chose to come out as a member of the KDE Community like this, and look forward to the KDE Open Display Interface version 14.

  • cat320 Aug 02, 2014 

    Kodi???? really????

    The Name is bullshit.


    That sounds much better

  • Shane Aug 02, 2014 

    Kodi sounds like a killer name for maxi pads or some feminine hygiene product not the great software formerly known as xbmc. “Kodi, for when you feel not so fresh..”

    Please. I think we all can do better. Please reconsider.

  • Jucgshu Aug 02, 2014 

    Loved Firebird, hated Firefox. Got used to it and now I love Firefox.
    Hated xbmc, got used ot it. I’ll give Kodi a shot.

    Thanx for your hard work on the software. THAT’S what matters. The rest is just… well… time consumming :-)

  • doug Aug 02, 2014 

    Congratulations on the new name!
    -It’s short
    -It’s unique
    -It’s memorable
    -It’s not an acronym
    -It appropriate across various languanges
    -People, including me, will be less likely to write “Kdoi” (as with xmbc) :-)

    And you’ve alreay covered many of the other hurdles you’ve already overcome coming up with a new name.

    • Michael Tunnell Aug 03, 2014 

      “it is short” = yes, that is true.
      “it is unique” = not even slightly, all of the possible domains are taken, it is already registered on every social media website, and so on. It is not unique which is why fails their entire attempt at rebranding for marketing purposes.
      “it’s memorable” = not really since it is kind of generic in terms of technology.
      “It’s not an acronym” = neither is “XBMC” that is an initialism. Acronyms are initials that are pronounced as words such as SCUBA.
      “It appropriate across various languanges” = how so? Languages are impossible to compensate for…KODI is a Radio station in the US, a store in Germany, a English to German Dictionary App and I’m sure you can find a ton more.

      The name needed to be changed certainly but this is not an improvement to the point of changing it…this is just as confusing possibly more so.

      • doug Aug 03, 2014 

        “it is unique” = not even slightly, all of the possible domains are taken, it is already registered on every social media website, and so on. It is not unique which is why fails their entire attempt at rebranding for marketing purposes.
        -Uniqueness is not defined by whether or not a domain name is available; which is what you seem to be suggesting. The name is unique within the media centers/entertainment devices space.

        “it’s memorable” = not really since it is kind of generic in terms of technology.
        -You think Kodi is generic in terms of technology? Seriously? “Hand me that Kodi!” “I could use a Kodi here.” Sorry, it’s not generic. Additionally, Kodi/xbmc should not be defined as a media/entertainment center for technology enthusiasts; that is entirely limiting. The name allows the software to be used as a product beyond technology/media center/retro console emulator/etc. Good for the team for recognizing that.

        “It’s not an acronym” = neither is “XBMC” that is an initialism. Acronyms are initials that are pronounced as words such as SCUBA.
        -First off, I never stated xbmc was an acronym. I stated Kodi was not an acronym. Kodi is clearly pronounced as a word but the initials aren’t an abbreviation for something. The team refrained from choosing some made up acronym like Totally Awesome MEdia Center – TAMEC; good for them. Finally, some dictionaries make no distinction between acronyms and initialisms. So, though you seem to focus on the difference between the two, the point is…”Kodi” isn’t an acronym.

        “It appropriate across various languanges” = how so?
        -You’re thinking about it incorrectly. Similarities are bound to exist across languages, but that isn’t the point. A common example of a name that didn’t work across languages is the Chevy Nova (“doesn’t go” in Spanish). That didn’t work so well. You don’t want the name to be a swear or mean something “incorrect” in another language. That’s how so.

        Once all this initial criticism dies down and time passes, people will see the name is good.

  • Svenolio Aug 02, 2014 

    Unlike many here apparently, I do like the new name, it’s fresh and sounds good. I don’t really find it childish, but even if it was, there are respected brands with names like Apple and Google, which also don’t seem to be the most grown up or logical, so calm down.

    For the ‘current’ logo on the other hand, I do think it should be something completely else. It just doesn’t fit the software that is xbmc (or kodi now). Also why step a way from the idea of using remote control icons as the letters, if that is what it originated from.
    Sorry to say it like this, but If you couldn’t make it easy to read, then you probably don’t have the most creative designers working on it.

    I myself am studying to be a product designer and also make logo’s, icons etc. on the side and I was able to make a (in my opinion) good, or at least better looking and fitting logo from scratch in about 30 minutes by playing with the idea of the remote control icons. I also think it is very clear to read (and I have dyslexia so that must say something). If you want to take a look, here is a link:


    (the last one even represents a remote control, thought it might be a fun thing)

    I hope this inspires the designers you guys work with to make something better, or you could just use these if you want free of charge (even willing to change things up, if you like it but have some feedback). Just ask and I can give you the original vector (illustrator) files.

    Cheers and good luck with Kodi, XBMC is one of the best things that I ever put on my devices, so thanks!

  • nerd Aug 02, 2014 

    I liked Pluto eh I mean XBMC…. :-)

  • anything but kodi ;) Aug 02, 2014 

    kodi is in germany a household store chain: http://www.kodi.de
    i can imagine kodi could cause legal problems with that household store chain in germany too..i guess (im not an expert) ..

    • Memphiz Aug 04, 2014 

      No problems to be expected …

  • Otto Aug 02, 2014 

    I understand that the name has to change, but Kodi? Can’t say that the name doesn’t matter. Will love the software anyway.

  • anything but kodi ;) Aug 02, 2014 

    well if kodis really means condom in sweden …like the fellow from sweden said… that could be pretty weird for swedish xbmc users..”last night i was playing around with my “kodi”..trying new skins and colors” …that could led to confusens if kodi/kodis means condom in sweden ;) .. not very family-friendly

    and kodi seems also to be a anti-fungal lotion in sweden..

    and kodi is a household chain in germany..

    i like xbmc.. i cant say i like “kodi” (just talking about the name) …maybe i just keep on calling it xbmc ;)

  • Nader nooryani Aug 02, 2014 

    Who cares about the name! It’s still the same great software. Give it time and you’ll grow to like or ignore the new name :)

    Font looks a bit generic, wouldn’t mind something that’s more in tune with Zappy.

    Maybe replace the letter/graphic for O in Kodi with the Zappy graphic? Good job either way! People don’t generally like change, but it’s always necessary in the end.

  • tom jones Aug 02, 2014 

    It’s the most stupid name for what the software actually is that iv’e heard. I can’t believe that Kodi is the best name that you came up with.

  • P Aug 02, 2014 

    This is just plain stupid!

    Stick with XBMC, that’s what we all now and all others to.

    …and if your gonna change, just ditch the B = XMC = X Media Center or what ever you like…

    But Kodi…well, why not just call it Doodie!

  • joe Aug 02, 2014 

    @ Nathan Betzen, jmarshall etc.

    I agree it is hard to find a good 4 letter domain and something what makes sense and encompass also XBMC.

    How about a 4 keystroke com domain what is made out of the universal on-switch symbol and the yin-yang symbol .

    (Yin-Yang) represents the ancient Chinese understanding of how things work. The outer circle represents “everything”, while the black and white shapes within the circle represent the interaction of two energies, called “yin” (black) and “yang” (white), which cause everything to happen.( from beholders.org)

    If you are interested, you can have my domain for free including the simple artwork.

  • Upchuck Aug 03, 2014 

    I tried to digest the name change, but I just felt a little bit of vomit in my mouth.

  • wrong Aug 03, 2014 

    ‘hey honey, make sure you bring the nuk, the bah-bah, and the kodi for the baby’

  • Arparso Aug 03, 2014 

    Nothing against a name change, but Kodi seems a poor choice. I just have to agree with the other commenter’s about it sounding like the name of a toy or kids TV channel.

    I also feel like “Entertainment Center” is actually a more restricitve term than “Media Center”. “Media” can be almost everything while “Entertainment” is focussed solely on the “Is it entertaining?” aspect. Is an “Entertainment Center” really the right place to watch a documentary about child poverty?

    … in any case, it’s just a name. Name it whatever you like – as long as the software performs well, I’ll keep using it. I’d just wish you would have picked a better name.

  • Grant Aug 03, 2014 


    Read this man’s comment on Reddit. I too 100% concur with this gentleman.

  • Nick Aug 03, 2014 

    Wait, people not only care about this but are legitimately UPSET about it?

    People who know, know. Whether it’s called XBMC or Kodi or whatever , the software speaks for itself. Be thankful they didn’t call it YAMC.

  • Fx Aug 03, 2014 

    Kodi is the best you guys could do? That is horrible! That is the worst idea I have seen in quite some time, and coming from people who do amazing things. How confusing.

    I certainly hope it is renamed to something more fitting. Something that sounds related to media, something mature, and a tad of sleek would be good.

    Might as well have called it Daisy.

  • Robert Bohannon Aug 03, 2014 

    A name so terrible it sounds like Microsoft named it.

    Kin, Kinect, Kodi…

  • Dom Aug 03, 2014 

    Change just for the sake of change. There is no need for trademark and no issues with XBMC. You’re changing a well established and recognized brand. Bad decision.

  • Talyrius Aug 03, 2014 

    WTF were you guys thinking when you came up with that? I apologize, but you really should have reached out to the community to help find a better name.

  • CChittleborough Aug 03, 2014 
  • UniT3 Aug 03, 2014 

    Wow ! Now the best media software ever has the worst name ever!
    Why not go with something that has a link with the past, like KDMC ?

    Kodi Digital Media Center.

    In fact, there are tons of names, with or without related meaning, that are better than Kodi!

  • forcedalias Aug 03, 2014 

    Woah… this is huge…. like end of an era.

  • Erban Aug 03, 2014 

    So first off “NO KODI”.

    Long time lurker here, been with xbmc since it was xbmp, and I must say PLEASE don’t name it Kodi!!
    I usually do not post anything ever. I just read the forums figure things out for myself and move on unnoticed. But not today!! I made it a point to take time out of my day to say I LOVE this media center so much I had to voice my opinion. Im not saying I will stop using it because thats just dumb, but I will say I really whole heartedly DO NOT like kodi. Now….

    To the Devs and the rest of this fine community I must say THANK YOU ALL for every addon, script , hack, and code and especially xbmc itself!!!!

  • Georgekey Aug 03, 2014 

    So, if i have an xbmc box, is it going to be updated or i will have to manually install the new kodi software?

  • Sugakuu Aug 03, 2014 

    I hope you guys will keep xbmc.org up for some time, but Kodi is catchy and I personally like it, espcially the new Kodi logo. Great job choosing this new name. Kudos!

  • Anthony Aug 03, 2014 

    Saw the RSS feed announcing the name change on my XBMC last night and instant reaction was “ergh.. sounds like a child’s toy”

    Came here and it seems I am in a large and vocal segment of the XBMC population.

    Please reconsider the name.

  • josh Aug 03, 2014 

    i started using XBMC in 2005. My parents made we wait for the 1 year warranty to expire from MS, then I could tear into it. I used the Splinter Cell hack to install a softmod, and then my friend installed XBMC and set it as the default menu. Those were the days..

    I still have, and use that xbox on occasion, the version is super old. I used to get new builds from a dev called GasGiver after the xbox versions stopped rolling out.

  • Frank Costanza Aug 03, 2014 

    What a dumbass name.

  • Olivier Aug 03, 2014 


    I’m French, and English is not my native language.
    The letter i may be pronounced on several ways, and I don’t know a rule allowing to identify the right one for an unknown word.

    Is Kodi supposed to be pronounced like “Kodee” or “Kode eye” ?

    Another point :
    Many new users starting with Kodi will search help on the Internet using Kodi name, and won’t found all previous topics speaking about XBMC.
    Should be usefull to request to most used search engines (google, bing, …) to use xbmc as a synonym (but it will probably not be free).

  • Chris Mack Aug 03, 2014 

    Nice work guys. New user to xbmc and I love it.
    Keep up the good work

  • Tony Tontellini Aug 03, 2014 

    I knew a guy called Kodi.

    He raped a pig back in ’97.

  • boostmachines Aug 03, 2014 

    Let me get this straight: the application never worked as intended, but a name change is news? Nobody cares.

  • Roelio Aug 03, 2014 

    Are you kidding me?…………………………… KODI???????????????????

    Don’t let me ever see that name when using my beloved XBMC!

    Thank god for the already perfect Gotham, backup it 4 ever.

  • Marius_Doom Aug 03, 2014 

    Can you really not trade mark the name “XBMC” nowadays it is just a random collection of letters. Who is it realy infringing.

    Kodi is without a doubt the worst name for a media centre or a piece if open source software.

  • sraf Aug 03, 2014 

    Kodi? That must be a joke!?!

  • George Aug 03, 2014 

    XBMC may not “make sense” as a name any more but at least it doesn’t sound as stupid as Kodi. Say it a certain way and it sounds like Codeine, a pharmaceutical drug, surely that should have been noticed by someone cos it’s the first thing I thought.

    XBMC does loads of things, sure, but it doesn’t do all of them well. It’s trying to be all things to all people and major versions are getting .1, .2 and .3 subversions because there’s too much to bug fix and loads of obvious stuff gets missed. I’m still seeing random crash problems on Linux, Windows and Mac versions when all I’m using it for is music and video playback, I’d rather the basic functionality was fixed and it was more stable than having loads of extra stuff shoehorned in, it’s just bloat. And let’s be honest developers, we all know there’s still legacy Xbox code in there some six years later, in fact the XBMC wiki still has loads of references to the Xbox way of doing things, this is another way to distance the project from it’s roots, with a silly new name.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing an XBMC Lite which does music/video playback with library functions and a simple file explorer, all the extra junk (game launching/DVR etc) trimmed out and many of the bugs gone with it. But who knows whats going on with this project, certainly feels like it’s been losing it’s way for about 3 years now. Soon you’ll all be telling us it’s subscription only, right? Monthly payments?

  • Adrian Aug 03, 2014 

    Is this a joke? Kodi is a ridiculously crappy name.

  • metzger Aug 03, 2014 

    I loved the name XBMC and thought at first it could mean “xtended bulk media center”
    xtended – many capabilities
    bulk – its for all users

    Could the Name (X)tended (B)ulk (M)edia (C)enter be a legal thread?

    in my native language, german, “Kot” (eng: shit, the “t” spells in this word like “d” in this word), so xbmc sounds a lot nicer to german ears

    • Memphiz Aug 04, 2014 

      Sagmal könnt Ihr alle kein Deutsch? Überleg nochmal genau wie man Kot wirklich ausspricht. Laut Duden – und dann pack Deinen Dialekt mal zur Seite ;)

  • Yeah-Im-Kidding Aug 03, 2014 

    Did you consider renaming it to XBone? ;-)

  • jiM3op Aug 03, 2014 

    I suggest everyone use #noKodi on Twitter to Show how much we hate that name…

  • Dan Aug 03, 2014 

    I understand the legal reasons behind the name change, but the name “Kodi” is just… cringeworthy.

    I think XBMC has a better overall vision than Plex, but on the renaming front, Plex’s team did a much better job.

  • aptalca Aug 03, 2014 

    I get the reasons for the name change. Xbmc was hard to explain and people generally didn’t remember it after the first time they heard it.

    But honestly the new name is just awful.

    I’d be curious to see what some of the other options were that got voted on

  • Lewis V. Aug 03, 2014 

    XBMC, KODI, whatever you want to call it.. doesn’t matter to me. I’m only happy that it’s still opensource, free, and runs on raspberry pi. Congrats to all of the developers and contributors. ;-D

  • opdenkamp Aug 03, 2014 

    To all those bright people complaining about us not asking the community for input: how were we supposed to register domain names and trademark a name that is publically known already? FSF lawyer told us we’d best decide on a new name in private, so that’s what we did.

    XBMC had to go, even though none of the Team XBMC/Kodi members wanted to drop this name. If it had been up to us, then we definitely wouldn’t have changed the name.

    To everyone complaining they’ll use Plex/WMC/whatever after our name change: if you’re really that silly that a name change will make you use something else, then I’m glad that the average IQ of Kodi’s users will be higher than XBMC’s ;-)

    My first thought when I saw kodi was kodiefiles.nl btw, not some German discounter :)

  • Graphic Designer Aug 03, 2014 

    Terrible new name & terrible logo (re)design , try to stick to the legacy name/redesign

  • Red Aug 03, 2014 

    New Coke!

  • Gustav Aug 03, 2014 

    What a dumbass name.

  • wurfl Aug 03, 2014 

    I understand the need for a name change but Kodi??
    Sounds like something Mattel would name.

  • Kevin Richards Aug 03, 2014 

    Have to agree with the majority of the posts. Love the software but the name change is lame.

    Kodi sounds like a kid in a crap us sitcom.

  • Lenford J Smith Aug 03, 2014 


    Most of the video add ons don’t work in the UK. Some body please help I’ve tried everything now.


  • Lonnie Aug 03, 2014 

    Just frightfully bad.

    I anxiously await the hack that will inevitably happen that changes every instance of that horrendous name in the program back to XBMC.

  • CrM Aug 03, 2014 

    Well, I can imagine the name in the context of e.g. ‘My little kodi bear’ or ‘Kodi da kool’, neither of which are any good associations for this otherwise great software. But maybe it’s just me…

  • Matt Aug 03, 2014 

    My very first post here. A big fan of XBMC…been using since Camelot. Honestly, I am kind of stunned by the reaction of the community on this. It’s just a name guys. In time we’ll get used to it. Or maybe some won’t. But really, how much does it matter? Call it whatever you want to Team…I’ll happily keep using as long as it remains the same awesome piece of software…and that is one thing that I don’t see changing! :)

  • newmanae Aug 03, 2014 

    May I suggest that everyone is pronouncing the new name wrong? Instead of KOE-DEE it should be KOE-DIE. Maybe that way it will seem more serious to those very serious people who are freaking out. Personally I’ll be glad not to have to go through all the explanations about not needing an xbox and such when I’m trying to introduce people to Kodi.

  • Martin Aug 03, 2014 

    It was a big misstake!!!! KODI? WTF!

  • Scott R Aug 03, 2014 

    I agree that it would be extremely difficult to have an open discussion about what the new name should be due to the difficulty of ensuring that folks didn’t squat on the better domain names, though it is unfortunate that an open development platform couldn’t also allow more openness in determining the new name. In the end, though, my main complaint (and I think this is true of most people commenting here) is not that you didn’t get the community involved, but simply that the new name is less than ideal (I’m trying to be kind here).

    So I do have a question to the official team: Is it absolutely too late to change course on the name? Have you already spent considerable money, dev effort, etc. on the new name? Or if a better name was decided upon, would it be possible for you to scrap the KODI name and go with something else?

    I think it would be helpful if you would tell us that, so that we can decide to shut up and deal with it, or come up with a solution for coming up with a better name.

    So I’m just thinking off-the-cuff here, but here’s a possible way (albeit somewhat complicated) for dealing with the issue of domain name squatting with a new name. For $10 (or whatever) someone can register a name that they think would be great, and agree to give the XBMC team complete ownership of it. You could make it a contest with a set date when everyone wanting to be included in the vote would have to register the name and submit it. Then, a vote is held and the winner gets a prize of some sort. If the winner doesn’t hand over complete control of the domain name within xx days, they get thrown out and you give it to the 2nd place winner or have a re-vote.

  • HolyM Aug 03, 2014 

    “To all those bright people complaining about us not asking the community for input: “how were we supposed to register domain names and trademark a name that is publically known already? FSF lawyer told us we’d best decide on a new name in private, so that’s what we did.”

    erm you could have suggestion on the new XBMC names not reatch the public ? aka send us your favorite name and submit button , you probl would end up with 500+ more cool names to choose from but this is just me

    only think you would have 500 more names to choose from thats all
    if you had a contest i sure you gotten alot of really cool names thats not TM

  • Stu Aug 03, 2014 

    As much as I dislike the name, and realise you’ve managed to alienate a large number of your users by not asking their opinion, I also understand the world is full of wankers, who when seeing a poll with a suggestion with a large number of votes, would go and cybersquat the domain name, just to be an arse.

    Out of curiosity, what came second on the internal vote ?

  • NumbNuts Aug 03, 2014 

    I’d really like to meet the guy that came up with Kodi. Dude is probably a genius in everything except coming up with cool names for stuff. Where’s the guy that picks the names for releases like Helix and Gotham? Those are ten times better than Kodi.

    I don’t think people are pissy over change, in the end I certainly don’t care what you call it I’m gonna use the software cause it’s so damn good. People are pissy because the name ain’t worthy. Pull out XBMC team. Pull out now before you impregnate this bitch and there’s no turning back.

    • Memphiz Aug 04, 2014 

      Same guys for gotham, helix, kodi … now your turn …

  • Fx Aug 03, 2014 

    My wife, a fashion consultant, even laughed at this name.

    Apparently, Kodi doesn’t even measure up for people that aren’t technically inclined or even care about how it works.

    This pisses me off; I wish it was April 1st.

  • rolex Aug 03, 2014 

    The name is simply hideous — I understand the need to change the name, you have all detailed that well in the announcement — but why choose such a stupid name? I’m almost embarrassed to be proclaiming “I USE KODI!!!!”

  • patm95 Aug 03, 2014 

    I understand that it is necessary to change the name due to legal issues and that fact that xbmc is pretty much not used on xbox anymore. But I don’t see why you would change the name to something with no meaning, or at the least not telling anyone what the meaning of the word is. At the best this is going to hurt brand recognition. It is harder for someone to remember the name of something when they have nothing to relate it to. For example I had trouble remembering “XBMC” until I found out that it stood for XBox Media Center.

  • joe Aug 03, 2014 

    guys, I just did a check and mc-x is free as a org and net domain
    you have the media center in the name, the c- is the symbol for on (switch) and you have the x for the past

  • Deanjo Aug 03, 2014 

    Kodi is a terrible name. Would rather see something like HDMC (Hi Def Media Player) or YUMC (Your Ultimate Media Center)

  • James Aug 03, 2014 

    Coca-Cola doesn’t still have cocaine in it but it’s still called Coca-Cola. Telegraphs are no longer used but AT&T still has that extra T. There’s nothing logical about branding, nobody knows what the hell Kodi means and it sounds like any other junky startup. You are throwing away a name with historical significance and real recognition for stupid reasons.

  • BigJRM Aug 03, 2014 

    I have no problem with KODI as a name (you know, the ROSE saying). As I understand the situation, the folks at the foundation checked out domain names and found one that was not registered and they registered it.

    For all you folks who think it is a terrible name, my solution for you is:

    1. Think of a better name.
    2. Check to see if that domain name is already taken: http://www.yourname.com and http://www.yourname.org.
    3. Register both domain names.
    4. Donate both names to the XBMC foundation.

    If you do not want to do that, then what are you complaining about?

    I am not a programmer, I really enjoy the fruits of these programmers efforts and do not knock any of their decisions. I may not like or agree with some of them, but because I do not program, code or hack, I just enjoy my soon to be KODI Entertainment Center. My God and I bless all the programmers who work for free on this project. KEEP UP YOUR GREAT WORK, I LOVE IT!

  • Paul Emerson Aug 03, 2014 

    I found this piece of software about 2 years ago. for me there was a little bit of a learning curve is a little difficult to make it work right, mainly because of the different add ons and making them work right and which ones did and didn’t work. but after doing all the research on the add-ons and the program itself I have been able to create a media entertainment center that I am very pleased with and i thank you very very much. You should all be very proud of yourselves. You have done an excellent job and all the developers that have contributed to the project and add-ons, kudos to all of you. I am so happy with this that I have gotten rid of my directv but my roommates have not and that’s their loss. Thanks again for a wonderful product and keep up the good work. Go Packers.

  • Roelio Aug 03, 2014 

    I think I need to take some pill’s so I can sleep…..

  • Fred Aug 03, 2014 

    Dear XBMC, in addition to your awesome coders please understand that graphic design is equally important. XBMC is a product that co-exists with expensive and very well designed home cinemas and so forth, the name and the logo is just not compatible with the products that will utilize the software. So please get a real graphic designer to do the new logo or even better get a advertising agency to re-brand XBMC, I’m sure that a far better name than the current idea. Or get students to do it…

  • Stuart V Aug 03, 2014 

    I wonder if there is a different reason for the name change.
    We all know there are loads of plugins for XBM… errr KODI. And along with lots of plugins there are lots of Fanboy Websites out there using the XBMC, opps sorry, KODI logo on them.
    As mentioned in the reasons, this causes copyright problems, because if you cannot protect your Name and Logo, you cannot go after (ie. shutdown) those web sites for infringement.

    BUT if you can protect your intellectual property you can go after the “offenders” that are just doing what all hackers do, invent stuff to make something better.

    This has happened before in the ‘Media Player’ wars, err, business, look at foobar2000 (which I have used for years) it once had a very robust community that invented stuff, but for some reason the developers and many of the active community are at odds and now many of the plugins and their authors are listed as bad and unsupported even though they work fine. No plugins have been forthcoming from foobar to replace the suspect ones though. And now ONLY foobar developed plugs are available. Fansites have dwindled and progress has slowed.

    This begs the question if this is a step towards a more closed system.
    I sure hope not. I do use some of the non-official plugins with XBMC from Chubhub and others.

  • doug Aug 03, 2014 

    I like the name. I don’t like the idea of using remote control icons in the logo as that limits the idea of what Kodi is to “only a media center”. As you’ve already pointed out in the blog post, Kodi does more than that.

  • zexsen Aug 04, 2014 

    When a friend goes to our house and see for the first time xbmc exclaims: ooohhh!! Yup! Fabulous …

    Now it will be:
    When they see Codi exclaims: ooohhh!! What’s this? Some fucking GAME?!?! Are you seriously?!!!!
    Where the program to see the movies?!!! You liar

  • zexzen Aug 04, 2014 

    Hehe! Its zexzen :) not zexSen… tnks.

  • old fart Aug 04, 2014 

    Please tell me this a ploy to sell more shirts.

    I get the reasoning, but this name is an alpha release at best. Now, about that shirt……..

  • Sierra Aug 04, 2014 

    Please go back to the drawing board… and I don’t mean just for the logo!

  • CELKIN Aug 04, 2014 

    XBMC… Bad ass brand already.
    I get what you guys are trying to do… But kodi? I will ALWAYS run your software. The riginal xbox mod was dope. But kodi? Shit sounds like some sort of bad Teddy Ruxpin character sent to molest children in their sleep… This new branding is BAD.
    Much love though ;-)

  • Aaron Aug 04, 2014 

    Love the name. Very Web 2.0. I’ve been using this since shortly after 2002, and it’s always been such a mouthful. My family will thank you… so much easier to say”shall we watch Kodi?”

  • Keith Petersen Aug 04, 2014 

    In my opinion the multi-platform aspect is very important. The name should be MPBMC, as in “Multi-Platform BMC”.

  • xmc Aug 04, 2014 


  • Tzachi Aug 04, 2014 

    Please don’t Rename it to Kodi !

  • Greg Aug 04, 2014 

    Wow, thats messed up. If you guys want to change the name, fine. But why the hurry ? We all know something is up now. A name change without a vote ? There have been polls in the past for far less important matters and you decide to skip this one ?

    Giving something a proper name is hard. But even the people on the Maury Povich show know better than to just pick a name.

  • Maverick Aug 04, 2014 

    While I agree with the name change, naming it Kodi is a mistake. With respect, it sounds very childish and unprofessional. This is just my option though, and while I’ll never like the name I’ll continue to support the project.

  • does not matter Aug 04, 2014 

    possible legal problems:

    The trademark KODI is already taken by a middle sized german discounter called KODI (www.kodi.de). As they are selling some low level computer products, it maybe a good idea to double check if the use of this name is legal in germany!

    So take care.

  • reazorFX Aug 04, 2014 

    I am current only a XBMC user and not active in the forum, I tried to keep my feet still but Kodi shure?
    Kodi are realy not elegance.

    EVE : Electronic Video Entertainment

  • reazorFX Aug 04, 2014 

    I am current only a XBMC user and not active in the forum, I tried to keep my feet still but Kodi shure?
    Kodi are realy not elegance.

    EVE : Electronic Video Entertainment

  • Jack Aug 04, 2014 

    I find it funny people complaining about the name. How about Google? We all got used to that, huh. Names can be strange, as long as they develop a decent brand around it, it doesn’t matter what the name is unless there is a negative connotation. Most of us prefer XBMC because that is what we are used to, and change scares us. I look forward to seeing the logo. Best of the luck with the new brand and look forward to the future of this awesome program! :)

    • Ace Love Aug 04, 2014 

      Well, Google might sound strange, but it means Googleplex, which is a rather large number (10googol), which is associated with the amount of pages a search result can bring up.

      Kodi, now lets see how that associates itself with an everevolving centralised multimedia player and organiser with 3rd party support.

      Oddly, they had the perfect name all along, it’s their code name for 14.0 “Helix”

  • Enver Aug 04, 2014 

    +1 for XPMC ! “Kodi” is just a HORRIBLE name !!

  • Kokos Aug 04, 2014 

    One important question. Is this your your team mascot? -> http://youtu.be/m3zzxadL0P8

  • Patrick Aug 04, 2014 

    Check this: https://register.dpma.de/DPMAregister/marke/registerHABM?AKZ=012603676&CURSOR=10

    KODI is protected in Germany for Computersoftware AND Mediaplayer ….

    Its not good for Companys who want bundle Hardware with XBMC …

    The German-Community (which is not really small!) might get problems with the support (they can’t use the new name … )

    Why the name was not checked in the main distribution areas? Germany is one of them …


    • Patrick Aug 04, 2014 

      Also registered for:

      * Unterhaltungsgeräte: Entertainment devices

      * Multimedia

      * Geräte zur Aufzeichnung, Übertragung, Speicherung, Verarbeitung und/oder Wiedergabe von Ton, Bild und/oder Daten: short: Mediaplayer ….

      • Memphiz Aug 04, 2014 

        Klasse(n) Nizza 35: Einzel- und Großhandelsdienstleistungen

        Only for selling this stuff – not producing. Calm down…

        • johndoe Aug 04, 2014 

          I dont know what the laws are in Germany but I would think a media device with Kodi on it could be viewed as treading of the stores right to sell as Kodi.

  • Nexus Aug 04, 2014 

    Kodi sound like some Toon-Serie for Kids.
    Whats wrong with OSMC (OpenSourceMediaCenter), OMC (OpenMediaCenter) or just keeping XBMC but dont tell a word about XBox ? No one cares if you never mention the XBox.

    But who cares, if you’re happy with KODI, OKIDOKI or TeenageMutantPlayer or whatever, i will be using the fine software :)

  • Joro Aug 04, 2014 

    Guys, the name is weird and meaningless. Logo suites the name :-) )). Please, please .. think of something different for both. Maybe several variants and a poll is the most democratic way.

  • John Aug 04, 2014 

    Honestly? I hate the new name. At its core, it is STILL a media center. I agree about dropping the “XB” part (even though unofficially there are builds still pumping out for the Xbox and once the Xbox One gets to run homebrew, I am SURE there will be a build for the Xbox One since it is x86) but the MC? It is a MediaCenter and always has been. Plus the new name is really just……no. I don’t care if its the dev, its just lame. Please rethink this or at least have the community vote on a new name.

  • GrooveXT Aug 04, 2014 

    I will still used it, but the name is really horrible.

    Is like renaming Firefox to Meow.

    But giving software curios names always stands for success, like for example Windows Vista…

  • dos not matter Aug 04, 2014 

    So it`s confirmed!

    Listen xbmc responsibles:

    “You can`t use KODI in germany, as there is a trademark of the same name. If you use it for the mediacenter, you get legal problems, which should be avoided!”

  • Ann212 Aug 04, 2014 

    Hahaha, after having read all the comments here I have only one thing left to say; I LOVE MY PLEX SYSTEM!!!!

  • Ace Love Aug 04, 2014 


    Name change is great, by all means, but Kodi is not up to scratch with the quality of XBMC development and it’s 3rd party devs for that matter.

    I urge you guys to have a major rethink about the branding. Branding is pretty important, it makes or breaks companies to a degree.

    You also had the perfect name for the rebrand, you already used it, in the code name for 14.0.


  • Shish Aug 04, 2014 

    I’ll miss the X. Having an X in the name made everything a little bit more x-treeem :(

    Thanks for choosing a name that is easily google-able at least, I’m sure I’ll be used to it in a couple of months :)

  • foen Aug 04, 2014 

    some days after…….. starting up kodi in the morning…….. still feels really bad about the name :(

  • Cedric Aug 04, 2014 

    Worst Typeface ever. :(

  • GOODENBAD Aug 04, 2014 

    “K” NAMES ARE CURSED IN MY OPINION .. HMMM IM TRYING THINK OF MY SECOND CHOICE FOR MEDIA PLAYERS. Gee I just checked my programs. Saw it.. Forgot it . Oh KYLO the one that recently went open source KYLO or KODI if its not easy to remember . Not to mention that combination of letters dont flow nicely. To make the new name eye catching like XBMC or lines = X -curves = B Lines = M Curves = C Anything starting with the coolest letter in the alphabet – X people wont forget.. like on SPEED RACER. Racer X the “X” fit his character great..Mysterious .Risk taker . Easy to remember.. I think racer K would of helped kill him in the show.. Its a horrible letter With lines going every where

  • fahmi mud Aug 04, 2014 

    somehow i love the name and logo… bravo XBMC.. :)
    luv you all guys who invented this masterpiece

  • Frenzeee Aug 04, 2014 

    Should had just dropped the “B” and made it XMC then you could had said it meant
    Xtreme Media Center
    Xtended Media Center
    or numerous other things.

    Calling it Kdoi with no anagram is just sad.

    May as well of just called it DAVE (at least that could of stood for Digital Audio Video Entertainment)

    Could of also had comedy “Sorry i can’t do that” error messages.

  • GOODENBAD Aug 04, 2014 

    RE -NEGATIVE FEED BACK ON NEW NAME. In my opinion if new name was the letter X alone.People would love it the X makes XBMC such a fantastic name we all love . A name that stands for something that isnt catchy it wont get the support makin it better. KYLO has been open source a long time NO IMPROVEMENTS ,, KYLO and KODI drastically look the same even might be mistaken for each other IF PEOPLE HAVE TROUBLES REMEMBERING KYLO theyll forget KODI TOO

  • Steven Crilly Aug 04, 2014 

    Am I the only person who thinks that this may not be the be the full truth? I think the name is definitely changing but not to Kodi. The lack of an available domain (that wont need a suffix name), final artwork and general feel of the name, make me think this is not the name that will be used. I would say that once the domains are secured and the copyrights in place the real name will be announced with a finalised logo.

    But conspiracy theorist, but just how it feels to me. And on the plus side everyone will be happy as long as its better than Kodi.

    • Steven Crilly Aug 04, 2014 

      In saying that they registered 14 domains that start with k about 2 months ago, including ones that appear to be kodi.tv and kodi.social. maybe this is really happening lol

  • kodi Aug 04, 2014 

    Ekhm… Seriously? That’s a bummer. I have a nickname kodi for over 24 years, then German supermarket network appeared with the same name and then my fav application ? Crap…

  • Gervase Markham Aug 04, 2014 


    At Mozilla, we are very happy for you to take our trademark policies, but there are some small bits of them (e.g. “The notification requirements of the GNU General Public License have been met for our binaries, so although it’s a good idea to do so, you are not required to ship the source code along with the binaries” has replaced “MPL” with “GPL”, but actually the requirements are different) that don’t work as-is for a GPL project. Ping me on gerv at mozilla dot org and I can help you make the necessary modifications.


  • kodi Aug 04, 2014 

    Bad Joke ? This new name is so ugly. I think they want to sell the product soon.

  • John Barabe Aug 04, 2014 

    No please not Kodi :-(

  • Tim G. Aug 04, 2014 

    Sy I don´t like Kodi :-(

  • Patrick Aug 04, 2014 

    hmmmmmmmm, kodi media center.
    i like it, thanks guys you are the best

  • WarLion Aug 04, 2014 

    i had mixing feelings , i like the idea of changing name but i really will miss XBMC , and i had a question why Kody 14 should be Kody 1.0 a fresh start

  • zarbman Aug 04, 2014 

    Be careful because there is a site with that name


  • tknice Aug 04, 2014 

    now I have another reason to go to Plex.

  • Robert Aug 04, 2014 

    Please Nathan, would it be possible to have a poll for a new name? Or is “KODI” already the definitely final new name for XBMC?

  • Ben Aug 04, 2014 

    Pls don’t name it “Kodi”…. that’s weird….

  • Georgie Aug 04, 2014 

    Would it be pronounced coe-dee, cod-ee, kay-oe-dee, coed-eye, kay-oed-i or kay-ode-eye.

  • martstarts Aug 04, 2014 

    My dogs called Kodi lol

  • Wiccanpiper Aug 04, 2014 

    Understand the rationale behind the name change, but PLEASE don’t spend too much time on an “awesome logo”.

    That’s time better spent on the code, because an awesome logo is useless without an awesome program behind it.

  • Baldfox Aug 04, 2014 

    Might as well have named it DILDO
    Direct internet linked digital organiser? Laugh as you will but more meaning than KODI

    HELIX gets my vote!

  • johndoe Aug 04, 2014 

    I dont get the need to come up with a name with only 4 letters. It would have been better to come up with a name that would be easily remembered and project a good image for the software even if it had 5, 6, 7 letters. If you wanted to call it Kodi I think spelling it Kodeye would be more professional. That is assuming of course you are not calling it Kodi but pronouncing it like Cody which would be even worse.

  • t3ch42 Aug 04, 2014 

    Sounds remarkably like the debacle that happened a few years back when Netflix tried to split their streaming service to a differently named service. And if you don’t remember, the users prevailed. Netflix exists in the model and name like it is today because of the displeasure of the masses.
    There was also talk some years ago about whether or not xbmc would still be called its aforementioned name with the exclusion of the Xbox development. I can’t remember for sure, but it had to be about 3 or 4 years ago. The response was that it would remain that name because the application, sorry not a good description of all the capabilities, but the product had moved beyond the acronym. Much like PPG, AT&T, mp3 and a slough of others, the letters don’t mean the same thing anymore.
    I believe there is more than what’s being said going on. I’m curious if anyone from the original team is still on board with this.
    That being said, I hope that this is just a rash uninformed decision that will be rectified soon.

  • zexzen Aug 05, 2014 

    Kodi might mean Code-it … makes sense.

    • Mitch Aug 05, 2014 

      That still does not make sense, what Code What ? Is it a coding platform now is it ? Its a media center.. period.

  • sqr Aug 05, 2014 

    Rubbish new name.

    Sounds like some kids toy, do you really want to turn off your target audience!?!?
    Seriously that’s embarrassing. I can’t see myself recommending kodi to anyone.

    For goodness sake get some professionals in to help help you.

  • sqr Aug 05, 2014 

    Oh yeah and as for the mascot, you are mixing up your marketing and your branding to the point that you are diminishing the “brand” that you had built up over all these years. Nothing matches, there’s no consistency, i.e. the default skin, the mascot, the name. it’s all over the place.

  • Tom Magee Aug 05, 2014 

    If Google changed their name to Jim, it would quickly become irrelevant. XBMC is a highly identifiable name. Changing it is insane. Any legal challenges that arise can easily be fought and won with the amazing support this project has from the public.

  • White Hawk Aug 05, 2014 

    As many have stated already, this is a horrible stupid name for a media center, great for a kids toy, seriously go back and rethink this, I see no good will come for the software popularity from calling it Kodi, eesh, what are you thinking guys.

  • tom Aug 05, 2014 


    Good name for a fluffy pink teddy bear. Awful name for a media centre.

  • Kodi Aug 05, 2014 

    My name rhymes with Kodi, and I’m not alone. I hate the idea of hearing my name when not being referred to. WE WILL SUE YOU!!!

  • Honest Ledge Aug 05, 2014 

    I have to agree with the majority of users commenting. The new name is disappointing. I almost feel embarrassed at the idea of bringing up “Kodi” to acquaintances.

  • SCNR Aug 05, 2014 

    Kodi – city in India
    Kodi – Colorado Rafting
    KODi – dictionary for mobile phones
    KODi – German supermarket chain
    Kodi’s Club rescue – pet care company
    KODI 1400 AM – radio station
    Kodi – a dog’s name in Balto III animated movie by Universal Studios
    Kodi Energiebesparende Technieken – Dutch company
    Kodi Software Brewery – Icelandic software company
    Kodi Professional Nail Products – Austrian company

    Not to mention all the persons with first or last name “Kodi”

    Took me 10 seconds to google. You couldn’t have come up with a less unique name, now could you? Happy c&d letters and trademark lawsuits, guys…

    • kib Aug 05, 2014 

      The name has been cleared by trademark lawyers already. I’m going to venture a guess: they know more about trademarks then you do.

  • Prizm Aug 05, 2014 

    ABOUT TIME! The new name Kodi sounds find to me. “XBMC” was a long-winded mouthful. Plus for legal reasons you should be ditching any remaining references to XBox.

  • JR Aug 05, 2014 

    Although I understand the legal requirements driving the name change I’m very concerned about the way things were done.
    1. XMBC is a great brand for a great project. Don’t underestimate this strong Label for the success and awareness of this software. Have seen to much great products loosing their recognition by changing names, thereby loosing brands and markets. In my opinion the change shouldn’t have been so drastically, breaking any kind of correlation. This leads to
    2. The name is too diffrent and, yes, it’s not mine.
    3. You really should have consulted your strong community do find a better name. Hope, there is not too much loss of community identification involved.
    4. Regarding legal requirements, I’m pretty sure that kodi is very difficult too. Hope your lawyers did a perfect job.
    Nevertheless, with this project you did and do an amazing job. And I really hope that the namechange works well. I’m really glad with this MC and I don’t want to have to change to some other solution for, hopefully, the next 10 years. a new mediacenter like xbmc is a litte like a new notebook, partnership, marriage or any other complex thing with much personal dependencies and adjustments. I takes a long time to run perfectly;-)

  • Mark H Aug 05, 2014 

    Sorry, I really don’t want to bring you down, for I really like XBMC very much and use it on our primary family TV. WAF is not a problem, so thumbs up for the good work and intuitive product.

    But this name change is really bad news! “Kodi” … this sounds like German “Kot” (poop). Yes, not everyone lives in Germany – but show me the language that has a bad sounding word similar to “XMBC”.

    Perhaps XMBC might need a new name to reach a wider range of people (admitted, XMBC sounds a bit nerdy, but in a good way). But Kodi definitely is not the answer.

    Some of you keep stating “It’s just a name”. Yes, of course. But the name is the first to be associated with a product. Of course, you can call your product “poop”. But you don’t expect people to like it, or be excited when a friend tells them about it, do you?

    Helix, yes, it sounds really nice and fresh. But you’ll probably run into more name conflicts with that name. There are a lot more people who like it, too. And they were probably quicker choosing it for their product. What are the legal problems you’re actually having, anyway? Maybe someone here can help you. I don’t really see the problem. You are free to create a new backronym. YOU decide what “X” and “B” stand for. Be creative. Nobody forces you to associate XBMC with the XB*x anymore.

    There must be a way of letting users (and of course, developers) decide over the name, without risking pre-reservation of domains and such stuff. For example, make a list of maybe 10 names and reserve them prior to announcing to the public (we might be talking about 10, maybe 20 bucks or so for a one-year registration of these domains). Then, let the community decide.

    For the logo, I guess (hope!) this is a preliminary draft that has nothing to do with the final logo. I mean, if you are talking about your motivation to choose that name because it can be “spelled” with the (VCR) buttons of a remote control, then at least use this feature in your logo! Something like “| |”. Not something that looks like it’s been drawn by a drunkard. I mean, you could have chosen Comic Sans for it and it would still look nicer (OMG, I can’t believe I’m writing this!). ;)

    Please, don’t make this mistake. Think about it, create a way to let people decide, because they are the ones who want to adopt your software. If it wasn’t for them, XBMC would not be the great and widely accepted media app it is today. So don’t slap them in the face with such a bad decision. Please!

    Best regards and thanks for XBMC

    • Memphiz Aug 06, 2014 

      OK in welchem verdammten deutschen Dialekt klingt Kodi wie Kot? Ich bin Sachse und selbst bei mir gibt es einen eindeutigen Unterschied zwischen einem “t” und einem “d”. Ich finds echt peinlich, dass hier soviele deutsche User schreiben, dass Kodi klingt wie Kot. Das ist einfach falsch. (auch laut Duden…)

  • San_098 Aug 05, 2014 

    I am not a fan of changing the name. At least not kodi…

  • KL Estes Aug 05, 2014 

    Hate it. Why work so hard on something and build name (or in corporate-speak “brand”) recognition just to piss it all away ?

    XBMC means what you’ve made it mean – a damn good media platform. Renaming to “Kodi” stinks of the same kind of merchandising logic that gave us Jar Jar Binks.

    I mean, REALLY ?

    • Memphiz Aug 06, 2014 

      > XBMC means what you made it mean.

      Why do you think we can’t do this with Kodi aswell then?

      • Nathan Betzen Aug 07, 2014 

        I was waiting for that tinfoil hat to come out. Nice to see a guess confirmed.

      • Kira Manell Aug 12, 2014 

        Because Kodi is not an acronym. Way I understand it, is that some dev thought it cool to have a name with ‘code’ in it somewhere.

        So, Kodi was already a bit of childish name; being a warped diminutive of ‘code’, however, only compounds the matter.

  • B-Bop Aug 05, 2014 

    A feature – to allow us to call KODI anything we want?

    Lets call it — CHAD

    or as stated maybe C.H.A.D. would sound cooler…

  • Jeremy Aug 05, 2014 

    Why not OSMC? Open Source Media Center.

    • Donald Coady Oct 28, 2014 

      Spot on my friend.
      I also thought about that name and it does make perfect sense.

      KODI sounds like a last minute, uninspired group decision, voted on at a free drinks for all software developer meeting.
      Who knows,… maybe that’s what happened.
      Either way, the logo name KODI really, really sucks.

  • goAMinD Aug 05, 2014 

    In Denmark Kodi(magnyl) is a painkiller drug consisting a combination of acetylsalicylacid and Kodein (codein). Codein is an Alkaloid which is naturally found in the Opium flower.

    Anyway the name Kodi just tastes too much of pointless marketing. XBMC is the ultimate strong name that would have lived, indestructable, till the last of us falls.

    Still, I will follow Kodi and use it, as it is still the best media software…. ever!

  • Menorca Man Aug 05, 2014 

    My 2 pence worth. Just change the XB to MP such that it reads MPMC – it would stand for Multi Platform Media Center, which is what XBMC has become. Simples!!

  • Mitch Aug 05, 2014 

    Hi Guys,

    I think the community needs to know why you chose KODI as the name, what does that mean exactly KODI ? Surely it came from somewhere

  • Janderfu Aug 06, 2014 

    As a long time XBMC user I love the platform and love what it can do. I couldn’t give two damns what you call it. Just keep making it work better. Kodi may seem a little awkward, but it will continue to stand on its own as the premier customizable media solution. To all those who are “jumping ship,” as it were, just because of a name change? That really shows absolutely no dedication to the product or faith in the dev team that works so hard to make this brilliant piece of software a reality. If that’s the attitude you really want to take with this, the community as a whole will be better off with you using PLEX.

    Thanks for the great work and the great product. Personally, I will continue to support this open media platform for as long as it exists and with whatever name tag it wears.

    /still bought an XBMC shirt though

  • Rasta Aug 06, 2014 

    [comment deleted due to immediately reaching for Godwin's Law.]

  • Enrico Aug 06, 2014 

    This name is ugly.
    I dont understand this new tendence of using idiots names.
    Like happened for 4square that became swarm.

  • blondeshanks Aug 06, 2014 

    Liked the name when I first heard it and like it even more now I have seen some of the logo ideas people have come up with, especially ximon – the animated logo is awesome

    …..and when you see the logo then Kodi makes perfect sense and I’m amazed someone hasn’t come up with the idea in the past.

    Well done XBMC/Kodi team

  • henk Aug 06, 2014 

    Kodi is also a brandname for a company in saving energy!!!!

  • Jax Aug 06, 2014 

    Meh…this is no different then when big companies change the name of sports arenas. No matter what they do it will still always be called XBMC but if it makes the developers happy so be it.

    You should really consider starting your new name with at least an X. Kodi is very underwhelming and flatulent. It does not do justice to what XBMC has become over the years.

    But do what you have to do to keep the software updated.

    I will be the guy begging on the forum for someone to make a mod or skin to change the logos back to XBMC. So that i can live in the dark ages with my wicked chromebox inside a gutted Xbox case and my original xbox remote. Coolest stuff EVER!

    Loved XBMC for ages. Sad to see it go.

    • Jericho Aug 07, 2014 

      Okay community users.. since we favor other names for the new xbmc 14 lets just hope someone will fork the last xbmc and develop it the way it should be. It turned sour so to speak. I am sure someone will do this and we should support them when they develop a new one. With all those reasons why they came up with the new name, I still smell something fishy going on

  • Kike Aug 06, 2014 

    It’s been a while that’s for sure. I remember running Xbox media center on the original Xbox “back in the day”. And once in a (very) while I still use XBMC for Xbox.

    After I (personally) dropped M$ Windows, I still use XBMC on Ubuntu for my “offline” media playback needs and serves me very well.

    I wish Kodi the best for years to come.

  • Husham Memar Aug 06, 2014 

    OH COME ON, What are you thinking. what in the god name is KODI any way.

    Call it something Solution Media Control ( SMC )
    Or Future Vision Media ( FVM )


    But recommend you leave well alone. XBMC IS REALLY GREAT NAME.

  • Cyprian Aug 06, 2014 

    Please help, cant buy XBMC apparel (hoodies and shirt), The page says “Sorry this campaign is ended and is no longer accepting orders.” but also says “595 have been sold (towards the original goal of 150)
    You can keep buying until the campaign ends” which is it????

  • Vijay Aug 07, 2014 

    I love XBMC, and a very faithful user. I am not very wild about the new name. The name ‘Kodi’ means ‘a hen’ in my language. Not that this will mean anything to XBMC folks, but I’d be very happy if they re-considered.

    • Nathan Betzen Aug 07, 2014 

      This is my new favorite objection.

    • The Dude Aug 07, 2014 

      Yeah well, you know, that’s just, like, your opinion, man. Creedence had a song called Lodi. “Oh Lord, stuck in Kodi again…”

  • Frank Bowman Aug 07, 2014 

    Like it …… although it does not indicate precisely the scope of the product …. as XBMC does …… but it is easy to remember and to follow ……. just like Coke! Keep up the good work!

  • drr Aug 07, 2014 

    XPMC is a way better “new” name,
    like said before, the roots to XBMC are still noticeable and “cross-platform” says exactly what it is.

    kodi sounds like…yes…crap.

  • PAUL OBRIEN Aug 07, 2014 

    Nice…keep up the good work !

  • Andy Aug 07, 2014 

    Love the software! Don’t like the new name too much. Hate the logo. Curious to see the finished logo if the one up top is not it.

  • SPKuja Aug 07, 2014 

    Honestly, what does it matter what it’s called? Why the objections? The software is still going to be the same, and it’s still going to be awesome!

    • Kira Manell Aug 12, 2014 

      Of course the name matters! XBMC was a robust, mature, and recognizable name. Kodi, on the other hands, sounds like the nickname of 14-year-old kid from the hood, with his cap on backwards, trying to sound his teenest cool. It’s not the name of a serious media center, though.

  • memturbo Aug 08, 2014 

    It does sound “kiddie” ,I just wonder if the team from Boxie had anything to do with it

    Kinda sounds the same boxi kodi .

    How about just shortening the name to X-BOX J.k.
    UMC ultimate Media center ,
    or my name M.A.R.c multimedia and recreational center
    Infinibox media center and your logo is the infinite logo

  • Kodi Aug 08, 2014 


  • Kodi Aug 08, 2014 


  • Roland Aug 08, 2014 

    Sry, but Kodi sounds belitteling, maybe a name for a very small dog or so. In essence: not cool. I like xbmc very much and i dont think this name serves the content very well. I hope for reconsideration, thx.

  • Warren Aug 08, 2014 

    Awful name. Just. Awful.

  • PYTON Aug 08, 2014 

    omg KODI sounds bad. XPMC > KODI

  • Jan Aug 08, 2014 

    What to do about http://www.kodi.nl ?

  • Codey Aug 08, 2014 

    +1 vote for XPMC

  • Jeebus Aug 08, 2014 

    I understand the reason for the name change, but it’s not exactly the best name is it? Makes it sounds like something Fisher price would come up with.

  • flow Aug 08, 2014 

    what about http://kodi.de/ ?

  • Jason Aug 08, 2014 

    Stupid name. There, I’ve said my piece and will wait for it to be released with the stupid name and move on with my life.

  • rob Aug 08, 2014 

    My thoughts…
    From: http://www.thinkbabynames.com/meaning/1/Kodi
    Kodi meaning, boy Kodi
    Kodi meaning and name origin
    Kodi \k(o)-di\ as a boy’s name (also used as girl’s name Kodi), has the meaning “helpful” and is a variant of Kody: variant of Cody (Old English) “pillow”.
    Kodi has 2 variant forms: Kodey, Kodie.
    Kodi is also pronounced similarly to Codie and Cody. Other suggested similar baby names are Jodi, Kade, Kidd, Kobi, Kofi, Kori and Kosi.
    Popularity of Kodi: Kodi is not a popular first name for males and an equally uncommon surname or last name for all people (2000 U.S. Census).
    In short, no one really likes Kodi , however you choose to spell it.

    May I recommend “X-ternal” as the new name? My reasons are that “X” plays off the heritage of XBMC (which most of us love), “X-ternal” (external) points to the open or outside nature of the code that can be added onto or taken to new heights by outside coders by way of add ons etc.
    You can call it X-ternal Media Center or X-ternal Entertainment Center or whatever, it dosen’t matter really.

    Whether its something like X-Men movies, X Files TV show or whatever,…X marks the spot for ALL your entertainment. Because you put in what you want to get out of it.

    I would be interested in what others think…

    • Kira Manell Aug 12, 2014 

      Yup, Kodi is a bit of a childish name. The fact that it’s a boy’s name at all makes the choice rather silly. Names like ‘Kodi’, or ‘Elle’, or ‘Gotham’, they’re good for themes, or release code names, but not for the program itself. XBMC was much better.

      Even wanting to drop the Xbox element from it, you could have simply come up with another way to explain the acronym (something with eXtra, or eXreme, or whatever).

      Also, as other have pointed out in this thread, Kodi is far from unused in the software world.

  • Tayra Aug 08, 2014 

    You’re never going to make everyone happy, go what what you want, If a user is picking their MC based on the name, you dont need em that much! Thanks and cheers for the wonderul program, whatever it may be called ;)

  • yellowcrash10 Aug 08, 2014 

    I just started using this software, and it’s fantastic. I’m just here to make a joke about the new name:

    The name’s Kodi. Say it with me… Ko-di.

  • Too Late Aug 09, 2014 

    Going to be rough going though when lurkers snap up XMBC domains and such as you abandon them unless you have a transition strategy…

    • Ned Scott Aug 11, 2014 

      The XBMC Foundation is still the XBMC Foundation. We will continue to own our existing domain names and have them point to newer addresses, when the address has been renamed.

    • Memphiz Aug 11, 2014 

      What do we care if anyone is using XMBC domains? See pretty good example why we renamed it to a non-acronym.

      You not even get the order of 4 letters right when participating in a shitstorm. I am so dissappointed …

  • _fire_ Aug 09, 2014 

    Thank you, (σˋ▽ˊ)σ

  • javier Aug 09, 2014 

    I dont like the new name, i undestand the legal issues with trademark. but i like XBMC a lot more that Kodi, even if the meaning of the characters no longer represent the actual use.
    i think that XBMC with the years became a single name and i now that there are a lot of people that dont even know that XB refers to Xbox..
    even more,, its better XBMC since it will seduce the people to search for the origin and let them see how hacking can transform a more restricted plataform and transform it in a great an versatile tool. growing trought the initial boundaries.

  • lost89577 Aug 09, 2014 

    this is some marketing trick?, Change to name to something most people will hate, to make people more accepting of the alternate name which is posted a few days later.

  • pleaseno Aug 09, 2014 

    Really bad name. Are you trying to make the name so weird and unrelated to the point that it stands out in the license/credit/about area of other paid software based on it?
    This is the only move done by this project that I hate, and I hope it will be the only one in the future.

  • lonewolf Aug 11, 2014 

    In the parallel universe where you try to rename kodi to XBMC or UMC or KODIAK SUSAN or vice-versa you will still have all this negative feedback.. I dont care about the name just keep making the great software that we know and love. Thanks team kodi!
    P.S. KODIAK SUSAN or Ultimate Entertainment Center are my favorite alternatives!

  • Fred Aug 11, 2014 

    i hope in future there is no problem with the Kodi shop: http://www.kodi.de

  • Jean-Max Aug 11, 2014 

    It’s a pity ..
    KODI is far for an original name :-(

    A French example :

  • Kira Manell Aug 12, 2014 

    If “The software will remain the same,” why is it suddenly an alpha-release then?

  • stuart Aug 12, 2014 

    Helix Media Centre

  • Stevles Aug 12, 2014 

    God out of all the alternatives, the majority team vote was for “Kodi”?
    It sounds like a boy prostitute!

    • zag Sep 09, 2014 

      haha I laughed at this one.

      We did spend many hours choosing a name and had similar discussions to all the user comments. We settled on Kodi which I still think is the best of the options we had in terms of trademarks, domains and short names.

      • dave beakhust Oct 02, 2014 

        New website kodi.TV
        Was .org taken?
        And when Tuvalu vanishes beneath the waves any time soon, what happens to .TV domains?
        Just joking.
        On kodi (the name). Have a heart, guys and gals…
        It really is amazingly hard to find short, usable, registrable trade names that are not insults in Chinese, Arabic or Hebrew, and haven’t already been squatted on by domain squatters or are already registered legitimately somewhere. Why else did “Standard Oil” become Exxon? Rolls Royce memorably wanted to call a car Silver mist, but obviously did not consult the German sales office on day one.
        “What’s in a name? — a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet” as William Shakespeare almost said.

  • JoPhi Aug 12, 2014 

    Gosh! It took months for me to google XBMC in the correct spelling *ggg – but Kodi seems to be much simpler to remind :D … Huggs from Austria, JoPhi

  • dracosveen Aug 12, 2014 

    You could rename it to EatShit for all I care. This is by far the best Media player/center/displayer/entertainer whatever out there.

    Nothing comes close to this application. I know. I have tried everything available on multiple platforms.

    Also this application, did I mention how awesome it is, is given to you absolutely fcken for free. Developers work on donations to bring upgrades and requests suggestions to the user base. And you fcken ungrateful wretches are moaning about a name change. OMFG.

    I suggest, all you moaners, that if you still have the boxes that you PCs/MACs etc came in, put them back in the box and send the box back to the supplier because you are all way to retarded to own let alone operate them or XBMC come Kodi.

    100% Fanboy

  • maintainn Aug 13, 2014 

    Kudos to developers of past and present for creating and continually improving a truly remarkable platform to showcase media. Personally, I have customers employing Kaleidescape systems costing thousands of dollars with no where near the options a custom tailored xbmc system can. I am truly grateful to ALL work that has been done to date.

    The new name is lacking however, which is very evident in these posts. Unless KODI was your personal suggestion then there’s no need to be offended by it’s lack of popularity. In dealing with registering domains, which is a very good point; What’s the issue with telling the community a new name will be proposed and asking for suggestions by means of email. This way developers can still meet in private with a pool of suggestions from the community (not publicly posted) AND the developers still have the opportunity to check domains, trademarks, etc. AND then still make the decision in private. It seems a larger pool of suggestions could help improve this new and permanent name. Brilliant coders aren’t necessarily brilliant at marketing and branding. Just as great guitar players aren’t always that great of vocalists. No one is great at everything. It seems quite obvious that the community could/would provide financial support for undoing any actions already taken to adopt the new name. If the new name will be THE lasting one, isn’t it worth taking the time to make sure it’s THE right one?

  • the5thBeatle Aug 13, 2014 

    Kodi sounds like a dog’s name. Sorry. I have been using xbmc for a decade now. I think Kodi doesn’t do the product justice. I think the name should go to a vote within the community.

  • Kodi Aug 13, 2014 

    So when will the domain change?
    I bet all the 3rd party developers arent so happy..

  • bbfugitive Aug 13, 2014 

    Not really loving it myself and my 8 year old hates it. Please send me a refund.

  • Drexl Aug 13, 2014 

    I don’t really like the name now, but it does fit right in with other silly names such as Roku, Vudu, Hulu, Boxee, etc. Maybe it will grow on me.

  • WhoAmI? Aug 14, 2014 

    Quick, everyone trademark and register Kodi legally, everywhere they can

  • Leonard Nimoy Aug 14, 2014 

    I felt that since other folks are offering their $20, I would go ahead and offer my logical $.02…

    Dear Devs,

    Thank you for providing this awesome FREE product for me and my peers to use as we see fit. Thank you for making it the best, most flexible platform for media available in the modern era.

    I don’t care if you decide to call it ‘grandma’s hobo chicken french-fried media boinker breakfast community doughnuts and sandwich maker’, as long as it remains the awesome FREE product for me and my peers to use as we see fit that it is. See where I’m going with this?

    Being involved in some secret-squirrel stuff myself that suffered from ‘squatting’ issues at some points throughout development, I fully understand why this name change would have to be done the way it was. It’s a sad, unfortunate reality of the world we live in.

    I’m sorry the XBMC community is so upset over the change, and has been so harsh in its response. I can’t believe that they can’t figure out how to change the channel if they don’t like what’s on TV. Perhaps if the devs got frustrated with the haters’ responses and gave up on the project altogether (did I mention it’s available for FREE?) the ‘negative community’ would feel better about it?

    I am a huge fan. Please keep up the good work, and know that somebody out here ‘gets it’ and appreciates what you’re doing.

    • Cyril Oct 04, 2014 

      Well said. Kodi is a nice little pun on what they do best. That has brought them this far and will take us all forward with some absolutely stunning software.

  • WhoNose Aug 15, 2014 

    Sorry guys but I hate the name :(

  • HaryKatz Aug 15, 2014 

    Truly, what a bunch of whiny Manboys! When you create something that serves a beloved global audience then you can call it whatever you like. Boy… how quickly you people can turn on the folks who given you all this for the love of it. Appreciate what you have call it what ever the hell you want at parties and get over it!

  • Fredphoesh Aug 16, 2014 

    My immediate impression was disappointment at the name.

    I came here to see if it was true, and agree with the 90% that it’s ill fitting.

    Kodi is utterly un-sexy, both the name and logo.

    Given the community nature of the software, why did this process not involve the community????


  • Dgden Aug 16, 2014 

    Kodi…what the heck does that mean…that’s just not a cool name…like at all – nope not even a little. Lame lame lame…

    But whatever keep up the good work on the software but really guys do consider asking a community with a vote or something.

  • vasilis Aug 16, 2014 

    i updated to kodi but movies are getting late to load ;( what to do ??

  • thebearnecessities Aug 16, 2014 

    I think this issue should be given a place on your next meetings agenda. You need to give proper thought to changing this name IMHO. Its genuinely terrible.

  • lynne Aug 17, 2014 

    old name new name still the best media software on planet earth

  • Nadrach Aug 17, 2014 

    What is all the fuss about? It’s a name … of a piece of incredibly good software … not a religion.
    There is a town in Italy called Cortina … years ago it was used as the brand name of a car (which brings tears of auto-evangelism to petrolheads of a certain age), but only in the UK because in parts of the Iberian peninsula it was found to be a colloquial insult, so there the car was called a Taunus instead … another equally meaningless name until that was also found to cause local offence in parts of Italy … you see the chain.
    Kodi means Tax in Swahili and “Of Extremes” when used as a name in other parts of the world. Where the idea that it means plastic or cheap or childish comes from amazes me. So in Germany it is used on a five-and-dime shop? Aldi and Lidl are premium brands in Germany but low-budget in the UK. “Slope” is common description of a road in the english-speaking world, even a name of one; but in Thailand it is an insult (as a recent high-profile career-busting celebrity row in the UK has just shown).
    The reach of the internet means that etymology and semantics pretty much guarantees that somewhere someone will be offended, insulted, ecstatic, and otherwise unconcerned with just about any collation of the alphabet.
    It’s a name. Get a handle on that. Short, apparently sweet (definately like that bit), a graphics designers ideal length … for crying out loud, what is with all this “I’m never gonna use “that” name” playground point-scoring?
    Get a life. If you are going to throw a snit, there’s a lot more to get annoyed about in this world than a name-change.

  • JPSoni Aug 18, 2014 

    KODI is good for business.
    As WWE says

  • Icarus3000 Aug 18, 2014 

    Terrible name. Oh well, as long as it still works the same.

  • Ron Aug 18, 2014 

    I agree that Kodi does sound terrible and Pivos have called their fork of XBMC Tofu, equally bad.

  • ZaidRM Aug 18, 2014 

    I really don’t care what you guys call it. It is an incredible piece of software that does everything we could possible ask of it. I love Kodi and will continue to support it 110%!!! Thank you XBMC/ Kodi team!!

  • scurvydan Aug 18, 2014 

    OMG that took a long time to scroll thru.
    Mostly negative comments and I agree… not the best name.

  • aandpman Aug 19, 2014 

    I showed this new name to my 13 yr old grand daughter and she said “That’s TERRIBLE!…it sounds like some kind of video game”…

    Thought I’d toss in her $0.02 worth instead of mine ;-)

  • Zed Aug 19, 2014 

    Eh, it’s a name. How about those Apple Computers huh? Fruit that can go sour, make you sick, fill up with worms and yet, still, highly regarded. True, I am not a fan of KODI but ya know even some NASA robots got strange names and they were still instrumental in the space program.

  • Yatti420 Aug 19, 2014 

    It’s a crime to change XBMC name to KODI.. Not only does it stand for nothing.. It goes against what everybody worked so hard for on the original xbox.. Which I still use.. You can be sure the xbmc4xbox project wont change it’s name to KODI4XBMC.. Ridiculous!..

    • t3ch42 Aug 26, 2014 

      Yeah, not thinking they will. Maybe though they’ll change it to something cool that has a lot of meaning like XBMC…That would be refreshing as all of a sudden, a perfectly good name has just become available.

  • Adam Cleverley Aug 19, 2014 

    ITs too close to that http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/projects/kodu/

    so your leaving the xbmc behind, to name it something that only one letter away from another Microsoft product?


  • OrangeTriumph Aug 20, 2014 

    Kodi is a poor choice, way too common for other uses and has too many Kiddy connotations.
    The big boys pay big to do their research and they came up with the somewhat similar Kodu “Kodu is a new visual programming language made specifically for creating games. It is designed to be accessible for children.” Why not use the community to do the research for you.

    XBMC the software is so much more than a name I will always use it so long as the shite name does not kill it dead. Fingers crossed OpenELEC hack a better splash screen in.

  • Angel Aug 20, 2014 

    Hi there, I heard about XMBC a year ago from a very good friend. Have joined various forums on XMBC and have met and made new friends. As for the new name yes it’s catchy but keeping with tradition why not try Xodi, just a thought….

  • growlin_stan Aug 22, 2014 

    I came to XBMC late (last couple of years) and didn’t know what XBMC stood for. It took me ages before I could even remember its name correctly – I would get the letters mixed up! I like the new name and agree XBMC has no relevance anymore.

  • Dyna Aug 22, 2014 

    Yeah, I’m going to have to say I don’t care for the name much at all. It’s a bit too candyland. Never really did care for XBMC either, once it stopped making sense to call it that.

    Kodi can’t be the best everyone can come up with, can it?

  • JusNoGood Aug 22, 2014 

    Tee ordered.

    Regarding name. Initial thought was wtf. After giving it a week or so I quite like it :) …..Although it says its not the final design do I quite like the graphic.

  • Pyke Aug 22, 2014 

    XBMC fork in 3…2…1…

    I really liked the XPEC sugestion, is waaaaay better than Kodi

    • KapitaenM Aug 23, 2014 

      XPEC, if still used the scooping XBMC font (and not the kid-scratched “ain’t I a cutie” logo), would be a top choice.

      You get to keep the X for remembrance but it gets a new meaning. I wonder if it somehow could turn into a legal issue, though.

  • Silky Aug 23, 2014 

    I for one will be changing splash screen to the big X when I next update and will continue to call it XBMC, call it what you like, I’ll still use it……HOWEVER I do think you’ll initially lose a LOT of dedicated fans, if you HAD to rename the program you should have stuck to a meaningful acronym, eXtra Big Media Center sounds fine to me!

  • mike Aug 23, 2014 

    XPEC !!! Cross Platform Entertainment Center – love this!!!

  • ludo me not Aug 24, 2014 

    Subsuming the B into a single X would have been better:


    “Every[where] Media Center”

    otherwise the wildly successful democratic-Republic mode ought to have been employed as direct-democracy has been proven folly.

  • NAMSDRAWKCAB Aug 24, 2014 

    Thankyou thankyou thankyou to all those who work hard on such a fantastic project and let’s hope that is for many many years to come.

    I first discovered XBMC after buying a Raspberry Pi and getting into RetroPie gaming image. Decided I’d see what other projects out there were supported by the Pi and nearly every bit of research I happened to come across mentioned this fantastic “media player”.

    I guess I’m behind the times after getting so used to Windows Media Center and the fact that I can be somewhat hesitant to change but when you find out a product plays ALL the file extensions in a single piece of software then that’s definitely the one to go for IMO.

    Keep up the great work and I wish Kodi the continued success that XBMC has made itself known for – cheers :)

  • Andrew Aug 24, 2014 

    I like the fact that the name XBMC still references the Xbox, it shows heritage, but I do understand why legal issues may prompt a change. I definitely agree with what I percieve to be the consensus going on here though; Kodi is a poor choice. The name sounds really out of date and not up with current trends and even the logo looks like it was designed in 2004. It doesn’t make XBMC/Kodi look like a modern alternative to things like Apple TV.

  • paul Aug 24, 2014 

    software is amazing…new name is absolutely terrible, logo is even worse…please listen to your users and come up with something better.

  • Killerc Aug 27, 2014 

    While the software stays good i don’t mind what its called, i do find it a shame its not going to be called XBMC anymore and no doubt will refer to it as that out of habit anyway but…. What do Kobi really stand for? The code thing really doesn’t hold up compared to xbox media centre….

  • Slade122 Aug 27, 2014 

    I have to agree, XBMC is dated. However, I don’t think Kodi is a name that everyone will jump on. Let alone, when you tell your friends that they have to install KODI, it doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, heck they might even get confused and wonder WHO Kodi is.

    I bought a T-shirt because I will not buy a T-shirt with “Kodi” on it. From the responses of many individuals here, it seems quite a number of individuals don’t care for the name that much either.

    XBMC does done the best job out of any entertainment center / media center / DVD/BD player software out there. Keep up the good work. Thanks for your time and effort, XBMC team, and community developers.

    Tell Kodi I’m sorry about his name.

  • Butthead Aug 27, 2014 

    I don’t like Kodi.

  • fenix Aug 28, 2014 

    Yeahhhhh, I will never call it “Kodi”, it will always be XBMC.

  • Hadashi Aug 28, 2014 

    I have to also concur with all the “Kodi” bashing on here. It would have been nice to let the user base here have an opinion on the name change, especially since so many have supported this project from the beginning…

  • wren Aug 28, 2014 

    You all could take a lesson from Shakespeare. Even HE knew that the name doesn’t matter. It’s all in the substance of the object which it represents.

    In this case, XBMC, KODI, or IAmYourEntertainmentCenter – it doesn’t matter. It’s still great software.

    Quit whining

  • David campbell Aug 29, 2014 

    I wish they had run a competition or put out a public vote,,, this name is awful, makes me want to just walk away from the product.

    It is now embarrassing to tell people about, the name was cool and edgy before, now it sounds like a kids product or something, blegh.

    • Martijn Aug 29, 2014 

      Go ahead. Walk away. Make sure to also uninstall and stop using any other XBMC version you have.

  • win2linconvert Aug 29, 2014 

    Love the software! Really, really appreciate the developers. Absolutely HATE the new name! Kodi.. Sounds like it’s the latest code word amongst the female tween population for… Oh, I don’t know… Maybe STUPID! Thanks for the great software though. :-)

  • win2linconvert Aug 29, 2014 

    It’s going to be tough recommending the program to others when I’m ashamed to say the name. I guess I’ll just have to say “Let me install this great app for you to get the most enjoyment out of all of your multimedia.” Please consider another name!

  • win2linconvert Aug 29, 2014 

    How about “!WOW! Multimedia Experiment” or “Ultimate Entertainment Center” or even just a symbol and everyone can refer to it as the program formerly know as XBMC. Please!

  • Jean-Max Aug 29, 2014 


    yadday said on Aug 02, 2014 :
    “We are excited to announce that XBMC is changing its name to Kodi!”
    — No… you should be ashamed. Marketing-Fail!

    Memphiz said on Aug 04, 2014 :
    Marketing … who cares about marketing – this is an open source hobby – stop comparing it to your

    day jobs guys …

    YES : It’s “Open-Source” and i’s a great software :-)
    So let users choose their best “Open-Name” ;-)
    Don’t force users with the name “KODI” , they don’t like
    BR from France

  • Jodi Aug 29, 2014 

    I am have so much trouble. Finally I have the Kodi version installed. It works. Lovely. Now the addons are out. I tried to re install Mashup and the latest version. It comes to the response of not structured. Any help out there for this. Millions of Thanks. I miss watching my ATV2. Direct TV sucks.

    • Martijn Aug 30, 2014 

      Mashup is not supported

  • PYTON Aug 30, 2014 

    Really, really bad name. Its worst name for software i ever heard. Please consider your decision or do some public vote with few names and let people decide.

  • Porga Aug 31, 2014 

    !!! Here in Croatia biggest company presented “Kodi” as they trademark or mascot (little green man), see on this link: http://www.konzum.hr/Akcije/Kodi

    It happened before XBMC team announced name change. Any possible legal issues here?

    • Nathan Betzen Aug 31, 2014 

      Probably not. With trademarks, what matters is whether an organization is in the same business area. For example, the store Kodi in Germany is primarily a department store with an online component that also happens to sell electronics. Given that our Kodi isn’t a department store or an online retailer of gadgets, we’re probably fine. The Croatian site, based on Google Translate, appears also to be a store of some kind, so once again, not the same business. There’s also an adult website in the netherlands that doesn’t match what we do.

      The problem would happen if we found a company that also primarily was a software company or otherwise related directly to television or media center production.

      The simple test is whether it’s possible to confuse what we do with what another company does. A nice example of where this has become an issue in the past is Apple Computers and Apple Records. Both are completely unrelated companies that existed without any issue in the same world for years. Neither touched the other’s business in all that time, as one was focused on home electronics and computers, while the other was focused on music production.

      And then Apple Computers started selling iPods and music. And a lawsuit happened. In the end, Apple Computers won that lawsuit, obviously, since iPods still exist. But they only won on a contractual technicality, and had a contract between the two companies not already existed, there’s a real chance Apple would have been forced to abandon the music industry (at least under the Apple brand).

    • Martijn Aug 31, 2014 

      No issue

  • Delon Sep 01, 2014 

    How about XPME for a new name? Stands for “Cross Platform Media Entertainment.” Not really feeling the name Kodi. But if it works the same, then not really a bid deal.

  • Graham Sep 01, 2014 

    I also don’t like the new name. XBMC always had a geeky professionalism ring to it. But kodi sounds like the name of the kid next door who keeps kicking the ball against your fence.

    Could you not run a competition to select the new name/logo and get everyone to pay $1 to vote. I’m sure everyone will be more than happy to put a little towards something they have used for years without paying a cent

  • GRFN09 Sep 01, 2014 

    Great product, but really bad name and logo. Marketing fail. I am a 45 yr old father and feel embarrassed to say the name or recommend it to my family and friends. I will stick with 13.2 for as long as possible and hope that you re-brand Kodi for version 15 with an appropriate name. Sorry but I will boycott any donations for now.

  • AV Sep 02, 2014 
  • UltraLame Sep 02, 2014 

    “A rose is a rose by any other name”

    XBMC, although a clumsy acronym, is obviously that – an acronym.

    KODI does sound desultory and more like a tedious children’s character than the highly respected software that it will come to represent.

    XBMC does everything I want it to already so I just won’t upgrade, it comes down to whether you want to see a XBMC or KODI logo when you start the software.

    Microsoft may own the word XBox but it doesn’t own the letters XB, so why not just say XB stands for something else like Xtra Brilliant.

    I can see both sides to this argument however I think there will be a lot of hate for KODI and the name will end up being changed again in a future version.

    “Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything”

  • robotoaster Sep 03, 2014 

    +1 for Kodi

    Take a stopwatch and measure how long it takes to say XBMC 10 times. Then measure the same for Kodi

    • Oberföhringer Vogelspinne Sep 22, 2014 

      Following your argumentation the best name would be something like “M”…

  • Paco Sep 03, 2014 

    Kodi sounds dumb but who cares really. As far as I’m concerned you can name the thing “booboo” just keep the good stuff rolling.

  • Samantha Cabrera Sep 04, 2014 

    It sucks that the XBMC team is changing the name to Kodi because really I have always used XBMC and at least the name actually has a meaning but what is Kodi going to stand for ? I do not like it at all why cant they just keep the name to XBMC it makes more sense.

  • fr1day Sep 05, 2014 

    I can’t help but be curious about domain names going forward. I can see that kodi.org, .com, and .net domains were taken before this move. I can also see that kodimediacenter.org and .com domains have been taken by the XBMC foundation.

    Given that both the announcement and any artwork I’ve seen are promoting the new name as “KODI Entertainment Center”, and the announcement specifically mentions a move away from the idea of a media center, is there a risk of confusion or mixed messages by adopting the kodimediacenter domain? Or is there another domain planned for use that I’m missing?

  • netzgewitter Sep 06, 2014 

    It seems like the crowd is not pleased with the new name. I agree too. Please consider a new name. Or stick with XBMC. The X can mean be anything but Xbox. So why would there be a legal problem? But if a name change is really necessary, why not take a vote?

  • Marc Sep 07, 2014 

    please not Kodi. its sounds wierd.
    +for XPMC if a change is required.

  • sodar Sep 08, 2014 

    Kodi sounds like KDE app ;) XPMC would be so much better IMHO.

  • Ken Sep 08, 2014 

    Curious thing: The biggest part or your rationale here goes with “the XBMC name no longer relates to what the program does” yet you leave us with a rather bland name, “Kodi”, with even less relationship (if any) to your program or even to the logic expressed to justify the name change and the whole article

    So please tell us the real reason for all this, because you’re abandoning a good and catchy name for a senseless, forgettable one.


  • Michael Sep 08, 2014 

    I vote for OpenMC, Please rename, KODI sounds too hart, and not so smart as XBMC,


  • fdsa Sep 09, 2014 

    sell outs

  • Jean-Max Sep 09, 2014 

    OpenMC should be a good name but….. it’s from 2004 a Media center Open source name :

    Like another user said some posts ago, what about a vote for the new name of our favorite MC soft ?

  • Trevor Potter Sep 09, 2014 

    Quite. Honestly you could call it cold spaghetti for me I think its so great of the team to produce this brilliant piece of work its their baby and the parents get to name their own progeny

  • Trevor Potter Sep 09, 2014 

    Kofi cod eee

  • t3ch42 Sep 10, 2014 

    I really hope you guys don’t break xbmc like the Obamas did to school education and school lunches.

  • drabina Sep 10, 2014 

    I do not like the new name. The old name was just a moniker and I never really spelled it out. Plus it sounded so much better than Kodi.

  • xppx99 Sep 11, 2014 

    To change name: Agreed
    To change name to Kodi: WTF? Kodi? Is that a kid’s toy name?

    Anyway, if the (bad) decision is already taken, let’s (try) to support it.

  • Red Foreman Sep 11, 2014 

    You present this software to the public, repositories are named and posted, you tube has numerous videos posted and web sites started all in the name associated with the name XBMC, and now you want to change the name. Must be some of the new way of managing things in this country.
    I have always been a believer of ” if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it”. XBMC is fine. It hasn’t hurt anything so far.

  • Em Sep 12, 2014 

    I’m guessing code “e”. Maybe. Who really cares. It’s a great site. Rock on guys.

  • Peter Plante Sep 12, 2014 

    I tried to install the new version: KODI… but my tablet (Archos) cannot run … An error message: This XBMC package is not compatible with your device (arm vs x86)
    Version 11 was even would run on my Archos but NOT on my Acertablet and Frodo runs on my Archos tablet but not on my Acer Tablet. And now Gotham en Kodi will NOT run on my Archos. Install Yes but run NO. What is the problem? my android version? Please can anyone help me?

  • kned247 Sep 12, 2014 

    As always.. I’ll love this amazing piece of software no matter what the name is. I’m not sure why people on this page are tossing out “possible” name changes still though. They’ve changed the name already, it’s “Kodi”, get over it. The foundation isn’t going to change it “again” simply because a few people don’t like it. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us as users!! Here’s to another 12 years!

    • T Rent Sep 14, 2014 

      The “reason people are tossing out possible name changes” dude, is because the original blog posted (Nathan Betzen) has a ‘Conclusion’ section where it says “, we’d love to hear your thoughts, whether they be about ……………….. what you think of the new name.” This was basically the final remark.
      I hope you are not becoming one of those persons who feels entitled to have an opinion on topics which you doesn’t fully read/comprehend first… That would be a sign of ignorance.

    • altanava Sep 15, 2014 

      Finally, somebody who gets it right!

  • James Sep 14, 2014 

    There’s lots of comments, I’m sure there will be more but why change to a name that isn’t really obvious when spoken how to spell it?

    Awful decision. If I say to someone “go look at XBMC” then it’s fairly obvious how to spell it. If I say “go look at Kodi” it could be codey, codie, kodey, kodee etc…

    Software great though, so I’ll still use it either way. I would look at further researching this name change from a marketing POV.

  • squareeyes Sep 14, 2014 

    Well, I’ve had time to get used to the name change and I still think it’s a very very poor choice. It’s infantile and every one know who uses XBMC says they would not likely have tried XBMC if it had been called Kodi because it sounds down right stupid.

    Well what the hell let’s see what happens. It’s interesting that nobody from XBMC.org asked us what we liked first. Sure it’s your “project” if you are a developer you’re entitled to do what you want.

    So I’ve learned something.

  • Graham Sep 14, 2014 

    I like the name and you guys a fabulous – thanx for everything !

  • Dan Sep 15, 2014 

    my view, it’s like when ford changed the name of the Taurus to the ford 500, all the old people who have been by the Taurus for years, “wtf is a ford 500″ Guess what, it’s call the Ford Taurus again.

    XBMC has become a brand, sure it use to mean Xbox media center, but that’s the evolution, XBMC was an great name, trade mark it, you can’t change the brand, it’s like Nike changing their name to Bobby. Sure they went from the waffle sole to the air sole, but it’s still Nike.


    • Luc Sep 18, 2014 

      I totally agree, IBM stands for Industrial Business Machine. Now they make computer for people but they are still IBM cause nobody knows what IBM stands for, and who care? XBMC might be for Xtra Big Media Computer or Xtreme Beer Meat Consumption. Who cares what it stands for, the name is XBMC.

  • Yecan Sep 15, 2014 


  • altanava Sep 15, 2014 

    I can see you wanted to get as far of XBMC as you could KODI or what ever, is great for me, your work is awesome and that’s all that counts. Thanks for your exceptional work and the tons of hours of entertainment!

  • Sensato90 Sep 15, 2014 

    Whatever it is called, as long as the group keeps turning out excellent code, doesn’t matter.

    Kodi streams faster than XBMC, just shout it aloud!

    Repeat ten times: “Kodi”. Do the same with XBMC…

  • Rob Sep 18, 2014 

    makes sense to change it from xbmc, kodi sounds good! Keep up the good work that we all love!!!

  • Carlos Sep 18, 2014 

    I don’t like Kodi name.

    I would like others mentioned here as XPEC.

    • Martijn Sep 18, 2014 

      XPEC sounds stupid

      • Carlos Sep 18, 2014 

        I could accept that XPEC can sound stupid, but Kodi:
        - Is not serious.
        - Is like a toy for children.
        - Does not sound open.
        - Does not represent the software.

  • John Sep 19, 2014 

    I am going to cry.
    Heck it’s a free program for us, you can do what you like, but XBMC is a name that means so much to me – so much to all of us.
    Please don’t change the name to that.

  • Patrick Sep 19, 2014 

    I’ll never forget the first time I bought an original Xbox in 2004 and had it soft-modded with UnleashX and I was completely blown away by the Xbox Media Center software. I totally understand the reasons, but I’ll miss the name. There are a few open source things in the computer world that have a special place in users’ hearts and this one is probably at the top

  • pedro Sep 21, 2014 

    first a great sheers to all.

    yes it survive since xbox 1.. :) plait for so many years, it was the only media center working very well.

    ITS time to change, i like KODI.

    i read that you are looking for the image for kodi, you can launch a contest i public for that :)
    community always help.

    sorry for the bad writing


  • Ian Sep 21, 2014 

    “A rose by any other name would organise my media files so sweet” Been using XBMC for several years now and love it more with each iteration, and I’m extremely grateful for the time and expertise the developers have put into a program that is not only useful and free, but also works better than most software you have to pay for! So with this said, I kinda like KODI, but really as far as I’m concerned they can rename it to whatever they like and they have my support, because ultimately it won’t change anything other than the logo which appears for two seconds when it boots up, but the program itself will just continue to get better and better.

  • crojas Sep 23, 2014 

    Kodi, sounds like a pet name (dog, kat, bird, pig)

    • wuggs Oct 21, 2014 

      Kodi – my precious

  • strawman Sep 23, 2014 

    I can’t believe you change the name but not telling why and how you pick that name. I will respect your decision even though I don’t like the name, since it’s a free software that I love and rely on so much.

  • Dan Sep 23, 2014 

    Price Club – Costco
    XBMC – Kodi

    I still say Price Club.

    • wuggs Oct 21, 2014 

      I still say tomato!
      Rock on KODI, rock on!

  • Yiannis Sep 23, 2014 

    Is Kodi an abbreviation of something?

    I really don’t like it!

    Please change it! It is never too late to reverse the decision!
    All other suggestions I have seen in the comments are much better!

  • My Name Is None of Your Concern Sep 23, 2014 

    The name I can grudgingly live with, but the logo, that’s enough to drive me to switch to Plex in and of itself while never looking back. It’s ugly, meaningless (literally according to the dev team), and sticks out like a sore middle finger to the entire fan community in comparison to the simplicity and elegance that came with both the software, its old name, and old logo.

    I’d suggest a logo / font in the same style as the old XBMC splash but rename it APES. (All-Purpose Entertainment Solution).

    If you don’t want something so professional looking, you can go all out too, have something like King Kong (who is public domain) lifting an entire stack of DVDs, CDs, and more if you want a fancy logo but actually make it elegant looking – not childish. Also think of all the witty puns that you can pepper into error messages and more. Kodi, ugh, looks and sounds like something I’d find while cringing at those Nabi tablets in a toy store.

  • Chris Myers Sep 25, 2014 

    I agree with the change for all the official reasons given. XBMC isn’t easy to say, but Kodi is easy.

    Pity the poor guy that already owns kodi on twitter though: twitter.com/kodi

    I love XBMC/Kodi regardless of its name :-)

  • Keith Loving Sep 26, 2014 

    Just like PSN was changed to SEN, and the masses still refer to it as PSN today. I suspect it will take a very long time before the masses adapt to this new name. Some may read about Kodi online and have no idea that it is XBMC, only until he does additional research and reading about this new Kodi he is reading about.

    Personally I am all for acronyms, but I support the decision to use Kodi. For years I often wondered why take the risk of using the name XBMC.

    Personally this is an entertainment hub. I would have liked to see “E.” be somewhere in the acronym…..just like WWF is now WWE for an example. Also, the is primarily for movies, so there could have been an “M.” in the acronym. It’s all customary to how each of us wants to set it up. So this could have been called M.E. TV or something like that…

    who knows, what the future holds, in 5 years time we could be talking about another name change.

    • Keith Loving Sep 26, 2014 

      N. for network…now we got M.E.N. TV XD

  • jay Sep 27, 2014 

    the name is fine but the logo is childish. when i think of a media center i think strong durable functional device with heavy but smooth controls. when i look at the logo i think Damn!! looks like the new logo for a rugrats game, or new toy

  • Stuart Sep 27, 2014 

    dont like the name….xbmc is fine as remembers its roots

  • randy Sep 27, 2014 

    Its a great name and awesome app

  • Davidjensen Sep 27, 2014 

    Please do not convert the software to Java in honor of Eric Schmidt. XBMC has large libraries in Python.

  • Mauricio Solis Sep 29, 2014 

    Thank you! Thank you!

    I just say thank you! to all XBMC team! for your system that let me enjoy my media files in the best way at home!!

    I’m very exited to try KODI and i’ll upgrade soon!

  • KungFuNav Sep 30, 2014 

    I love what you guys have done with XBMC, but I’m jumping on the ‘not a big fan of the name Kodi’ bandwagon. Has anyone confirmed it’s actually pronounced ‘CODE-EE’, is it ‘KOD-EE’, there’s a heck of a lot of comments to trawl through.
    I’m ‘sighing’ at the “You should try KODI, it’s awesome” conversation which will end up with people not trying it because when they searched online for CODY they couldn’t find it and gave up.

  • Nusret Matan Oct 01, 2014 

    Yıllardır kullandığım ve herkese önerdiğim, eşi, benzeri olmayan uygulamanın adının değişmesinin bir önemi yok. Çünkü her zaman en iyisi. Hoşgeldin KODI :)

    I have used for years and I recommend it to anyone, quite unique application of a change of name does not matter. Because it is always the best. Welcome KODI :)

  • error55o Oct 01, 2014 

    with a sad heart and a joy for future times :) from when on IRC to when I found a way, you guys and girls are the best, maybe one day error55o will return to the old IRC place we called home but for now just to say this “Loving the name choice” adn awesome for the news, I’ve been with xbmc for years. at least 7, the amount of h/d space I’d used for the updates is boggling, and one last thing, thank you for not just saying “so long and thanks for all the fish” :D

  • f13ftw Oct 02, 2014 

    First console mod experience, the original Xbox. XBMC was the best way to manage all the game backups and network media. As long as it keeps getting better, it really doesn’t matter to me what you name it.

  • Robert van Veen Oct 05, 2014 

    So long as it works, I guess I’ll get used to it. EMC would be best. Enhanced Media Center will in no way confuse anybody as to what this program does or can do. Because MEDIA is what it does. The MC part is therefore still very accurate. The XB part is technically prehistoric.

  • RStamper Oct 06, 2014 

    I kind of like the name KODI.

    Yes, it’s a little kid-sounding, and playful-sounding, but heck, this is software designed to entertain us in all ways possible, isn’t it.

    How about we come up with ideas and vote on the Acronym it stands for?

    For example:
    Kickass Open Door Integration – entertainment center
    Killer Open Door Integration ()
    King Open Door Integration ()

    (I was stuck on the idea of it being the ultimate center for Integrating Open-Source Doors to all entertainment sources, or Opening Doors to entertainment, that line of thought)

  • TD Oct 07, 2014 

    I am new with XBMC but wanted to know how to upgrade my Cloud Tv Box. Can you, XBMC gurus, point me to the place where I can find instruction to upgrade my Cloud TV Box. Thanks.


  • Shadow Oct 07, 2014 

    I read at least 200 comments before I gave up. I first found (now) Kodi (then Xbox Media Player) back in like 2004 when I modded my original xbox. Since then, I’ve been upgrading at every step, and following along. When Xbox support was dropped and the name was officially changed to XBMC I was actually very happy, seeing that they kept their roots.

    I use XBMC every single day, because of it I haven’t paid for cable for years and I haven’t missed a show yet. When I first saw the word “Kodi” being thrown around, I thought it was like the new version name like Frodo, Gotham, Kodi.. But when I realized that XBMC itself was changing it’s name to Kodi, I got confused, and wondered why. Honestly, I’m not sure I buy the legal excuse, because I’m pretty sure future versions will still have subnames like Gotham and Frodo, which are also potential legal issues. I honestly think it’s purely a marketing ploy. XBMC was always kind of tailored to a select audience. My neighbor comes to me every single time her computer wont start, even when she unplugged it; so she’ll never in a million years look twice at XBMC. However, when she see’s the cute little play button on the toddler looking logo, she might actually look. Which is also why I’m assuming they didn’t give the community any say on this. We would have chosen something very high tech/geeky cool, which also wouldn’t be a good marketing direction if you’re wanting to go global and appeal to everyone.

    I mean, I’m obviously still going to use it, but good luck ever seeing me call it anything other than XBMC. Thank you for adding the ability to change the splash image and backgrounds :)

  • hellosri Oct 08, 2014 

    I don’t care what it’s called. I care about usability, features, UI & continued support/ improvements. Keep it up guys.

  • Peter Oct 10, 2014 

    Funny i tried 14 and as we all know its not stable but the funny thing is it still says XBMC maybe the kodi name is not agreed yet, hope not

  • Mark Oct 14, 2014 

    Adobe, Twitter, Skype, Nokia, Etsy, Joomla, Red Hat and the likes all have done great without being obscure abbreviations. I like Kodi, it’s short, catchy and a light-hearted fun name.

    I guess change is a difficult process for some people.

  • Paul Oct 14, 2014 

    Well I was surprised by the new name, at first I thought it sucked, but I’m getting used to it. The current lack of download facilities is now more an issue with me.
    I was rather surprised to here it no longer runs on the Xbox, as it runs on the raspberry pi – I would have thought the Xbox way more powerful.
    – And even more surprising, no xbox360, or Xbox1, haven’t they being hacked to death already – or is ‘hacking’ a dyeing trade?

  • James Oct 19, 2014 

    Still sticking with the ambiguous name then. Ridiculous idea.

  • Albert Kinng Oct 20, 2014 

    I hope Kodi wont block streams. that’s my main use of XBMC

  • Michael Oct 20, 2014 

    Hi guys, I really was uncertain about the name change but now i’m ok with it, as will everyone that has the pleasure of using this awesome software. All I can say is …. Keep On Developing It.

  • wuggs Oct 21, 2014 

    Best thing ever!
    Better than sliced bread!
    Thank you

  • Ich Oct 22, 2014 

    Kodi means rent in Suaheli. Ok. This is not a good sign for a name of a software. I will still say XBMC to the software.

  • John G Oct 24, 2014 

    So all that explanation just talks about WHY the name is changing. Nothing explains why the new name was chosen. What does it mean, is it an abbreviation for anything, and do we pronounce it Kod-ee or Code-ee or something else

  • Ahmed Alkabir Oct 24, 2014 

    best Media Centre I have ever seen ,Keep going :)

  • Denis Murphy Oct 25, 2014 

    Has anyone noticed that KODI is very similar to KODU which is MS territory? Is XMBC going to be coded as “simple visual programming language” as well?? :-)

  • Anonymous Oct 26, 2014 

    People always complain things like this and they always say they should be the ones deciding new name or logo. This happens every time company or software changes names.
    Kodi is a good choice and more important, it’s a damn good software. Thanks dev team :)

  • shan Oct 27, 2014 

    well as regards names kodi sounds to me like an Aboriginal nickname for a pet koala or a sherbet from a Macedonian chain store and not like an ace music software

    of course it is too late to change [probably]

    my suggestion would be so prosaic

    ►►► GoodPlayer


    ►►► AcePlayer

    ►►► ThisWorks ::]]

    ►►► or more cumbersome ThisDoesWhatItSaysOnTheTin

    you get my drift

    ►►► “Works” would also work!

    ►►► PlaysAll

    • kib Oct 27, 2014 

      The name has already been submitted for trademark, we aren;t going to change it.

      • typoknig Oct 28, 2014 

        Sorry, but that is a poor excuse. Judging by the feedback here the community doesn’t like the new name. Best to take the “smart” path. Just eat a little crow now and change the name to something better, and maybe take community input this time instead of making a unilateral decision.

    • Martijn Oct 27, 2014 

      Sorry but personally i found those worse than Kodi

  • Donald Coady Oct 28, 2014 

    What I really don’t understand is why the developers are only now wanting our input for their new logo design but deliberately chose to exclude all of us users in creating the new logo name?
    I always thought the ideal of “Open Source” was supposed to be representative and reflective of everyone’s input,… not just the developers.
    Guess I was wrong.
    The name ‘KODI’ is completely meaningless to me and does not inspire or reflect anything to the avid or average user about this product. That’s really sad indeed don’t you think?
    The logo name and logo design are very important to all of us. That’s right developers,… us, includes the users too.
    Now don’t get me wrong, I am and always will be eternally grateful to all the developers and their dedicated hard work in achieving what they have. To all involved, let me personally say … “Thank You and God Bless”.
    I just feel left out of this process by the uninspired name given to such a wonderful product.
    Judging by the majority of the comments expressed here, I don’t think I’m alone in my thinking.
    I’m just saying folks…

  • Donald Coady Oct 28, 2014 

    I think the name KODEX has a stronger, more inviting, more meaningful interpretation than the wimpy name KODI.

    KODE … representing all of the coders of course.
    X … representing new experimental ideas.

    Personally, I think the name KODEX makes more sense and sounds more innovative and cutting edge.

    Thoughts anyone?

    • Martijn Oct 28, 2014 

      yeah and totally unusable because it’s already trademarked like any other name.

  • Afny Oct 28, 2014 

    KODI? What? haha, i see many comment who doesn’t like the new name
    the name must be : XMEC LOL

  • M4RCJO Nov 01, 2014 

    great stuff …

    further it will be nice for any user to change there own startup logo for xbmc eg. kodi or what else …

    i think it will be easy to put the version info “KODI 14.0 HELIX” in the “SYSTEM” menu like as an “Build Info”

    … or let the users choose if the want an xbmc, kodi or user defined startup-logo or what else during install …

  • John Rambo Nov 01, 2014 

    You can call it whatever you want, I don’t care. I will keep on calling it XBMC. If anyone asks me which Media Center to download, I will tell them to download XBMC 14 (instead of calling it Kodi 14).

  • Kodi14 Nov 02, 2014 

    try me then hate me ;-)


  • Peliculum Nov 03, 2014 

    Good , But i like XBMC

  • li Nov 04, 2014 

    Very Good!

  • Mark Nov 06, 2014 

    I really don’t get the drama around the name change. The platform only changed in name not in function. It was necessary. If people don’t like the new name one can add false to the advancedsettings.xml

    There, hissy fit solved.

  • Mark Nov 06, 2014 

    OK, that got fltered. I should have read false for the splash setting.

  • Nicholas Anderton Nov 06, 2014 

    Type in ” Kodi ” on any search engine and watch the ” Kodi ” previously known as ” XBMC ” come in at 1st/top of results table each and everytime on every single search engine. It is what it is I reckon ! ! !

  • grmbl Nov 09, 2014 

    I’ll follow you guys anywhere. Been using xbmc for 9 years now. Respect!

  • Lina Nov 10, 2014 

    Will the update change the current settings and ad-ons? I don’t want to update and lose everything:(

  • Asa Mika'el Nov 12, 2014 

    Nice product. I am just learning how to use it. I find it quite cool. Congrats to he team.

  • Klaus Nov 15, 2014 

    I can go with “Kodi”.
    Hopefully the new name gets in everybodies mind like XBMC did.
    BTW: I remember there was an artist who renamed himself. I can not remember his new name, but he was formerly known as Prince .-)

  • Edward Dekkers Nov 17, 2014 

    Any future plans to support the new K1 chip? I have a new Nexus 9 and it won’t even run on stock Google hardware.

    • Martijn Nov 17, 2014 

      We still need to find out why it doesn’t work

  • Krabat Nov 17, 2014 

    I LOVE the XBMC name, just keep it!!!

  • viper Nov 19, 2014 

    could you guys please fix the subscene add on it can’t download the subtitles which are actually available on the website i always have to download subtitles externally

  • Stefano Nov 20, 2014 

    No matter what the name is.
    It is the best… player… multimedia system… object… the best thing out there.
    Keep on with the great work and THANK YOU.

  • Alex Nov 22, 2014 

    Nawh, Kodi is a good name.

    You guys chose well; this name will help the project grow in years to come.

  • gogi Nov 23, 2014 

    I LOVE the XBMC name

  • xbmc fanatic Nov 26, 2014 

    This software had done so much for the home user. It has been a fore runner setting the bar for media streaming as well as free media streaming. I am a HUGE fan and can not say thank you enough.

    I do not like the name KODI but that is not really important. As the captains at the wheel you guys have made a decision and im sure have invested much resources into the decision as well as its implementation. Thus I trust you know what you are doing. I further suspect that a huge factor in this decision has been all of the “commercial” (not free) entities making financial gain from hardware and software that are based on your software. As I see it this change will allow you to “Brand” your own hardware solution or at least allow you to have control over who distributes it for profit.
    In light of all of the above I humbly ask the following:
    1) Please keep the features free ie: don’t end up with a base version that is free and features that one has to pay for.
    2) Please do not lean harder towards restriction of other companies, instead lean harder towards simply making a better product at a better price.
    3) Please always remain true to the spirit in which XBMC was born and developed.
    4) Always remember the world is huge and if you create a vacuum it will eventually be filled by someone else and you will be left in the cold.
    “Change is good, Change is inevitable, however All change is not good”
    Please do your best to make only good changes :)

  • xbmc fanatic Nov 26, 2014 

    Oh and one more thing. I know this is not the place for this but PLEASE add a book reader?1? XBMC\KODI works on soo many mobile devices now that it just makes good sense on soo many levels to add a book reader to this incredible entertainment platform,,,

About Kodi

Kodi is a free and open source media player application developed by the XBMC Foundation, a non-profit technology consortium. Kodi is available for multiple operating-systems and hardware platforms, featuring a 10-foot user interface for use with televisions and remote controls. It allows users to play and view most videos, music, podcasts, and other digital media files from local and network storage media and the internet.