Kodi 15.0 Isengard – Beta 2

Posted By: Martijn Kaijser on Jun 14, 2015 in Pre-Release

Here it is, the second beta build for Kodi 15.0; freshly baked and ready to be served! A little later than originally planned though, which we’ll explain later. Although we said that Kodi 15.0 a “clean-up” edition, we still managed to squeeze in a couple of really nice features. In total we had ~180 code change requests which were included since last beta release. All this sums up in a pretty big list of improvements and clean-up. As such we will only highlight some of the bigger changes.

Database clean-up

This was the actual reason for the beta 2 delay. With each Kodi release we do several database changes and as such need to upgrade the structure a bit. During last beta 1 release a problem arose that had been present during the past years but never really showed up as a problem, until now. As you add your media to the Kodi library we gather related information about the movies and shows from several websites like TheMovieDB and TheTVdb. It became clear that this data wasn’t always in the format we expected it to be. Some examples are additional spaces, line ending codes or wrong characters before and after actors, directors and such. The result was that some of these values were added as duplicates into the database as they didn’t have a perfect match each time. With the changes done in the last months this became a bigger problem for each database upgrade we do. This was reason enough to tackle this problem properly and do a clean-up session on current database version and make sure that new data is properly formatted before adding in new added video content. This clean-up session is a one time action for each device or MySQL database for this 15.0 release.

IMPORTANT: Depending on the size of your current library and the devices you are currently using, it may take some time before this process is completed. Especially people using the Raspberry-Pi and/or using MySQL libraries. Please do not turn off the device during initial start after this upgrade and wait till it’s finished. It may take from one second to one or two minutes before the database is migrated. This is a one time migration.

Refresh rate switching and 4K Playback on Android

One of the limitations of the Android platforms always was that it wasn’t capable of switching your screen to the same refresh-rate as the current playing video. This could cause a slight video stutter occasionally as video frames had to be duplicated to keep audio in sync. Since Android 5.0 there’s at least a way to set the preferred refresh-rate of the video output that could solve several of these problems. Do note that this feature is still in early stage and also needs proper firmware implementation of the device manufacturers. This could mean that your device only supports one mode while others support several. So this feature really depends on the combination of the Android devices and the connected display output. Do note that it’s  “preferred refresh-rate” and not “force refresh-rate“. This means that we can only indicate what we would like and then it’s up to the device if it actually will do this. To make use of this feature you need to manually enable “Adjust display refresh rate” which can be found in settings -> video -> playback. You may need to to alter the settings level before this becomes visible.


With the rise of all the new 4K content, playback devices and displays, having proper 4K playback on Android is becoming a more and more nice thing to have. Although true 4K implementation for applications like Kodi is only planned in Android M, one of our developer found a way to at least incorporate this for the Android 5.0 platform. With the help of the people from NVIDIA and their newly released SHIELD Android TV we can now say Kodi will do it’s user interface and video playback in full [email protected] should your device support this.

IMPORTANT: The improvements mentioned will require that you at least use Android 5.0 and your devices must have the proper implementation of these features to support it. It could mean that you have to wait for future firmware updates for your device.

Adaptive seeking

The Step Forward, Step Back and Small Step Back actions are now forwarded to a new seeking function that is configurable in the GUI via the Skip steps and Skip delay settings. It allows single skip steps backwards and forwards with the left and right cursor keys as before, however a new feature is that by pressing the left and right keys multiple times you can skip with increasingly larger steps. Another feature of this new seeking function is that music files can also now can make use of skip steps. You can watch this short YouTube video for a quick explanation:

For more on this see http://kodi.wiki/view/Skip_Steps

Improvements in 15.0 beta 2 since the release of beta 1

  • • Bump libCEC to 3.3.0 which fixes a variety of problems
  • • Reworked the storage provider on Android. This fixes several problems with mounting points for storage.
  • • Fix the queuing of music videos
  • • Improvement to FF/RW of videos
  • • Improvement to picons in livetv
  • • Prevention of clipping of rotated text, which happened in certain skins
  • • Improved logic to make PVR, audio encoders and audio decoders optional.
  • • Audio decoder and PVR add-ons are now disabled by default. When you want to use these you need to enable them manually.
  • • Fix launching of add-ons from the add-on information dialog
  • • Show progress for add-on repository update
  • • Properly fall back to the new language files location
  • • Fix of grouping movie sets when navigating in smartplaylists
  • • Fix wrong icon showing in popup dialogs
  • • Restore volume after pass-through on Android
  • • Combine previously split GUI text into a single string. This improves ability to properly translate them.
  • • Included newer version of several PVR add-ons
  • • Fix incorrect fall-back language after we made them into add-ons
  • • Fix 8channel audio conversion on Windows
  • • Try to detect supported sample rates on Android
  • • Do a complete video database clean-up session to remove leading/trailing spaces and invalid characters
  • • Prevent inserting leading/trailing spaces and invalid characters on new video scans
  • • Add season and episode labels to PVR section
  • • Fix possible font corruption
  • • Remove default 250ms audio delay on Android for AMLogic chipsets
  • • Fix subtitles showing on top of each other in certain cases

The complete list can be found on our Github beta 2 milestone.

Improvements so far in 15.0

Any other improvements have been covered in our previous release notes. More in depth information on the changes made in previous interim releases can be found through the following links


General: So far in 15.0 there are no add-on changes that would impact any add-ons except for PVR. Since our 12.x Frodo release there have been some gradual changes but in general all add-ons, even from that time should still work, of course there are some exceptions. If the add-ons worked in Gotham and in Helix then we are happy to say that all these add-ons should still work. It could be that not all PVR add-ons are fully adjusted and updated, though the developers will do their best to be ready for final release.

Skins: As of this moment, all skins that worked in 14.0 Helix should still work in 15.0 Isengard. In the PVR sections there are certain changes that might be noticeable and need specific skin changes. These changes are minimal and shouldn’t cause any major problems in usability. We’re sure that most skin creators will be updating the skins in due time. Before that happens you should be able to enjoy this beta build without any problems.

DirectX 11 upgrade (not included in 15.0)

DX11Although this release post is all about the upcoming 15.0 version, mentioning the DX11 upgrade for next version is very important. Since day and age Kodi (and XBMC in the past) has used the DirectX 9 implementation for various task of rendering the user interface and media playback. This almost dated back to the XBOX days. With the hardware industry moving and focussing more on the newer DX11 with their drivers, more people have problems with running our outdated DX 9 version. This could range from simply not starting, crashing just after loading, playing videos or having problems with hardware acceleration. One of our developers afedchin took on this task and completely revised our DirectX 9 implementation and upgraded it to the more current standard of DirectX 11. Don’t worry if you still have an older card, we only use low level features so you don’t need to run to the shop for new gear. If you are having problems on Windows you can head to our forum where you can find the most recent build available which is currently based on our 15.0 release. We appreciate all the feedback we can get. Read more: here. Again this will not be part of our final 15.0 release, it will be in 16.0

We need your help

With every release there comes a point where we as a team think we’re ready enough to call it “beta” and work our way to make it a final release. From this point on we need you, the users, to help test the builds we publish and report any problems you may encounter. As we are only a limited group of people who also use Kodi in their spare time, we are limited in the ways we can use and test Kodi to the full extent. We are grateful to the devoted users who have already helped us testing the alpha builds and the first beta build on day to day basis. Having many thousands more running and testing this beta we can hopefully work out some of the remaining issues that lie within our power.


Should you want to download and install this beta build please visit our download page.

After the beta release you can also install the nightly versions we build each day.

Other Software

In addition to creating Kodi, the members of Team Kodi have created official remotes to be installed on your tablet or phone.

Kore™ (Android) Official Kodi Remote (iOS)
org.xbmc.kore Official Kodi Remote (iOS)

Like Kodi™ itself, both official remotes are free and open source software.

Get involved

Getting involved is quite easy. Simply take the plunge and start using these 15.0 Isengard builds. If you use these builds, we encourage you to report problems with these builds on our forum first and after that, if asked, submit bugs on Trac (following this guide: How to submit a bug report). Do note that we need detailed information so we can investigate the issue. We also appreciate providing support to other users in our Forums where you can, or donate to the XBMC Foundation if you like. You can of course also follow or help promote Kodi on all available social networks. Read more on the get involved page.

Discussion - 132 Comments

  • Dominic F. Jun 14, 2015 

    I was curious if you have fixed the sound issue? Since the last time I upgraded my sound has not worked and I ended up installing xbmc, a very old version, but atleast it works.

    • LoneWolf Jun 15, 2015 

      Perhaps you could provide the devs more information about your audio (sound card, HDMI, what kind of graphics implementation if HDMI, television or receiver, etc.) to assist them in giving you a more concrete answer?

      Just a suggestion.

      • jason Aug 14, 2015 

        up until windows official launched I was using on-board sound. Now I’m using a d2x soundcard. Unfortunately the only time I can get koi to work with sound is to select the w thing (the last setting with DirectSound under audio). Doing this renders all my streaming form all internet sites useless. Usually all the streaming videos writhing all my browsers just show 1 frame and stop. When I change the audio setting in kodi to the normal default my streaming all works again but not sound in my kodi

    • rerry1000 Jun 16, 2015 

      heeyy you could make possible the dolby atmos audio support and support to 3D blu ray in framepacking to 1080p 24Hz 3D and the same to 4k 3D,
      have chance to this happens? i would love left pwer dvd behind but there some resources thats i use on power dvd thats kodi doesn’t have…
      so i can’t do that ://// unhappy about that

      • fritsch Jun 17, 2015 

        Atmos is there for ~ 6 months …

  • Doerwk Jun 14, 2015 

    I just watched the Video about the adaptive seeking. (THX 4 that)
    What exactly happens if i hold down the “seek forward”-button?
    Does Kodi keep seeking forward in 10sec steps or does it increase the seeking steps until the “seek forward”-button is released?

    • Kib Jun 15, 2015 

      The latter happens. You can set the delay until a new step is added in settings.

  • Eric Jun 14, 2015 

    Closed Caption on ATSC QAM (USA) works! I am happy to see it! I like the choices of foreground colors and they are great. However; they are hard to read when there are texts from the TV station that are behind closed captions which is difficult to read. I am wondering if background color can be added for easier reading? Usually it is black and looks like a box. When background is black, captions appear in a black box which is easy to read. Many many thanks for your outstanding work.

  • Eric Jun 14, 2015 

    One more thing. In Accessibility, there is closed caption feature that I enabled it. But it is not enabled by default on all channels. I have to enable it in every channel that I start watching. Kodi remembers closed caption setting for each channel after I restart Kodi. Can closed caption default be set once for all channels? For instance, in Accessibilty, Closed Caption is enabled, then alll channels have Closed Caption enabled. If it is disabled, then all channels do not have Closed Captioned. Thanks again for the great work you do for us!

  • Mitch Jun 14, 2015 

    The Ability to choose which Direct X versions to use would be incredibility useful. it would allow users with new hardware to take advantage of it, and users with older/legacy hardware could just switch down if they have problems.

    • Martijn Jun 14, 2015 

      It’s not as simple as you put it. You implement one specific version and that’s it. We will upgrade to DX11 but still use DX9 features. As such Older GPU will still work while we have more future proof code. I think we don’t even take advantage of any DX11 specific feature.

      • gary Jun 14, 2015 

        Are you limited in Video acceleration when keeping dx9 alive ? Or is it not depended on the dx11 version ?
        Can dx9 use all new HW video features (AMD VPU /INTEL Quicksync…)?

  • Anon Jun 14, 2015 

    The AniDB.mod Scaper has some problems since some days :/ Rolling back to Kodi 14 and it works again.

    And i have something small bug thats horrible annoying. I have have watches many Videos on YT and some other Plugins. This Videos are also in the DB and in each Database Cleanup he try to check this videos and that needs alot of time.

  • anbu Jun 14, 2015 

    Hope new version has pass through for DTS. Thanks for your great work. Any features added for 3D video?

    • Simon Plante Jun 17, 2015 

      For PC there is a passthrough for DTS. Go in System/System/Sound output (make sure setting are in expert mode) you can then choose enable passthrough. After you select which sound protocol you amp is supporting. DTS, DTS HD, AC3,… Note for some of the protocols your hardware must support bit streaming (True HD and DTS HD only I think, not sure the other ones).

  • Allan Jun 14, 2015 

    just updated to Kodi 15.0 Isengard – Beta 2
    and it crashes on nexus player when I try to access my files on smb.
    It only happens on nexus player.
    when I play files on smb from my nexus 5 or nexus 7 it works just fine.
    Only nexus player has the problem when playing from smb it crashes right after I select my hard drive or select smb from add videos

    • Nathan Betzen Jun 14, 2015 

      Could you post a debug log in the forum? Nexus Player crashes we take really seriously.

      • Allan Jun 14, 2015 
        • Allan Jun 15, 2015 

          I did a fresh install and it seemed to have fixed crashing on the nexus player,
          another person had to clear app data and it stopped crashing for them

          • David Jun 15, 2015 

            Yeah, I was the person suggesting clearing data. Every time I just TOUCHED the Videos section, it died on me. Then I cleared data, recreated my SMB share, and it worked fine.

          • Martijn Jun 15, 2015 

            We’ll look into it why it does that. No clue so far

  • TL2k2 Jun 14, 2015 

    i have a nvidia shield tv and i connecting it directly to my new samsung 4k tv, i already enable adjust frame rates and sync to display but all movies i tried playing at 60p n matter what, from 23.976, 24, 25, i know that as of now the 23.976 not working yet, but shouldn’t the 24p and 25p switch.

    • Martijn Jun 14, 2015 

      you may need newer firmware as we already have that. It is also mentioned explicitly that if it doesn’t work you need newer firmware

      • Wout Jun 16, 2015 

        Have you guys also tested it on the Nexus Player? It is even possible on that device?

  • Max Jun 14, 2015 

    Hi, I don’t see the Beta 2 published on the UNSTABLE repo (https://launchpad.net/~team-xbmc/+archive/ubuntu/unstable) Will it be aded later on?

    • Kib Jun 15, 2015 

      It always takes a bit longer to get on the PPA repos, but right now it is there.

  • SVz Jun 14, 2015 

    Same problem with Nexus player.
    All smb access crash kodi.

  • enen92 Jun 14, 2015 

    Awesome work.
    The only (minor) issue till now happens on android when changing volume up/down using the remote. It increases/reduces the android system volume and not the volume of kodi.
    Don’t know if it is supposed to work this way (in heiix it didn’t).

    Cheers and thanks

    • Ichijoe Jul 30, 2015 

      I can confirm this Bug… That I use Kodi to watch a lot of DVB-C->IPTV (Via Live TV & Simple IPTV PVR Backend). The greater end of these in Dolby Digital 2.0. And this is a deal breaker! The Keymap editor which used to work on Kodi 14.2… Seems to have take a jolly Holiday, on 15 Final.

      Please fix this in the next update!

  • K Jun 14, 2015 

    x86 and ARM are both crashing immediately on my Nexus player running Android M.

    • Martijn Jun 15, 2015 

      We known. Don’t use preview android m

  • nak Jun 15, 2015 

    Beta 2 build from unstable ppa is failing to build

    • Kib Jun 15, 2015 

      There is a compiled build in the PPA, so I am not completely sure what you mean ?

      • nak Jun 15, 2015 

        It was failing to build when it was first released yesterday. It looks OK today.

        • Kib Jun 16, 2015 

          Ah I see what you meant.
          Seems there was a small issue our PPA maintainer took care of.

  • BTW60 Jun 15, 2015 

    I hope that there will be broader user support for 4K TVs. I’ll keep watching the forums and G+ to see how to make the best of it. I have certainly enjoyed XBMC/Kodi so far…

  • pathartl Jun 15, 2015 

    “Fix of grouping movie sets when navigating in smartplaylists”

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! This has been bugging me so much when going through my library.

  • Luis Jun 15, 2015 

    Great news the skip steps for music files :) ) very important for large audio like mixes or records

  • Derby Jun 15, 2015 

    Do any of the changes to adaptive rate seeking impact on the Amazon Fire TV?

  • Daniel Jun 15, 2015 

    Hi guys,

    Since this is a clean-up edition it would be nice if you could solve some annnoying issues we have:

    1. Allow Kodi to be used by all users on a computer
    I don’t wan’t to give my other family members the password from my administrator account
    2. Use relative paths in portable mode
    3. Hide movie sets with only one movie

    Thank you

  • bossanov808 Jun 15, 2015 

    Hoping to see some action on this bug before B3/RC – pretty fundamental one if you like watching recent shows (i.e. sorting by episode count), it’s very bothersome & given Confluence has not ‘in progress’ type view…


  • Rocker Jun 15, 2015 

    Cool! Kodi is now also available on the Google Play Store


    Can’t wait too see how great native 4K skins will look!

  • Fabian Jun 15, 2015 

    Still missing the “Dual Audio Output”. Is it possible to integrate this feature, please, because it really sucks to install the patch everytime a newer version of Kodi is coming out and then the patch is not compatible anymore.
    PLEASE make this feature official! I miss it so much!

    • fritsch Jun 17, 2015 

      This won’t happen and is nowhere on our todo list. The technical realization of this patch (by just duplicating, tripleing Audio Engine itself) is nothing we want in our code.

  • sl443 Jun 15, 2015 

    Hi , running kodi isengard 15.0 beta 2 just downloaded and I am having sound issues, takes 1-2 mins for audio to kick in , it happens after finishing buffering also, minimized kodi whilst playing video re enter kodi unpause and sound works , running it on MINIX x5 mini

    • Martin Rushton Jul 25, 2015 

      Am having similar props running Kodi v15 on CS918 TV box, Android 4.2

      The worst offenders seem to be plugins for BBC iPlayer and FilmonTV but can also happen on video file playback from USB disc.

      Kodi v14 was ok.


  • Stefano Jun 15, 2015 

    I’m an owner of the Xtreamer Prodigy 4k and as many other users, I have this problem: I can’t reproduce videos with audio in Dolby Digital or DTS, not even with passthrough (Kodi reproduces only videos in stereo mode); this not happens when I see them with the stock media player…can someone give me an explanation? It depends to Kodi or to the hardware’s device? Thanks…

    • Chris Jun 16, 2015 

      Check your audio settings in Kodi. There are options for DTS and AC3 passthrough you may need to enable.

  • TL2k2 Jun 15, 2015 

    i updated my shield to FW 1.2 and playback mkv 1080p with 23.976 or 25fps still output 4k/60p, I’m using the playstore built, any idea, please help.

  • krish Jun 16, 2015 

    Updated to the latest version in windows and so far no issues. The only constant complain Ive got is the compatibility of WASAPI for AC3 files as for most of the AC3 format the audio passthrough wouldn’t work for me. It only works with Direct sound. It would be good if the kodi could detect this and automatically switchover to direct sound.

  • willem Jun 16, 2015 

    I started using Isengard with beta 1, now on beta 2. All is working well. Had the issue of subtitles’ borders that sometimes disappear, but I think that’s been solved, since I haven’t seen it anymore since beta 2. Sometimes on live tv / PVR I have 3 lines of subtitles that overlap, but that’s so seldom that I don’t really care about that.

    However, there’s one issue that I have since Isengard (and didn’t have with Helix): when watching a video on my Windows 8.1 HTPC, and trying to see info about it on my Android phone running Yatse, my Kodi on the HTPC crashes. About 25% of the times I check the ‘middle tab’ on Yatse (with the plot, actors etc.) I can get my Kodi box to crash, making it return to Windows. I’ll try and see if I can get a log or crashlog somewhere on the forum.

    Otherwise really satisfied ofcourse. :D

    • Kib Jun 18, 2015 

      We would be interested in a chrashlog. If you can reproduce it easily, just enable as much debugging as you can, restart Kodi, then try to reproduce as fast as possible. (to keep the log as small as possible).

      After obtaining the log, please upload the log somewhere and link to it in a forum post.

      • willem Jun 19, 2015 

        I placed a debug log in the Windows forum. Dunno if that’s the right place, but now you know where it is. ;)

  • Thomas Jun 16, 2015 

    I have installed Kodi on my Nexus Player from the Play Store. When I try to exit, it hangs. I don’t know if it’s “forever” but at least more than 5 minutes. So then I use the home button and go into settings to force close.

    Is this a known/common issue? I did not see it with beta 1.

  • Paul Jun 16, 2015 

    Beta 1 was running great on my android mxq box, this beta 2 has rendered kodi useless on it though, I get sound but no video, that can be fixed by turning off hardware acceleration for amcodec (worked fine with beta 1) which brings the video back but then performance really drops through the floor in kodi so that’s not a solution I can live with!

    Is beta 1 still available to download, I didn’t keep a copy of the installer.

  • Paul Jun 16, 2015 

    Forgot to say in my previous post, with this beta 2 when I check the video output settings there’s nothing there about what display mode or resolution kodi is set to use, not sure if that’s related to the issue of getting a black screen with no video when playing back videos.

    • Kib Jun 18, 2015 

      Probably because it is under Settings – System – Video Output and not under Settings – Videos.

      Make sure you change the Settings level if you can’t see the setting.
      More help needed? Please use the forum and not this blogpost comment section.

  • Felarrond Jun 16, 2015 

    Getting Kodi: Error ERROR: Unable to initialize. Exiting. Got this with the nightly builds as well. Anything after 15.0 Beta 1 gives me this error. Latest NVIDIA driver on dual GeForce 650 TI Boost running windows 8.1 with latest updates.

  • michael Jun 17, 2015 

    There are still some repositories not correctly loading due to force refresh option being remove also deleting database file doesn’t solve this. Will this be reimplemented?

  • Richard Whatley Jun 17, 2015 


    Kodi cannot detect a dvd video if its in my second dvd drive, with works OK in the “normal” Ubuntu interface. Looks like a bug of some sort.

  • Larry Fortna Jun 17, 2015 

    Just installed a fresh copy of 15.0.2 on a Raspberry Pi 2 (openELEC). Added two repositories. Attempted to install addons from the repositories and nothing happens. By that, I mean left clicking on the repository does not open the repository. Right clicking opens the settings, but launch is greyed out.

    I had 15.0.1 Beta installed and upgraded it to 15.0.2 and everything was working except I could not configure a VPN so decided to try a fresh install with this as the result.

    Logfile posted at http://pastebin.com/GT7nc5Rj

    • Larry Fortna Jun 17, 2015 

      Reinstalled a second time. This time I was able to get to the Kodi repositories so I assume the addon repositories just need to catch up.

      • Kib Jun 18, 2015 

        The official repositories do not need to be added.
        I’m glad you solved your issue but unofficial repositories have nothing to do with us, and we do not support them.

  • Larry Fortna Jun 17, 2015 

    What happened to the PVR clients? The previous version took you to the PVR clients list if you tried to enable TV, but this version says to refer to the wiki.

    • Larry Fortna Jun 17, 2015 

      Never mind… found them.

  • Steve Jun 18, 2015 

    For OS X, Retina Display support & the implementation of newly announced Metal.

  • fischgourmet Jun 18, 2015 

    Some HEVC files do not work with Isengard Beta 2. For example:


    See this ticket too:


    What are the chances that the problem is solved in the Isengard Final?

  • Daniel Jun 18, 2015 

    for me on my android stick app crashes after startup picture. I have a android S400 mini pc with android version 4.2.2

    Any suggestoin to fix my problem?

    Cheers Daniel

  • bledd Jun 18, 2015 

    Keep up the great work gents. Hugely appreciated.

    Such an awesome project.

  • Avi Jun 18, 2015 

    Just installed beta 2 on my Xtreamer Prodigy-4k. getting “static” noise out of my speakers.

    Connected using S/PDIF optical cable to a Pioneer VSX-822-K AVR.

    this issue is new because sound was OK in beta 1.

    When and if KODI for android will be able to pass 5.1 Surround over S/PDIF ?


    • Avi Jun 18, 2015 

      OK. This is an issue with the PASSTROUGH setting in system->audio output. Once I disable it sound is OK.

      • Lorka Jun 19, 2015 


        I have the same problem with a different device (Bbox Miami from french ISP basec on Marvell Armada 1500 Pro SOC on Android 4.2.2).

        On beta 1 with passthrough activated i had only stereo but no white noise. Now on beta 2 i still have juste stereo but with withe noise in addition (which is also the result i got from trying last version of SPMC for information).

        I can still use Kodi with no passthrough, anyway i have stereo in all cases (but only with Kodi, with integrated player i DO have 5.1).

        • Avi Jun 19, 2015 

          on the issue of 5.1 same here. Stereo with Kodi 5.1 DTS and Dolby) with native palyer.

        • Kianouch Sep 27, 2015 

          Same issue here : Bbox Miami and broken audio passthrough using SPDIF.
          Used to work fine with older Kodi…

          Let’s hope we can get some help here :

  • PapaBear Jun 19, 2015 

    Unable to connect to SMB on Android. Lets me put in username, but removes password when I click OK.Worked fine in Helix
    Running on RCA 11Maven Pro.

    • nz Jun 21, 2015 

      I’m experiencing the same issue

    • Tarkus_ Jun 24, 2015 

      Same here. Been an issue all along on Isengard for Android. No such issues in the Isengard Windows version, and no such issues in Helix for Android.

  • Rakun Jun 19, 2015 

    I find one issue at Isengard Beta 2. In PVR IPTV Simple Client at some channels the subtitle lines are mixed. First one is actually below the second one. Can’t fix it.

  • skyhiyatrist Jun 19, 2015 

    is it better to do a fresh install, or just upgrade from helix14.2?

  • Yanno Jun 19, 2015 

    Why is kodi restart everytime I switch between applications?

  • madman Jun 19, 2015 

    Is it possible to get kodi on this smart tv https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CfeJYCn_C2U answers pls need to no

  • Bradical Jun 20, 2015 

    Hi, just DL 15.0beta 2 the video play back was off. The screen was off centered. I’ve seen this before on cloned m8 box’s. So I went to disable amcodec in accelerated hardware and it fixed the issue . With the same box on helix I did not have to disable any thing. I’d there a better fix?

  • darren cole Jun 20, 2015 

    Hi guys

    I have tried to upload the apk file onto my mx2 box and it says I don’t have enough memory to load Kodi 15………..anyone any suggestions please.

    • Brad Jun 21, 2015 

      I had the same issue I ended up deletingall my data in Kodi 14.2 then 15.0 loaded. But I had to upload my build after. Not a huge deal. But I have a video play back problem. So I’m back on 14.2

  • duke Jun 20, 2015 

    Isengard will not run smoothly on sonys new android tv. Helix 14.2 runs perfect! But everytime i install it it will always upgrade to isengard within a day and im fed up of reinstalling the older build.
    Isengard will run at 4k but at around 7fps! At least give an option to have 1080p which would solve this problem. Or how can you stop kodi updating to the latest build? 14.2 is fine on the tv which is a x93c

  • Jason Jun 21, 2015 

    does anyone else have a problem in the latest ver15 Beta that oftentimes when you pause anything the information on the pause screen will remain on the screen for way longer than it should?

    if i use Helix i never have this problem, but as soon as i use Isengard it quickly appears. it does not matter what skin it is.

    to try to eliminate things i decided to start completely over i did a factory reset and i didn’t even use backups because i was worried that there was an addon setting i had screwing it up or some type of file was moved into the wrong folder when i tried to mod something. even after a fresh install and loading my media the problem quickly appears.

    i have similar results regardless of what skin i use, happens in confluence and others.

    • GeeCeeGee Jun 23, 2015 

      Hello Jason,
      I have just posted comments (GeeCeeGee 23/6/15) about the same problem as yours (auto update to Isengard which does not work.) I wonder if you had any feedback or have sorted it out?

  • RikLijkendijk Jun 21, 2015 

    I love Kodi. I started years ago with XBMC on an Xbox 1. (Still got it)
    I use multiple devices in different spots in my house and use a shared mysql database.

    Until Kodi i also used a shared folder for artwork with path substitution.
    As of Kodi this give unreliable results.

    What i would really like to see in Kodi is a configuration option for shared storage between kodi installs including artwork!

    I still love Kodi, even with unreliable artwork, but it would be so cool to have this shared storage!!.

    Thanks for all the good work so far!!!

  • Gcdn Jun 21, 2015 

    Just updated and having an issue with PVR. Sound is constantly dropping for a second and comes back. Tried several different channels and happened in all of them

    • Larry Fortna Jun 24, 2015 

      Having the same issue on my Raspberry Pi OPENelec installation. Thought it was the hardware but when I put back the stable release, the sound works fine.

      Also, VPN does not work on any of the Isengard Betas. Copied the same VPN configuration from the stable release to the Beta and am unable to get any of the VPN connections to appear.

    • Richard Sep 19, 2015 

      Ever since I started to run kodi 15 the pvr vuplus jitters on satelite radio channels.
      Using VLC on any other device on the same LAN works flawlessly. There is an issue with the buffer size of the selected audio codec, as for tv channels, the add-on plays sound without any jitter.

  • Andreas Jun 21, 2015 

    On my android tv the volume with isengard is a big issue. Every video I load plays with full volume. The way volume was handled in 14.2 was way better!

    • Karthik Sep 13, 2015 

      I face this too.. glad im not the only one. For me its abt 10%, seems somebody else here has 0%. I am trying to change system volume in the settings, wondering if it were something else that was resetting it.. perhaps it is Kodi after all…

      • Karthik Sep 13, 2015 

        I think I am on the right track. Work around for this seems to be to set the desired default volume in Android settings and restart the system, or kodi. After I set it to about 70% I updated kodi, after which the default volume is 70%

        My guess is that Kodi notes what is ur system volume at startup, and then keeps reseting the volume to that amount after every video..

  • Alin Jun 22, 2015 

    When i use in sound: passtrough option, the sound is intermitent. In xbmc 13 which i use as alternative, i have this option: enabled “Enable Dolby Digital transcoding”. But here in Kodi15 this option is missing.

  • Rui Jun 22, 2015 

    I#ve updated Kodi on my fire tv stick to version 15.2 and everything runs smoothly, except for the moviue library. The moie library cannot be updated and it appeasr the error message: can’t connect to server. On the other hand, my series library does not encountert any problem.
    Can anybody help me please?

  • GeeCeeGee Jun 23, 2015 

    Please help. I have been a satisfied user for over a year and up to now used Helix in which everything worked. However, I now find that it is updating automatically to Isengard and the picture is a thumbnail in the corner which I cannot expand. I have turned off the automatic updates in apps but to no avail. I am not an expert so can someone give me some tips to either turn off the update function which I would prefer or tell me how to expand the picture. Many thanks in advance.

  • Coldwell Jun 23, 2015 

    New to Kodi.. My googleTV download 15.0 beta-2.. having issues with loading movies with opening stream “One or more items failed to play. Check the log for more information about this message.”

    Anyway to fix this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Synthetrx Jun 24, 2015 

    After updating to Isengard for Android, the volume on my box always is set to zero. I can raise it up to hear, but as soon as I select a new stream it resets back to zero again. Very annoying.

  • Hoot Jun 24, 2015 

    I’ve got an issue with the “• Remove default 250ms audio delay on Android for AMLogic chipsets” change in the beta2 release. On my Shield TV all of my audio is now 250ms off on playback. I have to go in and manually set it to 250ms delay and its back to working great again.

  • mtolgae Jun 25, 2015 

    Using kodi isengard on an android tv box. everything is fine except for the android bottom navigation bar and android system volume bar coming up every time I change the volume. that was something I noticed with spmc too

  • Savell Martin Jun 25, 2015 

    Is there any way to get DVB-S via USB working on this box to watch some TV?
    Was thinking of using the NVIDIA Shield as my TV hub and the 500gb to records too if possible.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • Catherine Jun 26, 2015 

    Please help. About 1 week ago, I downloaded Kodi on my Acer Iconia 8 tablet. It worked great, but 2 days after, I can’t on Kodi. I get the error message “This Kodi package is not compatible with your device…” I have since uninstalled & installed Kodi from Google Play store and tried to do beta v15.0, but still get the same error message.

  • Fabio Albieri Jun 27, 2015 

    wish to know is there’s any speed improvement on H.265 (software, supposedly) playback over Kodi 14

    Many thanks

  • Johhny Boy Jun 27, 2015 

    Thanks for an awesome software program! Kodi, Nvidia Shield, Vizio 4k tv and my wifi all go good together.

    Question: Anyway in the future, may you guys add Widescreen to the aspect ratio?

    Thanks, JB

  • macoy Jun 28, 2015 

    Why is it im receiving a “OBB not yet present” after installing the 15.0 on my amazon fire stick tv?

  • Peter R Jun 28, 2015 

    what happened to VPN functionality in OpenElec running Kodi?

  • Emanuel Jun 29, 2015 

    I have a windows pc that acts as a server and when i tray to set smb on my tablet the windows pc does not apear but from another pc with kodi the smb works ok , any ideas ?

  • SikeMo Jul 01, 2015 

    I’ve updated and have lost functionality on several remote buttons as well as VPN on OpenELEC. What’s the story with this?

  • carlos Jul 03, 2015 

    you need to put again on the language subtitle the option of Portuguese(Brazilian).. all the subtitles sites have that. so in Kodi 15.0 “Isengard” beta 1&2 have to do the update for a better search of subtitles. Until now Kodi 15.0 “Isengard” search just in Portuguese. we know that Portuguese & Portuguese ( Brazilian) is the same language, but in case of subtitles search the sites separate them. thanks

  • Myles Jul 05, 2015 

    Kodi 15.0 Alpha 2 appears to stall and or not close upon exit of program.

    If want to learn how to start writing code, where can I go? Where can I learn? I want to help.

  • DonMartin Jul 06, 2015 

    I don’t know what is going on, but I upgraded from Google Play to Kodi 15 RC 1 and every one of my 4 android devices is getting megs of malformed errors related to SQL and prior to the change I never used SQL on any of the devices. Additionally several streaming items in my library just went POOF.

  • Tom Lasten Jul 08, 2015 

    Pretty new to this but I love the way it all integrates with my existing setup but after upgrading to isengard I’m having sound issues, any fixes for this?

  • Brian M. Jul 09, 2015 

    When in filter mode (eg. year=2014) and set movie as watched, filter is getting automatically reset to show all. The filter is not retained after marking a movie to “watched”.

  • Daniel Jul 10, 2015 

    I’m using amlogic device and I could suggest an option in Kodi for choosing whether all SD videos should use SW decoding instead of HW (on/off switch). It’s obvious that amcodec is far from perfect because many SD videos on amlogic device with HW on are out of sync and choppy. With HW off everything’s normal, so this option would be a nice improvement.

  • Dave Barry Jul 11, 2015 

    16 is in the nightlies now. Anyone spotted any changes?

  • ken Jul 11, 2015 

    any complaints I may or may not have are so far outweighed by the overall genius of your builds that all I can say is THANK YOU

  • Max Rockbin Jul 12, 2015 

    RE this release: I’m a 1st time Kodi user and installed this release. You ask for feedback on it, but I don’t see where to give it, so I’ll put it here!
    Win7 HP latest patch x64, Radeon R7, q6600 intel cpu.
    Kodi itself ran fine. I was able to select music and movie folders.
    I played one movie (mkv 1080p from bluray DTS-HD, x264) and it played fine.
    BUT after that I closed the movie and went back to the Kodi Home.
    Then I closed Kodi. I was back on my Windows desktop and after a few seconds the screen went completely green (more of a staticky green than a solid green).
    Not something I have ever seen before. I restarted windows and uninstalled Kodi and all seems fine.

  • Ask Me Jul 20, 2015 

    It’s sad to see that there’s no work on a Windows Phone oficial remote.
    Please bring us one, don’t leave us out.

  • Izak Schoombie Jul 26, 2015 

    what happened to VPN functionality in Openelec running Openelec 5.95.3?

  • Dutchie Jul 30, 2015 

    It’s amazing how Kodi 15.0 plays in an Android device. Especially video files are playing very impressive! Much more responsive as in a Windows 8.1 PC. There is a small thing with the playing order from audio files. The files are all mingled up! I have tried to let the music files play from no. 1 to 10 (album) or 1 to 100 (like 1 1 1, 2 2 2 etc.), but it doesn’t work. I couldn’t find anything in the Kodi music playing menu. Could you please give an idea how to fix that?

    Respectfully, Mr. Dutchie

  • Michael Aug 02, 2015 

    I updated to isengard n my picture is now offset to the buttom right hand side how can I fix this it’s basically useless if there’s no fix

    • Scott Johnson Aug 07, 2015 

      I have the same issue but my screen is top left

  • JW Aug 08, 2015 

    I installed kodi from the play store on my android TV box and all is working well except every time I start kodi I get the “preparing for first run” message it runs through the load then opens is there a problem? How do I fix this?

    Thank you

  • Lillian Aug 13, 2015 

    can someone please help. when trying to watch a show in Kodi for some reason after updating the picture shrunk to less the half the screen and is in the upper left hand corner. I tried the \….didn’t work…I tried the zoom ….didn’t work. I am at a lose as to what to do.

  • Michael Aug 15, 2015 

    I istalled Isengard and have no volume

  • Michael Aug 15, 2015 

    and when I try to exit the screen freezes and wont exit

  • Dan Desroches Aug 21, 2015 

    i’m new to kodi 15.1. after installing all url’s as shown on youtube video’s,ie. fusion,xfinity,metalkettle. it enables config wizard, but still gives config error see log for info message. what do i do? won’t allow anything.

  • Rod Rose Aug 23, 2015 

    How do I turn off auto update to Kodi from the play store? Helix 14.2 runs great, but its auto updating to Isengaurd automaticly on my android box, now whrn you try to open Kodi……. It reboots my box automaticly!

    With all the issues with Isengaurd…. Why is it being forced on us before its ready? Very frustrating!

    As of now all I can think to do is not use google play! Thats not what I want to do!

  • Alan Shields Aug 23, 2015 

    I have an android box and ever since I updated Kodi last week Kodi Isengard I have had nothing but problems with the video acceleration no mater what I try the picture is out of sync no mater what add ons I use the sound is spot on any one got any advice or ideas on how I can get the picture & sound in sync with each other ? .

    I have tried to play about with the acceleration setting on Kodi but no matter how hard I work and how often I try it makes no difference . I can’t even find Kodi helix to change it back to the old version as far as I can see that was far better. HELP !!

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