Kodi 14.2 – Helix: The Final Translation

Posted By: Nathan Betzen on Mar 28, 2015 in Release Announcements

We are proud to announce Kodi 14.2. This marks the final point release before we move on to Kodi 15 “Isengard.”

As you may all know by now, we have a new name, a new logo, and a wide variety of new features, but underneath the new coat of paint remains the same software we all love. 14.2 is the the second and final bug-fix release in the Helix range. Below you will find a list of fixes so far. In the Kodi 14.1 release announcement you can find the sum up of previous fixes done in the Helix range. For a list of major features in Kodi 14, see our Kodi 14 release announcement.

14.2 Fixes

  • * Fix: Application stopped responding on Windows
  • * Fix: Gap-less playback on MP3
  • * Fix: Playback of rtmp protocol
  • * Fix: Scanning of newly added episodes
  • * Fix: Fix multipath source scanning
  • * Fix: Loading external subtitles in some cases
  • * Fix: packaging of PIL module on Android. This fixes some script error when using weather add-on
  • * Fix: Fix video playback on all platform after refresh rate change
  • * Fix: Various bugs that were present in PVR add-ons.
  • * Fix: Save weather location
  • * Fix: Fix filtering of foreign add-ons
  • * Fix: ftps handling
  • * Fix: use LastWrite instead of ChangeTime for file system on Windows
  • * Feature: Bump OSX SDK to 10.10


Finally, the bug that haunted us in the 14.0 and 14.1 release has been solved. Windows should be stable again and perform as it should.

A Few Warnings and Notices

This release marks the switch to the new name Kodi. When you install this releases , your library and add-ons will be moved to Kodi, making reverting back to 13.2 fairly difficult. As such, it is recommended that you back up your library as well as your settings before installing Kodi.

If you are using a skin other than the default Confluence, it is possible that you may find the software keyboard blank as a result of the previously mentioned keyboard layout upgrade. If so, you need to either switch to a new skin, or see if your skin has a Helix update. While Kodi automatically checks for addon and skin updates, you can speed up this process by visiting the add-ons browser from the settings menu and selecting use the context menu for doing”Check for updates” or “force refresh”

Also, as Kodi is an unsigned application on OSX, you may need to go through a slightly different process to start it the first time. After you have copied Kodi to the Applications folder, you will need to “right click” or “two finger click” Kodi from within the Applications folder and select “Open” and then accept the warning. You should only need to do this the first time you run Kodi.

The Kodi Villain Shirt

This release coincides with the release of our Kodi Villain shirt and hoodie. We’re pretty excited about both and hope you like them too.



To upgrade from any previous build, just install on top of your current version.

How to Contribute

If you use Kodi, we encourage you to report problems with it on our forum first and after – if asked – submit bugs on Trac (following this guide: How to submit a bug report). Do note that we need detailed information so we can investigate the issue. We also appreciate providing support in our Forums where you can and donating to the XBMC Foundation if you like. For a current FAQ on Kodi 14, visit our Helix FAQ. You can of course also follow or help promote Kodi on any or all of our listed social networks.

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  • CDS Mar 28, 2015 

    Great work all. Congratulations! …and Thank You !

    • lim yen chung Mar 29, 2015 

      i second the proposition and many more features to come.

    • vik oris Jun 08, 2015 

      pls how do i correct error message backend player is active in kodi am using an adriod receiver

  • josch Mar 28, 2015 

    Great. Thanks!

  • David Nowak Mar 28, 2015 

    Fantastic work!!

  • Miguel Ribeiro Mar 28, 2015 

    Thank you guys. Great work!

  • mees Mar 28, 2015 

    Very nice.

  • Chiel Mar 28, 2015 

    Great work guys!! thnx

  • ubek Mar 28, 2015 

    Is it just me? After running sudo apt-get update/upgrade in Ubuntu, Kodi still stays 14.1…

    • Hitty Mar 28, 2015 

      The same situation

    • Kling76 Mar 28, 2015 

      It’s not available in stable PPA yet, only in unstable.

    • ubek Mar 28, 2015 

      it’s ok now. Thanks

  • Piotr Mar 28, 2015 

    ubek – same on my ubuntu server

  • Stepah Canelon Mar 28, 2015 

    Thanks so much for this release, great work!! Now I’m really excited for Isengard V15!

  • vinny Mar 28, 2015 

    Getting this crash now
    Process: Kodi [90046]
    Path: /Applications/Kodi.app/Contents/MacOS/Kodi
    Identifier: org.xbmc.kodi
    Version: 14.2. (Git-20150326-7cc53a9)
    Code Type: X86 (Native)
    Parent Process: launchd [153]

    Date/Time: 2015-03-28 06:54:09.894 -0700
    OS Version: Mac OS X Server 10.6.8 (10K549)
    Report Version: 6

    Exception Codes: 0×0000000000000001, 0×0000000000000000
    Crashed Thread: 0 Dispatch queue: com.apple.main-thread

    Thread 0 Crashed: Dispatch queue: com.apple.main-thread
    0 org.xbmc.kodi 0x00ca6f66 CCoreAudioDevice::GetTotalOutputChannels() const + 470
    1 org.xbmc.kodi 0x00ca8a7a CCoreAudioHardware::GetOutputDevices(std::list<unsigned long, std::allocator >*) + 442
    2 org.xbmc.kodi 0x00c879fc CAESinkDARWINOSX::EnumerateDevicesEx(std::vector<CAEDeviceInfo, std::allocator >&, bool) + 108
    3 org.xbmc.kodi 0x00ca3543 CAESinkFactory::EnumerateEx(std::vector<AESinkInfo, std::allocator >&, bool) + 131
    4 org.xbmc.kodi 0x00c9d557 ActiveAE::CActiveAESink::EnumerateSinkList(bool) + 183
    5 org.xbmc.kodi 0x00c9e3bb ActiveAE::CActiveAESink::GetDefaultDevice(bool) + 43
    6 org.xbmc.kodi 0x00c94355 ActiveAE::CActiveAE::GetDefaultDevice(bool) + 37
    7 org.xbmc.kodi 0x009b5dce CAEFactory::GetDefaultDevice(bool) + 46
    8 org.xbmc.kodi 0x006ad615 CSettings::InitializeDefaults() + 517
    9 org.xbmc.kodi 0x006a7220 CSettings::InitializeDefinitions() + 528
    10 org.xbmc.kodi 0x006a558c CSettings::Initialize() + 76
    11 org.xbmc.kodi 0x00010b45 CApplication::Create() + 3045
    12 org.xbmc.kodi 0x004edb82 XBMC_Run + 114
    13 org.xbmc.kodi 0x00ab6553 SDL_main + 179
    14 org.xbmc.kodi 0x00ab7d34 main + 1972
    15 org.xbmc.kodi 0×00009975 start + 53

    switched back to rc1, and all is well.

    • shame on you Mar 29, 2015 


      • Mempjhiz Mar 30, 2015 

        If you are using Snow Leopard (10.6.8) aswell i suspect that i can’t do anything for you. We bumped the OSX SDK to 10.10 (because we had to – the old release builder is not available anymore) and it theoretically should run fine on 10.6.8 – but the crashlog posted suggests that its not. Try to x86_64 build (maybe it helps) or stay at 14.1

        Sorry for the inconvenience.

    • Reality Apr 18, 2015 

      I love Kodi when it works but I get issue where Kodi loose responsiveness. Music still plays but Kodi does not respond. I also get I double click the shortcut but all the files are now missing and the shortcut points to nothing and I have to reinstall. I have never seen this issue before.

  • lezer Mar 28, 2015 

    This release marks the transition and paves the road to Isengard!

    • Matt Mar 28, 2015 

      They’re taking the Kodi to Isengard!

  • Dave Mar 28, 2015 

    Awesome nice work guys! I’m really digging the new shirts too, thanks!

  • sparklyballs Mar 28, 2015 

    watching tv via tvheadend and it still crashes about every 10 minutes.

    • zag Mar 29, 2015 

      I’m using TVheadend and its working perfectly here, never had a crash.

      For info its Version 3.9.2496

  • bd Mar 28, 2015 

    The 2nd bullet ‘* Fix: Gap-less playback on MP3′ should be removed or prefaced with an additional ‘*’ that indicates ‘not actually in this release, please wait for 15 or use a nightly build’. This should also be moved in the wiki ‘Common issues’ from ’4 Mac OS X/iOS’ to ’1 General’.


    Hopefully this will help prevent some needless head scratching.

  • BlueLineSwinger Mar 28, 2015 

    And basic FLAC image support is still broken. http://trac.kodi.tv/ticket/15642

    But hey, the weather app works…

  • Hongthat Vu Mar 28, 2015 

    Awesome nice works! Kodi works very well on AFV and windows. Thanks so much!!! Really much appreciated.

  • Chris Mar 28, 2015 

    Is the issue with backing out of movie collections fixed?

  • Patrick Flaherty Mar 29, 2015 

    Thank ye for all you time and effort, what can we say about you {Guys} Awesome

  • Marcel Mar 29, 2015 

    Nice work,
    I experience choppy FLAC playback on Android, all albums that played flawlessly on 14.1 now are choppy….Any Clues?

    • Ketchup Mar 29, 2015 

      A must read..kodi.wiki/view/HOW-TO:Modify_the_cache

  • JK Mar 29, 2015 

    14.2 ARM seems to be downloading as text instead of apk for me. Any way to fix?

    • metoo Mar 29, 2015 

      I’m having the same problem

    • Richmc1 Jun 26, 2015 

      Same problem just downloading as txt file. Any solutions and /options? Advice?

  • Haris Mar 29, 2015 

    Once again Awesome work!

    thx a lot

  • hdmkv Mar 29, 2015 

    Echoing other sentiments here… awesome work! Love Kodi, use it daily! :)

  • morbid Mar 30, 2015 

    Nice! Hopefully the mirrors will be populated with the source soon.

  • DOA Mar 30, 2015 

    Anyone still experience black/no video with audio during Live TV on the Android version of Kodi 14.2?

    • lordmikkel Apr 20, 2015 

      still found 14.2 for android not so stable.. i went back to 14.0

    • Arturo Apr 22, 2015 

      Yes, just installed Kodi 14.2 and video is not showing. Do you have any possible solution?

  • Rich Mar 30, 2015 

    How can I buy a t-shirt over in the UK?

  • ManH Mar 30, 2015 

    So assume one is a numpty and upgraded from gotham to kodi 14.2 without reading release notes and now has kodi starting up fine and doing it’s thing, but everything is blank (keyboard/menu items) and no way to figure out how to change skin to fix. Is there a way to reset the skin by updating a config file directly so that we can fix the theme issue without starting from scratch again … wanna keep my history and mods, etcc

    • Kib Apr 20, 2015 

      Edit (or rename) your guisettings.xml

  • sovaby Mar 30, 2015 

    Good job ! Congratulations to all the lovers Kodi =)

  • Vince Mar 30, 2015 

    Were there any changes between Windows 14.2 beta and the final release mentioned above? I was trying to find info on that but didn’t seem to find anything, sorry if I overlooked this somewhere.


    And as always this is still the kind of media centers! Thanks for all the hard work from everyone!

  • zerobad Mar 31, 2015 

    kodi not workind right after firestick update anyone haveing the problem

  • RWCH Mar 31, 2015 

    A lot of respect for the devs. Thank you for this awesome software!

  • Ruben Mar 31, 2015 

    unable to add repositories don’t know why

  • Strat Mar 31, 2015 

    Failed to update my xbmcbuntu from 14.1 to 14.2 :-(

  • squalo44 Mar 31, 2015 

    Graet work ….. IPTV Simple Client not running on 14.2, it is an iptv simple client addon update required?

  • Jess Apr 01, 2015 

    Is there a reason there still isn’t a source release? This really is needed for other distributions to properly support Kodi.

  • Jess Apr 01, 2015 

    Source release is on github: https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/archive/14.2-Helix.tar.gz

    Can you please add it to the webserver as well?

    • morbid Apr 01, 2015 

      Thanks! I was concerned they stopped providing the tar as all their Linux docs said to do a git pull. I’ve been trying to build with the Helix git branch and have been working through various build issues.

      • Kib Apr 20, 2015 

        There is absolutely no difference between the sources we put on the mirrors and the one downloaded from github. Actually that is how I put it on the mirrors in the first place: I download it from github and rename the download.

  • User2 Apr 01, 2015 

    Feature request: autoupdating.

  • icecold1 Apr 01, 2015 

    I am new to this but i have tv box android 4.2 i deleted xbmc on box and and i put kodi on it and i have no picture it is ruing in back ground

  • Azndrifter Apr 02, 2015 

    Long finger press on Android no longer working!!!!!!

    bug report.

    • Azndrifter Apr 02, 2015 

      Never mind it might just be my phone. It started working after I restarted kodi. No clue what did that might be something to look into.

  • micho_shaft Apr 02, 2015 

    KODI crash on windows 8.1
    It can not be run on windows 8.1 KODI . KODIstart and after a few minutes of windows gives the message :
    KODI has as stop working
    A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close thw program and notify you if a solution is available

  • sam Apr 03, 2015 


    Can someone please tell me what is the best skin for this version? I am using nebula on my fire tv.

  • Dave Seldon Apr 03, 2015 

    How do I turn the external player off on kodi android m3 box think it’s a 14.2 build it keeps coming up with resume when playback finished external player playing when I go to play movies dave Seldon

  • Dragon Apr 04, 2015 

    I have been using and older version of kodi on my old laptop (win7) for some time now flawlessly but I have installed and uninstalled 14.2 half a dozen times on my new laptop (win8.1) and cannot make it do anything but stare at me when I click “Add source” to get started. Am I missing something, is this an O.S. issue? I’m at a loss.

    • Gawd Apr 18, 2015 

      Dragon, you’re either going to hate or love this reply, but I think I can help you. I swear I went through the exact same frustrating process as you, even returned a media streaming box to the manufacturer and got a replacement over it…But it turns out that early “Add source” step is the ONLY step in the process that requires two (2) clicks of your mouse instead of one. Seriously, that is all it was. I only needed to give the “Add source” option a double click instead of a single click. First time I have admitted this publicly. lol.

  • marant69 Apr 06, 2015 

    Kodi 14.2 helix still crashing in windows 7.

  • DonH Apr 08, 2015 

    Reading these comments is like a foreign language. Confluence, skins, repos, 14.2. All I wanted was free cable. What a waste of money and 80 hours of my life I’ll never get back. Here’s an idea; make a system that normal, non-computer programming people can understand. I had geek squad tell me they didn’t have any associates that could help me. What a scam, do all these people work for Kodi? Can I get in on this Ponzi scheme?

    • Tanya Apr 08, 2015 

      Just wanted to let you know this isn’t a scam and the reason why you might be having problems is that Kodi 14.2 isn’t working correctly. I have been using Kodi for over a year now and love it. They just did update but it still had some issues if you have read other people’s posts. Give this program a few more days and they will figure all the kinks out. If you really want download an older version of Kodi and it should work just fine.

    • lezer Apr 09, 2015 

      If you would have done minimal effort you would have noticed that kodi is certainly NOT met for cutting cable or other illegale services. It’s written to play your local content.

    • Sandy Apr 22, 2015 

      Hi DonH

      Same as you i spent hours trying to figure this whole Kodi thing out, but now working great on my windows 8.1 pc. Best advice is youtube. Better to do the youtube thing on another device from the one your running Kodi that way you can pause and rewind to catch all the different steps. Good Luck.

    • SHUSH May 03, 2015 

      Wow. Were you born that stupid or did you have to work at it?

  • kaxxa tv Apr 10, 2015 

    My stable helix 14.2

    still refuses to shut down properly. I still have to alt+ctrl+del !

    The latest *redacted* worked only once, and now, nothing !!

    Often, Kodi crushes. Using Win 8.1 fully udated and genuine !

    • Kib Apr 20, 2015 

      We do not support piracy video streams. Please go elsewehere.

  • kaxxa tv Apr 10, 2015 

    Frodo 12.3 on my old XP machine is still the best !!

  • Jeff Apr 11, 2015 

    14.2 seem very unstable, constantly crashes. I’ve fresh installed it but still no luck. I’ve reverted to 14.0 until the next release as it’s more stable & faster.

  • Gawd Apr 12, 2015 

    I have easily installed this great program on at least 10 different devices; Android phones, iPads, Android tablets, Windows computers, Android based media streaming boxes, etc., But I am now suddenly getting a “unable to install/no room to install the Kodi program” notice on the 3 most recent attempts to download/install on three different Android phones, an OPPO and two Samsungs. There is plenty of space available on these phones, they are practically new, but I keep getting that notice that there is no room for the Kodi program and it therefore cannot be installed. Anyone else getting this notice on new phone install attempts? I went to the TVMC for Android option on another site and installed that without a problem.

  • Gawd Apr 14, 2015 

    “Search Error
    No Results”

    Getting that message in the lower right corner all the time now. Tried everything short of uninstalling Kodi/xbmc and starting over. I really don’t want to risk that because my recent attempts to download and install Kodi 14.2 to eliminate the update notice on TVMC and xbmc for Minix results in zero success, at the Open File step it tells me the app (Kodi) is not installed. Yes, I know that. I am trying to install it now. Lol. Am getting more glitches than ever since 14.2 just trying to do the simplest things I never had problems doing before. Any suggestions for how to get rid of that “Search Error…” flag stuck on my screen?

    • Jbell Apr 16, 2015 

      Just found solution on another website. Go to settings>add-ons>get add-ons>kodi add-on repository>services>Twitter feeds and click disabled. It fixed my same problem I was having

      • Gawd Apr 18, 2015 

        Jbell, that did it! The “Search Error/No Results” pop up would eventually go away after an hour or two, but would always come back as soon as I re-started Kodi. This time I re-started it, got the pop up as before but killed it using your solution. Thank you so much!

    • Kib Apr 20, 2015 

      You used a ‘wizard’ from another site, which we explicitely tell people not to use. It preconfigured twitter for you without you knowing. Twitter changed its website and that caused the add-on not to work anymore.

      Read more about this ‘wizard’ here: http://kodi.wiki/view/Wizard_warning

  • Rajesh Rajpal Apr 15, 2015 

    Sir, I have downloaded kodi helix for online tv viewing, but settings has to be done, before using the software successfully, will u pls send file for settings of kodi, install and run. ur feedback will be appreciated, as early as possible. INDIA.

  • diane Apr 15, 2015 

    I can’t seem to download kodi 14.2 arm to my androied box. It’s downloading as txt file instead of apk file.

  • M Wood Apr 18, 2015 

    Everyone on here probably knows this but i am gonna say it anyway I have found that you tube has a bunch of videos on KODI and some are really help full.The one thing i have not found is linux orAndroud or windows 7 or so the best os to use and get the best results.
    Anyone have a thought or opinion on this :-)

  • Nathan Apr 20, 2015 

    Cheers Guy – Love your hard work – Big love and big thanks and for anyone who is happy to take it
    ………………………. a big kiss X

  • amrpegasus Apr 20, 2015 

    i love you kodi

  • Joe Apr 22, 2015 

    I hate to say this but since upgrading to kodi 14.2 I’ve had nothing but trouble, keeps crashing. XBMC would crash on everynow and then but nowhere near as much as kodi.
    The program will load and will crash when selecting a movie or at the end of the movie or when I attempt to shut the program down. I’m running windows 8.1 64 bit with and I5 processor with 8gb ram.I upgraded from xbmc 13.2 to kodi 14.1 and then to the latest version.

  • Martin Masar Apr 25, 2015 

    Latest version and fast forward is still not fixed.. ok back to xbmc 13.2 again.. its rly sad that you can release something broken like this as final.. 32x FF on xbmc was superb fast.. now its super slow on kodi, but yet noone cares…

    • Martijn Apr 26, 2015 

      you call it broken, we call it fixed

  • andrew Apr 25, 2015 

    I’m having problems downloading this. it gets almost done then says it failed to do something. I can press retry but it does nothing. If I try to open it says d3dx9_43.dll is missing. how do I fix this

  • denisse Apr 29, 2015 

    i have a problem intall kodi 14.2 helix for my phone i need the ‘Add Sourec” help me plaase

  • Byron May 01, 2015 

    i am trying to the update and followed the instructions provided… but not it has been over 30 minutes and all i see is the android logo… and the orange light flashing intermittently… not sure what to do?

  • H. Armstrong May 04, 2015 

    >* Fix: Scanning of newly added episodes

    Hallelujah !!!

  • SSyar May 05, 2015 

    Well i recently started getting Windows Hang,., while running Kodi so upgrade from 14.2 beta to 14.2 stable, but it is still happening.,., !

  • Tim May 06, 2015 

    I have just installed kodi 14.1 and all works fine then it’s telling me to do the 1 click install for geekykit so I did and now when it loads there are 4 profiles and all but on has a master lock code and I never set it up I don’t know what it is and I need a master code to turn master code off lol is there a default master code or something pls any help would be appreciated I’m using a tlbb v2 thanks

    • Martijn May 06, 2015 

      We don’t support that version. We have no “1 click install”

  • Shen2000 May 07, 2015 

    How can I install the newer version of Kodi and not have to redo all the services/applications/favorites, etc that I now am using ??

  • K May 15, 2015 

    There is something wrong in language.When I use other languages in Win8.1,words disappear…….

  • Anthony May 15, 2015 

    Why are some tv programs disappearing. Once I watch I go back to watch them again and they are gone. Is this a new bug?

  • Manoj Mohan May 16, 2015 

    Cabt install on windows 7. Gets stuck at below line.

    C:\Users\Bob\AppData\Local\Temp\vc2013\vcredist_x86.exe” /q

  • mike dodge May 21, 2015 

    download to android, kodi 14.2 all good, but when then trying, system-file manager-add source, it gives the message
    “No PVR clients have been started yet. Wait for the PVR clients to start.” “Please check your configuration or check the log for details”.
    have looked but can not find any reference to this problem

  • Martin May 22, 2015 

    How can change the color font subtitle for some personalized color ? I wish use other color and not the defaults.

  • Regi May 24, 2015 

    Outstanding application of knowledge and technological advances! Thank you team (and community) KODI!

  • Paulo May 25, 2015 

    There is no 14.2 source available yet …

  • domenic May 25, 2015 


    I’m using the new helix (not the 15 one) but the screen is zoomed and shifted to the right

  • Bod Jane May 30, 2015 

    Am using windows 8.1 laptop and I cant get the add source window after installation
    Tried both helix and beta versions in Kodi website
    Cant get the window it doesnt do anything after click on add source in the File manager

    Please help!!!

    • Nocturn Jun 13, 2015 

      Same here. The Tab with “add Video Source” does not show up.
      So adding sources is not possible.

      Is there a fix?

  • Mike Jun 15, 2015 

    woke up this morning and all my settings were cleared on Kodi Version 14.2!
    does this happen often?
    Acer Veriton L460 Windows version 7 32-bit

  • Richmc1 Jun 26, 2015 

    14.2 arm downloads as a txt instead of Arm. is there another 14.2 available for download

  • dbMic Jun 29, 2015 

    First taste of Kodi here after being a long-time myth frontend user. With all respect to Myth (I still use the backend) this just awesome. Respect and thanks!

  • Robert Jul 03, 2015 

    I just downloaded Kodi 14.2. I went into systems then file manager clicked on “add source” then nothing. I should have a keyboard to add the source. Any suggestions?

  • Richard Jul 11, 2015 

    Just moved house and tried to get my Kodi Helix 14.2 to connect to wifi and its vanished. I go to system, Internet access and it no longer has network connection at the first option instead it just shows ‘use an Http proxy’ rather than being able to connect to my wifi. Any ideas?

  • aziz(auc Jul 14, 2015 

    14.2 version Helix PVR IPTV Simple Client error no fanction

  • LoLis Jul 18, 2015 

    Very good but every time i turn off my computer it loses everything; favorites, settings, skins, everything

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