Kodi 14.0 – Helix Unwinds

Posted By: Nathan Betzen on Dec 23, 2014 in Release Announcements

Merry Christmas and happy holidays, everyone! We are proud to announce the release of Kodi 14.0, which comes with a new name, a new logo, and a wide variety of new features, but underneath the new coat of paint remains the same software we all love.

A detailed changelog for Kodi 14 can be found under milestones on our code repository, should you be interested. With that said, let’s take a look at some of the features that come with Kodi 14.0.

The Next Generation of Video Codecs

ffmpeg-logoTo begin, Kodi has been updated to use FFmpeg 2.4.4. For users, this means Kodi will now be capable of playing back h.265 (also known as HEVC) and VP9 video codecs. The use of HEVC and VP9 could result in dramatically smaller video files sizes with exactly the same level of quality. A 40 GB file could be compressed to 20 GB. Users with particularly large libraries or interest in 4K video may be especially likely to appreciate this update. Software support for the VP9 video codec is also included.

The caveat to this update is that the decoding of h.265 is entirely software based. This means most low power systems, such as those operating Android or iOS, may struggle compared to the heftier HTPCs or Intel NUCs and ZOTAC ZBOXes that are running desktop and laptop processors.

Library Improvements

The Kodi Library is getting improvements both coming in and going out. On the input side, library scanning is receiving a massive speed boost, which should make the initial scan on Android and iOS devices quite a bit more spritely.

On the output side, work continues, slowly but surely, on UPnP. Kodi is now significantly more compatible with servers like PlayOn and MediaBrowser, as client-related bugs have been dealt with. Further, communication between Kodi UPnP clients and Kodi UPnP servers continues to improve with proper or additional support for categories like date added, ratings, votes, and artwork, along with sorting for those new categories. UPnP search functions are also slowly working their way into Kodi.

More User Control Over Kodi

Two new features have been introduced with Kodi that should give users even more control over how the software works. First, users can now prevent add-ons from updating without a forced update, prevent add-on update notifications, or simply continue to work with add-ons auto-updating as they do today. To change add-on update settings, visit the Add-ons folder in System Settings; then, if you are using Confluence, open the side panel by clicking the left button or arrow on your keyboard or remote. The Add-ons side panel includes a number of options in addition to update settings, such as the option to hide any add-ons that aren’t expected to work in your region.

Second, in the past the virtual keyboard on the screen that users of tablets and remote controls are forced to deal with has always been set to the western standard QWERTY style. It is now possible to change the layout to a variety of other language options. To do so, visit the International section of the Appearance folder in System Settings and select Keyboard layouts. (Pro-tip: If you are an English speaker living in the US, Australia, or New Zealand, you can also select a version of English that better suits your spelling style from the Language portion of the International section.)

Android, iOS, and embedded

retouchedOn the Android side, hardware playback improvements continue, including more and better support for various chipsets, improved fast forward and rewind capability, as well as 4K support for the AMLogic s802 chipset. On the iOS side, Airplay, which was fairly substantially broken by the update to iOS 7, appears to be almost entirely fixed on every platform save Android, which lacks certain software support, making Airplay playback only partially fixed on that platform. Additionally, support for the Freescale i.MX6 SystemOnChip has been added.

Furthermore, for you tablet users we’ve now replaced the ageing Touched skin with the improved Re-Touched skin, which includes a number of tweaks to bring it more in line with the features Kodi has to offer.

Windows, OSX, and Linux

All three platforms continue to see improvements in audio playback and a reduction of many audio-related bugs that have been plaguing the platforms for a long time. Windows also sees improvement in DXVA video playback.

On the Linux side, we’re excited to give our thanks to the team at Intel and particularly Chris Wilson at Intel who helped solve a Linux firmware bug that was causing crashes for Kodi after a certain period of time. Additionally, users of Kodi for Linux on Intel devices such as the NUC and Chromebox will now have hardware deinterlacing of Live TV and other interlaced content thanks to Kodi’s new implementation of VAAPI video post processing for Intel graphics. See this thread for more info.


PVR windows in Kodi have been rebuilt to be better and more efficient. Also, American PVR users, specifically, may be happy to learn that Kodi 14 finally introduces support for ATSC sub-channels.

A Few Warnings and Notices

This release marks the switch to the new name Kodi. When you install this releases , your library and add-ons will be moved to Kodi, making reverting back to 13.2 fairly difficult. As such, it is recommended that you back up your library as well as your settings before installing Kodi.

If you are using a skin other than the default Confluence, it is possible that you may find the software keyboard blank as a result of the previously mentioned keyboard layout upgrade. If so, you need to either switch to a new skin, or see if your skin has a Helix update. While Kodi automatically checks for addon and skin updates, you can speed up this process by visiting the addons browser from the settings menu and selecting “Check for updates.”

Also, as Kodi is an unsigned application on OSX, you may need to go through a slightly different process to start it the first time. After you have copied Kodi to the Applications folder, you will need to “right click” or “two finger click” Kodi from within the Applications folder and select “Open” and then accept the warning. You should only need to do this the first time you run Kodi.

Finally, there remain a few known bugs in Kodi 14.0 that should affect only a tiny portion of the population. In very rare cases Windows users may experience a Kodi crash. In such cases please disable the webserver in settings. We hope to have these issues resolved by the inevitable Kodi 14.1 release.


To download, please visit our download page.

How to Contribute

If you use Kodi, we encourage you to report problems with it on our forum first and after – if asked – submit bugs on Trac (following this guide: How to submit a bug report). Do note that we need detailed information so we can investigate the issue. We also appreciate providing support in our Forums where you can and donating to the XBMC Foundation if you like. For a current FAQ on Kodi 14, visit our Helix FAQ. You can of course also follow or help promote Kodi on any or all of our listed social networks.

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  • Simon Dec 23, 2014 

    Wow!! Awesome! Many thanks for all the hard work … Fantastic release. Can’t wait to install Helix on my new HTPC.

    Merry Xmas to the whole Kodi Team!

    • Creamy Jan 17, 2015 

      Kodi(xbmc) developers are heroes, TY!

      • Gary Wang Jan 22, 2015 

        YES! I agree with Simon.

  • G0d Dec 23, 2014 

    Fantastic work, thanks for creating such an amazing package!

  • Gabi Dec 23, 2014 

    This is great !
    Just one question , i use KodiBuntu , but i want to install fresh , the file you posted is for the RC , will it be a new ISO with the final version ?

    • Martijn Dec 23, 2014 

      There will soon be a final upload. This will take time.

      • HwyXingFrog Dec 23, 2014 

        Awesome, I too want to do a fresh install on my devices. I’m still running 12, but all my boxes are Nvidia/ION machines and I don’t like using OpenElec. I’m also going to try the shared library with MySQL this time around.

        • CharlieMan Dec 23, 2014 

          Hi, The RC version of 14 already had some features of shared library options, maybe try it before going through al the troubles of setting up mysql

        • Jason Dec 24, 2014 

          I run minimal ubuntu with Kodi on my ION and it works beautifully. Just follow this guide (even though it says AMD). http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=174854

      • Sam Jan 03, 2015 

        I downloaded the kodi -14 and replaced xbmc, everything is working fine except vedio, sound is fine but no picture. Am I missinfg an update?

        • Jason Feb 09, 2015 

          Are you having problems with the video not showing everyone or cutting out characters in shows or movies? I had the same issue, found the video to fix it but forgot what video it was. Have you figured the problem out? If so please share!

  • athlonia Dec 23, 2014 

    many thanks to the developers. your hard work is very much appreciated. thanks…

  • Shashank Dec 23, 2014 

    Wow!!! Thank you so much for this !… Fantastic software and a fantastic team! Keep it up!!!
    Merry Christmas to the the entire team!!!

  • Guillermo Dec 23, 2014 

    Great! Congrats! Keep up the good work. I have been using XBMC/Kodi since Eden and this SW is by far the best around.

    Thank you!

  • Adam Dec 23, 2014 

    Amazing work guys. Merry Xmas to you and yours.

  • Johnnycakes Dec 23, 2014 

    Amazing news! Thank you for your efforts and Happy Festivus to the tireless Kodi team as well as the community!

  • Spies of Atlantis Dec 23, 2014 

    Awesome program and a great gift!

    Happy Holidays!

    – Spies of Atlantis

  • G-Funk Dec 23, 2014 

    Awesome! Looking forward to trying this version out. Any news on pushing the Android version to the Play Store like SPMC?

  • Steve's Job Dec 23, 2014 

    Great, chaps! Thank You so much! Am installing on two Win machines already. Would like to upgrade my ATV2 too, but the wiki instructions do not seem to be up-to-date. Any advice on how to do that now?

    Thanks again and happy X-mas!

  • Rodalpho Dec 23, 2014 

    Congrats on the release!

    And you forgot what is (for me anyway) the biggest feature in Helix– the larger font size selection in Confluence. I know it seems minor but this makes such a huge difference in readability for my small bedroom TV.

  • Sonic Dec 23, 2014 

    Thank you Team Kodi!.. A very nice Xmas present indeed..

    Merry Xmas and a happy new year!

  • WILLEM DAFOE Dec 23, 2014 

    Well done mates. Gets hard to imagine what could be improved anymore for the regular user!

  • andy-progetti Dec 23, 2014 

    Yeah, my first Christmas gift and probably one of the best ones. Thank you very much guys.
    Happy holiday to everyone!

  • Wanilton Dec 23, 2014 

    Congratulations, very well done. Merry Xmas and a happy new year for you and yours.

  • Bibo Dec 23, 2014 

    Great news – great release!

    Thank you Kodi-Team…
    I switch to XBMC / Kodi, when PVR support became interesting.
    Now I use it on several OS and I really like it!

    Thank you again!

    • Michael Dec 27, 2014 

      Hi, great pakkage, but when will the PVR addons for linux be ready?

  • bogus Dec 23, 2014 

    What a great christmass present!

    Merry christmas and a happy new year!

  • CMBX Dec 23, 2014 

    Is this the same as RC3? Where would one find info on the differences if there were any?

  • zilexa Dec 23, 2014 

    Fantastic! Thanks for this Xmas gift!
    Does this update also include support for subtitles when playing something via uPNP Library?

  • Anthony Dec 23, 2014 

    Great–now you just need to update your Latest Stable entry. ;)

    Merry Christmas to Team Kodi!

  • ixnu Dec 23, 2014 

    Greatest Festivus EVA!

    Now, we just have to endure the “Airing of Grievances”…

  • kikass Dec 23, 2014 

    Thanks to all the kodi team and have a happy Xmas and I look foward to kodi releases in 2015!! :)

  • Joe Dec 23, 2014 

    I’m new to all this–can I uninstall my old XBMC app now that I have KODI installed?

    • Ned Scott Dec 23, 2014 

      Once Kodi v14 is installed then it should be safe to uninstall XBMC v13

  • openelec_user Dec 23, 2014 

    Congratulations. I am going to try it out!

  • Richard Dec 23, 2014 

    hi there is there a problem with the picture resolution as I can’t get mine to 1080p? Everything is way over to the right

  • Lothar Dec 23, 2014 

    Thanks everyone for all the hard work. I love Kodi.

  • Marcel Dec 23, 2014 

    Thanks all developers for the hard work. Merry Christimas.

  • Thom Dec 23, 2014 

    Awesome, thanks for everyone’s contributions! Love this software!

  • Lowfelder Dec 23, 2014 

    Thx a lot

    I am running raspbmc 13.2, how do i update ?

    • Ned Scott Dec 23, 2014 

      The various Pi versions should update themselves any day now. The groups who maintain those versions had to wait for us to mark the code as finalized before they could provide updates.

  • Steve No Job Dec 23, 2014 

    Is that why that i can’t install XBMC13.2 on the ATV2 because of the updates?

    • Neil Dec 23, 2014 

      Steve, I am having no luck with the ATV2 install as well I keep getting an errors.

    • Neil Dec 23, 2014 

      Should work fine now

  • Abdessamad Dec 23, 2014 

    Thank you!
    Happy Holidays

  • Muhammad Luqman Dec 23, 2014 

    How do I upgrade to this from 14.0 beta without losing my addons?

  • blondeshanks Dec 23, 2014 

    Congrats to everyone involved. Have a great Christmas :)

  • Alikuenkano Dec 23, 2014 

    The greatest gift for christmas !!!

    Thank you guys, and FELIZ NAVIDAD !!!


  • forcedalias Dec 23, 2014 

    Sweet. Thanks guys.

  • Bas Dec 23, 2014 

    I hope that the final works good whit ac3 5.1 and DTS on the ouya.

    Thnx Team

  • enrique Dec 23, 2014 

    This is indeed a wonderful gift, thank you for all your hard work! <3
    Happy holidays!

  • Cedric Dec 23, 2014 

    Congratulations on the Kodi release and merry x-mas to the whole team! :-)

  • Gokhan Dec 23, 2014 

    You’re amazing guys! Thanks :) Just switched to Kodi. Wondering if it’s my system’s problem that not being able to install any other skin. I’m stuck with confluence

  • Atv 2 Dec 23, 2014 

    i wish it was easier to install kodi14 on the apple tv2 like it was before unlike now having to use the ssh. Is there any easier way to do this

  • Robert Dec 23, 2014 


    Cannot seem to get the old Android XBMC remote to work with Windows though, but I assume that it just has not been updated yet or there might be a completely new app that will be coming out. Either way, played with it this morning and so far looks awesome!

    • AmaCha Dec 26, 2014 

      You can try “Yatse”. The Free version is way better and has more features (EPG, volume, …).
      The paid version adds streaming, support to the developper and more.

      Requires an Android 4.0 ICS device minimum.

  • TV ADDONS Dec 23, 2014 

    Hardcore! Great work guys! G-d Bless!

  • John Clark Dec 23, 2014 

    You guys rock. You have no idea how much better you made the last quarter of this year for me. I found you by accident and have really found a home with Kodi. Thanks for everything. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas Holiday. Keep up the awesome work….

  • Neil Dec 23, 2014 

    Once I have it installed it now shoes XBMC and Kodi side by side on the ATV2 app homescreen? Should I remove XBMC, and how do I go about doing that?

  • Bada Bing Dec 23, 2014 

    You guys are all awesome!!! Congrats on setting another milestone!

  • ubs8546 Dec 23, 2014 

    Thanks for all your hard work and your time tó make this release for us!

  • michael Dec 23, 2014 

    great work, stupid name – but I too got confused with XMBC sometimes (X-Button Mouse Control – the super badass mouse enhancement software for windows)

    • michael Dec 23, 2014 

      X-Mouse Button Control

    • Jeroen Dec 25, 2014 

      Get over the name change, or yourself.

  • Patrick Dec 23, 2014 

    Congratulations!!! Many thanks for all the hard work. Fantastic release!

    Merry Christmas to the whole Kodi Team and users!

  • Skweezman Dec 23, 2014 

    I update on my MyGica 1200 but the movie playback keeps stopping every 10-15 minutes or so… anybody else seen this issue? It’s happening on the last two versions. Bug?

  • 2BReality Dec 23, 2014 

    Merry Christmas & Thank you:)

  • JG Dec 23, 2014 

    I’m trying to update from RC3, removed unstanle ppa, executed
    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:team-xbmc/unstable

    When I execute sudo apt-get update I get

    Err http://ppa.launchpad.net trusty Release.gpg
    Unable to connect to ppa.launchpad.net:http:
    Fetched 668 kB in 2min 0s (5,556 B/s)
    Reading package lists… Done
    W: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/team-xbmc/ppa/ubuntu/dists/trusty/InRelease

    W: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/team-xbmc/ppa/ubuntu/dists/trusty/Release.gpg Unable to connect to ppa.launchpad.net:http:

    W: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.

    When I enter sudo apt-get install kodi I get
    kodi is already the newest version.


  • Dan Dec 23, 2014 

    Excellent work! Now go forth and eat cake!

  • AP Dec 23, 2014 

    Was able to upgrade xbmc to kodi with no problems on my pc but when i tryed to upgrade to kodi on my ipod touch 4th generaton runing ios 6 it would not upgrade, is there any reason why this is?

  • hdmkv Dec 24, 2014 

    Congrats team KODI! Good stuff!

  • Cornel Dec 24, 2014 

    Thanks! Merry Christmas!

  • Rob Dec 24, 2014 

    Was hoping that there would be a holiday release! Thanks for the present!

  • Estiven Dec 24, 2014 

    Please, allow volume control when slide the finger on the screen touch. Like other app example VLC Player, Infuse. Thanks

  • RogueRage Dec 24, 2014 

    Congratulations! Merry Xmas ALL!!!.
    Thank You for all those that contributed to XBMC over the years and now KODI. Time to Celebrate… and have a good time!

  • Philip j fry Dec 24, 2014 

    Thank you and happy holidays :D

  • Dave Dec 24, 2014 

    Thank you and Merry Christmas!

  • Mr.C Dec 24, 2014 

    Hi guys,

    can someone please tell me how up upgrade from RC3 on a Fire TV? Much appreciated and happy holidays!

  • Rui Oliveira Dec 24, 2014 

    hello!!! thank you for the hard work. i love xbmc, now kodi since the first xbox!!!! merry chmas and a happy new year.

  • Martin Dec 24, 2014 

    awesome work team kodi!

  • Spinoza Dec 24, 2014 

    Thanks, but I have to report a little issue: TV Series with the same title in English and another language (in my case, Italian), such as “The big bang theory” are merged by Kodi into one, while XBMC kept them separated. I sure preferred the XBMC way…

    • Ned Scott Dec 24, 2014 

      This happens when both series have the same TVDB ID. Off hand, I’m not sure how to best edit this so that they appear separate. At least for your existing shows. If you use NFO files then you can edit it that way and refresh the show info.

  • djduck Dec 24, 2014 

    Great work! Thank you!

  • Johan Dec 24, 2014 

    Merry christmas Kodi team and thank you very much for this christmas present.

  • Paul Dec 24, 2014 

    I love the new version! =D

    Thnx Team

  • PEE Dec 24, 2014 

    Thank you so much. Upgrade without problem, that is excelent! :-) Bud I have one little question.. how can I upgrade splash logo? I have still XBMC plymouth. Thank you so much and Merry Christmas.

  • Christo Dec 24, 2014 

    Brilliant stuff! Thanks for an amazing year of hard work! Merry Xmas guys!

  • Dennis Dec 24, 2014 

    There is a problem with the Ati radeon R7 250 driver

    i get crackling and echoing sound. i cannot fix it.
    kodi and in the desktop mode when i play youtube or something else.

    • Simon Dec 24, 2014 

      Report all the details in the Forums … Nobody of the developers will read it here.

  • britline Dec 24, 2014 

    Congratz kodi for great release..

  • Max Dec 24, 2014 

    Thanks a lot guys! Excelent work. Merry xmas.

  • Wayne Dec 24, 2014 

    Great Update, is there any chance you will be bringing over the Skins from XMBC gothem, as i like the default skin but the one you can customize and it aint on this helix,

    again great work, keep it coming,

    • Martijn Dec 24, 2014 

      That’s not up to us but for some third party developers

      • Nugpot Dec 25, 2014 

        It would have been great if Kodi was a bit more backwards compatible with skins…

  • Rehnmark Dec 24, 2014 


  • Michael Dec 24, 2014 

    I updated my fireTV from 13.2 to 14.0 last night and can’t get anything to connect to the internet (add ons, youtube, etc). It shows I am connected, but it just sits there and says please wait. I am able to stream content over my network, just can’t get to anything outside of my network. Any ideas or should I just do a fresh install?

  • bledd Dec 24, 2014 

    Thanks for your hard efforts.

    Donated! You should too :)


  • Marciano Dec 24, 2014 

    Merry christmas!

    How to install this on my cubox i pro??

    • Martijn Dec 24, 2014 
      • Marciano Dec 24, 2014 

        i don’t need only openelec.

        i want to install it on debian

  • BigJRM Dec 24, 2014 

    CONGRATULATIONS on this final KODI 14.0 release! MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY NEW YEAR and the VERY BEST WISHES for the coming year to the whole KODI team and community.

    I just love this software, the name KODI and the way it works on my system. Everything is perfect! When I turn my system ON, my music plays and the weather displays just as I want it. TRANSPARENCY! is the best skin for me. This whole concept is so well done, I’m having a WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS now. I think you folks should too. You deserve the best.

  • Akshay Zade Dec 24, 2014 

    Perfect timing. I just pushed update to my Windows Phone remote renaming it to Kodi! http://www.windowsphone.com/en-in/store/app/x-assist/3897b459-b11b-41eb-9cea-dd9e53c55b78

  • mo514 Dec 24, 2014 

    I just want to say I appreciate you guys deserve everything you guys wish for this holidays
    since xbmc when it first came out on the original xbox I have never stopped using it
    Memories = reminiscing

    happy new year = soon

  • Toublack Dec 24, 2014 

    Merry merry Thanks to Team Kodi for this wonderful Christmas gift!

    I noticed that Cydia keeps showing the package has having an available upgrade; I uninstalled, deleted files/folders/settings and reinstalled from scratch but the glitch still remains. Am I missing something?

    Also, under SYSTEM/System Info, it shows Kodi 14.0 as “dirty”…

    Ipad2, iOS 7.1.2.

    • Marciano Dec 24, 2014 

      same here

    • Peter Dec 25, 2014 

      Have you figured out why the update badge won’t go away? I’ve deleted XBMC which I thought was the problem but it’s still there.

    • Richard Dec 29, 2014 

      If anyone finds out how to resolve this issue, please post it here.

  • Danial Behzadi Dec 25, 2014 

    Great.. Thanks a lot and please fix upnp subtitle streaming in Kodi to Kodi case

  • Chaitanya Dec 25, 2014 

    Is there any hope of a Xbox One version?

  • MetalorDie Dec 25, 2014 

    Thank you for all the hard work, devs. Your program makes my life a whole lot easier and if I ever have spare change, donations will be sent your way.

  • younky Dec 25, 2014 

    When will there be a xbox one edition?

  • daarsk Dec 25, 2014 

    Merry Christmas Kodi dev team. Great work, moving from RC3 to official release NOW! Awesome!
    Any chances of getting the pic at top of post in 1080, would make a great wallpaper. Cheers. In fact a small selection of wallpapers on the d/l page would be great! :)

  • Mark Palmos Dec 25, 2014 

    Wonderful guys!
    Have an amazing 2015!
    Thank you thank you!

  • ElliotV Dec 25, 2014 

    Fantastic! … I would love to see the background image (shown at the top of this thread) as an official Background skin for Kodi! Please make it so. :) )

    Happy holiday to the entire Kodi team!

  • saldanha Dec 25, 2014 

    Thank you very much!
    You guys did it again!
    Created a fantastic software.

  • Siutsch Dec 25, 2014 

    In Gotham 13.0 Beta 4 Thread I asked the following:

    “Since Beta1 (I’ve first testet) skipping in channels in MKV files no longer works.
    The MKV starts from the beginning instead of skipping to next chapter.
    Is that still not noticed?
    With 12.3 this works.”

    Your answer was:
    “this is known and unlikely to be fixed this version”.

    Unfortunately this still doesn’t word, not even with the latest version 14.0.

    Do you think that this will eventually repaired again?

    Thankz for Kodi! :)

  • Alex Dec 25, 2014 


    after update from 12.3 to 14.0 my videos are flickering.
    Using windows 8 with amd a6 5400k apu.
    Anyone else with same problems here?

    • neograniceni Dec 26, 2014 

      I had the same flickering problem using Radeon 6670 + Catalyst 13.12 and hardware decoding enabled. Software decoding solved the problem, finally upgraded Catalyst to 14.12 and flickering is gone also with hardware decoding enabled.

    • pcp Jan 21, 2015 

      also my picture flickers after update to KODI 14.0, but only when playing movies x264 codec, movies mpeg-4 reproduce correctly
      on all previous versions of XBMC did not have this problem

      • pcp Jan 23, 2015 

        neograniceni was right, I installed Catalyst 14.12 and even when switched hardware decoding on, the image has not blinking ;)
        thanks for your help

  • Mauricio Solis Muñoz Dec 25, 2014 

    Thank you all Who make this posible ! I love the New features! Happy New year!

  • scirocco Dec 25, 2014 

    I just hope you will reverse the changes to audio on linux soon, or release a separate version with also enabled again. After years of perfectly working audio you went and broke it, with spdif you cant get 5.1 sound from pulse, it only works with hdmi.

  • rcman1953 Dec 25, 2014 

    This version would not work on Amazon Fire. It said it wasn’t compatible. I had to go back to version 14.0 rc3.

  • Knatterton Dec 25, 2014 

    You guys and gals rock!
    Kodi Helix kind of makes my FireTV complete.
    Great UPnP improvements!
    Thank you very much and have a merry Christmas!

  • George Dec 26, 2014 

    Looks like a Christmas gift for its users by rolling out the latest version of android app with more features, keep it up guys.

  • Joe Dec 26, 2014 

    Why even mention Airplay support? It doesn’t work at all in iOS 8. I know this is mostly because Apple’s being a jerk but since airplay doesn’t work at all, you guys should be more forward about Kodi’s support for it.

    • Mick Dec 31, 2014 

      I have airplay working fine with Kodi 14.0 on a Windows 8.1 NUC

  • Christian Dec 26, 2014 

    Do I have to install DirectX 9C during installation like previous alpha build? thanks

  • MikeG7 Dec 26, 2014 

    Thanks for you hard work! I’ve been using Kodi from the beginning and never had a problems with it until now… I bought Nvidia Shield Tablet and tried both version so far Kodi 14 and Kodi 15 dev build and everytime when I try to watch TV(weeb.tv plugin) its work only for a few seconds then crash. The picture feeeze and I can’t do nothing.

    Can someone with Shield Tablet confirm works of the app? Am I the only one:(

  • Estiven Dec 26, 2014 

    Hello Kodi. I test xbmc 13.2 and Kodi 14 Helix (both builds in iPad iOS8.1.1) and the app is amazing, the best. But I suggest just one little thing for the new Kodi app.

    * Volume control touching the screen (sliding the finger) like vlc player, infuse 3, MX Plus.

    *Bright control touching the screen (sliding the finger).

    I hope consider my suggestion for the new version Kodi app. And I would appreciate your answer. Thanks.

    Best Regards


  • paalfe Dec 26, 2014 

    Nice, but why is it now stuck on pictures, can’t move away from pictures!

  • fresh Dec 26, 2014 


    Im a newbie to KODI. i have 14.0 RC3 installed already.

    Can i just upgrade from 14.0 RC to 14.0 stable version or i need to do a clean install?

  • My Own Advisor Dec 26, 2014 

    How do you install Kodi v14 on Minix X8?

  • bolaschinas Dec 26, 2014 

    This is great !

  • Chris Dec 26, 2014 

    Ok, well, it’s Good – but, the only problem i seem to be having, just like the Alpha and RC builds….there’s not a single letter OR number when you bring up the on screen keyboard. It’s the same with the remote….UGH!!! I Can’t even type to search, or change things.

    This NEEDS to be FIXED

    • Martijn Dec 27, 2014 

      Have you read the announcement?

    • dnairb Dec 27, 2014 

      Scroll up a bit:

      If you are using a skin other than the default Confluence, it is possible that you may find the software keyboard blank as a result of the previously mentioned keyboard layout upgrade. If so, you need to either switch to a new skin, or see if your skin has a Helix update. While Kodi automatically checks for addon and skin updates, you can speed up this process by visiting the addons browser from the settings menu and selecting “Check for updates.”

  • nickr Dec 27, 2014 

    Likely you aren’t using a helix skin.

  • zack Dec 27, 2014 

    Unable to install on appletv 2 as awkwardtv seems do be down :(

    Any suggestions?

  • George Dec 27, 2014 

    I downloaded kodi from cydia and it is giving me a different IP address in system info than what my iPhone 5s actually is. Should I be concerned.

  • Benjamin Dec 27, 2014 

    inatalled Kodi 14.0 on MacbookAir. keep crashing had no problems with 13.2

    • Benjamin Dec 27, 2014 

      this is what I get after it crashes
      Process: Kodi [56633]
      Path: /Applications/Kodi.app/Contents/MacOS/Kodi
      Identifier: org.xbmc.kodi
      Version: 14.0. (Git-20141223-ad747d9)
      Code Type: X86-64 (Native)
      Parent Process: ??? [1]
      Responsible: Kodi [56633]
      User ID: 501

      Date/Time: 2014-12-27 21:59:23.291 +0100
      OS Version: Mac OS X 10.10.1 (14B25)
      Report Version: 11
      Anonymous UUID: C41771A3-FF49-AFB2-D5F7-66A4ACF08BC7

      Sleep/Wake UUID: EAF1E414-7DB5-4106-91A1-251073F9141A

      Time Awake Since Boot: 470000 seconds
      Time Since Wake: 1500 seconds

      Crashed Thread: 23 PVRManager

      Exception Type: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGSEGV)
      Exception Codes: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS at 0x00000000000000c0

      • Martijn Dec 27, 2014 

        this announcement is not a support section. Report to the forum and use pastebin.com for logs

      • becafouin Dec 28, 2014 

        hi, me also , my iMac crashed with version of kodi !!
        I have yosemite OS X 10.10.1

  • bert Dec 27, 2014 

    “Best things in life are for free” never more suitable then for this KODI
    Many Thanks, for this fantastic package………………

  • nurain Dec 27, 2014 

    Amazing app , i love it

  • paul Dec 28, 2014 

    gr8 work guys, love xbmc/kodi thanx for all the hard work so i can stream my movies, merry xmas & happy new year, all the best for 2015..

  • Xtro718 Dec 28, 2014 

    Good day,
    Kodi does not show live TV as an category from the home screen on my mac and iphone. No way to access it. Any suggestions aside from using version 13?

  • Danny Dec 28, 2014 

    Im having an issue streaming movie since the update. The stream cuts off half the screen I’ve gone into every menu to fix the resolution home hook up and still nothing anyone else have this issue

    • Brian Dec 29, 2014 

      I’m having the same issue with the video play back as it is cut off ann fix?

    • Alejandro Dec 29, 2014 

      Me too….
      I can’t watch it full…. how to fix it?

      • Maria Monteiro Feb 03, 2015 

        Did you solve your problem with the screen cutting of? I am having the same problem and cant find the fix, thank you and sorry

  • donos Dec 28, 2014 

    Just sideloaded it on my amazon fire tv and it starts instead of the rc3. Working without problem.

  • chris Dec 28, 2014 

    As we say here in Spain, you guys are la leche! Thank you so much for your fantastic, free and ad-free software; I absolutely rely on it and your hard work is seriously appreciated.

  • Ricardo Dec 28, 2014 

    Nice to see your hard work giving fruits. I was expecting this update for a looong time because no other versions instead of FRODO v12.3 work for me on my android devices. After installing this new version it says “Preparing for first run. Please wait”, after the bar filling up the screen goes black for a while and exits without any error or message. This happened to me with some 13.x versions (some others simply crashed). I do like the 12.3 version, but it takes huge ammounts of battery, memory and disk space. Also i can’t even update the librtmp file to use some plugins. Even updating it on v12.3 gives me crash.
    Am i doing something wrong?
    It happens on a 10.1″ tablet with android 4.0.4, kernel 3.0.8+ cortex A9 1.6ghz dual core, Mali 400 (bq Edison 3G). And on a 4.5″ smartphone with android 4.2.1, kernel 3.4.5 Mediatek MT6589 ARMv7 1.2ghz quad core, PowerVR SGX544 (Lenovo Ideaphone S750).
    Please, i’d apreciate any help as i’m stuck with a old, resource hungry and incomplete version(can’t watch local online tvs because of librtmp problem).
    Thank you in advance and keep up with your great work.

  • Vitaly Gurevich Dec 29, 2014 

    For some reason xbox wired controller does not work on Kodi, it worked fine on XBMC 13.2. I tried clean install still no go, when re-installing 13.2 everything works perfectly, same thing on both machines.

    • Craig Jan 10, 2015 

      I noticed the same thing. My wired xbox controllers will not work with Kodi but were working just fine with Gotham.

  • Jennifer Robinson Dec 29, 2014 

    Everything I play is way over to right….running kodi 14 any help would be much appreciated thanks

  • Desi Dec 29, 2014 

    Thanks for the latest KODI, i have Kodi installed on my Windows 7 pc and i notice that my menu tabs do not have tv, please assist.

  • J876 Dec 29, 2014 

    Great work Kodi team and Addon teams.

    This is a great piece of software!

  • pff Dec 29, 2014 

    You guys are the best!
    Kodi is the present and the future of home entertaininig!
    Thanks for everything!

  • Michael Dec 29, 2014 

    Hi there,

    Thanks for the Helix release. I am wondering where de PVR addons have gone. I miss them in the Linux version (Ubuntu 14.04, KODI installed as descrbed). In Windows 7 Helix has the PVR pakkages standard installed.

    • kib Dec 29, 2014 

      They are an optional package in Linux, did you install them?

  • Alejandro Dec 29, 2014 

    Hi all…
    XBMC is great…..

    BUT, yesterday I install Kodi and now I can´t watch my movies full screen… I mean I only see a corner of the picture (like zoom), the rest is out…

  • nick Dec 29, 2014 

    great work guys. hope you realize we all think this is awesome and your doing a great job.


  • Iain MacLeod Dec 29, 2014 

    The logo reminds me of the kincade logo from Welcome to the Punch:


    • kib Dec 29, 2014 

      Great minds think alike it seems. What a coincidence. Never heard of the series before, is it any good?

  • Ashton Dec 30, 2014 

    Great… now i need to look for a new steam tile for launching it in big screen mode.

  • David Dec 30, 2014 

    Thanks to the whole team for the great work!

  • Christian Hufnagel Dec 30, 2014 

    Works great on my raspberry pi with openelec 5. The animations appear to be smoother and the system is much more responsive during indexing.

    • мудријаш Jan 03, 2015 

      my experience is quite opposite…indexing takes ages, with bugs, and gui is so slow. I will wait a bit, and use Gotham…

  • Andreas Dec 30, 2014 

    Thanks a lot for all the great work!

  • Bas Dec 30, 2014 

    The official Kodi is still not working good whit the sound on the ouya, i tried the same settings as SPMC but no luck.
    SPMC 14 beta is working oke.

    • Kathy McBride Jan 03, 2015 

      I have an Ouya as well. It has a little glitch where you have to unplug the cable from the back of the TV and plug it back in to get the sound working. Might work for you.

      • Bas Jan 04, 2015 

        My ouya is conected whit my reciever, and whit spmc is it working ok. Its because of passtrough that is in spmc, and so far i know not in the official kodi.

  • Mike Dec 31, 2014 

    I love you guys!!!
    Thank you for effort!!!
    Windows phone its calling you!!!

  • violator69 Dec 31, 2014 

    Is it possible to run te ARM version on the ASUS tf101?

  • AM Jan 02, 2015 

    Problem here. Running a GBox Matricom MX2. Had to revert back to XBMC Gotham 13.2.
    The problem? Video playback was off-center and zoomed in on every video I tried to play. EVERYTHING else displayed ok with the exception of video playback.

    Anyone else having this problem?

    • Alejandro Jan 04, 2015 

      me too….
      how to fix it???

    • andy c Jan 25, 2015 

      Same issue with video off centre and zoomed in did u get fix

    • Dondadda Feb 12, 2015 

      Same here, but no response on how to fix it.

      • kib Feb 12, 2015 

        Probably because we don’t give support on questions posted on the blog. Please use the forums.

  • hassan kadi Jan 02, 2015 

    how can i watch live arabic channels using pvr clients ?

  • John Jan 03, 2015 

    We will always refer to our bedroom players as XBMC at my house. XBMC lives forever.

  • craig Jan 04, 2015 

    Updated to kodi now everyone I try to watch something it
    cuts the right side of the screen off and I can’t see the bottom
    Of sportscaster score and I never touched the size calibration

  • Bill Jan 04, 2015 

    Awesome job guys. I’m getting ready to install the latest Helix release on my Fire TV. But, just to be sure, under the Android download do I choose ARM or x86?

  • LAPA Jan 04, 2015 

    Solo voy a decir una cosa: impecable trabajo, gracias por eso y sigan así…!!!

  • Mics Jan 04, 2015 

    Thank you very very much for all your hard work that you’ve put into this nice peace of media center software. I upgraded from Xbmcbuntu Gotham 13.2 to Kodibuntu 64bit, but I still have the old logo when i boot up. Nothing serious but strange this did not get changed to the new logo. Once again though thank you very very much for your hard work – this is just awesome.

  • bledd Jan 04, 2015 


    The Android x86 download link hasn’t been updated.

    It should be pointing to…


    Currently points to an old RC release.

    • Martijn Jan 05, 2015 

      It’s not. It’s a special fixed build

  • bledd Jan 05, 2015 

    Ah ok,

    Installed it yesterday, I’ll upgrade it.

  • Kevin Sullivan Jan 05, 2015 

    I have downloaded and installed kodo14.0 helix and really enjoying it. I do have 2 questions though. One is that i can’t get passthrough to work, it is working for flumpsters xbmc. I have tried everything that i know of in settings/audio. and 2 is that i can’t seem to be able to change the confluence skin to a picture of my choice. Thanks for all of the hard work. Kevin

  • effe Jan 05, 2015 

    Great job!

    thanks to fantastic kodi team!

    happy new 2015

  • Mike Jan 08, 2015 

    Amazing!….BUT on Android GBox. video playback with default Hardware Acceleration off centres the playback….switched it to SOFTWARE…The video fixed! …..but not Audio is off…..anyone please know any Forum on here with help. major pain the ACE!

  • iMag Jan 08, 2015 

    Yeah, great job! Thanks devs!
    It would be an awesome if there was a support for DD/DTS audio. Am I missing smth?

    • ironicmonkey Jan 10, 2015 

      dd/dts has been fully supported since 2003.

  • Thomas hall Jan 09, 2015 

    Hi kodi team
    I have apple tv 1 running XBMC 13 and I see that kodi release kodi 14 helix please I would like is there any how I can update my apple tv 1 running XBMC 13 to run kodi 14 helix please.
    Please feel free email me at [email protected] on how install or update on apple tv 1 and also I have apple tv 1 running running apple software
    Please can you email me all the instructions please and thank you

  • Piotr Jan 10, 2015 

    After a fresh Kodi install (Windows 7), the radio plugin seems broken (network_error when I try to search for stations). Does anybody know a workaround / another working addon? I can get web radio via foobar2000, but it’s by far not as comfortable

  • PNo4 Jan 10, 2015 

    Can I install kodi without it merging old XBMC 13 data/setting into itself, aka XBMC and kodi running separately and no contact with each other?

  • thomas clark Jan 13, 2015 

    is there a way to make the software logo still to be called XBMC…I don’t like KODI…it sound dumb. xbmc sounded rad, KIDO sounds like some sort of babies brand of clothing.

    can we PLEEEAAASSSEEEE find a way to just call it XBMC !!!!!!! this would surely be an easy thing to do…it cant be that hard…cmon it just sounds ludicrous.

  • A User Jan 13, 2015 

    Thank you so much for this incredible piece of software. I am shocked to find so much polish and value in a free product, and that is a testament to the passion, dedication, and clear talent of the development team. THANK YOU!

  • Haris Jan 15, 2015 

    Is there any plan to fix the issue #15142 (http://trac.kodi.tv/ticket/15142) regarding upnp subtitle transfer?
    It’s getting really annoying that after all these major releases ,this issue still exists.

  • Yitzchak Meyer Jan 15, 2015 

    I have used kodi for many years now. i enjoy tinkering with it almost as much as i used it for media. I have only one complaint about Helix: It is such a complete product that I have no tinkering to do!! :)

  • Bluedevil Jan 16, 2015 

    You just made my day! Thank you for all the hard work!

  • lunk Jan 17, 2015 

    The name sucks!

  • Ayana Jan 18, 2015 

    Question: I have the TVAddons installation using and was wondering if I need to update to Kodi Helix and if I do will it override the TVAddons installation?

  • Gjack80 Jan 21, 2015 

    I want to install the programm “Kodi-tv 14.0 Helex” in my Windows-based computer,as well as Ace Player,i have already installed Sopcast.I have Vista Home Premium 32 bit-Internet Explore 9 SP2.Thanks you.Gjack80

  • Gary Wang Jan 22, 2015 

    A good job

  • alma Jan 25, 2015 

    I’m very happy Kodi 14.0 is out, because now I know undoubtedly the last perfect version the 13.2 was and there’s no real reason to upgrade.

  • gagan Jan 26, 2015 

    LIVE TV option missing from KODI home page after KODI stable install. However if you choose pre alpha build the LIVE TV shows up.

    Any clue?

  • Lauren Leigh Sprayberry Jan 30, 2015 

    I’m running Windows 7. I installed RC3 and it kept crashing. When 14.0 was released I installed it. Kept crashing. XBMC Gotham runs fine.

  • Denis Jan 30, 2015 

    Why not use superfast free Lav video decoder with Cuda/opengl/quicksync/dxva support for 4k/h265 ?

  • Jason Feb 09, 2015 

    Has anyone found out how to fix the screen issue when watching videos? The Characters to the right of the screen are cut out of the shot.

  • Jon Feb 13, 2015 

    Please make this cool background pic at the top of this thread available in a larger resolution! This should be the default pic of KODI!

  • OSEISAAC Feb 28, 2015 


  • Patrizia Feb 28, 2015 

    I downloaded Kodi twice,reinstalled all my repos and addons. And TWICE it reverted back to my old XBMC Frodo and how eveything was before……. like if nothing
    Has this happened to anyone else? Why? And how do I transition to the new Kodi for good?

  • Gtamas Feb 28, 2015 

    After an OS X update takes months to update XMBC, or now kodi, to fix the fucked up things, and 2 months later a new OSX update, and here comes another 3-4-5-6 months with no sound in XMBC oer HDMI or something like that….

    I will buy a dedicated media player, Dune HD, or something like that, because this is useless for me now :(

    • Martijn Feb 28, 2015 

      Blame Apple.

      • Gtamas Mar 01, 2015 

        VLC has never been fucked up by an osx update….

        only thing because i “have to ” use xbmc is that it can play 24p content at 24Hz, on my plasma. Nothing else…

        VLC can’t do that i dont know why :(

  • sai krishna Mar 06, 2015 

    hi helix team,

    appreciate your good work.. helix rocks on my fire tv stick. recently im facing one issue pls assist to resolve

    video output by default set to full hd and its disabled ( – systems – video ) . the reason is its consuming high usage and bandwidth.

    pls help me how can I change video resolution on helix


  • tamer Mar 06, 2015 

    i got the latest kodi 14.1 release and volume control doesnt work..
    any help?

  • fahad Mar 19, 2015 

    I just downloaded the new kodi version, but the live tv become a tv only, and I couldn’t install the iptv add ons….
    Need help on this issue.

    My device is minix z64 android version.

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Kodi is a free and open source media player application developed by the XBMC Foundation, a non-profit technology consortium. Kodi is available for multiple operating-systems and hardware platforms, featuring a 10-foot user interface for use with televisions and remote controls. It allows users to play and view most videos, music, podcasts, and other digital media files from local and network storage media and the internet.