Kodi 14.0 Helix – Beta Springs Forward

Posted By: Nathan Betzen on Nov 03, 2014 in Pre-Release

It’s certainly been a few rough-and-tumble months, but we’re pleased to announce the release of Beta cycle for Kodi 14.0 Helix.

This release brings many updates and changes, not the least of which being the name of the software. For those of you curious, we’ve now taken the top 10 or so vote getters in the logo vote and submitted them to doghousemedia to see how they might pull the best qualities out of all of them and combine those qualities into the best possible logo for the organization. As we continue down this path, we’ll do our best to keep you updated.

With that said, let’s take a look at some of the features that come with Beta.

The Next Generation of Video Codecs

ffmpeg-logoTo begin, Kodi has been updated to use FFmpeg 2.4.3 For users, this means Kodi will now be capable of playing back h.265 (also known as HEVC) and VP9 video codecs. This could result in dramatically smaller video files sizes with exactly the same level of quality. A 40 GB file could be compressed to 20 GB. A 1 GB file could be compressed to 500 MB without any loss in perceivable quality. Users with particularly large libraries or interest in 4K video may be especially likely to appreciate this update. Software support for the VP9 video codec is also included.

The caveat to this update is that it is entirely software based. This means most low power systems, such as those operating Android or iOS, may struggle compared to the heftier HTPCs or Intel NUCs and ZOTAC ZBOXes that are running desktop and laptop processors.

Library Improvements

The Kodi Library is getting improvements both coming in and going out. On the input side, library scanning is receiving a massive speed boost, which should make the initial scan on Android and iOS devices quite a bit more spiritedly.

On the output side, work continues, slowly but surely, on UPnP. Kodi is now significantly more compatible with servers like PlayOn and MediaBrowser, as client-related bugs have been dealt with. Further, communication between Kodi UPnP clients and Kodi UPnP servers continues to improve with proper or additional support for categories like date added, ratings, votes, and artwork, along with sorting for those new categories. UPnP search functions are also slowly working their way into Kodi.

More User Control Over Kodi

Two new features have been introduced with Kodi that should give users even more control over how the software works. First, users can now prevent add-ons from updating without a forced update, prevent add-on update notifications, or simply continue to work with add-ons auto-updating as they do today. To change add-on update settings, visit the Add-ons folder in System Settings, if you are using Confluence, click left with your keyboard or remote to open the side panel, where a number of options exist, including the option to hide any add-ons that aren’t expected to work in your region.

Second, in the past the virtual keyboard on the screen that users of tablets and remote controls are forced to deal with has always been set to the western standard QWERTY style. It is now possible to change the layout to a variety of other language options. To do so, visit the International section of the Appearance folder in System Settings and select Keyboard layouts. (Pro-tip: If you are an English speaker living in the US, Australia, or New Zealand, you can also select a  version of English that better suits your spelling style from the Language portion of the International section.)

Android, iOS, and embedded

retouchedOn the Android side, hardware playback improvements continue, including more and better support for various chipsets, improved fast forward and rewind capability, as well as 4K support for the AMLogic s802 chipset. On the iOS side, Airplay, which was fairly substantially broken by the update to iOS 7, appears to be almost entirely fixed on every platform save Android, which lacks certain software support, making Airplay playback only partially fixed on that platform. Additionally, support for the Freescale i.MX6 SystemOnChip has been added.

Furthermore, for you tablet users, we’ve now replaced the ageing Touched skin with the improved Re-Touched skin, which includes a number of tweaks to bring it more in line with the features Kodi has to offer.

Windows, OSX, and Linux

All three platforms continue to see improvements in audio playback and a reduction of many audio-related bugs that have been plaguing the platforms for a long time. Windows also sees improvement in DXVA video playback.


American PVR users will be happy to learn that Kodi 14 introduces support for ATSC sub-channels. All users of PVR may be happy to learn that all PVR windows have been rebuilt to be better and more efficient.

A Few Warnings and Notices

This release marks the switch to the new name Kodi. When you install this beta, your library and add-ons will be moved to Kodi, making reverting back to 13.2 fairly difficult. As such, it is recommended that you back up your library  as well as your settings before installing Kodi.

Also, as Kodi is an unsigned application on OSX, you may need to go through a slightly different process to start it the first time. After you have copied Kodi to the Applications folder, you will need to “right click” or “two finger click” Kodi from within the Applications folder and select “Open” and then accept the warning. You should only need to do this the first time you run Kodi.


To download, please visit our download page. Over the next few days/weeks, we anticipate putting out additional betas fairly rapidly. As we don’t expect very many changes to features and fairly limited fixes, we will likely not put out blog posts for every beta. Instead, keep and eye on our social networks for updates, and Kodi itself will keep you updated when a new beta is ready. If fairly significant changes occur, we will write a blog post on the topic.

How to Contribute

If you use these builds, we encourage you to report problems with these builds on our forum first and after if asked submit bugs on Trac (following this guide: How to submit a bug report). Do note that we need detailed information so we can investigate the issue. We also appreciate providing support in our Forums where you can, or donate to the XBMC Foundation if you like. For a current FAQ on Kodi 14, visit our Helix FAQ. You can of course also follow or help promote Kodi on all available social networks.

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  • Colin Bauerle Nov 03, 2014 

    awesome new update

  • Mattchewey Nov 03, 2014 

    Great job everyone. Keep up the good work.

  • Neal Nov 03, 2014 

    Great job! I have the alpha installed and it is a great improvement over gotham. I assume I can just update the beta over the alpha without a uninstall/reinstall?

    • Martijn Nov 03, 2014 

      Yes. Just install on top. Be sure to create a backup if you are uncertain

      • Jason Nov 04, 2014 

        Hello Martijn,
        My name is Jason & I just installed the new Kodi helix 14.0 beta 1 update & my istream will not work now, what do i do ?

        • Martijn Nov 04, 2014 
            That’s not our problem, sorry. We dont support those addons
          • Jason Nov 15, 2014 

            Dear Martijn,
            I cannot understand why if this is the new operating system that you guys are really talking about how great it is & that it is not your guy’s responsibility to fix istream ? who’s responsibility is istream to fix ? we really need istream fixed, now that mashup tv has been removed. Please help fix this compatibility issue with istream or direct me to the site that I have to contact, to inquire about them fixing the istream issue. I would really appreciate this, thank you.

          • Jason Nov 15, 2014 

            Dear Martijn,
            Will the final stable release for Kodi 14.0 Helix support istream ? I sure hope so ? please help with this issue. Thank you very much.

          • Darren Nov 22, 2014 

            To Jason: Go and talk to whomever maintains istream. Its an addon, therefore maintained by someone else, not the Kodi team. To come on here and have a go at the Kodi devs is rude at best.

        • Azeshigh60 Nov 10, 2014 

          Hi i dont know much about xbmc / kodi but i know if you updated from gotham istream does not (yet) work on Kodi..it only works on the gotham version just need to wait for a fix

    • Ziggurat Nov 04, 2014 

      yes, but take a backup of your settings folder just in case. I have done similar things several times without problem, but one might be unlucky.

  • Nick Nov 03, 2014 

    Looking forward to trying this :) When will the Linux unstable ppa be updated?

    • topfs2 Nov 04, 2014 

      Actually missed to ping our ppa builder, so our bad :) Its on its way though!

      • Nick Nov 04, 2014 

        No worries.Cheers for replying & BIG respect to you & all the Kodi team ;)

  • Brian Nov 03, 2014 

    Hello I have a g box MDX 2 ..my question is will this work for this device and if so how .

  • nak Nov 04, 2014 

    This update isn’t showing up in the unstable ppa. Any ETA as to when it’ll be published?

  • Alok Nov 04, 2014 

    I have Gotham 13.2 on a Fire TV. Will installing this using adb install -r overwrite my installation?

    • Magnum Nov 05, 2014 


      • l4v4l4mp3 Nov 11, 2014 

        I think its not possible to upgrade with -r from such an “old” Version for me, even the update from alpha was not possible.

  • Anderson Nov 04, 2014 

    Congrats! That’s awesome good news!

  • jjk9 Nov 04, 2014 

    this is all great new, however that new keyboard broke most of the skins and there arnt any working skins that i like other than the default. The only skin i liked on gotham was Hybrid and its not updated yet as far as i know.

    • Kib Nov 04, 2014 

      Ask the skinner of your favorite skin to fix his keyboard support. There are a few skins currently in the repo that have working keyboards already.

  • hdmkv Nov 04, 2014 

    Will there be a new logo?

    • Nathan Betzen Nov 04, 2014 

      2nd paragraph?

      • hdmkv Nov 10, 2014 

        Too obvious, so I obviously didn’t see it ;) . Thanks.

  • uomiarz Nov 04, 2014 

    Congrats !!!

    Should we expect X-mass present with stable release ?
    Go Kodi team !

  • Hassan moharram Nov 04, 2014 

    Thanks , should we expect Arabic keyboard

    • topfs2 Nov 04, 2014 

      Its quite easy to add keyboards and we welcome patches for missing keyboards!

  • Zack Nov 04, 2014 

    Can I install on my iPad air with cydia?

  • Jason Nov 04, 2014 

    I run multiple installations of XBMC Frodo at home. Because of this I run one database off my own MySQL server and connect all my installs to that one DB. A) Does Kodi 14 have a different schema than Frodo? Will I be able to use the same DB to connect to a new Kodi installation? If not, can I install 14 on all my HTPCs and create a new MySQL db to connect to?
    Apologies if this is the inappropriate place to bring up this question.
    Just really looking forward to this and my DB question just popped in my head.

    • Martijn Nov 04, 2014 

      It’s all mentioned on the wiki

    • Zebraitis Nov 04, 2014 

      Jason – I also use MySQL. 14 Alpha worked fine. I just loaded 14 Beta and it is working as well.

      I use HeidiSQL to look into my MySQL DB’s. it showed that the Video DB is up to 90 in this version. Of course, for you and me that means all the various boxes / devices will also need to get upgraded to be in sync, but that’s the norm.

      Still, while there was mention of improved speed of the DB, there seemed to be a slower response while scanning the TV folder. However, not a showstopper.

      Upgrade away! :)

      • Jason Nov 05, 2014 

        Thanks Zebraitis and Martijn
        I’ll give it a try and check the Wiki if I have issues.

      • pr0xZen Nov 11, 2014 

        I’ve been curious abot this, too. They’ve boasted library search/update speed improvements since Helix Alpha1 I think, yet all of them take about twice as the time as with any Gotham release, to me.

  • derty Nov 04, 2014 

    Badass u guys :D
    Keep up the hard work!
    Your at the home stretch ;)

  • Hedda Nov 04, 2014 

    Does Kodi for Android support HW video decode on Freescale iMX 6 now too, or is that only supported on Linux?

  • fahad Nov 04, 2014 

    it does not work with me
    after add the source and everything like before it does not work.
    if there any way to fix it please let me know.


  • Stefan Nov 04, 2014 

    Nice* :) -Thank You-

  • Simon Nov 04, 2014 

    Awesome news, Nathan! Keep up the great work! :-) 14.0 will be the best release ever.

  • Regkilla Nov 04, 2014 

    Update is great just needs thumbnails to be bigger. I can barely see what I’m about to play due to the microscopic thumbnails on the left side.

    • Martijn Nov 04, 2014 

      it’s designed for tablets and not for phones. It works great on 7″ and bigger

  • Dan Nov 04, 2014 

    Trying to install and run Kodi but whenever I run it I get an error message “Un oh, can’t load sqlite3.dll” and “The program can’t start because MSVCR120.dll is missing from your computer. Try re-installing the program to fix this problem”

    Up until an hour ago I was running XBMC 13.2 with no problems, I uninstalled it and downloaded Kodi instead – can’t start it though.

    Any idea’s how to fix this and run Kodi?

    *Windows 64 8.1

    • Martijn Nov 04, 2014 

      do not uncheck any options in the installer. that why you get errors

      • Dan Nov 04, 2014 

        I didn’t uncheck anything, although some options were unchecked by default – should I install everything?


        • Dan Nov 04, 2014 

          OK I had the full installation and it’s working – thanks!

        • Martijn Nov 04, 2014 

          yes you should

  • james Nov 04, 2014 

    Any idea when the icon will be changed

  • forcedalias Nov 04, 2014 

    Looking forward to the H265 playback. Now all I need is a faster system to speed up my library conversion from H264 to H265.

    • Nille Nov 04, 2014 

      Good Luck ;) i have tested it with x265 and it encodes with 2-3 fps with a i5-4570. x264 is at 13-20fps with the same settings

      • J.O. Nov 05, 2014 

        Any conversion will result in loss of quality. No matter the codec (unless lossless).

    • Hotmetal Nov 07, 2014 

      How much are you gaining from converting H264 to H265 ? (real statistics + pictures please)

  • Amon Nov 04, 2014 

    If I back up my Gotham 13.2 settings, addons etc; can I restore them to Kodi with minimal distress?

  • Joram Nov 04, 2014 

    Curious about one thing regarding the h.265 codec… that Android and iOS will probably have difficulties playing content with this codec is very understandable in my mind, but what about things like the Cubox-i’s quad core? is there anything known about performance on the “i.MX6 Quad” type of CPU’s in combination with h.265?

  • jooch Nov 04, 2014 

    Just on question: Was the name kodee or kod33 considered?

    • Martijn Nov 04, 2014 


  • Jan Nov 04, 2014 

    I have have a problem with ip simple client, I have picture but behind the menu ??

  • Eric Spickett Nov 04, 2014 

    I ccanot open the new beta also every time I do get on and configued I get kicked off it restarts and none of my settings are saved pain was putting time in trying to getit to work but no dice

  • Aasyss Nov 04, 2014 

    Good works and Thanks to whole KODI team to bring up this new software with many things.cheers………….

  • Mones Nov 04, 2014 

    Updated via ssh (from wiki) on atv2, and now two icons on atv2 homescreen appear. One says kodi, the other xbmc. xbmc one just crashes and kodi works fine. Wondering how to remove the xbmc icon?? was previously on gotham 13.2. Thanks

    • zebraitis Nov 06, 2014 

      1) open the Kodi icon, see if everything is there to your liking.

      2) if so, then go into Cydia and remove / uninstall XBMC.


      • Memphiz Nov 12, 2014 

        There is no cydia on atv2. For removing XBMC you need to login via ssh and hit:

        apt-get remove org.xbmc.xbmc-atv2

        Its expected that XBMC crashs as soon as you have kodi installed – it is not possible to have a side by side installation of both working on the atv2. (based on the way apps are handled on atv2).

  • Robi Nov 04, 2014 

    I’ve installed Kodi Helix Beta, but it will not start, writes only: “waiting for external storage”.

  • Powrrr Nov 04, 2014 

    when will the ppa/installation packages change to kodi from xbmc?

  • peterkeanu Nov 04, 2014 

    Good Job guys!
    I don’t see a samba server set up in settings folder! it has been moved?

  • Boulou Nov 04, 2014 

    Just installed kodi over xbmc.
    everything went fine, kodi was working with my settings and database.

    I rebooted and lost my settings et database…

    • Boulou Nov 04, 2014 

      in fact when i rebooted, even if i logged in with the same user, kodi add whipe/migrate the admin userdata settings folder but not the current user.

      there still was an xbmc folder in userdata settings folder in current user.
      I took the kodi userdata setting folder from the admin and put it in my current user userdata folder.
      All went back as before :)

  • Slurrrrp Nov 04, 2014 

    Nice…thanks and congrats but the music section is borked (windows)

    Yes, must submit bug report….

  • Ayahay Nov 05, 2014 

    Hi I tried using helix over Gotham 13.2 but my harmony remote settings are all not working well. The remote itself works but the button layout seems to be a different. For example, when I press the play button, it stops and when I press the stop button it plays/pauses.

    Any suggestions?

  • Brian G Nov 05, 2014 

    Looking to build my first XBMC box and waiting for 14 to go final and watching the updates. Although I’m looking forward to h.265 support. Although I’m wondering how a Rasberry Pi will be able to decode it, and not sure I’m liking the 6-7 times longer encoding times (quoted by a previous poster), although I’m looking at AMD’s A8-7600.

    Also didn’t realize I would need (or maybe recommended is a better word) a dedicated MySQL instance for multiple XBMC boxes. I was wondering what to use for storage, and FreeNAS seems to be popular (although a very hot topic I’ve quickly found). So not sure what SQL options are available there, if any.

    Well, keep up the good work guys (although I’m just taking other posters’ words for it)!

    • Eric Mesa Nov 05, 2014 

      You don’t need MySQL. I used to use that, but now I’m using uPNP and it works very well.

      • Brian G Nov 05, 2014 

        I knew you could use uPNP, but didn’t realize that it was an alternative to SQL. Are there any tradeoffs to using one over the other?

        • Klojum Nov 05, 2014 

          UPnP does not support external subtitles. Not on my home devices at least.

      • zebraitis Nov 06, 2014 

        So: A few questions from a long time MySQL user.

        I run MySQL on the server where my files and back-up resides. It’s either on or wakes (WOL) when one of the mangy devices need media.

        That server does not have Kodi loaded on it.

        My primary box that I use to run scans is the Kodi Beta on Win7 in my living room. It has no media, but I use it to write to MySQL.

        Now, would I need to have BOTH of those devices wake to run a UPNP based DB? (and nope, I don’t want to run XBMC on my server).


        • Cestmoi Nov 11, 2014 

          Yes sure. KODI will do the UPnP part and it needs MYSQL to “know” what content it actually has. For situations like yours there should be a headless version of KODI, however I don’t think it is currently considered.

          On my wishlist for KODI a long time: headless server component with transcoding (like plex).

          • kib Nov 23, 2014 

            headless: relatively easy
            transcoding: complete new program that needs to be written.

  • Haris Nov 05, 2014 

    It crashes (android device: samsung galaxy s 3 phone) when trying to play video files through lan/storage

  • Eric Mesa Nov 05, 2014 

    Awesome. Can’t wait for final version! I moved to uPNP and the improvements will make the experience even better!

  • TV ADDONS Nov 05, 2014 

    Going to test it right away!

  • SkyBird Nov 05, 2014 

    Thanks Guys, but still Programm Crash on Live TV Channel switching from HD to SD (H.264 > Mpg2, AC3 Audio).
    My Hardware:
    SkyStar HD 2 PCIE DVB-s2 Card
    AMD A5-5700
    Asrock FM2A88M Extreme 4+ Mainboard
    8 GB RAM
    X10 Remote Control

    Windows 8.1 (X64)
    Kodi / standard Skin
    DVBViewer with Recording Service as Backend

    Keep up the good Work. I like the Speed up of Kodi.

    • Tomas Nov 05, 2014 

      I have same Sat card and using DVBViewer recording service, no crashing on switchg channels, but crashes almost always after wakeup, buffering and nothing hapens, after Kodi restart works. PVR addon using onlu time shift, no rtsp
      Win8.1 x64

  • pappan Nov 05, 2014 

    i am getting script failed error ..

  • kodi beta 1 Nov 05, 2014 

    Tried out kodi beta 1 (clean install) and the video playback when auto switching refresh rate to match my TV (24p) when playing bluray movies x264 1080p,, is not smooth, its jerky and choppy, not good at all.

    Reinstalled Gotham 13.2 stable again (clean install), and playback is now good and smooth as before when swtiching accour to 24p, so it must be some kind of playback bug in kodi beta 1.

    System specs: Windows 8.1 enterprise x64, 16gb ram, quad core i5 and SSD and amd R9 280 3gb GPU.

    • Tricky_Trev Nov 06, 2014 

      You need to uncheck “Sync playback to display” and it run smoothly on 24p

  • BW Nov 05, 2014 

    How do I upgrade to this beta on iOS? Both the wiki and the repo in Cydia say 13.2 is the latest available version.

  • Gianpiero Nov 05, 2014 

    I’m trying this version of minix x6 but the movie HEVC (H265) must be in increments of up to completely block the player. Does anyone use it on minix file for HEVC?

  • Aural Nov 06, 2014 

    Any chance to add Chinese keyboard support in the near feature? ^_^

    • Kib Nov 06, 2014 

      Adding more keyboard definitions is now much easier than before (when the keyboard was fully hardcoded). We are looking forward to someone to implement a chinese keyboard.

  • vel2000 Nov 06, 2014 

    Unfortunately, Kodi needs much more time to start, than Gotham 13.2 (on Windows 7).
    Gotham ~5seconds
    Kodi ~20-30 seconds.

  • Short Nov 06, 2014 

    Will u be able to mirror to a chromecast from a iOS device with kodi…just asking

  • liju Nov 06, 2014 

    Thanks , should we expect Chinese keyboard

  • vmbai Nov 06, 2014 

    Thank you for all your jobs!

  • Ridder Nov 06, 2014 

    For me it was a big improvement over 13.x, because I had sound issues/freezing with 13.x (on W8.1)
    Now everything works again…for now…and on my system it starts up at least as quick as 13.x.

    Too bad I can’t use XBMC FileCleaner anymore……any suggestions for a alternative?

    • Anthirian Nov 06, 2014 

      I am planning to release an update for Helix, but I’m not sure it will be available right away when Kodi comes out of beta. I’m still using the addon myself too, and I will be upgrading, so it definitely will get updated.

  • bs0d Nov 06, 2014 

    Can you add support for easily playing media from your bluetooth device –> through Kodi?

  • Dudders Nov 06, 2014 

    Not sure what has happened in this release, I was using nightly with no issue, now on Beta1 I get jerky and choppy playback and pressing O shows loads of errors. Change resolution on card to 24 and all seems fine now.

  • Dye Nov 06, 2014 

    Hi guys,

    Today first time to play with Kodi beta 1. Not a very good start though, because Kodi crashes during music playback. Now I run Kodi in compatility mode (xp) and is running as admin. Now it seems to be stable.
    All music and films are stored on a Nas with 1Gb lan wired. Kodi is running on an Intel Nuc i3 with 4GB ram.
    Any ideas to prevent Kodi crashing? Anyone similar issues?

  • BigJRM Nov 06, 2014 

    I’ve said it many time before and I’ve got to say it again! KODI TEAM IS FABULOUSLY AWESOME! I just upgraded from Kodi Helix Alpha 3 to Beta 1. Straight forward install. Checked “Run Kodi” box and clicked “Finish”. Kodi started with ALL MY SETTINGS and is just SUPER! My music, the weather all work at startup. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for such a wonderful media program.

  • Edward Nov 06, 2014 

    seems promising !keep up the great work guys!

  • The Watcher Nov 06, 2014 

    When is Kodi going to be stable?I’m tired of Gotham crashing on my AmazonTV!

    • Shingtu Nov 13, 2014 

      Gotham is still better than Kodi. A lot of addons still fail on KODI beta1, 2, and nightly. Alpha 3 was the most stable. I’m not sure what went wrong.

      -Shingtuh Maktah

  • Woerd88 Nov 06, 2014 

    Good job guys! Was suprised reading about that many new features, i thought it was a simple tick release? or was it called tock

  • Fawzi Nov 07, 2014 

    I have a boosted core 2duo mac mini with a CrystalHD card.
    Is CrystalHD still supported ? Well maybe not supported but at least implemented… :)

    Awesome professional work ! Thank you !

    • Martijn Nov 07, 2014 

      CrystalHD is gone

  • Scott Nov 07, 2014 

    It does look great but I have a sound issue I hope someone can help me with…

    I did a clean install of the beta but now Kodi beta seems unable to play any video s with dts sound…?I went into the system/audio area and tried every possible sound card option without any dts success…It plays the videos just not with dts sound…

    Also the “audio stream” section of the menu when playing said videos is grayed out…Is this a new thing or could this part of my dts issue…?

    Any advice or help would be appreciated…

    Keep up the great work…!!

    • Martijn Nov 07, 2014 

      did you setup your passthrough device in settings?

      • Martin Nov 07, 2014 

        hi Martijn,

        I do have the same problem.

      • Scott Nov 08, 2014 

        Hi Martijn,

        Where exactly in settings would I do this…?


      • Scott Nov 08, 2014 

        Hi Martijn,

        Where exactly in settings would I do this…? Because I did try all the different options in “Settings/System/Audio Output” and none of them give me DTS sound coming out of my amplifier which worked just fine with 13.2 “Gotham” and all previous versions….

        So one would assume that the issue is with the Kodi Beta…

        I look forward to your feedback or anyone else who ca help me with this issue…



        • KIb Nov 08, 2014 

          Set your settings level to Expert. Please post a thread on the forums as it is definitely possible to do this in Helix :) We’ll help you get your settings right.

  • kodiplay Nov 07, 2014 

    Thank you for good jobs.

  • Jose Antonio Lopez Nov 07, 2014 

    There are problem with my Android TV, Minix NEO X8… Since this beta, I the screen is BLACK!! ????

    Good Job, and Thanks!

    • Guinnex Nov 09, 2014 

      I have exactly the same problem with the same hardware. When I start a movie I have sound but with a black screen… :(

      kind regards

  • Rob Nov 07, 2014 

    Love the first entry on the FAQ! :-)

    “What is Gotham?”

    Great job on getting this out – I already know several people are using Helix


  • tigershuffle Nov 07, 2014 

    Working fine. Thanks for all the hard work so we dont have too. :)

    • tigershuffle Nov 07, 2014 

      ……on PC

  • k3m0ba Nov 07, 2014 

    problem with amlogic chipset when playing HD video TS stream….. black screen…. any solutions????

    • magy Nov 08, 2014 

      Do you think this is the right place for this?

  • Gamli Nov 08, 2014 

    I have ATV2 (5.1.1)

    I have been using the alternate keymap for Apple remote (http://kodi.wiki/view/Alternative_keymaps_for_Apple_remote) on XBMC 14.0-ALPHA3 and former versions of XBMC with success.

    However, the same alternate file does not work with Kodi 14.0-BETA1. According to the log file (kodi.log) the Kodi 14.0-BETA1 version reads this alternate file in /private/var/mobile/Library/Preferences/Kodi/userdata/keymaps but it has no effect on the remote’s controls.

  • Gianpiero Nov 08, 2014 

    With minix x6 will not play H265.

  • Arnaud Nov 08, 2014 

    Hello guys,

    Being no specialist in codec, I was wondering why the video stutters with the new beta. The last alpha was working fine so it has something to do with the new software base process. Trouble is on my modes PC, it’s not useable anymore…
    Hence my question will this codec gets its acceleration routine material-supported in a forthcoming beta???


    • 0s&1s Nov 25, 2014 

      I tested 14.0 beta 4 and hardware acceleration was not working anymore. Now, reading this, I could see why, because the new FFMpeg version was introduced, that has only software decoding. I went back to 13.2 stable, because my Atom based HTPC is not coping with software decoding. I hope hardware decoding will be reintroduced soon.

  • Ole Nov 09, 2014 

    I like the Kodi GUI, its very fine :-)
    However I miss one key thing – search..

    I would like a searchbox that search into music, radio, video. The current layout requires you to click you way onto each music number you would like to hear… or have I missed something?

    • Martijn Nov 09, 2014 

      try the “global search” add-on from our repo

  • Kasander Nov 09, 2014 

    Just installed Kodi on 2 of my Linux Mint-pc’s. Works great.

    But can anyone tell me how to update OpenELEC XBMC to KODI! Can’t find a hint anywhere on the net!!!
    Kodi can play dvd’s witout buying a licence!

    • Skofiel Nov 10, 2014 

      I’m not able to play DVD’s ISO files!! There is something wrong with this beta???

  • Kevin Nov 09, 2014 

    After installing Kodi 14.0, I’ve found I am no longer able to run it on my 2nd monitor in the 1980×1080 resolution. The screen now overlaps on my 1st monitor and appears larger than the screen.

    This worked fine previously in the XBMC 13.2 “Gotham” release.

  • obadr333 Nov 09, 2014 

    First: Congratulations on this work
    Second: What are the add-ons that are supported by this version?

  • Akshay Zade Nov 09, 2014 

    Great work. Look forward to a stable release. As a developer depending on JSON-RPC API for Windows Phone remote, are there any changes on that end? Do I need to update the client apps?

  • pff Nov 09, 2014 

    First of all good work, and thanks for the new version.

    Afer installation my addons and userdata were erased… nothing were carried onto KODI…. i made a back up but resoting does not work…
    Beware before moving into this one…

  • Casey Fluffbutt Nov 09, 2014 

    Meh – not good enough.

    So many scripts fail to work – and there’s no warning of what or why.
    No information here about what will work and what won’t – it’s like they’re throwing it our for us user-Muppets to do all the detection work.

    I’m staying with Gotham.. Kodi is useless to me at the moment.

    • Shingtu Nov 13, 2014 

      Agree. Kodi stinks right now. Stick with Gotham or Alpha 3.

      Fails on Fire TV, Apple TV, and Win7.

    • Bob Willis Nov 17, 2014 

      Can’t agree with you more.

  • Kenneth Mortimer Nov 09, 2014 

    Please give us changelog for versions: Beta1 to Beta2, ie: in future for Beta3

    • Martijn Nov 10, 2014 


  • steve Nov 09, 2014 

    Did not import addons or libraries from 13.1 but did delete them. As they said, proceed with caution, more than likely you’ll be starting over from scratch like me.

  • Steve Atwal Nov 09, 2014 

    Hi Guys. That XBMC logo in System/Settings is still there even in Beta2 ! :-) LOL

    • Martijn Nov 10, 2014 

      no it’s not. maybe you use a non standard skin?

      • Steve Atwal Nov 15, 2014 

        I’ve been using sio2 skin for some time. So, the problem is with the skin? Thanks!

  • Nico Nov 10, 2014 

    Just installed Kodi beta 2.
    I am stick with 60hz, autochange of refresh rate do not work anymore (was fine with 13.2).
    Any idea ?

  • Robi Nov 10, 2014 

    I’ve installed Kodi Helix Beta2 for Android on EAGET RealPlay M3, but it will not start, writes only: “waiting for external storage”. Kodi 14.0 Alpha 3 worked well. What could happen? Can someone help me?

  • Brian Nov 10, 2014 

    What is the best box to use with the Kodi new release?

  • Powrrr Nov 10, 2014 

    upnp and dlna: anyone have experience with this technology and mediatomb? Just before I roll out all my kodi devices I want to install ubuntu 14 with mediatomb. any thoughts on something other than mediatomb or is that my best choice?

  • Sacha Nov 10, 2014 

    I just noticed that if you use multipath folders the scrapers do not work anymore. Very frustrating, since i have 3 Network locations, and 2 local folders. So WARNING: if you use the multipath option like me don’t update (yet?). I hope this will change, for now I have to go back to Gotham.

  • djcritez24 Nov 10, 2014 


    I have installed “HELIX”( may be beta) for my Amlogic M8 from Gotham 13.2
    and I am seeing a few little glitches where freezes ups backing out of certain addons
    at times and a few addons are not working now or maybe are down. The HGTV addon is is no longer working for some reason and have had a few issues with Genesis. Any one else having issues???

  • Stefan Nov 11, 2014 

    Just tried to make a “new” backup….did not work, instead it erased my previous backups

  • Cybersa Nov 11, 2014 

    Hi all,

    Please supply a tut on how to auto start Kodi on Ubuntu – if I reboot I have to install a mouse to start it again.

    Update looks great btw

  • Jinux Nov 11, 2014 

    Pitty that the fanart for favourites does not work anymore. I know I know this is not the place, but as no one has this problem, I like to point it out as I am the only one who can not go over to kodi. I asked around in the forums, no one even acknowledges the problem.

    So pitty no kodi for me, stuck with xbmc.

  • l4v4l4mp3 Nov 11, 2014 

    Was using the Alpha 4 of it before with my Amazon TV fine.

    But now the Beta crashes everytime I want to start a video from SAN. Even the last 4 Nightlys does the same :/

    • l4v4l4mp3 Nov 11, 2014 

      Instaööed older Version (30-Oct-2014 06:30) and it is working again, will check which is the latest version which is working, so that you are able to find the bug :)

      • l4v4l4mp3 Nov 11, 2014 

        Got it – The newest working version is:

        kodi-20141103-d6947be-master-armeabi-v7a.apk from Mon, 03 Nov 2014 19:24:49 GMT

        Hope that helps :)

        • Martijn Nov 12, 2014 

          bug reporting on the blog is not really helpful as devs don’t look here. report it on the forum

          • l4v4 Nov 12, 2014 

            I’ve done both :)

  • Raymond Kimathi Nov 12, 2014 

    Awesome!! FFmpeg 2.4.3 renders videos with vibrant and rich colors in kodi beta 2. x264 videos with bframes have improved in chapter seeking. ** Check the RSS xml file as it is not being copied to userdata folder on fresh install **

  • DedTV Nov 12, 2014 

    Only problem I’ve found (outside broken addons) is that if I run Kodi on my Windows 8 gaming system with 2 monitors (on Geforce GTX 760) and have Kodi displayed on the secondary display (which I do while I game), if Kodi is left idle for 5-10 minutes, both monitors will blank out (screensaver is off) for a few seconds. Havn’t dug any deeper so I’m not even sure if it’s a Kodi issue or a Kodi+something issue but shutting Kodi down stops it and it never happened with 10.x-13.x.

    • DedTV Nov 14, 2014 

      Found a fix for the blanking thing in the forums: http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=12153

      • DedTV Nov 14, 2014 

        Or not. I launched 13.2 instead of Kodi :p Still having the issue as with both Beta 2 and yesterday’s nightly. 13.2 works fine though.

  • jeff Nov 12, 2014 

    I did the new update can someone tell me why my I stream is not working?

    • kib Nov 23, 2014 

      We do not support illegal streaming addons like iStream. You’ll have to ask the person who wrote it to update it.

  • Patrick Nov 12, 2014 

    Amazing work as always! My Nexus 7 and two Rasp Pi’s thank you!

  • Chrisjan Nov 13, 2014 

    Great job, guys!!
    Why there is still no PVR support in skins for iOS (and other touch devices)?

  • SmokeySlim Nov 13, 2014 


  • Nicolas Nov 13, 2014 

    Does this beta can be used for everyday or is there again a lot of bugs ? And is Aeon MQ5 OK with Kodi 14.0 ?
    Also, is it possible to upgrade a portable installation of XBMC Gotham 13.2 into Windows ?
    Thanks !

    • Nicolas Nov 13, 2014 

      So I’ve tried by myself and I’m back to Gotham 13.2 : Aeon MQ is not officialy compatible with Helix, I’ll wait a final version…
      And for portable upgrade, install Kodi and copy portable_userdata to Kodi folder.

    • Shingtu Nov 13, 2014 

      It’s not stable. Stay away.

      • Martijn Nov 14, 2014 

        It’s stable.

        • Shingtu Nov 14, 2014 

          Script errors and falled addons. I realize that addon owners should fix them to comply wiith Kodi but at the same time when it’s not working does it mean it is stable? NO!

          • eema Nov 15, 2014 

            Actually yes it means that addon as are not safe. Kodi itself it is. Btw I use a lot of addons and everyone works (I reported bugs to them in a couple of cases and they fixed it). A little bit worse with skin and pvr addons which had bigger changes

  • abelray Nov 14, 2014 

    hi. nice update..but my old tv’s resolution is old..so the video’view in xbmc is bigger than the TV’s screen,,.in Android Beta: ARM…..can i edit the file to scaling down 1.00->0.96 ….the picture is here:http://s3.amazonaws.com/img.tnt/zKjpOwGBw06JDxNaLsbhfgss/NZL6R3kcU0agzsDwpp0v1Ass-L.jpg


    • kib Nov 23, 2014 

      Go into settings and fix your overscan. Make a topic on the forum if you need more help – this is not the place./

  • frode3 Nov 14, 2014 

    its stable for me

  • salamanca Nov 14, 2014 


  • Jason Nov 15, 2014 

    I can’t believe what this piece of shit owner of Mashup did, with deleting Mashup!!! what a garbage person! Just wasn’t right for him to do something like this.

  • viper Nov 15, 2014 

    the mirrors are not working properly for beta springs forward it took about 14hours to download just 8 mb and now it is stuck

    • Martijn Nov 15, 2014 

      Working just fine

  • jeff Nov 15, 2014 

    my I stream is still not working this sucks hate this waiting game

  • Jason Nov 15, 2014 

    My istream is still not working either for my macbook pro that is on the new os x yosemite operating system & I have tried downloading both the 34 bit & 64 bit & still no luck. Please help to resolve this issue.

  • Jason Nov 15, 2014 

    Will there be an update soon on this new version for istream ? because now istream will be the best source of an add on because we no longer have mashup tv. Please help to resolve this issue with istream.

  • Mic Nov 15, 2014 

    I hope they fix the too low sound volume in windows. And, that i again gets its own volume control and not overtake wondows main.

  • James Nov 15, 2014 

    Kodi is stable when you have no addons running.

  • lee Nov 15, 2014 

    Hi I’ve just had a xmbc android box I have voice sync issues plus some settings are blanked off any help would be much appreciated.

  • Mike Nov 16, 2014 

    whats is better to use at this time, Kodi or Gotham?

  • carnby77 Nov 16, 2014 

    Why dont you guys try the website version of istream….until they fully develop kodi?

  • pnorris Nov 16, 2014 

    Will you stop asking about istream, it’s not part of Kodi.

  • Reijer Dekker Nov 16, 2014 

    Hi, Good work again.

    I only have a restart bug, since kodi I can’t restart my windows 8.1 from Kodi. It Always shuts down.

  • Maickoll Nov 16, 2014 

    Realmente aprecio mucho las mejoras pero eso de pasarse a KODI y dejar de ser XBMC no me parece buena idea, ya que parece que lo de LIBRE se esta perdiendo
    Por ejemplo
    Todos los programas escraper para xbmc
    una gran mayoria de pieles
    muchas addons que ya estan quedando en el olvido y son super utiles como (pseudo TV, pa poner en mi casa y programar que miren mis hijos, etc)
    Cada vez requisitos de un portatil con piezas mas nuevas
    Problemas de compatibilidad
    Bugs y conflictos dejados en el olvido

    En definitiva, a mi impresion tener que pasar un dolor de cabeza y mucho tiempo para tener funcionando a gusto el Media Center

    Seguro tomaron en cuenta muchos aspectos pero con estos puntos que doy les digo xq estoy mejor solucion con mi version gotham y frodo sin actualizarlas pena que ya no saldran mas actualizaciones pa esas versiones,

    • Martijn Nov 17, 2014 

      English only please

  • kikazz Nov 17, 2014 

    beta 3! any release notes please?

  • Bas Nov 17, 2014 

    Beta 2 is not working good yet on the ouya wil this be bether whit beta 3 or is it bether to go back to gotham.

    • Martijn Nov 17, 2014 

      if you could tell us that would be great

  • Bas Nov 17, 2014 

    I will try it today

  • Bas Nov 17, 2014 

    Beta 3 is working bether on the ouya but the nfs scan reports back that he lost the connection and ask if it must go tru whit the scan.
    And the dolby 5.1 and dts sound is still scrambled, and that is something koying resolved in spmc can you fix this also?

  • Bas Nov 18, 2014 

    The nfs problem is an router problem over here.

  • Robi Nov 18, 2014 

    I’ve installed Kodi Helix Beta3 for Android on EAGET RealPlay M3, but it will not start, writes only: “waiting for external storage”. What does this mean? Kodi 14.0 Alpha 3 worked well. What could happen? Can someone help me?

  • Gus Nov 20, 2014 

    Awesome new update. I can finally enjoy the TrueHD sound track from Atmos.

  • smith waterman Nov 22, 2014 

    Great software

  • Albert Nov 23, 2014 

    Keep the good work up! An option to hide or disable the on screen keyboard will be great.

  • Adam W Nov 23, 2014 

    Just had a chance to install the latest nightly (Nov 22) over my current stable 13.2 build using MYSQL. I backed up the userdata folder to be safe but didn’t need it. Everything copied over from the old XBMC userdata folder to the new Kodi location and the new databases set up without a hitch. Haven’t had an issue with TV, Movies or Music. Just wanted to say thanks I really appreciate all the hard work you guys put into this.

  • Nick S Nov 23, 2014 

    I’ve just upgraded my system to Linux Mint Rebecca (17.1) and when I try to install the repository I get the following:

    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:team-xbmc/unstable
    [sudo] password for nick:
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “/usr/bin/add-apt-repository”, line 91, in
    sp = SoftwareProperties(options=options)
    File “/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/softwareproperties/SoftwareProperties.py”, line 109, in __init__
    File “/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/softwareproperties/SoftwareProperties.py”, line 599, in reload_sourceslist
    File “/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/aptsources/distro.py”, line 89, in get_sources
    (self.id, self.codename))
    aptsources.distro.NoDistroTemplateException: Error: could not find a distribution template for LinuxMint/rebecca

    Which I assume means that the repository simply hasn’t been setup yet for Rebecca?

    • kib Nov 23, 2014 

      This should go on the forums.

  • HawkFest Nov 23, 2014 

    I’ve never used XBMC before, nor any MythTV type of software (was mainly using MCE for my media files and Hertzian air waves for HD TV (I don’t have nor need those gazillions of TV cable stations). Now that I’ve included HTPC builds for clients, looking up different solutions made me try out Kody, and apart from some configuration details and renaming of files for them to be picked up by the program via 3rd party DB, I’m very impressed, it’s a great as well as “promising” solution. Kudos to Kody!

  • Maickoll Nov 23, 2014 

    Una pena que dejen el nombre de XBMC, pero espero pronto funciones (actualizen) los addons porque quiero tener mi colección de mangas y comics (cbr y pdf) con un estilo parecido al de las series de TV (AddOn Prensa y Revistas que ya no funciona) o que hagan un AddOn POR FAVOOOR

    • Bob Willis Nov 23, 2014 


  • japa Nov 23, 2014 

    Blown away by performance. Everything is snappy, fast and responsive. Thumbs up!

  • kikass Nov 24, 2014 

    beta 4 release notes explaining any improvmentts, changes or fixes available anywhere please?

  • kikass Nov 25, 2014 

    Beta 5 release notes please?

  • Yazzer Nov 25, 2014 

    Will this version be able to actually play .wmv files ?

  • dot Nov 26, 2014 

    I’m experiencing a restart bug on my win 8.1 machine since i updated to kodi beta 4 & 5. My System just shuts down. Since my mouse pointer appears in the middle of the screen after i manually restart it looks like it just crashes. Everythin’ was working fine on 13.2.

  • lemeire Nov 29, 2014 

    Will the final release of kodi have transcoding supported within it for media sharing fit different devices (via atv3)? That’s the major upgrade I am waiting for. Xbmc/kodi has always done a great job for me. Transcoding would just be icing on the cake for me.

  • Robi Nov 30, 2014 

    I’ve installed Kodi Helix Beta5 for Android on EAGET RealPlay M3, but it will not start, writes only: “waiting for external storage”. What does this mean? Kodi 14.0 Alpha 3 worked well. No Beta version does not work. What could happen? Can someone help me?

  • Paul Dec 02, 2014 

    Just upgraded to kodi rc from the alpha, and now have no audio in playback… Any ideas? Running on android lollipop.

    • Paul Dec 03, 2014 

      Solved. Apparently no sound when battery level is very low. So a system not Kofi issue.

  • Stanley Dec 04, 2014 

    Hi where can i get the link for the latest Kodi?


    • Martijn Dec 04, 2014 

      Download page?

  • James Dec 11, 2014 

    Hi guys just add the next kodi upgrade and since I have all the addon seem to be zoom in none of my setting have change and I’ve even factory reset my mx box and also my tv and got no joy! has anyone got any ideas?

  • carl Dec 12, 2014 

    hello and im a newbie so please be gentle with me lol i had a jailbroken ipad running gotham 13.2 but it buffered a lot so ive ordered virgin fibre optic and now wish to purchase an android box but this switch over from gotham to kodi is confusing me will i need a new box once kodi is not beta or will it work on the same box if i buy a box now preinstalled with gotham and then update to kodi? sorry to sound silly and thank you for your thoughts

  • josh Dec 30, 2014 

    What is some more good addons

  • Mejdi Ks Jan 16, 2015 

    very great work :) RPI + OPENELEC 5 amazing experiance

  • werner Jan 19, 2015 

    Just installed Kodi but cannot find the Skin Hybrid.
    It should be under the stock add ons or sources but cannot find it. Is there somehow I can download the zip file?

  • Gix Jan 23, 2015 

    Video image larger than screen in kodi 14….it’s not a video calibration problem…doesn’t happen in Gotham please assist.

  • John Jan 28, 2015 

    Hi, I have just moved on to Kodi & all seems fine but a lot of the playback now is jerky. Not sure why because it seems to buffer ok and even if I leave it to buffer plenty the playback is still jerky (seems especially bad on the close up shots).

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