Kodi 14.0 code name “Helix” enters feature freeze

Posted By: Martijn Kaijser on Sep 10, 2014 in Pre-Release

Kodi 14, which we gave the code name “Helix“, is shaping up to be what is often called a “stability” release. As of this moment we have entered feature freeze.

What does this actually mean for the users

For the average user, this means a couple things. First, you could be expecting to see Kodi Beta releases coming out in the very near future. Second, given our fairly well documented open development cycle, there should be very few surprises from then until the release of Helix. By definition, the features you see now are the same features you will see when Helix is released with the possible exception of some smaller updates in the default skin Confluence. One downside you may notice is that due to changes done during development we have bumped the minimum requirements for skins. As of now there are already several skins which are Helix ready. Still most skin authors will wait till beta releases are up before they start making changes to make their skin compatible with Helix. We please ask your understanding for this process. Although we don’t like it either it is deemed necessary for the continues improvements we are making. For now and in the future.

So if you’d like to see what Kodi 14.0is going to look and feel like, go ahead and install the last available alpha monthly or even a nightly build which you can find in the links to at the bottom of this post. We’ve are happy and very thankful for those that are already been using these builds. Their testing and feedback helps us creating an even better and more stable entertainment experience for all of you. As always, it’s important to remember that the alphas are definitely alpha software that you use at your own risk.

Some of the features

This upcoming release consist mostly of the continues improvements we have started since the Frodo and Gotham releases. This means that many developers are actually trying to improve the code of which Kodi exists. Over the years many new features were added, and this created a more complex product to maintain. With this Helix release many actually focussed on making the core program less complex again, while keeping features and even adding several more. As such the entire list of changes will likely not be so interesting for the average users. As such we’ll only list several of the changes that are noticeable.

  • * Ability to increase font size in Confluence skin
  • * Add 5.1 PCM playback for Android.
  • * Improved MusicBrainz matching from tags
  • * Ability to choose between auto-update, notify or off for updating add-ons. This is a global setting for all add-ons.
  • * Extend JSON-RPC which is used for by a variety of services and remotes
  • * VP9 video codec now uses software multi-threading. This codec has no hardware support yet.
  • * Simplifying and improving core code.
  • * Choose to disable/notify/auto-update when add-on updates are available.
  • * International keyboard layout
  • * Update PVR add-ons
  • * Redesign of the PVR windows
  • * Various improvements to the Audio Engine, with the OSX platform as great beneficiary.
  • * Improvements to the GUI skinning engine
  • * Extended JSON-RPC interface
  • * Countless smaller and larger bug-fixes throughout the program and vast improvements in every area. This should improve memory usage, stability, speed and user friendliness.
  • * Add-ons are still compatible up to the Frodo/Gotham versions (excluding skins)
  • * FFmpeg upgrade, this means Kodi will now be capable of playing back h.265 (also known as HEVC) and VP9 video codecs and 4K video.
  • * Better UPnP compatibility between Kodi clients or third-party applications
  • * Massive speed boost with scanning library or doing a clean.
  • * Changed the Touch skin be a re-designed re-Touched skin. This of course only applies for touch enabled devices.
  • * Support for sub-channels in PVR
  • * Update sqlite which brings some improved library speed
  • * Add support for DSD audio
  • * Add mouse support in Bluray menus
  • * Add support for EGL/GLESv2 when using X11
  • * 4K playback on Android using AMLcodec
  • * Support for the Freescale i.MX6 SystemOnChip
  • * Replaced Touch skin with re-Touched

Get involved

Getting involved is quite easy. Simply take the plunge and start using these 14.0 Helix builds. If you use these builds, we encourage you to report problems with these builds on our forum first and after if asked submit bugs on Trac (following this guide: How to submit a bug report). Do note that we need detailed information so we can investigate the issue. We also appreciate providing support in our Forums where you can, or donate to the XBMC Foundation if you like. For a current FAQ on Kodi 14, visit our Helix FAQ. You can of course also foll0w or help promote Kodi on all available social networks. Read more on the get involved page.


Should you want to download and install this alpha (monthly) build please visit our download page. You will notice that you can still see “XBMC” in certain areas as we are still in transition to the new name, which takes time.

How to Contribute

If you use these builds, we encourage you to report possible bugs with enough information, if possible provide support in our Forums where you can, or donate to the Foundation if you like. For a current FAQ on XBMC 13, visit our Gotham FAQ.



http://xbmc.org or http://kodi.tv is the only official place anything XBMC/Kodi related. This includes news, announcements, information or XBMC/Kodi downloads. There are of course manufacturers who also provide support with customized XBMC/Kodi versions, tailored for their devices. Should you have purchased from them it would be wise to first check, if it’s a known issue with that specific version. Any other third-party websites, offering you XBMC/Kodi installations, or people offering you pre-installed devices, are not officially supported by Team XBMC and may contain unwanted and unsupported additions, changes and add-ons. Installing these versions is at your own risk. XBMC/Kodi does not provide any media content on it’s own and comes with no add-ons installed regarding this. Should you have problems please contact the correct add-on developer or website should you experience any issues.

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  • @ Sep 10, 2014 

    Top Martijn!

    #proud #sharing #TNX

    Snel naar huis…..


  • MJ Sep 10, 2014 

    Will Helix support german keyboard layout finally?

  • Erik Sep 10, 2014 

    I hope Kodie will include optimisations to music playlist generation when there is 10k+ items in the music library !

  • Polarrys Sep 10, 2014 

    Support for DSD or DSP audio ?

    Manu thanks Kodi team

    • Shufflez Sep 10, 2014 

      Did you read the feature-list in topic you’re replying to? :)
      * Add support for DSD audio

  • zombi Sep 10, 2014 

    thank you kodi team for everything and for this feature I was thinking about 4 a time now *
    Ability to choose between auto-update, notify or off for updating add-ons. This is a global setting for all add-ons.

  • jas722 Sep 10, 2014 

    No support for Emulators/Roms? :(

    • henryford Sep 11, 2014 

      Not yet, this is targeted for 15, if memory serves me right.

  • Nille Sep 11, 2014 

    Whats with the Audio Encoder Plugins?

    • cptspiff Sep 18, 2014 

      what about them? they are binary addons. less dependencies for the main binary is the main motivation.

  • skank Sep 11, 2014 

    Mouse support in bluray menus..

    Huh? Bluray menus are supported? This is new right?

    • BugHunter84 Sep 13, 2014 

      Would be new to me too. Would be great too. How about gif Support? Did I miss that? It should be there…

  • TyTo Sep 11, 2014 

    Some features for Raspberry Pi?

    Don’t forget it please???

    • popcornmix Sep 28, 2014 

      Don’t worry – lots of goodies queued up for raspberry pi Helix release.
      No more switching omxplayer/dvdplayer as these have merged.
      New MMAL acceleration makes dvdplayer use less memory, have lower cpu and high quality scaling.
      The ALSA support it now upstream.
      Pi sink will have dual audio support (e.g. for audio).
      Numerous Pi specific ffmpeg optimisations have been pushed upstream which improves performance.

  • Joek Sep 11, 2014 

    Was positive retroplayer would make it in. Oh well. Great work. Is this a tick or tock release?

    • Kib Sep 27, 2014 

      This is a stability and renaming release. Next will probably be a feauture release again.

    • Kib Sep 27, 2014 

      This is a stability and renaming release. Next will probably be a feature release again.

  • celia Sep 11, 2014 

    Oi.. o download do addon para ver tv portuguesa neste novo apk alguem pode me dar ? Obrigado

  • Martin Sep 11, 2014 

    Will there finally be a remote UI (and standardised plumbing so it works with all backends) for series record? Lack of this more or less means XBMC (now Kodi) was not ready for mainstream PVR use.

    • mrbougles Sep 12, 2014 

      Agreed. I have been hoping for PVR series record for while.

      Would also love it if kodi could somehow scrape the tv shows season and episode number. Would be great if we could use this to save movies and TV shows direct to our library with all the metadata etc. Add ons could be written to scan the EPG guide for all movies that meet certain criteria (not in library already and have IMDB rating above 7 or something).

      Anyone else reckon this would be worthwhile if possible?

  • Pat Seguin Sep 11, 2014 

    Don’t forget H265 support!

    • Artur Sep 12, 2014 

      HEVC is supported in the Alphas, but software decoding only.

    • zag Sep 26, 2014 

      h265 support is in with the latest FFMpeg :D

  • Kodi fan Sep 11, 2014 

    Sorry but kodi does not work on my ipad all the addons say script failed

    • Kib Sep 27, 2014 

      Stop using those addons then.

  • marcos Sep 11, 2014 

    Alguém sabe se terá suporte para video 3D FULL (em isos BD)??

    Someone nows if in this version the Kodi can play 3D FULL (ISO BD)??

    • nickr Sep 16, 2014 

      Short: no

      Long: ffmpeg does not support MVC and therefore neither does XBMC/Kodi.

  • dennis Sep 12, 2014 

    dasnt work cant install that kodi thing in my aptv2 becase of those changes cant see live tv like ustnow is blocked because of that,telling you the truth was nice with xbmc too no problems at all,you guys are updating the things very often live us in peace so we dont have to update every month.example like this now,god knows how long we have to wayt untill is official,i mean serios its very annoying,

    • Feanorean Sep 13, 2014 

      I must have missed the bit where they forced you to update to the alpha version, silly me!

  • doestergaard Sep 12, 2014 

    What about Retroplayer?

  • kostas Sep 12, 2014 

    bring back the “add language to filename” option for subtitles please!

    • qryber Sep 15, 2014 

      …and option to save subtitles into /subs folder, next to video…frodo had that option…

  • Sérgio Azevedo Sep 12, 2014 

    I just want to leave a improvement sugestion, if possible. You ‘re making an excellent job with this kodi. Why not create a way to auto update the librtmp file since this is the most difficult thing for the average user. Thanks for you work.

  • Giorgos Sep 12, 2014 

    i also think that you should bring back the “add language to filename” option for subtitles, since the subtitles addons development teams (and especially opensubtitles.org which is the most used one), don’t appear to be interested in including this option.

    • Klojum Sep 15, 2014 

      I’ve been using subtitles for quite a while now, with OpenSubtitles.org, and XBMC (in OpenELEC 4.0.0 thru 4.1.6 at least) simply adds the country prefix to the subtitle filename. And I have selected two different languages to retrieve the subtitles for. So I’m wondering what you guys are doing to NOT add the language prefix.

  • JUSTINB Sep 13, 2014 

    can we please add a option to disable CU LRC Lyrics its annoying

    • Klojum Sep 15, 2014 

      Disabling theCU Lyrics addon is not an option?
      Or perhaps uninstalling it?

  • Sam Sep 13, 2014 

    Please, please, please ensure that the Windows binary is built with a more modern version of OpenSSL.

    I have people accessing my media server over the Internet using HTTP (Nginx) and one of those is using Windows. The ancient version of SSL used to build the XBMC/Kodi binary lacks support for recent versions of TLS and so i have to keep TLSv1 enabled on my server in order to maintain their access.

    OpenELEC and various Linux versions of XBMC/Kodi are compiled with recent versions of OpenSSL but the Windows and OS X versions are still using 0.9.8.

  • 3d_viewer Sep 14, 2014 

    will nvidias nvision 3d be supported by Kodi?

  • Alex_k Sep 16, 2014 

    Almost 2 months ago 13.1 stoped working and I downloaded Kodi 14.0. So far it has been working good with a few problems here & there but satisfying and I love it. My question is when the new build if it’s Beta will my Kodi 14. update automatically or not? The e-mail I got today tells me to re install all over again. I’m sorry if I sound off or not fully understanding what to do, please inform me if possible. Thanks

    • Martijn Sep 16, 2014 

      What mail? We don’t send mails. You probably got scammed. Also it’s always manual update

  • wpbpete Sep 16, 2014 

    Before I ask in the forum, is UPNP now connecting automatically without setting up a source?

  • Steve Atwal Sep 17, 2014 

    Hi Guys. Awesome product. Is there an exact release date (at least target release date) for Kodi 14? Cheers

    • zag Sep 26, 2014 

      Nope, when its ready as always ;)

  • daniel Sep 18, 2014 

    hi guys,
    as many many before me, I would to express my endless gratitude for your amazing work, I have xbmc in every room of my house including the bath room (like to hear my music while I shower). simply flawless.

  • fer Sep 19, 2014 

    hi keep up the good work

    dsd playback is not working with me
    tride dsdiff files and dsf
    olso the iso file but no succes yet


  • Dane Sep 19, 2014 

    Thanks, Thanks, Thanks….Great job ! I love my XBMC…

  • Eric Sep 21, 2014 

    Will it be easier to move files and still keep the library up to date?

  • MasterCATZ Sep 22, 2014 

    Can someone look into what broke between Alpha3 and Alpha4 with the subtitles


    I had to roll back to Aug 21st

    does anyone else have backups of the nighty builds so I can find which one broke ?
    unfutunatly I cleaned my apt cache on the day I ran the last update , thankfully I had my monthly HDD backup handy

  • Kathryn Ward Sep 22, 2014 

    thats great

  • Bene Sep 23, 2014 

    Is anyone having issues with the virtual keyboard? It is blank on every option and I cannot type any text even with real keyboard.

    Also there may be a bug with set content. Sometimes it just displays either 1 or 0 as xj tent type.

    Keen to know if others are sharing same issues.

    • lassegs Sep 29, 2014 

      From the Alpha 3 news article: “The virtual keyboard which included in Kodi has been the same for many years, with a set layout. From this alpha release, it’s now possible to change the layout to some well of the well known ones, like QWERTY and AZERTY. Additionally there’s also a Hebrew and Bulgarian layout included. Important: As an affect of this change you will notice that most of the third-party skins will now have a blank keyboard layout as they have not been updated yet.” http://xbmc.org/kodi-14-0-helix-alpha-3/

  • Prabhu Sep 23, 2014 
  • TK Sep 23, 2014 

    Will you release the next version as an XBMC release…please ?

    Nobody whats this KODI bullshit stupid fucked up name.

    It sounds like a german supermarked or someones pet dog.


    You have killed XBMC ;o(

    • james Sep 30, 2014 

      I like the new name idea no point being called xbox media center when it doesnt even run on any new xboxs now

    • Charles Oct 03, 2014 

      Since we barely see the name in the application but when it starts, why don’t you make yourself a nice XBMC 14 splash screen and pretend the name wasn’t changed ?

  • Arild Sep 24, 2014 

    What about Chromecast-streaming? Will this be implemented?

  • miguel Sep 24, 2014 

    Hi I just installed kodi on my gbox mx2 and its great i like it though i noticed that some video addons are not compatible with it for example my kids like the cartoon hd addon and its not compatible wwe addon its alsonot compatible….will there be any fix for these or is there any fix out yet?


  • Zebraitis Sep 24, 2014 

    Jeez… OK…

    It’s been two weeks! C’mon with the Kodi 14.0 Beta already !!!


    • Steve Atwal Sep 25, 2014 

      LOL…I’m wondering about the projected released date too.

      • Zebraitis Sep 29, 2014 

        While I have no insight to the release date, I have noticed that some of the recent releases have happened on the first of the month.

        Let’s see what happens on Oct 1st.

  • Anthony Sep 26, 2014 

    Any chance of a 64-bit Windows version?

  • Sol Sep 26, 2014 

    Why has my comment still not been posted?? I am giving feedback on the software.
    I cannot see the virtual keyboard on the latest version and was hoping someone may help. Anyone else having same issue. I3 NUC Windows 7 64bit.


  • Saragusa Sep 29, 2014 

    Hi Martijn.
    Only a question, please: how many shirts XBMC are stamped in total? It’s only a bit curiosity…

  • JohnDoe Sep 29, 2014 

    The database is extrem slow on Kodi 14.0 Alpha3. A switch between the folder needs up to 30sec. Mostly in folder with series, movies is a little faster but also slow.
    On 13.2 a switch need just 2sec or less.
    Is this a known bug?

    And why is there no easy way to add documentations in default config?

    (Android: Orbsmart s82 and ATV 1200, db on QNAP TS-410, Gigabit network).

  • Dan Sep 30, 2014 

    Will Kodi have direct to Chromecast streaming from my new Samsung Galaxy S5? I have Gotham 13.2 and tried every 3rd party caster with no luck. Transcoding all file types was the main issue.

  • Stefan Oct 01, 2014 

    Oh I only hope that the Skin RAPIER will work in the finished stable version because it has everything beautiful I need….So I’ll think I’ll stay on XBMC until this skin get suported on Kodi….well no other skin I have tried have that extra stuff that RAPIER do have to make it extra pretty…..So please please Creator Of RAPIER skin (Theme) update it for Kodi as Kodi have some sweet new things under the engine :) -and as always good work everyone :)

  • june Oct 04, 2014 

    will kodi ever be available thru roku

  • Tom Oct 15, 2014 

    Does anyone know how to add repos on iOS?

  • Ebrahim Nov 02, 2014 

    Two questions:
    can old XBMC automatically change to latest Kodi, or I need to install kodi. My second question is will Xbmc stop working in future and when if so?

    • Simon Nov 12, 2014 

      Hi Ebrahim, I upgraded to “kodi” on one of my Android devices. All my installed repos and settings migrated over to “kodi” from “xbmc Gotham 3.2″ then I just had to remove the “xbmc” icon. As far as I know: 1) you have to physically change to “kodi” just like you physically had to change between different versions of “xbmc”. 2) At some point you might encounter that certain repos might not be compatible with older versions of “xbmc” at that point you may need to upgrade anyway. Also the upgrades and continuous suport of its writers is what keeps repos functioning. Kudos to them!!! It also depends of how you’re using “xbmc\kodi”. Good luck!

  • John Nov 08, 2014 

    Thank you so much for adding DSD audio. I will be looking forward to 15 as well as the addition of emulators and roms is going to put this system over the top. Thanks for all the hard work.

  • Leonardo Nov 28, 2014 


  • Pat Seguin Nov 30, 2014 

    Last I tears, Kodi would not play 3D ISO’s. Is this still true?

  • Pat Seguin Nov 30, 2014 

    Last I HEARD

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