Kodi 14.0 “Helix” alpha 2

Posted By: Martijn Kaijser on Aug 11, 2014 in Pre-Release

Kodi 14, which we gave the codename “Helix“, is shaping up to be what is often called a “stability” release. In software development, many projects operate on a sort of tick-tock release schedule. The “tick” often introduces new features, dramatically alters the UI, and can likely dramatically alter the underlying framework of the software. The “tock” on the other hand, goes back and cleans up the code, fixing old incompatibilities, eliminating UI inconsistencies, and often preparing the groundwork for the next major tick. Where Gotham was quite definitely a “tick,” Helix is shaping up to be a “tock.”

With that said, several features, fixes, and updates have been included so far that are definitely worth discussing.

The Next Generation of Video Codecs

ffmpeg-logoTo begin, Kodi has been updated to use FFmpeg 2.2.4. For users, this means Kodi will now be capable of playing back h.265 (also known as HEVC) and VP9 video codecs. This could result in dramatically smaller video files sizes with exactly the same level of quality. A 40 GB file could be compressed to 20 GB. A 1 GB file could be compressed to 500 MB without any loss in perceivable quality. Users with particularly large libraries or interest in 4K video may be especially likely to appreciate this update.

The caveat to this update is that it is entirely software based. This means most low power systems, such as those operating Android or iOS, may struggle compared to the heftier HTPCs or Intel NUCs and ZOTAC ZBOXes that are running desktop and laptop processors.

Library Improvements

The Kodi Library is getting improvements both coming in and going out. On the input side, library scanning is receiving a massive speed boost, which should make the initial scan on Android and iOS devices quite a bit more spritely.

On the output side, work continues, slowly but surely, on UPnP. Kodi is now significantly more compatible with servers like PlayOn and MediaBrowser, as client-related bugs have been dealt with. Further, communication between Kodi UPnP clients and Kodi UPnP servers continues to improve with proper or additional support for categories like date added, ratings, votes, and artwork, along with sorting for those new categories. UPnP search functions are also slowly working their way into Kodi.

Android and iOS

On the Android side, hardware playback improvements continue, including more and better support for various chipsets, improved fast forward and rewind capability, as well as 4K support for the AMLogic s802 chipset. On the iOS side, Airplay, which was fairly substantially broken by the update to iOS 7, appears to be almost entirely fixed on every platform save Android, which lacks certain software support, making Airplay playback only partially fixed on that platform.

Windows, OSX, and Linux

All three platforms continue to see improvements in audio playback and a reduction of many audio-related bugs that have been plaguing the platforms for a long time.

Other Changes

The changelog for Kodi 14 is 12 pages long and contains 333 changes so far. Needless to say, they can’t all be summarized here, but a few additional items worth noting include:

  • * Update PVR add-ons
  • * Start of redesigning the PVR windows
  • * Various improvements to the Audio Engine, with the OSX platform as great beneficiary.
  • * Improvements to the GUI skinning engine
  • * Extended JSON-RPC interface
  • * Countless smaller and larger bug-fixes throughout the program and vast improvements in every area. This should improve memory usage, stability, speed and user friendliness.
  • * Add-ons are still compatible up to the Frodo versions.
  • * Skins are partially still compatible, however to fully function they will need to be updated to latest changes. Expect breakage here.


As for this Helix release, so far there have only been small things changed in regards to add-ons. So we are happy to say that almost all add-ons that worked in Gotham, will also work in Helix. There are of course some exceptions, however this should be only be a minimal amount.


Creating a skins for Kodi takes many months of designing, coding, testing, tweaking and a lot of patience to get it just right. However with every major Kodi (past XBMC) release there is the problem of skins becoming incompatible due to various code changes. So for every release people who put a lot of effort creating these skins, need to adapt it for the next Kodi version. This could mean that your favourite skin doesn’t work in the next Kodi version. We are very glad to say, that thanks to a group of skin developers, there are already 2 Helix compatible skins available in our repository. From memory this has never happened before, that within the alpha stage there are already skins available for you to enjoy using. On our forum there are several more skins being worked on, to get these into shape for people to use. So hopefully by the time of final release, there will be several more available. So let’s all thank the developers for their hard work they do for the community.

Helix compatible skins in our repository at the moment are: Aeon Nox 5, Transparency!
Other are still included however they may lack the functionality you have been used to in some areas.


The Last XBMC Shirt Ever

xbmclastshirtBecause of your generosity in t-shirt sales, straight-up donations, and word-of-mouth evangelizing, this project has lasted for 12 years and through four different names, and with your help, we all believe it can last twice that long again. So we figured we’d offer a t-shirt to commemorate the name change.

There’s only one thing. The image at the top of this article is not the final logo. We are working with doghousemedia to truly realize an awesome logo, and we aren’t quite there yet.

So instead of offering a bit of swag with the new name, we figured we’d offer the exact opposite. This is it. The last XBMC shirt or related piece of merchandise we’re ever going to sell.




Should want to download and install this alpha (monthly) build please visit our download page. You will notice that you can still see “XBMC” in certain areas as we are still in transition to the new name, which takes time.

How to Contribute

If you use these builds, we encourage you to report problems with these builds on our forum first and after if asked submit bugs on Trac (following this guide: How to submit a bug report). Do note that we need detailed information so we can investigate the issue. We also appreciate providing support in our Forums where you can, or donate to the XBMC Foundation if you like. For a current FAQ on Kodi 14, visit our Helix FAQ. You can of course also foll0w or help promote Kodi on all available social networks.


http://xbmc.org is the only official place anything XBMC/Kodi related. This includes news, announcements, information or XBMC/Kodi downloads. There are of course manufacturers who also provide support with customized XBMC/Kodi versions, tailored for their devices. Should you have purchased from them it would be wise to first check, if it’s a known issue with that specific version. Any other third-party websites, offering you XBMC/Kodi installations, or people offering you pre-installed devices, are not officially supported by Team XBMC and may contain unwanted and unsupported additions, changes and add-ons. Installing these versions is at your own risk. XBMC/Kodi does not provide any media content on it’s own and comes with no add-ons installed regarding this. Should you have problems please contact the correct add-on developer or website should you experience any issues.

Discussion - 101 Comments

  • LongMan Aug 11, 2014 

    Thanks to the Devs for their work. I tried this alpha and noticed that videos start almost instantly when when using UPnP. On Gotham there is usually a little spinning wheel. On Helix Alpha 2, Press play, the movie starts. Amazing. Guess someone added some magic pixie dust to the code. Thanks again.

    On another note, is UPnP scanning likely to make Helix? (Since Helix is a tock not tick)

  • some dude Aug 11, 2014 

    Yay! Keep it up guys!

  • plupien79 Aug 11, 2014 

    Software based decoder… This could wreak havok on many who’ve installed low power systems based on hardware decoders.

    • Nathan Betzen Aug 11, 2014 

      Yup, it’s the one major downside of moving forward in tech. The old tech eventually can’t keep up.

      Odds are though that h.264 will probably still be the major codec for a long time to come. HEVC is amazing, but h.264 is definitely still “good enough.”

    • Tim Aug 11, 2014 

      I assume that only applies to the new H265/VP9 codec and that all other currently hardware offloaded formats will continue to function normally?

      • Martijn Aug 11, 2014 

        It indeed only applies to those specific ones

  • 10k Aug 11, 2014 

    Wow awesome! With the new FFMPEG being incorporated is it possible to add 3DLUT support ( http://ffmpeg.org/ffmpeg-filters.html#lut3d-1 ), similar to what madVR does ( http://www.avsforum.com/forum/139-display-calibration/1471169-madvr-argyllcms.html ) ?

  • Alex Aug 11, 2014 

    Plz don’t rename xbmc to kodi..

    • Terje Aug 13, 2014 

      Why not call it Box mediacenter its the media center for the boxes. Any boxes, Windows, tons of linux, the pi ‘s Apple, android, and it is related to a name every body knows. And the play logo fins right in to the Box Word.

    • ali Aug 14, 2014 

      Alex, get over it and plz do not post name change questions or suggestions in this post.

      • grey74 Aug 25, 2014 

        Do I sense some hostility? Not everyone is enamored with the name change such as yourself. I tend to agree with some of these posters. You have to expect push back on something like this

  • JK Aug 11, 2014 

    HI, would it work with apple tv 1 & broadcom chip ? Thanks. J.

    • Martijn Aug 11, 2014 

      Next alpha version we will drop hardware decoding support for Crystal HD and atv1

      • Akismal Aug 13, 2014 

        i use crystal hd on my netbook acer aspire one please don t drop support for broadcom, Thanks in advance.

      • mariosm1cy Aug 20, 2014 

        dropping support for crystal HD is definite?
        I am using broadcom card on my netbook as well…

      • ired Aug 27, 2014 

        Do you have an idea of when you will be releasing the next alpha version to support a stock atv1?

      • tom Sep 02, 2014 

        Why drop support for a useful piece of hardware that extends the reach of your software? The code works, why waste the time and effort spent in developing it in the first place?

        I cannot see the benefits of this decision or the justification for it; will you also drop VDPAU/VAAPI support suddenly in a few years despite many, many machines that rely on those to provide their video muscle? Continuing to support hwaccels only makes the software more attractive to users repurposing old hardware – and “if it ain’t broke, don’t ‘fix’ it”. It isn’t broken, so why mess with it?

        I use the CrystalHD in hp thin clients as set-top boxes around the home. Without it, they can’t play 720/1080 files. I discovered this as a nasty surprise having just ‘upgraded’ to the latest alpha.

  • MATPOC Aug 11, 2014 

    what about Helix name? There is the old known Helix Universal Server by Realnetworks.

    • ali Aug 14, 2014 

      MAT, get over the name change and plz do not post name change questions or suggestions in this post.

      • RvD Aug 20, 2014 

        He’s just asking how they came up with Helix, not suggesting they rename Kodi to Helix.

    • da-anda Aug 26, 2014 

      Helix is just a codename like Gotham, Frodo, Eden, Dharma, … where before – and because we proceed in alphabet for each release with the codename, we decided for Helix for the v15-H* release

  • HunterZ Aug 11, 2014 

    What is the best way to communicate issues to the Audio Engine people? They don’t seem to read the forums or Trac these days.

    • Kib Aug 11, 2014 

      They usually check trac and the forum quite well. You could try the IRC channel as well and see if one is around.

    • Martijn Aug 11, 2014 

      Perhaps you have considered that it’s holiday season?

      • handbone Aug 11, 2014 

        “Perhaps you have considered that it’s holiday season?”

        That would depend on what part of the world you’re from

        • Aubrey Aug 18, 2014 

          No that does not depend where you are from.
          The FACT is that it IS holiday season in a large part of the world.
          And that you have to keep in mind.

          • Mike Aug 25, 2014 

            Yes, it does depend on what part of the world you are from. Trying not to be culturally insensitive here, but… What holiday season is it, and for whom? I’ve never personally heard of any holiday seasons happening in August. It’s impossible for someone to “keep that in mind” when it’s completely unknown.

      • HunterZ Aug 19, 2014 

        It was actually a couple months ago that I opened a trac ticket, which has gone unanswered. The bug has existed forever, so I don’t hold out much hope anyway.

  • Axi0n Aug 11, 2014 

    Will this version be in-place upgradeable over the current stable XBMC?? Or is an uninstall and re-install recommended??

    • kib Aug 11, 2014 

      It will be once it becomes stable, but we generally do not advice doing it with alpha builds withoout making a full backup of the userdata first because the upgrade code for the database might not be 100% ok.

      Obviously this is feedback we would like to have, so feel free to test.

  • Fernando Aug 11, 2014 

    Will UPnp be able to stream external subtitles (.srt) in Helix ?
    I read on the forum that his feature was planned to Gotham but due to personal reasons the developer couldn’t code it for Gotham.

    • Al Aug 13, 2014 

      Also very interested in this.

      Thank you soo much XBMC/KODI team for all your incredible work, it is greatly appreciated!!

  • boingman Aug 11, 2014 

    Nice, didn’t know about the 4K support.

  • scfcmark Aug 11, 2014 

    Hi All
    Ive tried to download xbmc to a laptop running vista but after its downloaded and i try to start xbmc it keeps saying
    ERROR Unable to create GUI. Exiting
    Then the computer just freezes, Ive only just started using comps so dont know if iam doing something wrong HEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLPPPPPP

    • Terje Aug 14, 2014 

      Have you tried different bilde. I had to go back some days on the nightly builds before i fond one working for my pc. I got some signature error on Windows 7.

    • BigJRM Aug 26, 2014 

      Older laptops with older dedicated video hardware may not be able to display the latest version of XBMC/KODI as the old hardware isn’t supported. It just doesn’t have the power required. Your best chance is to download an older version of XBMC until you get one that will run on your laptop. I have an older Toshiba Centrino in the living room with XBMC 12 playing a slideshow of our family photos and background music.

  • hdmkv Aug 11, 2014 

    What about Blu-ray 3D ISO and/or MVC MKV support? Still a no-go?

    • Tobi Aug 12, 2014 

      I’m also waiting for 3D Blu-ray iso !!!!

    • da-anda Aug 26, 2014 

      no, still not possible as it’s not implemented in ffmpeg which we rely on to do be able to support it

  • SheHateMe Aug 12, 2014 

    Why don’t you guys just rename XBMC to Helix instead of Kodi?

  • Sonic Aug 12, 2014 

    Great work guys!

  • oMikR0n Aug 12, 2014 

    Keep it up guys:D

  • jeffyg3 Aug 12, 2014 

    I like the new name, though I’ll miss calling it XBMC also…that’s what my Mac Mini is named too in the system since it’s my media center. Only thing missing is the Blu-Ray support. It sucks I have to run a different program in OSX just to play blu-ray movies off my Mac.

    • blu ray support Oct 19, 2014 


  • Hans Aug 12, 2014 

    Will Kodi work better with Cubietruck than XBMC on linux?

    Perhaps it’s the best just to use the Kodi-App for Android on Cubietruck.

  • Yajdam Aug 12, 2014 

    In Kodi 14 will MyVideos78.db remain the same?
    Or will there be a new database file name and/or same name with a different structure?

    Anyway, keep up the excellent work!!!

    Side note: I also don’t like “Kodi”, but I thing It’s only a question of time.

    • cptspiff Aug 12, 2014 

      it’s already at 89 :)

  • xbdroid Aug 12, 2014 

    Thanks & Excellent work guys keep it up.

  • Ashvetenry Aug 12, 2014 

    Having run Gotham succesfully on my Win 7 laptop and Nexus 7 (original) for some time and thought it amazing, I was disappointed with the laggy play and poor audio synching on my MK809 iii Rockchip smart TV stick (XBMC being the reason I bought this). Will this release improve matters?

  • De Kraker Aug 12, 2014 

    Thanks guys! You’re the best.
    Good to hear that you’re working on improving upnp sharing.
    Although upnp sharing between two XBMC instances is already a great experience since Gotham.
    Are you also working on supporting streaming external subs over upnp?

    Enjoy your holidays!!

  • Rtwolfe Aug 13, 2014 

    Have you googled kodi and checked images. Universal studios?

    Oct 31, 2013 – Kodiak, more commonly known as Kodi, is the son of Balto and Jenna, and is a main character in Balto …

    • Nathan Betzen Aug 13, 2014 

      Good thing we’re not making a movie about wolf then.

  • Christo Bezuidenhout Aug 13, 2014 

    Thanks so much for all the hard work! When I run Kodi 14 Setup, I receive: “Error opening file for writing: C:\Program Files (X86)\XBMC\XBMC.exe. Should I uninstall Gotham 13.2 first? I have backed up my UserData. Or download the Install Package again? Again thanks for everything!!!

    • Martijn Aug 13, 2014 

      it means the XBMC process was still running. Wait a bit or reboot.

  • Smobbo Aug 13, 2014 

    Nice to see the development pace is still relentless ;)
    It might be time to change the default skin (or alteast bring it up to modern standards).
    Confluence just looks very old fashioned (very dharma, frodo), compared to modern skins like Eminence or Xperience1080.

    Is this something you are looking into/thinking about? Many first time users will probably be a bit put off by seeing confluence as standard ;)

  • Buffy Aug 13, 2014 

    I love xbmc, but I hate the new name…
    far too similar to “Kot” (and that means “shit” in german…)

  • Zebraitis Aug 14, 2014 

    Quick Q #1 – re: http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=XBMC_databases/Versions

    I see that DB versions have been changed (88 & 48) in 14 Alpha.

    As a MySQL user for shared library source, I would assume that if I make the move to Kodi Alpha that I would need to ensure that all my devices would need to be on the same version as well.

    Have I got that right?

    Quick Q #2 – Also, since there is a move to software based decoding, will Kodi function on the ARM based boxes (like the Pivos Xios)?


    ps: “Kodi Alpha”… Ha! Sounds like something from “Space 1999″ ! :o )

    • Kib Aug 14, 2014 

      1) Yes you need the same database versions on all systems (as usual)

      2) We are not moving to software decoding, we just updated ffmpeg which has software decoding support for those two new codecs. All the rest is still hardware decoded if you have the appropiate hardware.

  • Terje Aug 14, 2014 

    Could someone make a viaplay addon. And a hbo plugin that dont start the film in a webbrowser. I have been thinking about doping it but i dont know how. But as Long as the tv3 play is in There it should beklager possible.

  • annesha Aug 15, 2014 


  • Idok Aug 15, 2014 

    Could you tell us something more about the Extended JSON-RPC interface? I can’t find anything about it in the JSON forum.

  • Richard Aug 16, 2014 

    Great work great name guys
    chromecast support yes or no

  • Stray Cat Aug 16, 2014 

    I’ll miss you XBMC.

    Come on Kodi get in your box. I’ll change your splash screen later.

  • Richard Aug 16, 2014 

    I keep seeing things about software decoding over hardware. Isn’t this a step backward? I’m not going to build a high power, large htpc to play video that should run fine on lower power hardware driven system. Htpc’s aren’t meant to be workstations.

    • Martijn Aug 16, 2014 

      that’s because there is no hardware which can play those specific video files. so you need software

  • TwistedZeon Aug 16, 2014 

    I’m happy to see XBMC is still going strong even with a name change.

    I have one thing that bothers me when trying to use the program though and if this were fixed it’d make me use this without a second thought. I am an avid anime watcher and I have 4 HHDs full of it. I like how XBMC can make it look so nice to browse through and keep track of what I have and haven’t watched, but my biggest issue is with trying to get my collection into XBMC properly, most of my shows will be seen but no episodes will be found yet I have all of them. I’ve searched hours to find out how to fix it and I found a solution but it just is way too time consuming to actually make it all worth it. If you guys can make Kodi more friendly to anime lovers and their collections then I think that would be a great thing.

    • Xonic Aug 21, 2014 

      Could it be that your episodes are not named properly? S01E01 for example is season one episode one. This is one of the numbering formats XBMC can handle. Hope that helps…

  • ferry Aug 17, 2014 

    one thing…….sacd iso

  • Adam Aug 18, 2014 

    Long ago I had a fine dog. Strong, clever and a friend for life.
    She was 16 years old when she died.
    Her name was Kodi..
    Gives you hope, to hear her name again.

  • Szymon Aug 18, 2014 

    So how about Retro Player? It had to be incroporated in v. 14 afaik that was dev con conclusion.

    • da-anda Aug 26, 2014 

      no, it didn’t have to be in v14. At devcon we said that having only RetroPlayer in core would already qualify for a new release. So if RetroPlayer is ready for prime time shortly after Helix is out, we might do a fast v15 release. But given that neither the new joystick API nor the generic game player API is in core yet (nor reviewed), it’ll take some more time I guess.

  • Costas Aug 19, 2014 

    Looks fairly good so far on both Windows and Android, without serious UI changes. Playback is roughly similar to 13.2 on both my laptop and my Tegra3 tablet. Haven’t tried my Pi yet.

    One thing though, the scroll method used is *no good at all* for touch devices, especially the “elastic” animation effect, where the scrolled element does not follow your finger but moves on its own, trying to place an item on an “integer” position. This method is used by all skins and I suspect that it is hard-wired. I found no tweaks that can fix this problem.

    If you use a remote, this looks very nice, but on a touch device it is very hard to move around. Scrolled items, should be closely controlled by the finger, without any elastic effect or movement of their own.

    I find I’m using more and more my tablet for watching videos and playing music and I suspect others do too, so is there any chance we’re going to see things improving in this version? Also some more touch skins? “Touched” is designed for 4:3 and looks ridiculously stretched on a 16:9 or 16:10 screen.

    • Martijn Aug 19, 2014 

      you can try re-touched

      • Costas Aug 20, 2014 

        Indeed, “Re-Touched” fixes the aspect ratio. XBMC, not being at Google Play, I don’t have installation stats, but I suspect there’s a lot of people that have it installed, so a couple more good touch-oriented skins, would be nice. A good touch skin needs to have lots of “buttons” or “icons” to deal with the inaccessibility of features like changing the panel view (accessible by pressing left or up in other skins), an always present “Home” button, a button to show the currently playing item, which shows always when anything is playing and other such things. Ideally, the design paradigm would follow the current Android/iOS/Windows guidelines, as such skins are not meant to be viewed at a distance, nor be controlled with TV remotes. BIG, BIG, HUGE problem is the scrolling method, which should be dealt with.

  • TE5LA Aug 20, 2014 

    I tried the latest Kodi and could not get it to work with local drives on a network (Windows 7). XBMC Gotham works fine. Is this a known issue?

  • FANS Aug 22, 2014 

    I’m also waiting for 3D Blu-ray iso !!!! I’s my wish….!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Unrealistic Expectations says Aug 22, 2014 

      I’m also waiting for Immersive Interactive Holographic Projection !!!! I’s my wish….!!!!!!!!!!!

      (14.3 roadmap… right?)

  • Zebraitis Aug 22, 2014 

    Are profiles supported in Kodi?

    I ask, as I inadvertently downloaded Kodi Alpha on my android Pivos, and when it came up, it no longer had the profiles front-ending the process.

    Checking to see if a check-box was not selected, I saw that Kodi did not recognize the profiles that had been on that box.

    While I did back it out to 13.2 final (as I am not ready to go to 14 Alpha for my entire networked solution), I am curious if there has been a thought change on profiles.


  • Danggitbai Aug 22, 2014 

    Xonar STX has a garbled sound if using WASAPI

  • Trevor Aug 24, 2014 

    What is the new website Kodi.org?

  • amanda:) Aug 25, 2014 

    Chromecast ??

    • da-anda Aug 26, 2014 

      sure, if you can point us to an opensource cross platform implementation we can make use of ;)

  • Jeff Lewis Aug 25, 2014 

    Is there a way to get updates or notifications or alerts when it is released?

    • da-anda Aug 26, 2014 

      yes, if you have the update check addon installed and activated (which should be the case by default)

  • Brendan Aug 26, 2014 

    I am curious as to your mentions of the 2 skins avaialable at launch… because i use the amber skin and that is working just fine… Is it not supposed to be?

    • Brendan Aug 26, 2014 

      nevermind i re read it and found out that it will work but may be missing some functionality..

  • Krighton Aug 27, 2014 

    Some of these posts are mind numbing…it’s a name change, get over it….no there’s no holiday worth mentioning in august

  • dark_slayer Aug 29, 2014 

    Surely nobody thinks Gotham was “certainly a tick”

    Tick – Frodo (hd audio, pvr, and android)
    Tock – Gotham (modified hd audio, hw acceleration for android, screwed up settings menus, and added some very niche 3D — since most use mvc — without hw acceleration)

    Its fine to go ahead and declare Helix a tock, but I can’t see a reason to frame Gotham as something it wasn’t. It was surely a tock

  • boxie Aug 29, 2014 

    I downloaded the Kodi 14.0 but it does not work. The words on the tabs does not show. Navi X and Mash-Up doesn’t work either. Keep showing errors.

    • Martijn Aug 30, 2014 

      We do not support those addons

  • hairybuffalo Aug 29, 2014 

    Very disappointed that it is not code named Hodor.

  • Jose Sep 03, 2014 

    I downloaded the last version apk of Kodi 14 he turns well but i can’t see the videos i only listen the sound of the videos i dont know why in tvs i can see sound and the video but in videos from internet i can’t see the video but i can ear the sound of the video i dont know why thanks for your help

  • Joe Sep 07, 2014 

    Question for ya ,do you know If i have XBMC 13.2 ‘Gotham” installed on my Win 8.1 pc ,could i also install Kodi 14.0 “Helix” at the same time to try it out without any issues ?

  • Dragonway Sep 08, 2014 

    Hello, Are there any plans for a shared library on other running XBMC without using mysql position?

  • Claudia Oct 04, 2014 

    Hi everyone, I have tried downloading the latest XBMC and now Koti latest I have a windows 8.1 pc that is connected to my tv monitor so that I can watch my movies.
    But Koti crashes constantly I put the movie on and halfway or even 10 mins into the movie it crashes and I had already rebooted, restored, return to manufacture settings on my pc but still it does this. all of my movies are on a external drive not in the pc. Anybody has any answers as to why this is happening? I would really appreciate any help on this
    Thank you

    Clau –

    Desperate to have my movies play without crashing on Koti

  • squidficious Oct 05, 2014 

    Working great on my window 7 I7 machine, however one nagging thing is when I exit the program the program stops responding and requires a hard close to end.

  • Tom Oct 18, 2014 

    How do you add repos in V14 on iOS? Can anyone help me.

  • poul54 Dec 06, 2014 

    will kodi support hardware decode of h265, i have a nuc 2820, and can play this format with mpc-hc player, so mpc-hc most have hardware decoding

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