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Posted By: zag on Nov 23, 2013 in Community Updates, Dev Journal, Site News

XBMC is a comprehensive piece of software in its own right, but what really gives it power, is the ability to extend the features beyond the normal application through 3rd party Add-ons. In the recent times we have encouraged more users to develop these Add-ons, with over 450 currently in the official repository. Many more Add-ons are scattered in unofficial repositories around the web.

You can install an Add-on from inside XBMC by simply browsing the official repository and clicking through the XBMC GUI. What we have been missing for a long time is a way to discover these amazing extensions to XBMC through the web. So without further ado.. we introduce you to:

Some features:

- Source Code Links
- Forum Links
- Download stats
- License Details
- Icons
- Search box (top right)
- Random Add-Ons
- Recent, new and popular lists
- Developer charts

We have grand plans for the website in the future including screenshots, a developers upload area, user ratings/reviews, development tutorials and direct donation links so people can finally be rewarded for their work. If you have any suggestions please feel free to comment below or in the dedicated thread on our forums. As with all parts of XBMC, the Add-On website is opensource and available on GitHub account to download and contribute to. We would also like to remind current Add-on developers to update their addons.xml with the relevant information to show on the website.

NOTE: This website only shows Add-ons uploaded to our official repository that have passed our submission process


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  • Harry Wittmer Nov 23, 2013 

    I have to tell you that you people, everyone that has put this site together are just “GREAT”. I would love to help in some way but being on disability, money is not an option for me. I have a question that I hope that someone can answer here. I have a lap top, with Windows 7 Pro, that has the site on it and I have so many sites and repos that I have never seen a lot in the time that I have been on the site.
    I also have Windows 8 Pro and a Mac desktop with the Mountain Lion and the new version, that I can not remember. These two, the Windows 8 and Mac, only have maybe 1/3 of the repos as my Windows 7 Pro. When I downloaded xbmc, I do it from the XMBC web site that has the option to download what you need. ex; Mac, windows, Linux. Can someone tell me why I have the very big difference?
    I wish I knew more about the PC’s that I could be more informative, but I am not.
    I hope someone can tell me or explain to me how to get all the repos on my Windows 8 and my Mac.
    Thank you for your help, again you guys are great

  • Hisham Nov 23, 2013 

    Great work guys, this was sorely needed!!

  • pingo.mister Nov 23, 2013 

    Will remote installation of addons be possible through this web store, like in google play?

    • Nathan Betzen Nov 24, 2013 

      It’s certainly been discussed. Mostly, that depends on time and programming skills.

    • zag Nov 25, 2013 

      Probably not as this would require some kind of cloud feature to work. Google Play and iCloud can do this but I’m not sure we have the resources or want to keep user details. Nice idea though.

  • Randy Sidhu Nov 24, 2013 

    You guys need someone like my self that understands the product and believes this in time will be a huge deal. Please contact me if I can help. Thanks

  • Pop006 Nov 24, 2013 

    This might be the wrong place for this but….

    I’ve an idea for a simple addon (and ZERO coding skills), I mentioned it on reddit and a guy started coding it but then disappeared. Simply it checks your movie collection and finds all the movies you have that are part of a movie set, and then recommends you the missing movies. For example if it sees that you have The Dark Knight, it will check to see if you also have Batman Begins and Dark Knight Rises, if they are not in your collection then it outputs a list of your *Missing Movies* [that could be the name of the addon :) ]

  • Michael Tunnell Nov 24, 2013 

    There should absolutely be a way in the addon store that tells you what to do with each addon to get it to work…or preferablly install the addon from the store. Like a JSON call to install a plugin would be awesome.

    • Kib Nov 24, 2013 

      You mean the wiki page ? There is a link to that already.

    • zag Nov 25, 2013 

      Yep as Kib says, all Add-ons have a direct link on our Wiki here

      Its up to Add-on developers to update their wiki pages with instructions. Hopefully this website will make that more obvious.

  • Aaron Nov 24, 2013 

    Nice addition. It would be useful if the module on the left – ie Popular, Updated, etc – was specific to the area you are browsing rather than universal. E.g. I would like to know the most popular skin, but can’t seem to do this. (Please point out if I am missing something obvious.)

    • zag Nov 25, 2013 

      We need to fix the categories first but its possible in the future yes.

  • tep Nov 24, 2013 

    Great stuff and concept. This will be hugely helpful to all your users. User rating would be good. Since stars don’t work please just make that a +1 -1.

    Also please show a clear indicator if a plug-in is working or is it’s broken.

    • zag Nov 25, 2013 

      Yep there is already a PR ready for reviews and ratings. Just needs some kind of user system first. It will be using stars (I agree that they are not the best) because I didn’t want to re-invent the wheel.

      Eventually Ratings and Reviews will be available from an API for other services to use.

      “Report Add-on is broken” is a feature that is also planned.

    • Jakke Nov 25, 2013 rating system is a good reference I think, which have copied it too now. What they both do is a 0 to 10 scale with with 0,1 increments, as well as also having a 10 star (full-stars and half-stars) ratings translation to represent the number ratings.

      The stars are easier to get a quick overview, and using 10 starts (instead of just 5) plus half-stars as well as full-stars makes it more incremental than just using full stars.

  • zbuzanic Nov 24, 2013 

    Addons are great but sometimes I have stability issues when XBMC is using them. Other that that, great work :)

    • bonghit Nov 25, 2013 

      XBMC is a progressive, active community and on the most part issues are addressed, time permitting, swiftly depending on whether it’s a core XBMC issue or that related to an addon. One of the trade-offs in having the most flexible solution of its kind available that’s in continual development.

    • zag Nov 25, 2013 

      Hopefully having user reviews of add-ons will quickly identify problems that can be fixed by the Author.

  • Mya Nov 25, 2013 

    I absolutely love the work you people do.

    Windows Media Center was my first taste of what I could do with a dedicated living room media center PC, but now that I’ve installed XBMC and a bunch of plugins, I’ve only recently gotten a real taste of the power of XBMC with the Frodo release. I am thrilled with the result.

    I’ve come to watch this page often anticipating updates and news and have come to really appreciate what all of you do.

  • Jakke Nov 25, 2013 

    Can you please add video previews that demos each addon?

    I think that especially for skins preview videos would be great!

    Maybe you could let addon devs add link to YouTube video?

    • zag Nov 25, 2013 

      Nice idea!
      The youtube links would have to come from the addons.xml but its quite easy to do if we can get developers to store the link.

      • Jakke Nov 25, 2013 

        If they are going to add YouTube links for preview videos to addons.xml as anyway for this then it would be great great if such preview video demos could also be viewed in direct from XBMC via XBMC Addon Manager too.

        It would act kind of like a movie trailer, so in XBMC GUI skins maybe you could reuse the movie trailers code for skinners for video previews too?

  • 4lb3rtO Nov 25, 2013 

    Would it be possible to add a “official experimental” repository with less conditions than the default official repo?! So that developers with less programming skills and good ideas could also publish their addons in a (maybe additional installable) repo…
    It could be used to collect lots of other good addons and would make it available via one source…

    • Martijn Nov 25, 2013 

      Sorry but I do not think we will do this. The minimal conditions are there for very good reasons.
      For skin we have a development repository as creating skins is a huge undertaking. So we provide a in between repo where devs can publish their work in progress skins with the final stage of adding them to normal repository.
      Any other add-on will just need to be handled in the development stage by the author himself until he thinks it’s ready. In my opinion the rules are not that strict that it is a barrier at this moment. Almost all are common sense and only one or two are debatable.

  • phil Nov 27, 2013 

    Dont seem to be able to watch some program because it says lost connection me not being computer savvy,

  • Travis Rowland Nov 29, 2013 

    I hate to be the Devil’s advocate here; the theme that is up on GitHub is a Themeforest theme and I believe it is a copyright violation to disclose the source-code to the public. I’d hate to see Themeforest come after you guys since you are doing such great work! :)

    • zag Nov 29, 2013 

      Thanks I’ll check that out with the author. We have changed the theme a lot so its nothing like the original but in terms of code, but you may have a point!

  • bladepif Dec 02, 2013 

    Great new page, but it will only show the add-ons and not give me any information on wich add-on is working or not. A lot of them are not developped anymore and are marked as defect. Could you also add this kind of information there?

    • Martijn Dec 02, 2013 

      that’s added now as it was missed in the code.

  • Jakke Dec 03, 2013 

    Again this is all really great work! But please stop writing third-party / third-parties as “3rd parties” / “3rd party” all over the page on the site, as I think it’s childish, unprofessional, and unnecessary abbreviation / shortening of the word “third”.

    Goes on my OCD nerves when not just silly kiddies write words like that, and just I have to add like the MEME goes, it is:

    NOT “B4″.

    • Jose Dec 05, 2013 

      Please who appoint you to be leader of the grammar police,you do not represent WE.
      We are diverse as a software code.

  • edward Dec 06, 2013 

    can i play ps3 games through this via my laptop or what.? can I install on ps3.

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