April fools: Introducting XBMC 14 – The Hoff


Note: This was of course an April fools prank.

The real codename for v14 has since been established as ‘Helix’.

Amid all this news of the XBMC 13 release (Just now hitting Beta 3), we have some developers who are beginning to submit features for the upcoming XBMC 14, which, of course, means we finally need to settle down and pick a code word for it, much as we picked Eden, Frodo, Dharma, Gotham, and all the others before now. As you all may know, it’s been a tough decision, as there are so many excellent choices that begin with the letter H, but at the end of the day we all knew it could really only be one thing.

Which is why we’re excited to announce the codename for XBMC 14 will be Hasselhoff.

As Norm MacDonald has so famously said, Germans love David Hasselhoff. And Team XBMC today consists of more Germans and German speaking developers than any other nationality. Indeed, there are actually more German developers now than American devs. This name has been picked as a tribute, not just to our German devs, but also to all of our German speaking users around the world.

 Don’t Hassel the Hoff

DONT-HASSEL-2013-skinnyIn connection with this new codename, we’re pumped to introduce the very first t-shirt sale for XBMC 14: Don’t Hassel the Hoff. As with the previous sale, all proceeds will be going to the XBMC Foundation, and while technically this shirt doesn’t actually include the name “XBMC,” we think enough people will be familiar with David Hasselhoff’s fine career and history of work to make that an unimportant detail.


We know that some of you may have preferred another name linked more closely with science and/or science fiction, but at the end of the day, after the vote was taken, it was determined that there’s just no way we can please everybody. With that in mind, I’d like to leave you with the following lines, as I think they may help explain our decision:

Some people stand in the darkness
afraid to step into the light.
Some people need to help somebody
when the edge of surrender’s in sight.


Finally, click here for a quick preview of a few things we’d like to see in the upcoming XBMC 14.

Discussion - 58 Comments

  • Guzeppi Apr 01, 2014 

    April fool!!

    • ali Apr 04, 2014 

      i liked the last year one, this one was just silly billy..

  • reynald Apr 01, 2014 

    A april fish ? april 1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • reynald Apr 01, 2014 

    April Fools’ Day

  • fritsch Apr 01, 2014 

    Don’t Hassel the Hoff !!11!

  • FvA Apr 01, 2014 

    Best…one…ever…..! Heartrate just back to normal levels now…

  • tift Apr 01, 2014 

    Where can i buy those shirts? They look awesome :)

  • nickr Apr 01, 2014 

    Only for slightly a moment did I think “How the hell am I gonna sell my friends on installing this software NOW.”

    Then I remembered that most of the world gets any date, including April Fool’s, well after the buzz is over in little old NZ. (Just to the left of the dateline!)

  • Arild Apr 01, 2014 

    You actually had me for a minute there :P was thinking this was a ridicilous name for XBMC

  • Netizen Apr 01, 2014 

    I’m pretty sure Knight Rider has a sci-fi element to it, and to an extent so does The Spongbob Squarepants Movie…

  • Maxx D Apr 01, 2014 

    If it turns out to be anything other than ‘Hodor’ then you’ve missed a trick. Still, you nearly got me!

  • Rudi Apr 01, 2014 

    :) :) :)

  • Hedda Apr 01, 2014 

    This must be an April Fools’ Day joke? I really hope so!

  • Phix Apr 01, 2014 

    I hope this is NOT an April fools day joke ;-)

  • Paul Apr 01, 2014 

    BRILLIANT! April fools. I dont care what you call it… as longs as it works! It as a given for april fools is the hoff video and picture!

    here is my contribution to the hoff videos


  • kyungrak Apr 01, 2014 

    I actually like this name, april fool or not :)

  • Ipaddle Apr 01, 2014 

    Even as a german I like this. Though It is kind of revealing what some of XBMC officials think of germans :)
    Funny and at the same time comforting to know…

    • fritsch Apr 01, 2014 

      In deed most of our german devs (including me) +1 the idea :-)

  • xbmc4u Apr 01, 2014 

    Good one. Thanks for the laugh.

  • wildkard Apr 01, 2014 

    this wouldve been awesome if it wasnt april 1

  • Mr Man Apr 01, 2014 

    Regardless of April fools or not. Make it happen!

    • Bansaku Apr 02, 2014 

      I know right!! Make this real!!

  • Sens Apr 01, 2014 

    Wow i was all confused with that name ” XBMC 14 Hasselhoff “, remembering all those knight rider episodes

    ,…..I even watched the youtube video until it finally hit me ! nice one guys.

    Seems like THE HOFF is still going strong in europe hahaha.
    Has plans for a knight rider movie & a BayWatch musical ! LOL
    ( as watched on this dutch radio interview last January )

  • donabi Apr 01, 2014 

    Got me. Good one. My hart stopped beating for a second.

  • Mario Apr 01, 2014 

    Haha Nathan der ist ja mal richtig geil dieser Aprilscherz -:)

  • Adam Apr 01, 2014 

    XBMC partners with AMC to bring you XBMC 14 – Heisenberg!

    • Zag Apr 03, 2014 

      We did consider that also :)

  • jonathan Apr 01, 2014 

    And there was me thinking Gotham was finished and stable.

  • Thomas Munk Apr 01, 2014 

    You didn’t almost get me… You GOT me! I did not think of April 1st before I saw the comments. Still laughing…

    But then again – why not make it come true?

  • Mike Apr 01, 2014 

    Got me….. good one :-D

  • Tom Apr 01, 2014 

    You got me as well but I was confused. I was thinking how you were going to release 14 when 13 still needs work. Got my hopes high for a minute that Gotham was stable somehow, lol. Nice one

  • c3p Apr 01, 2014 

    Dammit the third website i believed today.
    Anyway: Do it! Awesome name!
    (that i am german is totally unrelated)

  • Earl Apr 01, 2014 

    What!? This is disgusting! I quit XBMC!

  • Earl Apr 01, 2014 

    Actually, I have nothing against the Hoff. He seems like a nuce guy. I was a big Knight Rider fan, and still am to some extent due to nostallgia. Whatever XBMC is called, I will love it. Cheers.

  • Jesse Apr 02, 2014 

    But really, Hyrule

  • phin Apr 02, 2014 

    in all fairness, we should keep this the next name!

  • Mark Apr 02, 2014 

    Awesome! Would love to see the Hoff as codename, April’s fool or not! :)

  • deajan Apr 02, 2014 

    Laughed my *** off !
    I think you couldn’t have found more cheesy than that :)
    Nice april fool along with the new Nokia 3310…

    History is finally catching up :!

  • alex Apr 02, 2014 

    What about using codename Hoffman for XBMC 14?

  • Mirata Apr 02, 2014 

    It may be an April Fools joke, but I reckon go with it. xbmc Hasselhoff sounds awesome. You know it will be the best hairy chested edition of xbmc so far

  • kebnekajse Apr 02, 2014 

    What about using codename HELL for XBMC 14 (after EDEN, Frodo, Dharma, Gotham,?

  • babi Apr 02, 2014 

    it smells like rotten fish :)

  • Eric Wecker Apr 02, 2014 

    I’m reading this on April 2… but I have to admit that this was the only April Fools joke that actually fooled me.

  • Hodor Apr 02, 2014 

    Hodor, hodor

  • Matt Apr 03, 2014 

    XBMC Built by Chuck Norris.

  • israel silva Apr 03, 2014 

    i get a update notification every time i open my xbmc ¬.¬

  • reksp13 Apr 03, 2014 

    I guess I’m a day late and a dollar short but still funny as all hell.

  • Rebecca Apr 03, 2014 

    Great joke, but could someone please remove that awful picture from the front page? It’s not the face, just all that hair!

  • Bill BO Apr 03, 2014 


  • Harri Apr 03, 2014 

    I really like this naming suggestion. Look at the alternatives: “Hogsmeade”? Blech.
    “Hill Valley”? Please don’t.

  • bberger Apr 03, 2014 

    Please make this happen! But just call it XBMC 14 – The Hoff (NOT the full name).

    I’d even donate (again) to support this idea if it comes through :) Btw – German speaking usere here giving a +1 ;-)

  • David Apr 03, 2014 

    I prefer Pamela…

  • Klaas Mayer Apr 04, 2014 

    Hm.. 4th April and i kinda like this idea still.
    So please don´t dissapoint the Hoff.

    +1 !

  • Lirpa Apr 04, 2014 

    So obvious, so lame.

  • Richsmif Apr 05, 2014 

    I really hope not. Please choose something else

  • Anthony Apr 07, 2014 

    I’d go for Hydra

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