Kodi 14.1 – Helix Bugfix Release

Posted By: Martijn Kaijser on Feb 02, 2015 in Release Announcements

EDIT: Please see our Kodi 14.2 beta release

We are proud to announce the release of Kodi 14.1, which comes with a new name, a new logo, and a wide variety of new features, but underneath the new coat of paint remains the same software we all love. This is the first small bugfix release in the Helix range. As we have mention in our Kodi 14.0 release announcement, we will be releasing these to squash down any issues left after the first final release. Below you will find a list of fixes so far.

Fixes so far

  • * Fix: incorrect video screensize on Android AML devices
  • * Fix: potential segfault when silencing audio
  • * Fix: do not skip streaminfo if format is not know.
  • * Fix: DXVA flickering on AMD
  • * Fix: prevent possible over-flow in ALSA
  • * Fix: possible sorting problems in library
  • * Fix: possible problem in library navigation
  • * Fix: don’t scroll text when it’s set to not do it
  • * Fix: scroll text if it’s too long on spinner controls
  • * Fix: don’t overlap PVR search labels
  • * Fix: bug in DLNA client string on iOS
  • * Fix: updated several PVR add-ons
  • * Fix: remember played state of video when started from recently added
  • * Fix: correct vsync on OSX
  • * Fix: broken keyboard input
  • * Fix: prevent crash on circular dependencies of add-ons
  • * Fix: large file support on Android
  • * Fix: random exiting on Android x86 builds (Nexus Player for example)

Re-touched skin

As of now the standard touch skin which is called re-touched, now also includes a PVR section.


Finally, there remain a few known bugs in Kodi 14.1 for Windows. However this should affect only a tiny portion of the users. In very rare cases Windows users may experience a Kodi crash. In such cases please disable the webserver in settings. The developers are working on finding the underlying cause of this and hope is on the horizon. However because this is quite a deeply buried problem we are unlikely to be able to fix it for the 14.x series. We will make certain it will be fixed for 15.0. For more information and test-builds regarding this issue visit this forum thread. Your input and help resolving this problem is much appreciated.

Rasberry Pi 2

The new and faster model Raspberry Pi 2 was just announced and we receive a lot of questions if Kodi will run on it. So yes of course Kodi will run on it. OpenELEC has released a special version for the new model based on Kodi 14.1 which will have full support for it out of the box.

A Few Warnings and Notices

This release marks the switch to the new name Kodi. When you install this releases , your library and add-ons will be moved to Kodi, making reverting back to 13.2 fairly difficult. As such, it is recommended that you back up your library as well as your settings before installing Kodi.

If you are using a skin other than the default Confluence, it is possible that you may find the software keyboard blank as a result of the previously mentioned keyboard layout upgrade. If so, you need to either switch to a new skin, or see if your skin has a Helix update. While Kodi automatically checks for addon and skin updates, you can speed up this process by visiting the addons browser from the settings menu and selecting “Check for updates.”

Also, as Kodi is an unsigned application on OSX, you may need to go through a slightly different process to start it the first time. After you have copied Kodi to the Applications folder, you will need to “right click” or “two finger click” Kodi from within the Applications folder and select “Open” and then accept the warning. You should only need to do this the first time you run Kodi.

Finally, there remain a few known bugs in Kodi 14.0 that should affect only a tiny portion of the population. In very rare cases Windows users may experience a Kodi crash. In such cases please disable the webserver in settings. We hope to have these issues resolved by the inevitable Kodi 14.1 release.


To download, please visit our download page. To upgrade from any previous build, just install on top of your current version.

How to Contribute

If you use Kodi, we encourage you to report problems with it on our forum first and after – if asked – submit bugs on Trac (following this guide: How to submit a bug report). Do note that we need detailed information so we can investigate the issue. We also appreciate providing support in our Forums where you can and donating to the XBMC Foundation if you like. For a current FAQ on Kodi 14, visit our Helix FAQ. You can of course also follow or help promote Kodi on any or all of our listed social networks.

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  • Attmay Feb 02, 2015 

    The known crash bug that “should affect only a tiny portion of the users” more or less makes the webserver functionality (and therefore any remotes and streaming apps) nearly useless. I understand the need to move the software along, but this constant crashing is beginning to make the application a lot less usable.

    With all of that said, I’m a long time user and huge fan of the XBMC/Kodi project and I’m optimistic about the future of the application. Thanks for all the hard work.

    • Kib Feb 03, 2015 

      Yes, we know the bug is serious. It is also taken seriously.
      It just happens to be a hard bug to squash, and several people are searching for the root cause of it.

      • shelly Apr 26, 2015 

        I was wondering if I could ask a question? I just bought a 4.4.2 android tablet and I went to download kodi and it just tells me that its txt … It won’t let me download. I enabled it in my settings..how do I download this on my tablet?

    • Jon Feb 03, 2015 

      I was wondering about the same thing.. crashing a few times a day it seems, but when I turn off the webserver that eliminates the two ways I control my system.. The iOS remote and the web interface from my laptop.. Because of this, I don’t think I can leave it disabled.

      I’m a big fan of xbmc/kodi and have been setting it on on many friends/family members’ computers.. but this bug is very frustrating.

    • Musera Feb 04, 2015 

      Yeah the constant crashing was bugging me. Ended up getting a nightly release that fixed it. I imagine the fixes in the nightly have remained in this release but I think I will be holding back updating until 15.0.

      • Martijn Feb 04, 2015 

        Are you saying that 15.0 nightlies work without a problem?

        • Musera Feb 05, 2015 

          No I’m saying that a nightly leading up to the release of 14.1 works perfectly for me. Even though the release of 14.1 would probably contain the fixes of that nightly and work perfectly (for me) I’m not going to risk updating when I have a working version right now.

          The mention of 15 is because that is the next update I’ll get. As the blog post states they will have made certain the bug is fixed by that release. So in my situation it makes sense to wait for that release.

          • Tony edwards Mar 28, 2015 

            I have a android phone.14.1 kodi was working fine until today.script errors on every program.can any one help

    • Leo Feb 08, 2015 

      When I do update via command as says in wiki
      apt-get update
      apt-get install org.xbmc.kodi-atv2

      I get this error after I enter the last of two commands.

      WARNING: The following packages cannot be authenticated!

      Nothing happens after that apart from the twirling moving circle. Could you tell me how I can check if I’ve successfully updated it and if not please tell me what Im doing wrong?

      Thanks for all hard work!

  • StoneBoyTony Feb 02, 2015 

    I can fell the difference now running smooth on my Windows 7 and android S4 mini. Keep on the good work guys!

  • Vitaly Gurevich Feb 02, 2015 

    One other thing you forgot to mention that Xbox 360 controller does not work with Kodi14.x, it worked fine in XBMC 13.2.

    Also, you removed the option to send under system “Remote control sends keyboard presses”.

    Kodi feels more like a downgrade then an upgrade, I don’t understand the reason for these two changes. Please fix.

    • Peter Feb 02, 2015 

      I have been using 14 since release with a wireless 360 controller. I have just updated to 14.1 and it still works.

    • Nille Feb 02, 2015 

      My Wired XB360 Controller works flawless with Kodi 14.0 and 14.1

      • Vitaly Gurevich Feb 02, 2015 

        Oh come on, so its the Afterglow controller not supported on 14.x… dont tell me I have to get another controller just so i can upgrade to 14+ I tested it on 15 alph and same no go.

        • privateeromally Feb 03, 2015 

          I have a Rock Candy 360 controller (not MS) and it works, no problem.

        • Kib Feb 03, 2015 

          Take this to the forums, provide debug logs and much more info.

          • Mike May 18, 2015 

            I keep getting audio and don’t know where it’s coming from but it dubbing over whatever I’m watching really annoying can anyone help me ?

      • Brian May 11, 2015 

        can someone tell me how to set up a Xbox 360 controller to work with kodi/helix . cant find no info on how to do that ..any help would b appreciate . thx….

    • Kib Feb 02, 2015 

      Maybe you missed the new settings level system. Check default skin and change settings level to advanced.

      • Vitaly Gurevich Feb 02, 2015 

        I didn’t miss anything, I wasn’t going to post things here until I did research and mess with setting A LOT.

        • Joe Feb 03, 2015 

          The send keyboard presses is still available. You need to be in expert and its called enable joystick and gamepad support. IIRC it will give you the same functionality as the send KB presses option.

          • nedscott Feb 04, 2015 

            No, that’s a different setting. “Remote control sends keyboard presses” is automatically enabled now.

    • Phobios Feb 04, 2015 

      Other way around for me. 360 wireless controller did not work in 13.x for me, but works fine in 14.0 (haven’t tested 14.1 yet)

      • Vitaly Gurevich Feb 04, 2015 

        I tried 14.0 14.1 and 15.0 and none of them respond to xbox controller. Asl soon as i install 13.2 works flawless. I tried diffrent skins and fresh installs on two computers. So frustrating!!!!

    • nedscott Feb 04, 2015 

      “Also, you removed the option to send under system “Remote control sends keyboard presses”.”

      It’s in the Helix FAQ: http://kodi.wiki/view/Helix_FAQ#Setting:_.22Remote_control_sends_keyboard_presses.22

      which reads:

      “The setting “Remote control sends keyboard presses” from Settings → System → Input devices has been removed. This setting allowed remotes that emulated keyboards to be able to select letters on the on-screen-keyboard. This is now automatically enabled, and the setting is no longer needed.”

    • Vitaly Gurevich Feb 05, 2015 

      AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I f@%ng fixed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Here is what i did. The problem IS with Kodi and it wasn’t me!!!

      I installed XBMC 13.2 went to C:\Program Files (x86)\XBMC\system\keymaps and copied all the files to a folder on a desktop.

      Uninstalled XBMC 13.2 and installed Kodi 14.0, 14.1 or 15

      Replaced all the files in C:\Program Files (x86)\Kodi\system\keymaps with what I copied from XBMC 13.2

      Xbox controller works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

      HELL YEA!!!

      • Koditester Feb 19, 2015 

        Yo Vitaly…
        nice work.
        Can you please tell us which keymap file you excactly need, or can you please up the complete zipped folder of v13.2 so we can test also. I have a wireless keyboard which also doesn’t work anymore on Kodi v14.1, but used to work on previous version XBMC..


        • idem2lyon Feb 22, 2015 

          Heu, I got the same problem.
          With RaspBMC, OpenElec, etc.. I got no problem.
          But with a raspberry + XBMC, keyboard doesn’t work anymore.
          How to fix it?

          Thanks for all

          • Max Mar 19, 2015 

            Same thing happening here, wireless keyboard just does not respond anymore.

          • Raúl Apr 24, 2015 

            Same problem here with Raspbian and Kodi 14.1.
            I just got this nice mini keyboard (Rii i8, http://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B00LMGMWSE?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00)
            and it works fine with the keys to navigate back and forth and so on.

            When it comes to write letters on the screen keyboard, it doesn’t work (a pity, because this is the reason I got the keyboard in the first place!

            Any ideas?

  • Marco B Feb 02, 2015 

    Great version!
    I noticed that, compared to xbmc, some buttons on the remote control of my PC (Xtreamer Ultra 2) no longer work
    is a problem that you can solve?

    thanks a lot.


  • Sonic Feb 02, 2015 

    Thank you team Kodi, great work as always! Now lets hope the nasty crashes on my HTPC are gone :)

  • Simon Feb 02, 2015 

    Great update, thanks for this release!!

  • Jonathan Flanagan Feb 02, 2015 

    I’ve updated my ATV 2 to Kodi 14.0 through Nito installer, will I be able to do the same to get 14.1? Also I’ve noticed it crashes a lot when using genesis does anybody know if this problem has been fixed? Thanks in advance

    • Klojum Feb 02, 2015 

      Asking questions about a banned illegal addon like Genesis is not the best tactic on the Kodi website.

      • Jonathan Flanagan Feb 02, 2015 

        Oh I didn’t know it genesis was illegal, I’m fairly new to all this so what’s my best option for films?

        • Kib Feb 02, 2015 

          We do not allow ANY discussion of illegal acquired or streamed media on our forums, website or any other official channel. Your best option is to legally acquire films. You can get DVDs for as little as 2 dollar online or at your local dvd store.

          If you want to acquire films illegaly, please go somewhere else.

          • Jonathan Flanagan Feb 02, 2015 

            Oh right ok, sorry for posting that on your site then, still getting use to what I can and can’t do on it atm, thanks for the responses tho

  • Jay Feb 02, 2015 

    Sorry for the Newbie question…I am curenlty running 14.0, what do I need to do to update to 14.1?

    • Kib Feb 02, 2015 

      Depending on your OS, usually download and install it on top.

  • uomiarz Feb 02, 2015 

    Thanks for you work KODI team,

  • John Feb 02, 2015 

    Looking forward to hopefully see the crashes stopping – I must be I a that tiny number of people also ;-)

    Homepage still says on the right… Stable release 14.0 not 14.1

    Keel up the great work :-)

    • Kib Feb 02, 2015 

      Thanks, fixed!

  • Nico Prinsloo Feb 02, 2015 

    Hi, The upate has broken the PlexBMC addon, which was a mission to get working in the first place…..

    • Kib Feb 02, 2015 

      Please tell the PlexBMC addon author. This update did not touch much addon code so getting it updated to work with 14.1 should be easy for the author.

  • Silentbil Feb 02, 2015 

    Kodi stuck when try to exit, in 14.0 and 14.1 versions
    must force exit

  • Alex Feb 02, 2015 


    I did disable the webserver in the settings, but do still suffer the odd Kodi crash on Windows 7. Not a major problem, usually only occurs while scrolling fast through the library, but just thought I should make you aware it’s not just the webserver that’s causing it.

  • Alex Feb 02, 2015 

    Unfortunately, TV show episodes are now sorted by episode name instead of file name, the latter being the order in which you’ll want to watch them.

    • Joe Feb 03, 2015 

      Use the left arrow and change the sort method.

      • Alex Feb 03, 2015 

        Thanks, I can’t believe I missed that..

  • Hed Feb 02, 2015 

    The surround channels still shows wrong, displays 5.1 instead 7.1
    Any know how to fix?

    • Martijn Feb 02, 2015 

      It’s not a critical bug so maybe it’s fixed in 15.0 builds

  • Stuart Feb 02, 2015 

    Where do I buy one from in the UK as I can’t find anyone selling them ?

    • Prawnee Feb 03, 2015 

      Buy what?

  • nak Feb 03, 2015 

    Kodi 14.1 isn’t showing up in the unstable ppa. Are the devs going to add it?

    • Kib Feb 03, 2015 

      You want a stable to show up in the unstable PPA ?
      The 14.1 reelease can be found in the stable PPA since the 31st of january for precise, trusty and utopic

      • nak Feb 03, 2015 

        Well, in the past the betas show up in the unstable ppa before it gets to the stable ppa. Anytime I install xbmc/kodi, I change my default ppa to the unstable ppa. I thought it would have shown up in the unstable ppa before public release.

  • zeggie Feb 03, 2015 

    Kodi still feels like a buggy downgrade. Kodi 14 just crashed on start on Win 8.1. v14.1 with webserver disabled is better but still random crashes when browsing or randomly 5 mins into a movie.

    I’ll stick with with 13.2 until this is ironed out. Bit disappointing as all previous XBMC have been solid as. Not a good start for the ‘Kodi’ brand.

    • Kib Feb 03, 2015 

      It is too bad you are experiencing this, but it only happens on a small subset of users, and only on Windows. If we had noticed it from user reports in the alpha or beta releases, we would not have released.

      An addition complexity is that the developers consistently fail to reproduce it. You can see why this makes searching for the cause harder.

      • boydn Feb 10, 2015 

        not just windows, it’s crashing like crazy on Ubuntu Linux too. 14.1 sucks and now my girlfriend wants to scrap the HTPC for AppleTV. Thanks for nuttin Kodi. Time to downgrade back to XBMC.

        • Martijn Feb 10, 2015 

          thank you for the kind words for all the effortless hours many volunteers spend on this free program

        • Kib Feb 12, 2015 

          The windows crash was a wider issue, this is not. It’s not crashing like crazy on Ubuntu – that really only happens on your setup. Please act like a grown up, create a thread on the forum and explain what is going wrong for you. Provide the required log files and be polite and you’ll find out people will be more than willing to help you.

    • magnumpci Feb 03, 2015 

      zeggie wrote:’Not a good start for the ‘Kodi’ brand.’

      Correction: ‘Not a good start for the ‘Kodi’ brand in my opinion.’

      Kodi is a substantial improvement and needs more credit as a whole than a frustration drive-by post such as this. I’ll say what the devs cant, ‘Works for 99% of our users; you’re the 1% bro. If you can reproduce the issue, post a log instead of pissing on otherwise positive news thread’

      • Bring Back XMBC Feb 12, 2015 

        In your opinion? Seems like the crashes are affecting a lot more users than they “small subset” of users. A lot of people are reporting the issues. Damage control as much as you want but it really is a downgrade to an Alpha release at this point.

        • RWCH Feb 15, 2015 

          Yes, it’s your opinion (and you are entitled to it). Any idea how many people are using Kodi and how many are satisfied? I bet that is twice a ‘no’.

          Another thing you do not seem to know, is that people having problems tend to complain. People without problems do not need to complain and so they don’t.

          A bit of respect for all the hard work of the developers would be appreciated.

  • Harley Feb 03, 2015 

    Any news about if Kodi for Android app will make it into Google Play App Store and Amazon AppStore?

    If so is there an ETA or roadmap for when and a plan how to make it happen?

    • Help Feb 04, 2015 

      Yes. XBMC is online on App Store and Amazon :)

      • Martijn Feb 04, 2015 

        no it’s not.
        if there is they are unofficial and should be removed

      • Harley Feb 05, 2015 

        I only find SPMC fork of XBMC, not official Kodi.

  • G Feb 03, 2015 

    Sorting by Chinese problem in library still not fixed. There is no such problem before v14. Please :(

    • kib Feb 04, 2015 

      First time I ever hear about it. Post debug and proper explanation of the issue on the forums. Please.

  • Petri Feb 03, 2015 

    Will this fix even crashes on Linux? Or should I call them pauses. Kodi freezes for about 20 seconds and then continues playing. This happens randomly once a minute or maybe just once on the whole movie.

    • fritsch Feb 04, 2015 

      No single idea. Nobody knows your setup, nobody knows what you are watching, nobody knows where from you are watching – Guessed it? Absolutely wrong location to report that issue -> forum

  • Mingster Feb 03, 2015 

    TV Shows – Recently added list isn’t showing in correct order. The most recently added fles aren’t at the top of the list.

    • Mingster Feb 03, 2015 

      Actually my local date/time may be incorrect. It must be timestamping them using my PC date/time rather than the actual episode metadata for when it was shown on tv.

  • BD Feb 03, 2015 

    Is gapless playback broken in 14.0 / 14.1 for lame encoded mp3s?

    It seems to be the case on multiple hardware(s) running windows 7 pro x64 and also openelec 5.0.0 running on a Pi.

    Keep audio device alive has no effect, nor does optimized, best match, or fixed.

    It affects spdif hdmi and analog output on x86 (x64) (both DirectSound and WASAPI) platforms, and hdmi / analog on the Pi.

    Has anyone else noticed this?

    Frodo and Gotham are fine, as are other players like Winamp and Fubar.

    I have since reverted to Gotham until someone chimes in on what I may be doing wrong…

    • kib Feb 04, 2015 

      Posting issues on the blog is almost never the way to go. Please post a detailed explanation with debug logs on the forums.

      • BD Feb 04, 2015 

        I did actually, before I ever posted here. It seems that these messages get more attention even though they’re not officially not supposed to.
        See -> http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=216891
        113 views as of 2 minutes ago…

  • Brian from TechHacks.com Feb 03, 2015 

    Do all of the add-ons that worked with Kodi 14.0 still work with Kodi 14.1, or were there changes to the base code that would require the add-on developers to update their add-ons the make them compatible?

    Thanks for all your work over the years on XBMC / Kodi!

  • kevin Feb 03, 2015 


  • Javier Feb 03, 2015 

    Does anyone else notice that this update the letters and all look a little pixelated compared to the 14.0? I am using MX2 was wondering if their is fix.?

  • Manny Feb 03, 2015 

    Hello guys, after the update my HD signal is corrupted. I can only see the image after I press the go back button and the menus are all on the screen. Have re-started the box a few time but nothing.
    Any thoughts?

  • Jorge Nestor Amaya Feb 03, 2015 

    amo este programa

  • Jorge Nestor Amaya Feb 03, 2015 

    i love this programs

  • lesley Feb 03, 2015 

    I have not managed to get subtitles do download succesfully. Anyone else have the same problem?

  • Carter Feb 03, 2015 

    Hi I am a huge fan of kodi, when I installed the new stable version 1.4.1 and clicked on it on my Q Box andriod device my screen went black and I had to do a hard reboot to get it back to home screen, I since reinstalled 1.4.0 which worked great, my question is this a problem that is being looked at or can it be fixed or should I be happy with older version 1,4,0. thanks

  • brandilyn Feb 04, 2015 

    I have not tryed this website just yet. I just downloaded xbmc. I have not been able to watch anything free yet. I can’t get any websites to work on my TV or iPad or tablet. So I hope this is the one!

  • Adrian Feb 04, 2015 

    I installed Helix 14.1 yesterday and it has a problem with running 3D content. In Gotham when opening a 3D movie, for example it was asking me if I want to run the file 3D SBS(OU) or 2D and then it automaticatlly interlaced the 2 images into one. It is asking the same thing in Helix but the images are not displayed correctly. Instead it is showing the 2 images in the first middle of the screen and the second middle is left blank. I can send a screnshot if needed. Thank you

    • SlowLan Feb 23, 2015 

      I had the exact same problem as Adrian. When opening 3D content it would correctly detect HSBS/OU however it would not display correctly. It would still show split screen on the projector/tv.
      I uninstalled 14.2 and installed 14.0 and the problem went away.

      Thanks guys for all the hard work!
      I run XBMC on a Raspberry Pi up stairs and a on a J1900 CPU/Mobo combo downstairs. XBMC is a GREAT piece of software.

  • jurrabi Feb 04, 2015 

    I have to say I went back to xbmc v13 because of 2 bugs that make kodi a bad experience for me:
    1. the screen adjust going from 24fps->60fps on tv episodes. Seen it reported but 14.1 doesn’t fix it either.
    2. Update of watched status doesn’t update properly the second time. Probably related to one of the fixes you mention in the fixes log, so hopefully this will be ok now…

    Unfortunately screen fps adjust is a biggy for me, so I guess I’ll stay in 13 for a little more…

    Have to say, with all due respect and compression, I remember a time when even nightlies where good enough for daily use. But for the past 2 years even .0 versions are not that great either…
    Anyway, and as always, THANKS for the great work.

  • Dimitrije Feb 05, 2015 

    What is the status for external subtitles?

    For example, use Kodi se linux media server and Samsung H6500 TV is DLNA client?

    Great work guys…

  • PAYL Feb 05, 2015 

    Can you elaborate on “Large File Support on Android” Fix Please!!

  • know Feb 05, 2015 

    Kodi 14.1 on y HP touchpad CM11 is not a pleasant experience.

    The touch interface seems off, anyone else using this combo?

  • Richard Feb 05, 2015 

    Hi Kodi Team,

    Reading some of the above has made me realise that sometimes you must feel a little unappreciated for what it is that you have achieved. XBMC was/is a great piece of software, and Kodi will be too. I found it a little frustrating that I couldn’t use the remote on my phone as a result of the webserver bug, but I got over it (first world problems) as I realised you do this for (I am assuming) the love of it – so for that I thank you! It’s not something I have paid for – but it has been integral in reliably entertaining me, my family and my friends for years and I can’t say that about much really!

    If the big professional software companies produced products as stable, well polished, customizable, flexible and all round as awesome as XBMC/Kodi – my job would be a lot easier.

    I never thought about how much I take open source software for granted, Thanks very much team, I (and I know many others who feel similarly) REALLY appreciate it.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Martijn Feb 05, 2015 

      appreciate the kind words

  • fer42 Feb 05, 2015 

    And still full of bugs. Fullscreen problems with multiple display, sudden crashes, lost wasabi audio settings (back to default on time to time), remote control stops working etc.

    • Martijn Feb 05, 2015 

      and you don’t actually report those back to the forum including all crashlogs and very detailed descriptions is my guess.

      • fer42 Feb 05, 2015 

        I would if I know how. Want to guess something more about me?

        • ray_dominguez Feb 06, 2015 

          Come on, don’t be like that. This is an open source project, and those guys are actually spending time and effort so you can have a nice software to consume your media.

          Google: kodi report bugs

          First hit: http://kodi.wiki/view/HOW-TO:Submit_a_bug_report

          • fer42 Feb 07, 2015 

            Okay, because this is a free open source project, and because some guys are spending time with this you can’t criticize? Oh sorry, you can only praise this, no matter how bad the user experience actually is. Hooray! And world keeps developing.

  • pul Feb 06, 2015 

    I cant get this past first run it just crashes on my amlogic s812 chipset yet gotham runs fine, very unusual.

  • Spinoza Feb 06, 2015 

    The problem of the TV Series in two languages, put all together into one, has not been solved yet. This is kind of a deal-breaker to me. Still staying with Gotham.

  • Kyle Feb 06, 2015 

    morning I just installed 14.1 on my matricom box and when it runs for the first time my screen goes black…..please help me fix this anyone

    • Jon Feb 07, 2015 

      Clearing the cache on the Kodi app worked for me. But, I’m having problems with the incorrect video screen size. This doesn’t seem to be fixed for my MX2.

  • Jens Atterstrand Feb 06, 2015 

    Wanted to try kodi after running mediaportal for several years. Got integrated HD3200 graphics from radeon (AMD).

    Audio is terribly out of sync on my .mkv’s (720p) and I get loads of errors and framedrops. CPU usage shows 100% on both cores even though it says DXVA2 is activated, never got these problems with mediaportal. Audio is out of sync, etc.

    I want to use kodi for its great interface but….

    • Martijn Feb 06, 2015 

      properly configure your audio

      • Jens Atterstrand Feb 07, 2015 

        What audio and video settings should I use…
        - Integrated ATI Radeon HD3200 graphics (HDMI to 1920×1080 / 24p screen) with DXVA
        - Realtek ALC889A HD Audio (connected analogue to 5-channel poweramp)

        In Mediaportal evberything plays smooth and audio stays in sync all the time even when I jump back and forth on a .mkv movie. No framedrops at all.

  • Joshua Feb 06, 2015 

    I tried running 14.1 and 14 kodi on android, but there is no touch support for it on CM12 based devices. The log shows that it switches over to trackball support instead of the actual touch screen. I know I have seen a few posts about this in the forums, but no one ever answers those posts really. So I would like to see what one of the devs has to say about the situation. Whether it is a bug in the Kodi code or a bug in the CM code. Thanks.

    • Martijn Feb 06, 2015 

      not a bug on our side

    • cedric Mar 10, 2015 

      Touch screen input doesn’t work on an unmodified android 4.4.2 tf103c. Tried kodi version 14.2 and the nightly of the 10 March.

      • Martijn Mar 10, 2015 

        Nothing we can do about. We use pure android input

        • Lasse Mäkinen Mar 30, 2015 

          Would it be too mutch to ask if you could point us to the correct direction about the source of this touch problem. As if even if you are not bothered to do anythin to fix it and just blame others, as it seems to be te habbit of the devs in several mathers, maby some other people might be willing to try fix it.
          Not meant to be disrespectfull, but some times you guys can be really full of your selfs and that rearly gets us anywhere. You should really learn to be more constructive, even that I understand the constan whining can really get to you. Still try to bether than the ungratefull whiners and be constructive and keep up the good work. It will benefit us all in the end…

  • Silentbil Feb 07, 2015 

    Great! , please fix :
    1. kodi stuck when try to exit
    2. no way to cancel “busy” or “working” sometimes, need to wait up to 2 min for it to stop

  • Drooneyef Feb 07, 2015 

    all my raspberry pi’s are having the problem that after aprox. 10 minutes the network connection is lost and the system hangs.
    That’s only with version above 14 with version 13.2 there wasn’t any problem.
    I’m using the openelec version on a rpi b and a rpi2

  • Drooneyef Feb 07, 2015 

    With 1 rpi back to 13.2 and everything is fine.
    After further investigation i found out that disabling dhcp and give the rpi2 a hard ip everything works fine till now.
    Maybe a dhcp bug in this version?

  • milan Feb 07, 2015 

    I have mac mini and apple tv3
    when I play Kodi over airplay picture and sound twitch.
    Is there any solution?

  • zebraitis Feb 07, 2015 

    Comment 100 !

    Win 8.1, dedicated NVidia video card, Onkyo Amp – 14.1 seems to work fine.

  • SotoPR Feb 08, 2015 

    Does not work for me. Installed as an upgrade and it wiped my settings and my data. Its also having display issues… black screen after boot process.

  • Nemfasis Feb 08, 2015 

    Thanks for this update. I’m using it since the first xbox, and it is still the best media software I’ve encountered.. I’ve been using it on a Windows 7 HTPC, a Raspberry Pi and a Apple Tv2, and it simply works excellent.

    I’m just posting this to give some more positive feel to this update. All the negativity above is really annoying me. If you have a bug / issue, just create a report and let the dev’s know about it there, instead of posting it on the news page.

    Thanks for all the hard work.

    • Martijn Feb 08, 2015 


    • Drooneyef Feb 08, 2015 

      In that case sorry that i reported a bug here.
      After reading this post i thought this was the right spot for doing that.
      Just wanted to help.

  • Bazil Rodricks Feb 09, 2015 

    Hi, thx for the great work. Best Media SW around and I have been playing around with these for over 10years.Very few packages around I have not tried.

    We have a saying downunder” If it ain’t broke, Don’t Fix it”

    I have a setup that works great ( and thats a understatment ) with Gothman 13.2 including addon’s.

    What new Technical benifit does Kodi bring to the table.
    My main usage with Gotham is for Movies with preferably Video: HD 1080 , Audio : DTS-HD or MA ( 7.1 Ch ).
    Is Kodi going to offer any improment to this in Video or Audio playback.

    Bottom Line it would be good to have a side by side table showing the difference between Gotham 13.2 and Kodi 14.1
    This help to decide which way to Go.

    • BigJRM Feb 10, 2015 

      My suggestion is to try KODI 14.1 and see if it works on your system. If it works well, then you’re OK. If it doesn’t work well, either re-install your previous version or un-install KODI 14.1 and re-install your previous version. OR, just stay with what you have.

      If your computer is fairly new, and previous version have ran well, then you will probably have success with newer versions. If your computer is getting old, at some point a newer version will not support your older components. Then you will have to got back to the previous version or upgrade your computer.

      If you want improvements for your equipment, then the best way is to report problems with the log file to the proper place. Best of luck and happy viewing.

  • vipin Feb 09, 2015 

    I dowloaded kodi latest for windows to watch indian channels…but can’t find any link/add-on to watch…I watched plenty videos on youtube but they options they are telling to select..I can’t see that options…like program -> addon installer(can’t see this one)

    Can anybody help me out in this

  • evan Feb 09, 2015 

    kodi is down today? Doesn’t matter how i try to fix it, it doesn’t work. click on a video and it keeps waiting.

  • twitch Feb 09, 2015 

    hope it work when i install

  • mss627 Feb 10, 2015 

    In a world of 64 bit processors a 32 bit program doesn’t make sense. I can’t even use Kodi as my default player because Windows 8.1 doesn’t recognize it. Please consider a 64bit version.

    • KIb Feb 11, 2015 


  • BigJRM Feb 10, 2015 

    I must be one of the fortunate ones, I see very few problems with the updates. My system is an ASUS MB with Intel Atom 525, RCA theater sound system (SPDIF) and Sharp LED TV (HDMI) and KODI in START folder. If you do have problems with your setup, become more techie, learn how to send your problem and log file to the developers form. I have so few problems, I haven’t had to go this route.

    Each night when we watch our TV and KODI, I thank TEAM KODI for all the fine work they do to provide our free entertainment software. THANKS A LOT TEAM KODI, YOU ROCK! My wife and I certainly appreciate your excellent work.

  • Elizabeth Feb 11, 2015 

    I am using chromcast to mirror my note 4, 2 problems one the sound fades out after 10 mins or so and/or the Kodi stop working or Chromcast disconnect,,,,

  • ATi Feb 12, 2015 

    Hi to all…
    I get this error and cant fix it I tried all solutions but no work:( pls help me

    ERROR: unable to create gui, exiting

    Im usin with Pc-desktop Windows 7

  • Kodi Feb 13, 2015 

    Well thanks to google, I have learned of a Media player that shares my name xD

  • Rodro Feb 13, 2015 

    Hi guys!

    I have kodibuntu and recently upgraded from 14.0 to 14.1 via apt-get, and it started to work really slow, what in 14.0 took an instant in 14.1 takes a couples of seconds and video and music playback breaks up a lot (this worked fine before the upgrade).
    Any chance that the widows improvents had a negative impact on linux?


  • Steve Feb 13, 2015 

    When will Kodi support the retina display on the MacBook Pro?

    • Steve Feb 13, 2015 

      Further more, the iMac with Retina Display?

  • PietPara Feb 13, 2015 

    HI everyone,
    I followed the instructions for backing up the video library, as in http://kodi.wiki/view/HOW-TO:Backup_the_library. Including the NFO file export!
    All went well except that watched history and resume points are gone.

    So how´s that possible?


  • PietPara Feb 13, 2015 

    Jut installed Kodi and after installation it said it would uninstall XBMC and opy all settings etc over.
    But when I launched Kodi all Movies and TV shows are not there!
    Have to rescan again?

  • Bxdandada Feb 15, 2015 

    I download helix 14.1 numerous of times and installed on my raspberry pi with the date stating the year is 1969 try changing it in settings still stays the same help please

  • Moiz Feb 15, 2015 

    Screen doesnt display while play video or live tv on android smartphone

  • SeanH Feb 15, 2015 

    Thanks, KODI team. I’ve had smooth sailing on ubuntu htpc and raspberrys. Awesome program, awesome support, stablility on so many platforms. It is really remarkable.


  • Steve B Feb 18, 2015 

    I just upgraded to 14.1 and I too am getting LOTS of crashes. Crashes randomly, multiple times during movies, YouTube streaming, sitting still, when I sneeze or belch too loud, etc. Turning webserver off literally kills most of the functionality in my setup. Reverting back to 13 apparently isn’t an option either.. Awesome.

  • Vinay Kumar Feb 20, 2015 

    When I run Kodi and install other skins, my system crashes.

  • SURYA VAMSI Feb 24, 2015 

    My screen is not displaying when i run kodi and help me to solve the problem and iam thinking that you will soon give me a solution

  • Bugsy Mar 05, 2015 

    If I copy my .Kodi folder from my 14.1 Kodi install, uninstall/install 14.2 beta 1, can I copy my .Kodi folder over the new folder and have all my settings back? I assume this is not a problem for addons folder but there’s other folders such as system, etc. which may be unique to the release?

  • sai krishna Mar 06, 2015 


    it works great on my fire stick..no issues except not able to change video out put full hd to lower resolution . currently its shows disabled.

    please assist how to change resolution


  • Mark W Mar 09, 2015 

    Thanks Kodi team, replaced buggy XBMC 13.x on Windows 7 with Openelec Kodi 14.1 and works awesomely! Goodbye days of “teaching the family how to get back to Kodi after it jumps into Windows for some unknown reason”

  • SRN Mar 14, 2015 

    I started using Kodi with NTV add-on about 6 weeks ago and both Windows 7 and Android platforms and all worked fine.
    But a week or so ago the windows 7 version on my laptop stopped streaming the channels. I can click through to the desired channel but when it comes to the final click to show the stream the “working” message shows in the corner for a few seconds then nothing happens. If I click on the same channel again I get an error message saying I should check the logs (whereever they are?)
    I have tried complete uninstall and re-installs, using 14.1, 14.2 and version 15. and I get the same problem.

    If anyone has any idea what the problem might be, it would be great to have a solution?

    Many thanks

  • Neil Mar 18, 2015 

    I am using an MXQ andriod box and with XBMC 13.2 Gotham. How can I update it to Kodi 14.0 then 14.1?

  • Gawd Mar 19, 2015 

    Sorry if this isn’t the right thread for this, but I finally got around to downloading the Kodi update 14.1 onto my Minix Neo X8-H Plus box. After downloading it, I clicked to install and keep getting the message “xApp not installed”, apparently referring to the Kodi app. I don’t get it. I installed the Kodi app, have been clicking on the icon and watching programs on it for weeks. Why is the update process telling me I have not installed the app? I’ve tried it 4 times but keep getting the same roadblock. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  • Azad Mar 25, 2015 

    hi all and thanks for great job
    but i have aproblem with playlist
    its sad error script failed
    how can i fixed

  • Manos Mar 28, 2015 

    Hello all,

    how do i upgrade to 14.1 (using kodibuntu)?

    I have installed kodibuntu on dell 3020 from a usb stick, although i downloaded 14.1, version 14 has been installed.

    I did download it again, using the official link for 14.1, but again i see version 14.0.

    What i do wrong?

    Is there any auto update function?

  • RIco Mar 29, 2015 

    How do I update Kodi 14.0 to 14.2 ? I am using Amazon Fire Tv. Cuurenty have Kodi 14.0 and when trying to install using adb. adb install kodi-14.2xxxxxxx I get the message stating FAILURE [INSTALL_FAILED_ALREADY_EXIST]. DOes anyone know what I am doing wrong?

  • Mandy Casteels Mar 29, 2015 

    Can you download Kodi 14.2 onto an xbox 360 or a samsung smart tv and if so how do i do this

  • Ab Apr 03, 2015 

    Hey guys. I’m using a android TV box. I installed Kodi and it works fine for a few days but then it stops working. When I click on an addon it tries to open it and then freezes and crashes. Or sometimes it cannot find the file even though it would find on my Apple TV. When I reinstall it works again for a few days and then the same thing happens. I’ve tried Kodi 14.0 14.2. Can anyone help please?

    • workout Apr 08, 2015 

      Whats the name of your android tv box?

  • Rich Apr 09, 2015 

    Is there a way to go back to the older stable version of this program? I have nothing but problems with this “Stable” 14.2 version. Hope the dev’s come up with some fixes. I have faith in you guys.

  • jyhtip Apr 11, 2015 

    The “search error No results” box would not go away on my screen no matter wht I uninstall or i switch the Kodi off and on again. Please help):

    • Kib Apr 17, 2015 

      You used a wizard you acquired somewhere else that does many things you are not aware of – one of which is setting up a subscription to their own twitter feed. Since the twitter add-on is currently broken you get an error.

      How to solve this:
      - Stop using wizards if you don’t know what they do. There is a reason why we do not support these wizards.
      - Alternatively disable the twitter add-on to get rid of the warning.
      - Learn how to use a forum instead of posting questions on an unrelated blog post.

  • LeeU Apr 14, 2015 

    I too have the same issue as jyhtip, the Search Error No Results notification is showing even if I turn off notifications and won’t disappear.

  • kobi Apr 15, 2015 

    I’m also having the same problem of the “search error no result” thing….

    • alyssa Apr 16, 2015 

      I’m having the same issue. Please help!

      • rawayg Apr 17, 2015 

        Ditto! Search Error keeps popping up!

  • Ab Apr 18, 2015 

    Sorry for late reply. It is a CS918 Android 4.4 Smart TV box. RK3188T Quad core. Any ideas?

  • I too am having the search error on my atv2 running 5.3 newest JB & Flashback and currently using 13.2 Ghotham because Kodi decided to screw atv2 customers. Xbmc/kodi got its start from apple tv so maybe you should continue supporting and more than that, you should make it better. All that to say i cant use my device as it sits i can redo the whole thing but this is time consuming. And i did NOT use any third party wizard that kodi does not support. So that twitter error excuse was incorrect. I didnt use atv2 for couple days came back and there is Search Error No Results at the bottom right. And there is no where else on the internet where people are mentioning this error so i applaud the gentlemen who broke your forums protocol, because now enough people will read this and get the problem fixed. Thank you

  • Kasif Apr 20, 2015 

    I got it guys. Just go to system>settings>add-ons>Enabled Add-ons>Services>twitter and then either disable that or uninstall it.

    Easy fix

    Hope that works for you..
    Lemme know


    • rprimus Apr 20, 2015 

      Hey Kasif,

      That worked.

      It would be good if there were a keyboard shortcut to enable/disable services.

    • C Apr 23, 2015 

      When I go to settings there is no add ons option

  • ZigZag Apr 21, 2015 

    Thank you so much! This was driving me nuts, and this was the only place I saw postings about it. Finally! It’s fixed!

  • anthhony May 22, 2015 

    Kodi goes through sequene but stops and working circle ( bottom right corner) freezes
    Anybody help

  • Damo80 May 28, 2015 

    Hi, recently new to Kodi having never previously had xmbc.
    Kodi keeps kicking me off and back on the app screen of my Android TV-Box. Ive scoured the net for info how to fix this, so far i feel like ive wasted my money on this box, i know im new and probably just dont know what im doing but im just so frustrated with it currently

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