Kodi 15.0 Isengard – Alpha 2

Posted By: Martijn Kaijser on Apr 01, 2015 in Pre-Release

In many ways, we could call Isengard the release that finally answers many of the oldest requests we have. With Alpha1 we introduced Skip Steps, which allow the user to more naturally and organically find the exact moment they are attempting to skip to in the show or movie, a request that’s existed since at least 2009. We also implemented external subtitle support over UPnP, another very old feature request. This month, we’ve added a few more.

Chapter Selector Window

It’s gone by a bunch of names in the forum, but one of the oldest requests we’ve had since porting away from the Xbox was for the ability to browse and visually select from the chapters available included in mkv and other files that support chapters. With Isengard, that is finally very possible. When you first launch a movie and navigate to the Bookmarks icon in the Video GUI, Kodi will automatically populate all the necessary bookmarks with the name and a picture of each chapter.



This process currently benefits from having a faster CPU, as the chapter images are generated using software, so the first time you open bookmarks on a new video using something like the Raspberry Pi 1 you may experience some severe hiccups. For this reason, this setting is disabled by default on slower devices. To enable visual chapters on slower devices, visit System -> Video -> File lists and select Extract chapter thumbnails. For speedy HTPCs, this setting is enabled by default.

Audio and Subtitle Lists

Many BluRay movies include a large number of audio and subtitle streams to choose from, including numerous director’s commentaries, alternative language tracks, etc. In the past, the user was forced to to slowly scroll through them, one item at a time, using something called a software spinner. Now, these streams are listed as one big list, so the user can easily find and select exactly the stream they are looking for.



Language Add-ons and an Expansion of International Options

Another big improvement with Isengard will be a far more precise control over most of the International settings, including the ability to individually adjust how your date and time are set, whether your temperature is listed as Fahrenheit, Celsius, or even Kelvin, and how you want the speed of your wind measured in the weather add-on.


Additionally, languages are now installed on a just-in-time basis. Rather than shipping with every possible language and needing to wait between releases for language updates, languages in Kodi have been add-on-ified so that changes can be fixed and updated almost instantly. This does mean that if you want to set up a new install of Kodi with anything other than the default English language, you will need to have your machine connected to the internet, so Kodi can download your preferred language.

Add-on Manager Improvements

Finally, work is being done presently to improve and simplify navigating the Add-on Manager. This will be an ongoing project, so please bear with us.


Other Improvements

There were 241 fixes, features, and improvements for Alpha2. Beyond the highlighted ones, here is a list of a few other improvements made.

  • * Tuxbox removal. Users of Enigma2 boxes can use the VUPlus PVR add-on
  • * Split PVR add-ons into separate projects
  • * Fix season art scraping on newly added seasons
  • * Immediately fetch updates from repository after major upgrade
  • * Improvement of installing new skins selection
  • * Remove legacy code pre-Frodo 11.0
  • * Add jump to first unwatched in TV section
  • * Remove certain codecs from our core code and made add-ons out of them. Audio encoders/decoders
  • * Removal of AFP filesystem support
  • * Windows DXVA HEVC hardware decoding support if driver and hardware support exist

The Kodi Villain Shirt

This release coincides with the release of our Kodi Villain shirt and hoodie. We’re pretty excited about both and hope you like them too.



Should you want to download and install this alpha (monthly) build please visit our download page.

Get involved

Getting involved is quite easy. Simply take the plunge and start using these 15.0 Isengard builds. If you use these builds, we encourage you to report problems with these builds on our forum first and after that, if asked, submit bugs on Trac (following this guide: How to submit a bug report). Do note that we need detailed information so we can investigate the issue. We also appreciate providing support in our Forums where you can, or donate to the XBMC Foundation if you like. You can of course also follow or help promote Kodi on all available social networks. Read more on the get involved page.

Discussion - 130 Comments

  • asd Apr 01, 2015 

    what about a new default skin? something more 2015ish like material design / 2D or lightweight optics

    • universal Apr 01, 2015 

      For those of you wanting a fresh look on skin please try https://github.com/uNiversaI/revamped.themes/releases

      its only a theme and the skin aside from the better graphics and fresh look no changes are made.

      its not official but it works well.

    • tim Apr 01, 2015 

      I think a Video Concerts Menu should be added by default on Confluence.
      Movies, Music, Video Concerts.

      • rolup Apr 01, 2015 

        Agree The ability to add options to the main menu in confluence. eg showing only horror movies or comedies only

    • Neogeo71 Apr 01, 2015 


      • A Apr 16, 2015 

        Yes! simply the best skin out there. fast and great for darker ambiance rooms

    • danny Apr 26, 2015 

      YES!!! what about the UI? looks like it was build by a 13 yr old kid!
      PLEX is far far ahead of XBMC of Kodi!

      • Kib Apr 28, 2015 

        Not only do we have almost all skins Plex has to offer, we have quite a few more. I’m guessing you never took a look at the different skins you can choose from.

    • Chris Beniot Apr 28, 2015 

      Hey Kodi I love your media centre i have been exploring from xbmc 10.1 onwards keep up the good work

  • Ricky Apr 01, 2015 

    I’m curious as to whether or not there are plans for an update functionality within Kodi? Today, I can see the latest release information in the RSS scroller on my homescreen, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to actually update the software without exiting Kodi, opening a browser window, and going through it that way.

    It’s really frustrating, and not at all intuitive or easy, since I have to then switch to keyboard input, instead of just being able to do it with my remote (or better yet, have it automatically happen in the background for major releases)

    • kib Apr 01, 2015 

      The reason this doesn’t exist is simply because we run on too many platforms. The update functionality would have to be cross-platform for all platforms we run on.
      If you want a pure settop-box like experience, OpenELEC already supports automatic updates between minor releases.

      Updating automatically between major releases is a whole different ballpark: even OpenELEC tells users to make a manual backup before doing a major upgrade.

    • Danial Behzadi Apr 02, 2015 

      This is feature which should be done by Operating System, not the app. If you use a modern OS, like GNU/Linux distros (Ubuntu, etc.), your Kodi would be updated automatically,

    • nedscott Apr 14, 2015 

      Actually, this is coming in the future. I don’t know if it will make it in time for v15, but for sure by v16 (knock on wood). Basically, we already have the ability to do this on Linux platforms, but it needs some fix or something, so we’ve mainly been waiting on Windows, Mac OS X, and Android to come along as well. Windows and OS X should come soon (already has a pull request for the code), and Android auto updates will come when we (hopefully) get all the Android App Store stuff worked out.

      • Samir Apr 17, 2015 

        Hi, that is great news… The ability to select the option of automatic update Windows KODI to the latest stable version would be fantastic.

        I’m currently rolling KODI out to non-techie users and if this could happen silently behind the scenes so useful.

        Love the work you all do.. I have been using XBMC for nearly ten years and it has come along way and the Live TV for example is so much more stable compared to the early days..

        Keep up the great work guys.


  • Alex Apr 01, 2015 

    Looks amazing, cant wait to try it out. Bought a sweater and a tshirt!

  • Peter Apr 01, 2015 

    So this isn’t april fools?

  • tim Apr 01, 2015 

    Great work.

    Many thanks

  • Rodalpho Apr 01, 2015 

    Heh, temps in kelvin. Open-source, never change!

    I didn’t know about the addons menu rearrangement, but after looking at the screenshot I immediately understood why and what you’re doing and I love it! It has always been counterintuitive to find what’s installed, to locate dependencies, etc. Looking forward to that.

    I agree that Confluence is looking a bit dated and would prefer something simpler/flatter, but I’ve tried literally every skin available and I keep coming back to Confluence. Most of them have things I can’t stand like right-side menus, or they lack Confluence’s excellent “media view”. Hopefully jezz_x keeps Confluence updated for a good long time.

    • Nathan Betzen Apr 01, 2015 

      If you like Kelvin as a temperature, take a closer look at the speed unit in the above picture. It’s my favorite.

      • DC Apr 01, 2015 

        There was a VMS (OS) system parameter that was in microfortnights/

  • bluenote Apr 01, 2015 

    I kept thinking, “Somebody really has no sense of humor, because a lot of this stuff is really needed, and if this is a joke it’s not really funny..”

    • Martijn Apr 01, 2015 

      Just download it and try. It’s no joke :)

    • kib Apr 02, 2015 

      It turns out this year we are just to cool to do april fools :)

  • Chris Apr 01, 2015 

    Chapter select option is cool. I can’t wait to try that out. As for the audio and subtitles list. Is that something sort of like what’s there now where I go to subtitles and it brings up a list? Does that mean I don’t have to load commentaries from movies that Kodi will find them online? Or am I reading that wrong?

    • Nathan Betzen Apr 02, 2015 

      The list is for subtitles that have already been included in your mkv or other file. If you don’t have any subtitles or additional audio streams actually in the file and need to d/l them then this isn’t useful.

  • Mike Apr 01, 2015 

    Given that UPNP has matured enough now to be a worthy replacement of MySQL, it would be nice to see UPNP library support in skins as standard.

    Having to modify skins (even Confluence) for UPNP library functionality is a sore point and IMO it’s restricting a lot of people who haven’t even heard of UPNP to go the MySQL route unnecessarily.

    • dfgas Apr 07, 2015 

      I use mysql for the reason I have 5 or more tvs with kodi on it and have the database synced between all of them

      • Hustle Hard Apr 09, 2015 

        how can I do this

  • WlgSpotter Apr 01, 2015 


    I’ve updated to Isengard Alpha 2 (from Alpha 1) on my 13″ Retina Macbook Pro running OSX 10.10.2, but noticed that all PVR addons has disappeared upon the upgrade. They were present in Alpha 1. Am I missing something here?



    • leobennz Apr 02, 2015 

      A few of mine has also gone missing

  • ultraLord Apr 01, 2015 

    It’s fantastic!

  • David Nowak Apr 01, 2015 

    Fantastic new Alpha release!! Keep up the great work! :)

  • PeterPeter Apr 01, 2015 

    Do you guys ever stop to breathe? Man you keep this moving.

  • Mike Apr 01, 2015 

    What is a villain tshirt? I just upgraded to 14 for goodness sake! You guys are fast.

    • Nathan Betzen Apr 02, 2015 

      It’s just the name we decided to give the shirt. And don’t worry about it. This is just an alpha build. You are welcome to stick to 14.2 for the present.

  • VIDEOgameDROME Apr 02, 2015 

    Fantastic! Thanks so much for your all your hard work! Can’t wait to try this out on my Ouya.

  • Salva Apr 02, 2015 

    Hi, I don’t understand how update the addon in this release of Kodi……its remove from the system?

    Thanks in advance

  • Eduard Gotwig Apr 02, 2015 

    I am sad, to read that you now want to introduce binary addons. That means the voice of the normal enduser is killed who wants to understand how each addon works, and opens the door for DRM and other big companies to release their proprietary software for Kodi.

    • kib Apr 02, 2015 

      It seems you missed something important. All binary addons that we deliver are build by ourselves from open source on GitHub.

      It just means we are extending the possibility to run not only add-ons written in python, but also add-ons written in real programming languages. As an example this makes it possible for people to start writing audio-DSP add-ons that hook directly into our AudioEngine to do cool stuff like room correction. Furthermore it enables a more modularized approach to our code, you can already see this with the existing binary add-ons like the PVR ones – they can be updated outside of the main release schedule and are only installed by the users who opted for them.

      As for the possibility for large companies to write official add-ons for Kodi – that is something that many people have wanted for a long time. DRM is very unlikely though, the video still passes through our video and audio players, so you’ll never be able to do a full DRM-protected chain. What you will see is something like the HDHomeRun Live TV add-on that was just released.

    • Serafin Apr 29, 2015 

      I am fine with DRM addons. I pay for services such as Netflix and Hulu yet I can’t use them fully because of those companies having very legitimate concerns about copyright infringement… In fact, I have been pushed to use “addons which shall not be named” because of these limitations.

  • Digitallife Apr 02, 2015 

    Great job guys!

  • HwyXingFrog Apr 02, 2015 

    Best April fools from XBMC in years. I was actually expecting and looking forward to a good one. And yet again I’ve been fooled, save April 1 for a legit announcement. I was legitimately reading it waiting for the kicker. Clap………Clap……..Clap.

  • Calcifer73 Apr 02, 2015 

    I tested very rapidly the new chapter selector window , it’s great !!! (My wife loves you guy’s ;)
    On a side note , I’ve many interlaced movies and the generated thumbnail aren’t very “eye candy”.
    Do you plan to work on it or will it stay as it is ?

    • Kib Apr 02, 2015 

      Now that it is in, like any other feature it can be improved upon. That’s the beauty of open source.

  • Harley Apr 02, 2015 

    Cool! Is this new Chapter Selector Window also available for DVD-Video movies and Blu-ray Disc movies if they too have chapters? Can you still browse and visually select from the chapters available in those with this when no DVD/Blu-ray menus are available?

    In addition, have you seen how extra cool chapter selector works visually in playback on PS3/PSP? That is, when you highlight a chapter on PS3/PSP then starts playing the video while inside the chapter selector as a small window, this is a very cool effect.

  • glenn-dandy Apr 02, 2015 

    Nice upgrades but what means,Add jump to first unwatched in TV section?

    Is it the function to switch between 2 channels?

  • JockeSve Apr 02, 2015 

    Any news/changes for photos/pictures handling?

  • QLink Apr 02, 2015 

    anything new about integration of retroplayer in kodi 15 ?

    • Szymon Apr 02, 2015 

      I’m also interested. Will you incorporate it into 15?

    • Simon Apr 02, 2015 

      I read somewhere in the Forum that RetroPlayer will not make it into Isengard – simply because its not finished yet. Biggest issue on RetroPlayer is still proper input handling, however its making good progress and the only developer for RetroPlayer (Garbear) is doing a great job to make sure RetroPlayer becomes reality. :)

      I think its more realistic for Version 16 of Kodi (whenever that may be – maybe a nice christmas present for 2015). Keep an eye on the Forums to track the work on RetroPlayer … however I also cannot wait for it as I am a big Retro Gaming Fan myself!

  • Deathbringer Apr 02, 2015 

    The list for audio/subtitle selection for me is such a tiny improvement, I’m wondering why you even putting this up as news. Still waiting for a functionality to choose the audio/subtitle before starting the movie, having to check and switch audio/subtitle after playback started on every single occasion is just so annoying, but I’ve not found any way round it. Almost all of my Movies have 2 audio tracks (OV, mostly english and german), which one I want to use depends on who is watching with me, so something I can’t handle via the default language.

    • Kib Apr 02, 2015 

      We are putting it there, because it is a list of the smaller stuff that went in between Alpha 1 and Alpha 2 and something that has been requested by many people.

    • HBKsweden Apr 02, 2015 

      Great idea.

    • Pko66 Apr 07, 2015 

      That can be accomplished with two user profiles, one for each language with the appropriate defaults. If both use the same database, watched status etc. are kept the same. Unfortunately, switching user profiles was very cumbersome last time I checked.

  • T Apr 02, 2015 

    dammit, no april fool’s joke this year

    • Bonolio Apr 04, 2015 

      On a day when everyone is expecting a joke, the best joke of all is a legitimate release announcement.

      How many people reread the announcement multiple times looking for the punch line.

      When the unexpected becomes expected ….

  • cc Apr 02, 2015 

    why did you remove daap support? does that mean no longer streaming from iDevices to Kodi? Will there be an alternative or or we just busted in the future conccerning to this?

  • joe Apr 02, 2015 

    heading towards 60 ( as you will too sooner or later too) I very much missed the option of having some audio add on / plug-in like an equalizer or all the cool DSP plug-inns I had in winamp 2.
    If I understand it right that is now possible thanks to:
    * Remove certain codecs from our core code and made add-ons out of them. Audio encoders/decoders
    did I understand that right?

    and btw, thanks for all your work, it is appreciated.

    • Vortex Apr 05, 2015 

      I want equalizer to..!!

    • Kib Apr 08, 2015 

      Take a look at my answer concerning binary addons above, I link to the development thread for the AudioDSP addons.

  • artur Apr 02, 2015 

    What hardware or driver required for hevc support?

  • Marc Apr 02, 2015 

    Hi I tried to update from 14.1 to 15.2 and now kodi is stuck on a boot loop I’ve tried to reboot my box but no joy anything I can do before I delete and start again using MINIX 8h

    • paul Apr 13, 2015 

      If you let it be. After a couple of minutes, Kodi will finally run. This happens on my Fire TV. The next time it still loop boot but only 4-5 times.

  • FLaSH Apr 02, 2015 

    Is there no german shop for the new short?

    • Nathan Betzen Apr 02, 2015 

      We’re actually looking into making a Euro-specific shop right now. That’ll probably be our next offer.

  • Traker1001 Apr 03, 2015 

    I love it. Its some really awesome work.

  • Tommy Apr 03, 2015 

    Great work, think I was to eager to try, got some problems :)

    Isengard seems to search for some files that do not exist in my share it does it for every movie I got: the files are called “/VIDEO_TS/VIDEO_TS.IFO” and “BDMV/index.bdmv when searching for that path kodi gets unresponsive at least while trying to find them which takes longer than I’m willing to wait.
    This is the message in the kodi.log (i’ve removed the actual path and my username)
    T:5960 WARNING: XFILE::CWin32SMBDirectory::ConnectAndAuthenticate: Can’t connect to “\\myactualpath/VIDEO_TS/VIDEO_TS.IFO” with username and with password. Error code: 3
    T:5960 WARNING: XFILE::CWin32SMBDirectory::ConnectAndAuthenticate: Can’t connect to “\\myactualpath/BDMV/index.bdmv” with username and with password. Error code: 3

    Doing a library update results the following message, once for each of my paths:
    T:7504 WARNING: VIDEO::CVideoInfoScanner::Process directory ‘smb://mypath/’ does not exist – skipping scan.

    The paths are working in previous Kodi and xbmc.

    Same problem in windows and android version.

    It all works fine in 14.2 and previous.

    I use a mysql database and all files are on smb shares.

    • Kib Apr 16, 2015 

      Please post a full debug log to the forums and make a thread there.

  • gordon Apr 03, 2015 

    Does this version comes with “project to tv” button in the windows version?

  • Tyler Apr 03, 2015 

    Is this the place to report bugs on this?

    I don’t see a place on the forums for it


    AnalogFastForward/rewind seems to crash kodi when using them on my 360 controller triggers.

    Tried using them on dpad and it just goes straight to 32x.

    Is this because of this update? Is there a new setting i should use in controller configuration other than “AnalogRewind” “AnalogFastForward”?

  • BartOtten Apr 03, 2015 

    Nice to see some work being done in The addon/repository departement. I see the idea behind the changes from a dev view, but doubt it really increases the usability. Complaining is easy….so I will create a proposal ;)

  • John Apr 03, 2015 

    Will the Google Play Alpha version be updated instantly?

  • suporti Apr 04, 2015 

    Kodi not supported external usb wired RTL 8150

  • Fabian Apr 04, 2015 

    What about the function of dual audio output? Meaning the audio output from HDMI and S/PDIF at the same time? Do we still have to install the separate unofficial patch or will Isengard provide this option?

  • Gerry Apr 04, 2015 

    Don’t like skip steps. Is there some way to disable them and go back to the old way?

  • flhthemi Apr 04, 2015 

    Will you put back the ability to “Check For Updates” – “Force Refresh” (in context menu). Kodi, for me, has NEVER been very good at updating addons. I have always had to check for them manually to get them. Well, now I can’t and I have doubts that Kodi will get them. You can’t even force a refresh on a repo with this alpha version so I had to drop back to 14.2…..please???

  • Hakan Apr 04, 2015 

    What about AirPlay functionality?

    Is it going to be fixed?

    • Gerry Apr 04, 2015 

      Airplay works for me.

  • Jeff Hall Apr 05, 2015 

    I use Kodibuntu the latest build, how do I upgrade it to the alpha 15.0 for testing ?

    OR is 15.0 only ever going to be available as a package on linux distro?

    Thanks all :)

  • b willderd Apr 05, 2015 

    can i install kodi 14.2 using file manager

  • b willderd Apr 05, 2015 

    on atv2 sorry

  • Nadrach Apr 07, 2015 

    Microfortnights?! Did they actually make it into an OS? Good grief. They were part of the RTF system (Rod, Ton, Fortnight) created by a bunch of fed-up students at the time of FPS, CGS, SI, et al (OK, somewhere about 1972, in a University in North Wales) … one of us (possibly me, I was a bit picky at the time) complained that all the systems used seconds for time and wasn’t it interesting that a microfortnight equalled about 1.2 seconds and 50 of them roughly equalled a minute. A round of beers later the realisation that 3 millifortnights was about an hour gave us several hours of fun (don’t knock it … North Wales in a wet winter can be a bit trying, even on the student psyche). My stars, but the idea that someone actually snuck it into an OS? Yay!

  • DelireWeb Apr 09, 2015 

    It says: “Many BluRay movies include a large number of audio and subtitle streams to choose from (…). Now, these streams are listed as one big list, so the user can easily find and select exactly the stream they are looking for.”

    My question: can Kodi really play BluRay Disks? I’m asking because it wasn’t supported before, even if we had another software like PowerDVD (some 3rd party module was avail but I haven’t tried it). Or are we talking about a ripped file, about a file format that’s been transcoded from a BluRay disk (it could have been transcoded from anywhwre actually)?… Understand that such statement can easily be misleading. Should talk aboyut containers instead, not about BluRay disks.

  • Inderjit Apr 09, 2015 

    sorry to advise tried on mobile and works fine.

  • Ali Apr 10, 2015 

    Awesome work guys,

    Are you guys looking into providing more “View Options” (for movies/Tv Shows). It seems like there are few of them at the moment and mostly all skins use the same Views with slight changes.

    Also is there a plan to include ExtendedInfo Script to KODI by default? I believe at the moment it requires Skin Support but if we include it as a default option in KODI than clicking on ARTIST’s picture should be able to trigger this script by default (Where at the moment clicking on artist lists all movies for that artist in your library).


  • Kaynim Apr 10, 2015 

    Isengard for android/arm had removed the need for root/SU on Android, which caused that the BDMV files cannot be played with hardware/GPU at MiBox2.
    Will you please add the need for root/SU on android? Thx a lot !

    • Martijn Apr 10, 2015 

      Nope, we will not change anything. Please ask the manufacturer to fix it

  • debennett2 Apr 10, 2015 

    I’m not sure what is going on with the audio engine but it seems to be broken. If I try to force 3.0 sound, for instance, I get no center channel. Likewise, if I setup as 5.1, if the audio is 2.0 (movie or music), it plays 5.1. This is bad because I’d rather listen to music stereo only…the original format being respected. Just doesn’t work that way. Anyone else seeing that? The upmix toggle is off.

    • Kib Apr 16, 2015 

      Post this with a link to a debug log to the forums.

  • Danny3 Apr 11, 2015 

    Hi guys,

    It’s a shame that you decided to impair your software based on internet connection
    Im talking about not including the languages
    I see that the installer has the option to choose what you want to install
    You could’ve let the user to take this decision
    So the full preset could include all languages and minimal no languages
    What’s even weirder is that you include re-Touched skin by default and not include the languages even though most of us don’t have touchscreens
    At least in offline mode we can istall the language from zip fil
    One extra step it’s not too bad.
    BTW, isee tha add-on are now splitted in top-level categories, please add those strings to Transifex and update the language add-ons, they are really outdated

    Other thing
    You say that you want the community to contribute and report bugs
    I have 2 unsolved bug reports for more than 1 month
    I know you’re busy but these 2 bugs should take less than 5 mins for an expirienced developer to solve.
    I even wrote the solutions I found in the comments
    I hope my cticism will help you make Kodi even better
    Thank you
    I have

  • o_neill Apr 11, 2015 

    Almost no issues on my site. For an alpha I’m impressed.
    Thank you the whole team for their work!

    One thing I noticed:
    The progress bar in file manager does not work anymore when copying files.

  • fredphoesh Apr 11, 2015 

    Hi guys, well done, keep it up!

    What I would LOVE to see is a greatly improved Artist Info display when listening to music.

    Fan Art, Artist Biography, Album Review, Lyrics… some of which you can do with Aeon Nox / Artist Slideshow… but not very well, not reliably, and frequently not working at all for no reason I have come to understand.

    PLEASE make this a standard item available to Confluence and all other skins… no other addons needed. It makes such a drastic enhancement to listening pleasure.

    Thanks again.

  • Mike Apr 12, 2015 

    Hi great work as usual ,for kodi etc
    just 1 question as I am testing alpha 1 and now on alpha 2 I have noticed that what ever you play within the alpha of kodi etc has moved e.g if watching film or tv show etc is no longer central to the screen its like shifted to the right ?

    any thought on this or is it that I have installed alpha as update instead of clean install ?

    • indie Apr 16, 2015 

      You are not the only one. I had the same problem as well for me works on my laptop and moile but when use on my android box is towards the bottom right when using 4.3 letter mode

    • Mike Apr 17, 2015 

      ref to a post i made regarding alpha 1 and 2 builds on android box where in kodi it shows film or show to right of screen . i took off the top codex in video and acceleration and this cured the problem . so any one having same issues that i did try that resolved for me until new alpha build to see if cures original with all codex on

  • paul Apr 13, 2015 

    I tried Kodi 15.0 Alpha 2 on my Amazon Fire TV and noticed some issues.
    Every time I reboot the Fire TV, Kodi has to restart more than 10 times to finally running. After that, it still takes 4-5 restart to run.

    I don’t have this problem with Windows 8.1. Kodi starts on the first try

    Anyone has the same problem?

  • BazRod Apr 14, 2015 

    Great works, You guys are too quick.
    By the time one stable version is released, Another alpha version is out.

    I am lost which way to go. Known devil ( Helix ) or Unknown Angel ( Isengard )

    It would make the decision easy, if there is a comparison table showing side by the the differences between Helix and Isengard e.g, Video, Audio, system settings, codec’s etc. . Pro’s and Con’s

    Helps to decide to move to the untrodden path if there is a rainbow at the end.

    • Tommy Apr 16, 2015 

      If you want to try the latest features and accept that not everything works or behaves as it should then use the latest.

      If you prefer stability and demand that stuff behaves as should then use the latest final release, 14.2

  • Smuller Apr 14, 2015 

    Are there any updates about 3D Blu ray ISO’S playback?

    • Tobi Apr 25, 2015 

      That is also my only one missing feature of kodi

  • Chris M Apr 14, 2015 

    THIS. I came here looking for a LiveCD for my no HDD Media Laptop, and I get greeted with a RWBY Screencap. Gonna go use this now.

  • Mehvan Apr 14, 2015 

    Hello my kodi is not workin alpha 2

  • Michael Apr 15, 2015 

    Please, include support external audio files for movies. Really miss this support.

  • Rajesh Apr 16, 2015 

    Dear friend. I have the trouble running your fine program on my computer. Please help.

  • Guest Apr 18, 2015 

    Great stuff. One of the oldest requests that I remember for Android users was to switch off the phisical buttons when Kodi is on. Are you able to implement that?

  • Barry Apr 19, 2015 

    Sounds great. Can’t wait to give it a whirl… Request: Ability to pause current playing movie, select menu item to “add note” about current movie, type in note and then resume watching movie… Later, a keyword search could be carried out to bring up all movies that you’ve noted have a particular issue, allowing you to more easily maintain your movie collection… Yes, I know about tags but they’re way too difficult to use for this purpose. ;-)

  • Ondrej Apr 19, 2015 

    Thanks for great job GUYS, but since I changed my NAS for TimeCapsule 2TB last generation, I can NOT see my shared folders. Checked many forums, try set up manually, but the message is ALWAYS (connection timed out!). Could you fix it in update or help how to make it working please? I tried all versions of Kodi – now latest Isangraad 04.18. Kodi runs on Android TV BOX RK3288. THANKS for help. Best Ondrej

  • Guest Apr 19, 2015 

    Kodi 15 will not work on an ouya console. Kodi 14.2 is great thou

    • VIDEOgameDROME May 24, 2015 

      Do you think it will ever run on Ouya or do I need to buy a new Android box to keep current? Just wondering…

  • Mikeyl Apr 20, 2015 

    I know atv support is no more but will this update to 15 be available for atv?

    • Kib Apr 20, 2015 

      You’ve already answered your question.
      Kodi 15 does not run on aTV – so the answer is no.

  • Dominic Apr 24, 2015 

    I´am a big Kodi fan und I want to thank all the devs who make the program to the most powerfull media center I have ever used (and I tried nearly all ^^).

    Keep up the good work!

    • Bob Willis Apr 27, 2015 

      Yes, thank you for all your hardwork! It’s the best media center ever!

  • satdz Apr 26, 2015 

    Hello all, I own a saw vu+ SOLO2 with xbmc Version 13.2 and I wonder when kodi version 15.1 will be available on the products seen + ??? thank you.

    • Kib Apr 28, 2015 

      You would have to ask the reseller.

  • Edward Apr 26, 2015 

    cant it have a way to include different playlists in pvr iptv simple client?

  • Marc-Au Apr 28, 2015 

    I just love Kodi, travelling a lot, I have a Mac mini with 4 To of Movie and tv Show and a Optoma pico projector plug to a portable theatre sound system.

    Speaking different language, I like to have all my movie in VO…

    I’m still waiting for a release with a multilingual option allowing to see the flags of the available language of every movies and tv shows… it’ll be also great if we can filter movie by audio language availability… we can do’it with the plain on board movie system, why not on Kodi ?

    Think about it !

  • Serafin Apr 29, 2015 

    The feature that I have been wanting for a long time is source selection in the library. If I have a video stored locally, on Netflix, and Amazon, the video is listed three times. The interface would be much improved if the video was only listed once, and when I select it, I am presented with a list of sources. This feature would be especially useful for a portable device such as a laptop or tv-stick that sometimes has access to local content on a home network and at other times can only use streams.

  • Gary Apr 30, 2015 

    Hello, I bought The box and can’t jet to manage how to set up Kodi

    • Kib Apr 30, 2015 

      We do not sell any boxes. I suggest you ask the company where you bought it.

  • rnegri Apr 30, 2015 

    What about ASIO driver in KODI? Should be included in new Isengard version?
    Is there a any news……as I know currently there is just audio option just for Direct Sound and WASAPI…..

    BTW….if I want to listen 192KHz audio, I must use Foobar2000!?

    Thanks in advance,

  • pgh4 May 01, 2015 

    Dear friends,
    There is still no parental control.
    It would be great to have the opportunity to assign a PEG code to each film and impose entry of a code for the view…
    Best regards.

  • Fire In the Hole May 01, 2015 

    Okay, we’re ready for the beta now. Thanks.

  • Clay May 12, 2015 

    Changes to the black bars cropping sucks. 20% isn’t enough. I’ve got poorly encoded DVDs that have 16:9 content in 4:3 video, so hardcoded letterboxing, but 20% isn’t enough for that to be dealt with. The old code would correctly detect the black bars and the 16:9 content would pretty much fill the 16:9 TV space. That isn’t happening now.

  • Marcius May 25, 2015 

    I want to thank the makers of this program, (Kodi). When I came across it. It blew my mind. Now I have the world at my fingertips. Keep up the good work.

  • Galdor Jul 26, 2015 

    i posted this earlier under RC2 i did install the latest stable Isengard but unfortunately the DLNA for me still isn’t showing subtitles. is this the same option as u-PnP or something completely different

About Kodi

Kodi is a free and open source media player application developed by the XBMC Foundation, a non-profit technology consortium. Kodi is available for multiple operating-systems and hardware platforms, featuring a 10-foot user interface for use with televisions and remote controls. It allows users to play and view most videos, music, podcasts, and other digital media files from local and network storage media and the internet.