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Posted By: Nathan Betzen on Nov 24, 2014 in Trademark and Branding


After many weeks of designing, deliberation, and a few beers, we are pleased to present the official logo of Kodi!

Logo Design History

It has been several months now since we introduced the new name for the software that we all love so much. In that time, the feedback we took most to heart was the fact that the community wanted to have a voice in major changes like this in the future.

So with that in mind, we went to the community for ideas and opinions on what might make the best kind of logo for our new name. The feedback we got was phenomenal, to the extent that we had a whole new problem: there were too many great ideas. Well over a hundred at last count.

thumbnail-lightWith that in mind, we did a few things to narrow down the results. First, we had a user vote to get an idea of which ideas were more popular, and where some commonalities might lay.

It became clear fairly quickly that users prefered a logo that was more design mark than wordmark. Which is to say, most votes tilted towards single really cool designs, like play symbols, highly stylized versions of the letter K, and navigation buttons, rather than highly stylized versions of the entire word. The only stylized word that got many votes was the one for which there was a nifty animation. Beyond leaning towards design marks, there was a clear preference for stylized Ks and navigation arrows.

The user designs and results of the user poll were provided to doghouse media, the design firm we determined to work with from the start. Our directive to the firm was fairly simple: try to keep it simple, try to incorporate as many ideas as possible without making it ugly, and make sure it works everywhere.

Over the next several days, dhm provided us with about a dozen ideas. A few of the problems encountered in attempting to pull in user submitted ideas included converting 3D images into flat ones that are more easily printed, making logo ideas work on a variety of backgrounds, both light and dark, and even Team Kodi disagreement about which ideas should be given more or less focus in a final design.

Ultimately, a team vote was held over seven of the submitted designs to get the views of everyone inside Team Kodi. Of the top two vote getters, doghouse media, all the designers on the team, and even a number of outside designers all agreed that the second place vote getter was infinitely better than first place.

And thus, as required by the by-laws of the Foundation, the Foundation board held a vote to determine the final logo. It was unanimously agreed to follow with the universal opinions of a half dozen designers from both inside and outside the team.

Which gets us to this logo we are pleased to present today.

Logo Usage

For users interested in using the logo for business, fansite, or other purposes, we’ve put together a fairly simple Logo Usage page for you to browse. All usage rules are designed entirely to avoid confusion or associating Kodi with something that it isn’t and should mostly be common sense. If you do have a question though, feel free to ask in the forums.

A Challenge

Because the logo idea thread worked so well, we’ve got one last request. As previously mentioned, one of the most popular logos that we weren’t able to go with owed a great deal of its popularity to a REALLY cool animation associated with it. It was so popular internally that it reignited the idea of eventually animating the Kodi start screen. And so our request, our challenge to you all is this: animate the official Kodi logo. Make it look awesome. While it’s far too late for an animation to make it as the boot image for Kodi 14, there’s a very real chance that your work could be the first thing all of our over two million users see in Kodi 15 or sometime in the future.

To submit your animation, save it as an animated gif to imgur or your preferred image sharing site. Then post it here in the forum. We look forward to seeing what you come up with. Additionally, you can pull from a number of other official logo variations from this page, though we’ll probably prefer a dark or black background for any final animation.

And thanks again to all of our thousands of users who helped us move forward with this logo. We could not have done it without you.


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  • TV ADDONS Nov 24, 2014 

    Looks great, I’m very excited now!

  • Amaury lira Nov 24, 2014 

    Perfecto, me encanto el nuevo logo, tal como lo esperaba, limpio y sencillo, digno de una marca que espero dure muchos años, felicidades.

  • Patrick Nov 24, 2014 

    Simple, Clean and Nice!

    • dual-o Nov 25, 2014 


  • chewitt Nov 24, 2014 

    It’s a nice design; clean, simple, and helps to soothe the name-change jolt. Great work guys :)

    • scottt732 Nov 24, 2014 

      +1 … I’m still not crazy about the name but this logo helps. Very nice.

      • sjacob Nov 25, 2014 

        I can agree with scottt732

      • uomiarz Nov 25, 2014 

        +1 scottt

        very nice clean logo
        but ugly name :)

        still best software ever !

      • Daff Nov 25, 2014 


  • Leo Nov 24, 2014 

    Looks awesome. Even better than the old logo. Great work, guys & gals!

  • h.udo Nov 24, 2014 

    Looks great!

    Thank you to all involved!

  • babylon Nov 24, 2014 

    Name still sucks. I seriously can’t believe that out of all the possible names in existence, you named your piece of software after a precocious 13 year old teenage boy. No logo is going to make this clusterf*** of a decision any better.

    • smokey666 Nov 24, 2014 

      The question is do you hate it enough to stop using Kodi? I doubt it else you wouldn`t be here.The name is staying get used to it,move on :)

    • nickr Nov 24, 2014 

      A few manners would go a long way for you!

    • Purewitz Nov 24, 2014 

      When I see Kodi, I think of Cody from Adult Swim’s Frisky Dingo. The link is a scene from the show that I always hear in my head, when I see the word, Kodi. Makes me laugh when I think about it. Lol. :D

      Full Disclosure: I have nothing against the name change from XBMC to Kodi. Its just something that pops in my head, when I see the new name. That is all.

      • marcusmarcus Nov 25, 2014 

        When I see Kodi, I think of it as short for Kodiak as in Kodiak bear.
        Sounds tougher that way.
        I feel indifferent about the name but I do like the logo.

        • topfs2 Nov 26, 2014 

          Haha. I actually do the same :)

        • Bonolio Nov 26, 2014 

          Kodi Entertainment Centre
          Kodi EC
          It doesn’t take must of a mispronunciation

      • oldmanboy Nov 29, 2014 

        as it stands out, kodi in my language means a stack of 20. its used commonly to trade papers or pieces of cloth. so now if im seeing my media player of choice, my mind is picturing stacks of paper and cloths alongside stacks of movies. Strange but okay.

    • Jeroen Nov 25, 2014 

      Get over the name and yourself.

    • ben wilson Dec 09, 2014 

      Yea, my nephew is named “Kody” and he is a little punk. He made me HATE the new name for XBMC. lol. Now I sound like a real crappy uncle. But seriously the logo is NICE!

  • Tom Nov 24, 2014 


  • smokey666 Nov 24, 2014 

    Modern clean & fresh .I like it a lot!!The forum looks great too :) Nice work all involved.

  • enen92 Nov 24, 2014 

    I like it. Simple, clean and effective. Love the way a simple K can design a remote control

    I find the forum pages a bit too bright though…that light blue is a bit hard to read on a white/light grey background.

  • calev Nov 24, 2014 

    This is solid. Very clean and professional looking.

  • Vito Nov 24, 2014 

    Very nice!!!

  • akanealw Nov 24, 2014 

    Very nice and professional looking!

  • james Nov 24, 2014 

    Will new logo be in the beta 4

  • ixnu Nov 24, 2014 

    Great looking logo. It’s an improvement over the round XBMC one.

  • rd1979 Nov 24, 2014 

    I may not like the name, but the logo is pretty good.

  • Justin Nov 24, 2014 

    Looks very similar to the Kaseya one!

    • sleepyman Nov 24, 2014 

      Your right its the same Logo just flattened out .I see a copyright suit coming up

    • John Nov 24, 2014 

      That’s what I thought! I see that logo everyday..

  • Elysium Nov 24, 2014 

    I was critical of the name change, but this is a very nice logo – great job.

  • c3p Nov 24, 2014 

    Everything went better than expected :)

  • NitrousXBMC Nov 24, 2014 

    Nice! Logo looks great!

  • basketballmail2 Nov 24, 2014 

    I like it. Well done, can’t wait for the final release of the first KODI!

    And to all that complain about the name, who cares what it is called. We use it for what it can do and how well it does it. And not for what it is called. At least that is my opinion.

  • Rocker Nov 24, 2014 

    Cool, now for a mascot too with a splash more color?

    Will you reuse the old mascot or make a new one?

  • Dimitriss Nov 24, 2014 

    I agree, went better than expected. I must say though that the look and feel of the logo does not match the confluence skin. Maybe it’s time to move on to something like Eddage’s Unity ( with the appropriate colors and background.

    • kib Nov 24, 2014 

      Have you seen the Confluence skin in Kodi already ?

      • Dimitriss Nov 24, 2014 

        The confluence skin in kodi is the confluence skin with the kodi logo.

        • da-anda Nov 24, 2014 

          we plan to do a new skin, but it’s nothing you can do in like 5 days. So Helix will only have minimal changes to Confluence (name change is a big enough change atm, and users should have something familiar).
          We might change the background image though, but haven’t found a good replacement. I tried this ( but it looks too much like a desktop wallpaper (besides that it would require a 3D artist for a much more nicer cube), so any ideas welcome.

          • Tman Nov 26, 2014 

            Something clean and minimalistic.

        • Kib Nov 27, 2014 

          Ah, my bad – I totally misunderstood what you were trying to say.

          We decided that – because the name/logo change was such a big change already – that it would be better not to also include a radically new skin, because it might make the change too large for some of our usersbase. Add to this the fact that we really did not have enough time to implement such skin and you’ll see why we are still sticking with Confluence.

          There are definitely plans to go with a new skin in a next version.

    • [email protected] Nov 24, 2014 

      agree. the Confluence Skin doesn’t fit the look of the new logo. should be something more modern/minimalistic like the Unity skin you proposed :)

    • Ralph Up Nov 24, 2014 

      I agree the default skin is not in keeping with the New Logo. Shame is the UNITY SKIN as nice and modern as it is, it doesnt work well with KODI as it needs updating!

  • Chris Nov 24, 2014 

    Love it! Great job! Clean design. Great font. Thanks guys!

  • Grey Nov 24, 2014 

    Great work!!!

  • Cedric Nov 24, 2014 

    Great logo! Can’t wait for Kodi 14 final :)

  • zag Nov 24, 2014 

    It turned out better than I ever could have imagined!

    Well done to DHM, team Kodi and especially Da-Anda for all his work on this.

  • Forage Nov 24, 2014 

    Should I be concerned that Kodi is now starting with subliminal messages by actually including the new logo twice in the above image to emphasize that we really want this new logo? ;-P
    What’s next? Making sure we want beer and popcorn when using Kodi? ;-)

    P.s. Hint: lower right quarter of the image above

  • Klojum Nov 24, 2014 

    The logo design is fine, 1 or 2 extra colors would have been nice. The text font could have been a bit more ‘adventurous’ instead of the dull Arial-like font. Just my 0.02 .

    • Erik Nov 24, 2014 

      That looks nothing like Arial.

    • da-anda Nov 24, 2014 

      we were aiming for an OpenSource font. Font used is Questrial. Also it should not be to playful and had to work along with the icon idea.
      About the colors – we’re open on that and actually planned to use more color variations in future (like each of our website parts a different color, or each media type in the skin, …). The initial idea of this logo had 4 colors in the icon which we all liked but decided to at least flatten it for the official announce – so it might come back.

  • Drag0nFly Nov 24, 2014 

    Although I was not exactly thrilled about the new name, this logo (and the font) looks great–clean, simple and professional. Makes the name-change a little easier to swallow.

  • marjasin Nov 24, 2014 

    Nice logo, TERRIBLE NAME

  • Simon Nov 24, 2014 

    I cannot understand why so many people complain about that name … geeez …

    Name ist nice, Logo looks very good. Very clean and simple, nice colors.

    Keep up the great work guys!

    Kodi v14 will be the best release ever.

  • blondeshanks Nov 24, 2014 

    Congratulations to all involved. Really liked the new name when it was first announced and now the new Kodi logo just looks awesome.

  • john Nov 24, 2014 

    I like the logo on the beta start up splash screen better to be honest. Perhaps provide option to put own image / no image in place on start up?

  • nascent Nov 24, 2014 


  • J.O. Nov 24, 2014 

    I really like that the word “KODI” is capitalized in the new logo. It pays a nice tribute to old “XBMC”. Even though I do not like the new “kodi” name too much, I can live with it, and this even makes it easier :)

  • Stranger Nov 24, 2014 

    So much better!

    Congrats guys

  • Georgi Georgiev Nov 24, 2014 

    Logo acceptable. Name and name font – awful.

    • Simon Nov 24, 2014 

      Whats wrong with font? Simple and clean … Logo is perfect!

      • Ned Scott Nov 24, 2014 

        Simple and clean = generic and forgettable

        I tried to push for a stronger font, but this one is okay for the time being, I guess…

        • da-anda Nov 25, 2014 

          you don’t need a strong font and a strong icon – one is enough. Also the samfisher fon’t wouldn’t have worked that nice with the icon (the K from the font had to match the cut out K in the icon, and when using the K from samfisher font the cutout didn’t look that good).

          • Ned Scott Nov 26, 2014 

            sure it does, sure

  • yellowman Nov 24, 2014 

    Very nice! Keep it up!

  • castor Nov 24, 2014 

    The previous kodi logo, way better!

  • Seffles Nov 24, 2014 

    Name: ugh
    Font: ick
    Logo: meh

    • Martijn Nov 24, 2014 

      your response: meh..

      • Seffles Nov 25, 2014 

        Somebody takes honest criticism badly. You’re probably very bored of listening to our drivel, but if you don’t want our opinion, don’t ask for it. Maybe I should lie to you and tell you it’s all awesome?

        • da-anda Nov 25, 2014 

          ugh, ick and meh is no criticism. A cricitism would be if you would tell what exactly you don’t like and for what reasons. If I said your haircut is meh it only tells you that it sucks, but does it help you in any way?

  • bledd Nov 24, 2014 

    Logo needs a slight spicing up I think, a subtle glow or somrthing

  • NLInders Nov 24, 2014 

    That’s a sexy logo

  • boerkeboel Nov 24, 2014 

    Looks nice and clean but on this page the text of the logo looks poorly cut out in photoshop… there are weird leftover artifacts around all the edges of the letters wich drasticly reduces the profesionality of the logo fto me as an graphic designer. :( I can make a vector file of it if someone would like me to

    • Martijn Nov 24, 2014 

      We already have vector files of it. This is the fault of wordpress bad resizing

      • Kib Nov 24, 2014 

        We’ll resize it properly soon, just haven’t had a moment to do so.

  • derty Nov 24, 2014 

    Very nice and clean u guys. It looks very professional and worthy of that trademark ;)

  • sdsnyr94 Nov 24, 2014 

    Nice, clean, and professional.

    Personally, I have no problem with the new name… I do, however, feel the devs dropped the ball a little when announcing the new name. Nowhere in the initial announcement did it state WHERE the name KODI came from… which helped fuel some of the initial negative backlash. It wasn’t until I had read through a bunch of the hate posts that I found a dev who mentioned the origin of the name…. which I can guarantee some of the users are still not aware of.

    • Martijn Nov 24, 2014 

      have you actually read it and read the FAQ? It’s all there

      • sdsnyr94 Nov 24, 2014 

        Yes, I re-read the initial posting before I typed this… and I still do not see anywhere where it says that the name KODI came from the buttons on a remote control. I think including that would have eased some of the initial hateful backlash, which was quite unfair to you guys.

        • Ned Scott Nov 26, 2014 

          “We wanted to work the word “code” in there and optionally be able to use playback control symbols to “spell” out the name (such as previous, stop (or play), next) so that the name/logo would have a connection to the software while still being unique.”

  • Lukas Nov 24, 2014 

    I like the new logo! I am happy that it looks very clean and professional. Not playful, thats good :)

  • Benjamin Nov 24, 2014 

    No glow, no translucency, no gradient! Very neat and tidy.

  • openelec_user Nov 24, 2014 

    I like the logo. Much better than the playful initial logo.
    Kodi combined with the playfull logo gave me an unprofessional (kiddo) impression, whereas this logo is much more impressive and mature.

  • Dipun Nov 24, 2014 

    This is very nice. I was a little concerned that the other logo was the official one. This is definitely going to help the image of Kodi

  • Embrion Nov 24, 2014 

    I’ve preferred the one you used with Helix beta screenshots. Sure, I’ll still use XBMC/Kodi, but I hope someone will make a XBMC version of theme.

  • Killerkom Nov 24, 2014 

    “Kot” in german means = “fecal”.
    Name sounds like “shitty” in german.

    But logo looks great =)

    • Martijn Nov 24, 2014 

      We have many Germans in the team and absolutely none of them agree with that

    • da-anda Nov 25, 2014 

      So if we apply same thinking to your nickname it would read “killer cum”? ;) I’m german and I don’t know from which part you are from that you pronounce Kodi like Kot. Also if this would be an issue in German, why is there german supermarket (or whatever) brand called Kodi?

  • moviedude88 Nov 24, 2014 

    Congratulation on handling your first big community controversy! I too don’t like the name KODI but I remember that I didn’t either like the name XBMC when it came out… I just got used to it. The previous KODI logo was fun, but the new one will look awesome on a 4K big flat screen. Excellent choice! Many thanks.

    P.S. As a linux user, I’ll spread the word: “K stands for KODI and not KDE”…lol…

  • Loft Nov 24, 2014 

    Love it! That is all.

  • Lumute Nov 24, 2014 

    Dull and boring in my opinion, maybe with another font… To be honest the playceholder logo used in the prevoius Beta post looked much better to me and more in line with the new name which is also a little childish in my opinion, but oh well, that bridge is crossed… that said, seems like everyone here likes it and the decition has been made so whatever…

  • Ipaddle Nov 24, 2014 

    Yes, looks cool, man!

  • lost89577 Nov 24, 2014 

    so basically they ran a poll to choose a new logo and then decide that they did like to preferred logo. They picked the one they wanted, just like the case of the name change. Which still is an on going argument with users in the forum. It seem like the community has no say any more in kodi(xbmc).

    • Ned Scott Nov 24, 2014 

      I’ll be candid with you: yes, that’s what happened with the name and even the logo. However, even I, who got really worked up about the logo, don’t think that is the sum of the project and the ways the community contributes. I would have loved to see more community input considered for all the branding issues, but there are still tons of areas where the community input is not only used, but vital to the project.

      Over the years, I think Team XBMC/Kodi has actually opened up a lot and is considering more user input now than it has in the past. It takes time to change old ways.

      Even then, we might not always have the luxury of using or asking for community input, even when we want to, because of specific situations. For example, had we not been on a hard-set deadline (due to a contractual agreement) for the name change, then I think more time would have been given to all the branding issues and it would have been easier to get people to consider community input. When people are under the wire, there’s more pressure to just get something finished.

      TL;DR- don’t despair, it’s a situation that is improving with time.

      • lost89577 Nov 26, 2014 

        As a community we understand the reason why decisions have to be made, i also understand as i have served on a few comities over the years. The thing that causes the most issues about decision made. Have been the lack of communication from the comity to the members, which never get ends with out some sort of hurt and mistrust felt on both sides.

        The only way is to resolve this type of issue is to be honest and say you made mistakes. Try to explain how you came to conclusion and why you thought that this was the best or only option. then maybe you might start mending some fences, but until that happens nothing will change. there have tried explain the how, but never admit they made a mistake because their pride and they are so proud of there ability to make hard decisions. So the split will happen but how big has to do with how many are will to walk away from something they have put so much time and effort into over the years.

        Personal the name “kodi” may reflect the hard work of the people writing the code, but it does not reflect the purpose or goal of the project. It just like calling a project “weld” because build and give bikes to needy kids in third world countries. It doesn’t work as a name.

  • Dark Helmet Nov 24, 2014 

    Logo looks really good. Kudos
    Sadly I still don’t like the name. It’s better than XBMC for sure but still…don’t know…just not my cup of tea.

  • Scott R Nov 24, 2014 

    I still don’t like the name KODI, but this logo looks great. The old interim Kodi logo matched the name perfectly, which was a bad thing, since it seemed to make the whole thing look and sound child-like. This new logo looks polished, professional, and grown-up, which *almost* makes the awful name a non-issue. Kudos!

    • Lumute Nov 24, 2014 

      I agree, the new name sounds childish to me too. But in my opinion using a more professional logo is putting lipstick on a pig, If they wanted it to look professional then they shouldn’t have chosen that name. I think it is more important to have a consistent image across the board…

  • hamed Nov 24, 2014 

    Poor Sam Fisher :( logo is ok.

  • Dave Nov 24, 2014 

    I really like it, keep up the good work!

  • Dani Nov 24, 2014 

    This looks very “grown up” and professional.

    I’m in my late forties and still, the rebel in me has a soft spot for the current xbmc logo. It has a lot of character and impact.
    I guess the name change to Kodi is easier for me to get used to. Those clean, straight and unforgiving lines, however, will take some time. =)

  • Raju Nov 24, 2014 

    simply wonderful!

  • Tekkaman Nov 24, 2014 

    Now that looks good.

  • Giancarlo Nov 25, 2014 

    il piu bel mediacenter del mondo ciao dalla liguria

  • Red Tape Media Nov 25, 2014 

    Perfect! Wasn’t really on board with the name (and I still don’t LOVE it), but that logo is fantastic.

  • Awk34 Nov 25, 2014 

    I like this one. It’s 20x better than the alpha one. Good job!

  • TMan Nov 25, 2014 

    Hate the new name, but I like the new logo. The new logo, however, demands a new default skin. The KODI team should adopt something along the lines of “reFred” or an a Bello-like skin as the improved, default look.

    • Nathan Betzen Nov 25, 2014 

      Not with this release. Setting aside the fact that a new skin is a hell of a lot of work, we’ve made a conscious decision to leave the skin alone for the name change release to cushion the blow of change.

  • Jared Nov 25, 2014 

    It looks very clean and professional.

    I love it!!

    Thank you guys for all that you do.

    If i can ever help, let me know.

  • J876 Nov 25, 2014 

    Great choice! Simple and elegant!

  • acidcore Nov 25, 2014 

    Yeah! Like it! )

  • Red Nov 25, 2014 

    Great job, guys. Congrats..

  • fastcolors Nov 25, 2014 

    new logo is very very nice.

  • banggun Nov 25, 2014 

    I can get behind what most are saying about the rebranding. While it makes sense to rebrand since it’s previous name would probably only confuse more people then point them in the right direction.

    I can’t see how the current name holds any relation to media centre software. The fact that so many are upset with the name only testifies that, like me, there are probably many who have seen this software grow into a fine product. I think that the rebranding could’ve been a chance for the software to stand out even more, or at the very least hold some relation to it’s media centre functionality. Was the rebranding intended to make it’s audience forget about it’s media centre roots?

    While I do appreciate this new logo as it looks more modern and professional I think it still looks confusing to the average person. For some reason it kind of reminds me of Taito’s logo and got a more japanese feel to it (I wonder if it was intended in this way). I think this rebranding makes more sense to the team then the audience who uses the software. Not that it matters to the real fans I think, but I don’t think this new name will help much in attracting a new audience.

    • topfs2 Nov 26, 2014 

      Think back a bit. How did Google tie with internet search, how did Apple tie with computers, how did Spotify tie with music. And finally, how did xbmc tie with htpc at the start.

      A name is what you make of it, it grows into its place on its own given the chance.

      • banggun Nov 26, 2014 

        Well I get what you’re saying though actually Apple’s brand name definitely has a story behind to back it up.

        For the other two brands I’m not so sure but one thing all three brands have in common is that they wanted to become household names and have succeeded in doing so (their cutesy names make them approachable). You can say that their name has definitely helped them in succeeding to do so.

        While I’m not against Kodi going the same route, I would say right now it’s a bit of a stretch to call it a household brand or for that matter I think another competitor like plex who tries very hard to hit this market still is struggling in this regard as well.

        In my perspective Kodi has always been software for fanatics which is why I asked in my previous post does the team have any plans change it’s target audience and become more user friendly?

        • Nathan Betzen Nov 26, 2014 

          We have been trying to be more user friendly since 2008 at least, when I joined the team. Whether we are user friendly depends a bit on where you set the bar. Compared to other open source media centers like MythTV, we’re extremely user friendly. Compared to some closed source systems that provide the content for you, we’ve got a ways to go.

          • banggun Nov 26, 2014 

            Well that is true it is without question one of the most user friendly htpc software especially considering it’s flexibility it’s quite a feat and also considering it’s roots it will be quite a transition.

            It’s good to know Kodi is on track for making this change. Though I still think it’s a strange name, I do very much appreciate the effort and time spent on this project. Good luck to the team!

  • HawkFest Nov 25, 2014 

    I prefer th elogo that was used with Helix beta 1.2 up to 1.5. Tjhis one is much too common, like it was either plagiarized (indeed looks much like Kaseya) or coming from some Font template. What was wrong with the last one? IMHO it was much better.

  • HawkFest Nov 25, 2014 

    SOry we can’T edit posts, I sshould’ve checked that before posting (I’m new here)… I meant the one used from Helix 14 beta 2 up to beta 5 was much better, unique and cool… This one is made for a Lawyer’s office or a pharmaceutical company…

    • Nathan Betzen Nov 25, 2014 

      I appreciate your opinion, but 600 of the 700 responses we got in the name change blog post were universally opposed to the logo. I personally also liked it, but I guess that’s just how it goes sometimes.

  • BigJRM Nov 25, 2014 

    I liked the new name from the start. I liked the idea that the new name was a word and not initials for several words. I also understand how it all began with the XBOX. So to me, everything makes sense and I am satisfied with the evolution of the NAME and the LOGO. I’m not a programmer(wish I am), I’m a very happy user and not influenced by the name or the logo and use this program because it is the best MEDIA player of all that I have found and tried.

    As for the programmers who work on this project and the rest of the people involved in bringing this program to us masses to enjoy our media entertainment, I say HOORAY! You folks are fantastic and deserve all the best praise.

    • HawkFest Nov 25, 2014 

      BigJRM I wholeheartedly agree with your post!! But since this is about the Logo itself, I stick to my previous perception. Which of course doesn’t have any influence into my appreciation of the developers and their great software, it would be somewhat idiotic. ;-)

  • Christian Skala Nov 25, 2014 

    ‘XBMC’ was a tongue twister. Glad you renamed it Kodi which I even can pronounce ;-)

  • Igor Nov 26, 2014 

    Ou… not. Old logo very good ! -1

  • Jason Nov 26, 2014 

    The new logo looks great. I am hoping that the stable release for kodi 15.0 will be released by the beginning of the new year & of course with istream working.

    • KIb Nov 26, 2014 

      We do not support piracy stream add-ons here, or on any other official channel.
      Whether that add-on will work or not depends on the maintainer of it.

  • mjbxx Nov 26, 2014 

    Can we get a 1920x1080p version of the new KODI splashscreen? The 600×332 version copy falls well short of resolution clarity on the Fire TV. Looks grainy and far from acceptable.

    • Harry Nov 26, 2014 

      Exactly. If they want a start screen animation, then we need to have a high def copy of the splash screen… Waiting on it before I even think about opening after effects and photoshop…

      • KIb Nov 26, 2014 

        The idea is you make an animation using the logo, which I believe you can find up to pretty high resolutions.

        The animation will then be the new splashscreen, completely replacing the old. It doesn;t need to look anything like the current, rather we have you come up with some new ideas.

    • da-anda Nov 26, 2014 

      splash should be centered on fTV and not scaled up – so a 1080p version would only have more black padding. And there is no high res version available of it – I could create one though. But you’re better of using the vector file (SVG) provided in the wiki and create a pixel version out of it in the size you need (or work with the vector file if AfterEffects can deal with it).

      • Kib Nov 27, 2014 

        The android splash is wrong. We know and someone is going to be looking at it.
        As I understand it had something to do with and the fact that we only have 1 Android developer. (Cough, more android developers wanted!)

        It’s one of those things that is not nice, but probably not big enough in the total scheme of things (all platforms, major bugs etc) for the release managers to delay release over. It is totally possible this will not be fixed until 14.1 (although you never know when a dev finds the time).

  • forcedalias Nov 26, 2014 

    I’ll be honest that I prefer the name XBMC but this logo… I like it.

  • Stelio Nov 26, 2014 

    Didn’t like the new name…. but I’m getting used to it!
    I do like the logo though – Good job!

  • pr0xZen Nov 26, 2014 

    Thank you guys, for letting our voices be heard !

  • Harry Nov 26, 2014 

    This logo looks amazing. I personally never liked the XBMC logo, and this will mean a much nicer looking shortcut, and an amazing start up screen. Looking forward to its initial full release. I still miss the name XBMC, however as many have said above, this helps soothe, and eases the new name change, and having an image of what the new “Kodi” will be like, really lets us reconnect with it…

  • Zebu Nov 26, 2014 

    Looks great!!

    To match the nice flat mature logo team Kodi should consider a nice flat interface for confluence (when resources allow it).

    /me likes – thumbs up!

  • Dan Nov 26, 2014 

    Very nice work. It feels like the geeky, under-dog XBMC has gown up into a more stylish and sophisticated adult… without losing any of his/her charm. Good job!

  • J Nov 26, 2014 

    I would have preferred something like “XPMC” or “CPMC” for “Cross Platform Media Center”. The biggest issue was the “XB”, short for “X Box” Really all you had to do was substitute those letters for 2 other letters to create a new acronym.

    • nickr Nov 28, 2014 

      Name change had NOTHING to do with XBOX or Microsoft.

  • Joe D Nov 26, 2014 

    If cold and sterile was what you were going for…You nailed it! :)

  • Mark Nov 26, 2014 

    Name is bad,

  • Anonymous Nov 27, 2014 

    Very nice logo, indeed – if it wasn’t for this stupid “TM” – it ruins the nice look again. Just have a look at the logo with this string removed if you don’t believe me; both logos in this post look as if they had compression artifacts or some other “dirty” pixels – the “TM”s. This completely contradicts the clean look of the actual logo.
    So – can you *please* get rid of that?

    (It’s the same with the Arch Linux logo: nice, clean and beautiful – and with an ugly “TM”.)

    • Anonymous Nov 27, 2014 

      Addition: looking at older posts, the XBMC logo didn’t have the “TM”.

    • Martijn Nov 27, 2014 

      It’s mandatory

      • Anonymous Nov 30, 2014 

        Is it mandatory in the logo or mandatory to have it, but you can choose where? An LG Blu-ray player I just checked for example doesn’t show any “TM” in
        * its bootsplash logo
        * the on-case logo
        * the in-menu logos.
        And I’m quite sure they as a company don’t take this lightly.
        So, wouldn’t it be possible to attach a disclaimer at the bottom of the website and add it to Kodi’s “About” screen (“The Kodi logo is a trademark” etc.) instead of having it directly in the logo?

  • T Nov 27, 2014 

    thumbs up. and It doesn’t remind you of KDE!
    how about the name in lowercase?

  • fahad Nov 27, 2014 

    hi guys

    i need help please, i have big troubles after i add source, install from zip file and do all the steps as you know after all that nothing work << just small window at corner and say " ERROR script failed " please if you can help me i will be thankful for you.


    • Kib Nov 27, 2014 

      No need to install anything from zip to work with Kodi.

      If you are talking about third party addons that we do not support, you are in the wrong spot. Examples include addons that cater to (piracy) video streaming and such. Please take that elsewhere.

      In any case, asking support questions on the blog is not the best place to get an answer.

      - Kib

  • Stefan Nov 27, 2014 

    Good work……:) ,I am using it on this wallpaper for kodi
    and this user icon on my PC


  • Fred phoesh Nov 27, 2014 

    Nice. It does not emphasise the negative aspects of the Kodi name, ie that it sounds like a child’s toy… The logo is fresh, clean, elegant and not gimmicky… thank god. Congratulations and go for it Kodi.

  • nafr1 Nov 28, 2014 

    I liked the previous one better which is in Helix Beta :)

  • Silhouette Nov 28, 2014 


    The previous logo (the one in the blog post titled “Kodi 14.0 Helix – Beta Springs Forward”) was much nicer to the eyes and it was friendlier and it suited more for an entertainment product.

    This one looks more like a serious corporate logo. This logo seems like it has nothing to do with an entertainment center product.

    It’s like this is “Kodi Enterprise Edition” whereas the previous one was “kodi Community Editition”… Some strange decision is all I can say…

    Thanks anyways for the product though.


  • Anthony Nov 28, 2014 

    Is it just me, or does this look like the Kenwood Mixer “K” blade?

  • False Boolean Nov 28, 2014 

    I try to see the ‘K’ but instead I see a rotated ’4′ in the logo. And the blue faces are supposed to be remote control buttons? I never saw such buttons on my remote. Can someone explain the symbolism? Nevertheless it looks professional and clean. And I’m starting to get used to the name.

  • I hate everything Nov 28, 2014 

    Name dosent bother me.The new logo looks to corporate.Looks like it would be a logo for a Japanese pharmaceutical company.
    I like the one before.with red “o”. Its looks fun and entertaining.

  • Archibald Winston Nathaniel III Nov 28, 2014 

    The logo looks great, I’m still not a fan of the name though.

  • Charlyarg Nov 29, 2014 

    The name is so-so, but it’s not bad, will get used to. However the logo is GREAT. Specially the symbol. Really, really good, modern. Loved it. And well, the product.. is the BEST. Thanks for so much effort, team.

  • AssafN Nov 29, 2014 

    Very nice, I like the logo and the name

  • Xmantium Nov 30, 2014 

    Still HATE THE NAME!

    Sounds like an app for dogs or kids who surf!

    Please consider a name change, why dont ITS USERS have an input on the name?

  • Nolatux Nov 30, 2014 

    I prefer a red logo, or any color other than Holo Blue. Dark Orange is the new black these days. Holo Blue just ain’t working for me. I liked the old Kodi logo too. Just my two cents. Keep up the great work!

  • XBMC-fan Nov 30, 2014 

    Return the old name! Stay with XBMC 13.2 Gotham.

  • FreeCheeze Nov 30, 2014 

    One big Like from the FreeCheeze-Team Utrecht (Netherlands).

  • daarsk Dec 01, 2014 

    I like, await some HD wallpapers :)

  • Fabian Dec 01, 2014 

    Awesome Logo, I am finally getting started to the appreciate the new name as well .

  • Marcus Dec 02, 2014 

    Logo reminds of something old, like Commodore. might be cool. But the name is is awful.

  • Shadowbyte Dec 05, 2014 

    In my opinion. a much better logo than the previous (beta) one. Feels stylish, fresh, and above all I can see it looking good on all screen sizes and resolutions.

    I also second the motion for making a skin like ‘Unity’ the default, but I can understand the reasoning against doing that. I guess for now I’ll just stick to Transparency!.

    Keep up the good work – not too fussed about the name change here either, sure Kodi is a kids name, but XBMC was a bit of a mouthful (and meant nothing to my non-techie friends).

  • Jebiveter Dec 06, 2014 

    Like old one for Kodi more, how to get it Back?!

  • Lukas Dec 07, 2014 

    My suggestion:

  • Yve Dec 10, 2014 

    Looks an awful lot like the logo for Vincent Kompany’s sports bars “Good Kompany”

  • Wurm Dec 11, 2014 
  • Igor Dec 12, 2014 

    First of all thank you for fantastic software. Really piece of art.

    Second, my thoughts regarding logo… Previous one Kodi logo seemed to be more spontanous, joyful, more “freedom” :) New one is of course easier to draw, copy etc however it is too “structured” If you know what I mean… Just my feeling when looking at both pictures.

    Anyway thank you again! And have a great Xmas and NY Eve!

  • Sérgio Da Silva Dec 14, 2014 

    Looks great! but reminds me the Karma Koin logo.

  • Ray Dec 15, 2014 

    Sorry guys, I hate it, it looks like a business, bring back the beta logo!

    • Martijn Dec 15, 2014 

      sorry, not gonna happen

  • Marc Dec 19, 2014 

    Although the name still sucks -especially if you are from a german speaking area, the logo is pretty and also the animation is very nice. Well done guys.

  • Hakeem Dec 25, 2014 

    I’m not sure how the logo for Kodi was developed but I saw the EXACT same logo on a package in a store. I’ll post the pics.

  • Antti Dec 30, 2014 

    Our old english sheepdog’s name is Kodi, so good pick! :) I like the logo too. Simple, clean, pleasant to the eye.

  • LordBane68 Jan 13, 2015 

    Looks good but might be infringing on Karma Koin’s logo.


About Kodi

Kodi is a free and open source media player application developed by the XBMC Foundation, a non-profit technology consortium. Kodi is available for multiple operating-systems and hardware platforms, featuring a 10-foot user interface for use with televisions and remote controls. It allows users to play and view most videos, music, podcasts, and other digital media files from local and network storage media and the internet.