Kodi 15.0 Isengard – RC 1

Posted By: Martijn Kaijser on Jul 02, 2015 in Pre-Release
Kodi Isengard System 15.0

Here it is, the first Release Candidate (RC) built for Kodi 15.0; freshly baked and ready to be served! Although we said that Kodi 15.0 is a “clean-up” edition, we still managed to squeeze in a couple of really nice features. So far we had around 1050 code change requests which were included since Kodi 14.2. This vast amount sums up in a pretty big list of improvements and clean-up being done by various developers for which we should show our everlasting gratitude. As such we will only highlight some of the bigger changes further on. Download link is also provided at the bottom.

Google Play

Without a doubt the biggest news this year has been that Kodi is now available in Google Play. You can download it at the previous link or using the following QR code.

The version currently available on Google Play is Isengard 15.0 RC 1 (could take some time before it’s available as servers update). We’ve decided to go with Isengard instead of Kodi 14.2 as the first release for Google Play, because it is dramatically more prepared for the feature set that modern Android devices like the Nexus Player and the NVIDIA Shield Android TV bring to the table, including support for 4K and HEVC, among other things.

The benefits of installing the Google Play version of Kodi are fairly simple. You always get the most recent stable release without needing to mess with finding, downloading, and sideloading apks. With that said, we will continue to publish apks on our site, so if you’d rather sideload, or if your Android device doesn’t have Google Play, we’ve still got you covered. You should be able to install the Play Store version on top of your current Kodi install without any problems.

Biggest changes in 15.0 so far

Let’s continue with some of the changes that have been done since last stable release. As already mentioned, this is only a very tiny part of the list.

  • • Minimal 10.7 Lion 64-bit required on Mac OSX
  • • Minimal iOS 5.1 required and no more ATV2
  • • Minimum Android 4.2 Jelly Bean MR1 required on Android
  • • Various improvements in PVR section. This includes skin support and new PVR add-ons
  • • Complete video database clean-up session on stored data (no data will be lost). This may take some time on first run
  • • ffmpeg 2.6.2 update which bring better codec compatibility and playback
  • • Improved CC (Closed Captions) support for Live TV
  • • Fix the queuing of music videos
  • • Improvement of FF/RW (fast-forward / rewinding) of videos
  • • Improved logic to make PVR, audio encoders and audio decoders optional
  • • Fix of grouping movie sets when navigating in smartplaylists
  • • External subtitles over UPnP can be enabled through the settings section
  • • Allow scanning of new sources and marking as watched during other library operations such as “update library”
  • • Allow different sort orders for different sort methods
  • Skip steps (step forward & backwards) improvements for videos and music
  • • Add jump to first unwatched in TV section
  • • Fix subtitles showing on top of each other in certain cases
  • • Reworked add-on manager that should give a better overview
  • Chapter selection window that shows thumbs on where to skip to in the video
  • • Easier to navigate audio and subtitle selection list
  • • Show progress for add-on repository update
  • • Addition of language add-ons which allow us to update the User-Interface text outside of regular Kodi releases
  • • Immediately fetch updates from repository after Kodi version upgrade to prevent delay in getting better compatible add-ons or skins
  • • Expansion of international options like time and date format, temperature and speed units.
  • • Improvement of installing new skins selection
  • • Upgrade included webserver which should fix issues with iOS or Android remotes loosing connections
  • • Fix season art scraping on newly added seasons
  • • On Android the system now handles the volume instead of Kodi
  • • Android HEVC H.265 support for some chipsets
  • • Refreshrate switching on Android 5.0 opr higher (your device must have the proper implementation of these features to support it)
  • [email protected] playback on the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV
  • • Reworked the storage provider on Android. This fixes several problems with mounting points for storage.
  • • Remove default 250ms audio delay on Android for AMLogic chipsets. You may need to adjust the delay again
  • • Remove certain codecs from our core code and made add-ons out of them. So called Audio encoders/decoders
  • • Removed the need for root/SU on Android. Some hardware/firmware might not like that. Please contact your hardware supplier
  • • Removal of Tuxbox support. Users of Enigma2 boxes can use the VUPlus PVR add-on
  • • Removal of AFP filesystem support
  • • Remove legacy code pre-Frodo 11.0
  • • Vast amount of possible memory leaks, segfaults, crashes and minor issues have been fixed
  • • General improvements regarding code stability and performance in all areas
  • • General code clean-up in all areas to simplify adding future features

The complete technical list can be found on our Github milestones.

Improvements so far in 15.0

The above list is just a very small highlight of all the changes. Some other improvements and more in depth information can be found through the following links


General: So far in 15.0 there are no add-on changes that would impact any add-ons except for PVR. Since our 12.x Frodo release there have been some gradual changes but in general all add-ons, even from that time should still work, of course there are some exceptions. If the add-ons worked in Gotham and in Helix then we are happy to say that all these add-ons should still work.

Skins: As of this moment, all skins that worked in 14.x Helix should still work in 15.0 Isengard. In the PVR sections there are certain changes that might be noticeable and need specific skin changes. These changes are minimal and shouldn’t cause any major problems in usability. There still might be some options still missing which you relied upon first. We’re sure that most skin creators will be updating the skins in due time. Before that happens you should be able to enjoy this beta build without any problems.

DirectX 11 upgrade (not included in 15.0)

DX11Although this release post is all about the upcoming 15.0 version, mentioning the DX11 upgrade for next version is very important. Since switching from OpenGL in 2009, Kodi (and XBMC in the past) has used the DirectX 9 implementation for various tasks of rendering the user interface and media playback. This almost dates back to the XBOX days. With the hardware industry moving and focussing more on the newer DX11 with their drivers, more people have problems with running our outdated DX 9 version. This could range from simply not starting, crashing just after loading, playing videos or having problems with hardware acceleration. One of our developers afedchin took on this task and completely revised our DirectX 9 implementation and upgraded it to the more current standard of DirectX 11. Don’t worry if you still have an older card, we only use low level features so you don’t need to run to the shop for new gear. If you are having problems on Windows you can head to our forum where you can find the most recent build available which is currently based on our 15.0 release. We appreciate all the feedback we can get. Read more: here. Again this will not be part of our final 15.0 release, it will be in 16.0

We need your help

With every release there comes a point where we as a team think we’re ready enough to call it “beta” and work our way to make it a final release. From this point on we need you, the users, to help test the builds we publish and report any problems you may encounter. As we are only a limited group of people who also use Kodi in their spare time, we are limited in the ways we can use and test Kodi to the full extent. We are grateful to the devoted users who have already helped us testing the alpha builds and the first beta build on day to day basis. Having many thousands more running and testing this beta we can hopefully work out some of the remaining issues that lie within our power.

Kodi Protest Collection

We spent some time going back and forth trying to find a shirt to protest Amazon’s removing Kodi from their App Store, but at the end of the day, we decided all our ideas sounded a bit too much like the proletariat protesting the establishment. So instead, here’s a cool, distressed looking shirt that we like a lot. Important to mention is that compared to previous T-shirts, the prices for shipping are far more reasonable. Have fun!



Should you want to download and install this beta build please visit our download page.

After the beta release you can also install the nightly versions we build each day.

Other Software

In addition to creating Kodi, the members of Team Kodi have created official remotes to be installed on your tablet or phone.

Kore™ (Android) Official Kodi Remote (iOS)
org.xbmc.kore Official Kodi Remote (iOS)

Like Kodi™ itself, both official remotes are free and open source software.

Get involved

Getting involved is quite easy. Simply take the plunge and start using these 15.0 Isengard builds. If you use these builds, we encourage you to report problems with these builds on our forum first and after that, if asked, submit bugs on Trac (following this guide: How to submit a bug report). Do note that we need detailed information so we can investigate the issue. We also appreciate providing support to other users in our Forums where you can, or donate to the XBMC Foundation if you like. You can of course also follow or help promote Kodi on all available social networks. Read more on the get involved page.

Discussion - 73 Comments

  • James Jul 02, 2015 

    Now that is a icon that should be included in 15

  • stallej Jul 02, 2015 

    I have a suggestion to improve the keyboard in kodi. How do I go about submitting this idea for consideration? Basically anyone using an air mouse on an android box can’t copy/paste a link when adding a source etc. Can we just have a paste button on the keyboard to paste links to repositories etc?

    • Nathan Betzen Jul 02, 2015 

      Visit here and post about it. http://forum.kodi.tv/forumdisplay.php?fid=9

    • awdahelwidit Jul 04, 2015 

      Not sure adding a button is best option when it is only needed in specific cases, and not often. Most users won’t be adding sources and repos regularly but rather only at time of initial setup.

      perhaps such users should take advantage of the keymap configuration plugin and assign cmd+v to a remote button

      Maybe full text field cursor navigation ( editable field not arrows) and a context menu on long press would be nicer means.

      Even better solution: move IME code to addons so custom keyboards can be built.

  • rob Jul 02, 2015 

    love the logo…..can’t wait for 15.0 update…

    Good work….

  • Fernando Jul 02, 2015 

    Reworked add-on manger > Reworked add-on manager

    Duplicate: Allow scanning of new sources and marking as watched during other library operations such as “update library”

    feel free to delete this after fix it

    • Kib Jul 07, 2015 

      Thanks for the heads up – updated in article.

  • Andres Jul 02, 2015 

    What about DSP?

    • Nathan Betzen Jul 02, 2015 

      What about DSP?

    • Kib Jul 02, 2015 

      Audio-dsp is an ongoing Google summer of code project which will not make v15 anymore, but will likely be part of the next version of it is finished in time.

  • Michael Vogt Jul 02, 2015 

    One hell of an update, many thanks! My favorite software just keeps getting better.

  • Dr st01ner Jul 02, 2015 

    when are w going to get kodi for unjailbroken Idevices ?

  • Blurayx Jul 03, 2015 

    Great job guys!!!!

    Will there be auto framerate support for the Zappiti 4k player?

  • Jim Jul 03, 2015 

    Kodi Isengard RC runs very nicely on Android platforms. Nice work Kodi team. :)

    I would also like to add that Refresh rate switching also works on AMlogic / Android 4.4.2 from sellers like MINIX and HardKernel that have added this feature in Firmware.

  • Doug Jul 03, 2015 

    Love your work guys, could you please add the ability to download Movie Set art during the Library scan option.

    • Simon Jul 03, 2015 

      Hi Doug, I think this was requested already somewhere in the forums a couple of times. I cannot remember exactly, but I think there waere some technical limitations for the scraper to automatically download the movieset image.

      I would love to have that feature as well, but I’m setting the movieset piictures myself manually.

  • Caspar Jul 03, 2015 

    I used to love XBMC. However, the usability was always a total mess and it has remained that way.

    This is the greatest challenge the project faces, but I’m not sure they know it.

    • Stevellion Jul 03, 2015 

      Caspar, what are you on about. Kodi is super-easy to use.
      My 3 year old can use it
      My 70yr old Mum can use it.
      My wife can use it.
      I have Kodi on all 4 TV’s in the house and no other method of playing content – it just works. Shared database is awesome. Sure, it’s always improving, but usability is not a mess.

    • Jamie Jul 03, 2015 

      Usability a mess? What were you trying to use it for ironing? This is an fantastic update great work Kodi team. I’m in anticipation of 15 final release and MarcosQui’s MQ6.

      Thanks again!

      • ixnu Jul 03, 2015 

        Hey, hey, hey, calm down, you two.

        The new Kodi is both a spray starch and a media center!

    • Ryan Jul 03, 2015 

      I definitely agree. And it extends further than just the usability of Kodi to browse and view media, but also the usability of the API for add-ons, skins, and external applications/services.

      It is certainly very powerful, but Kodi would definitely benefit from focusing on usability for a bit.

    • JOe K. Jul 06, 2015 

      How about you make some suggestions? I think it’s easy to use.

  • Simon Jul 03, 2015 

    RC1 looks fantastic! Great work guys!

  • Taylor Jul 03, 2015 

    With the new update, On the Matricom Gbox it off sets the video to right, and you can’t see the full video, even when tweaking zoom and video calibration

    • Jeff Jul 03, 2015 

      This may not be an issue within kodi. Some of my boxes do this if the “auto-detect” is turned on in your boxes display settings. Switch it off and select the appropriate choice for your TV

    • rozelli Sep 01, 2015 

      Any luck with the matricom video being offset to the right and Kodi Isengard? Im try to figure it out now.

  • djony Jul 03, 2015 

    I’ve tested Kodi 15 running on Minix X8-H Plus and when I play DTS wav file, it seems audio play too fast (higher pitch) than usual.

  • Jason Jul 03, 2015 

    I really really hope the OSD bug that I and other users have is gone in this release. hasn’t gotten much attention yet but hopefully.

  • nak Jul 03, 2015 

    Please make RC1 available in the unstable PPA.

  • BrianT Jul 03, 2015 

    Not that I use it, but Why was the AFP Protocol Removed???
    Just Wondering?

  • smuller Jul 04, 2015 

    When will you integrate 3D Blu Ray iso playback?

    If not any time soon , will it be possible to get a ‘PowerDVD’ add on?

  • Mklcf Jul 04, 2015 

    Nice update, but the GUI is still laggy for me.

  • fischgourmet Jul 04, 2015 

    Some HEVC files do not work with Isengard RC1. For example:


    This sample does not play in current nightly either. Not sure if it’s a bug in ffmpeg or in Kodi, but re-encoding with ffmpeg works so ffmpeg can parse the file. And the re-encoded file plays fine in Kodi.

  • KodiAddict Jul 04, 2015 

    Please make the ppa version of Kodi 15 RC1 available. Thank you!

  • edrft_99 Jul 04, 2015 

    Great Update! It has fixed some of the minor issues I was having. Thanks.

  • Dexter99 Jul 04, 2015 

    “You should be able to install the Play Store version on top of your current Kodi install without any problems.”

    This was the easiest update yet.

    Great work.

  • Kodilover Jul 05, 2015 

    Where is the userdata in andoird, ican not find it. thanks

    • Kodilover Jul 05, 2015 

      Where is the userdata for kodi 15 in andoird firetv, ican not find it under /Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files.
      on 14.2 was no problem


      • Kodilover Jul 05, 2015 

        I found it , sorry

  • Antonio Jul 05, 2015 

    Can u guys add a fix to the backup cause when I restore my backups I always have to go and readd my favorite TV shows or music or have to resign in to YouTube I’m sure everyone else would like a feature like that also

  • Tarkus_ Jul 05, 2015 

    I would argue that the biggest change is breaking password protected SMB connections in Android. That’s been an issue since the first Isengard alpha, and there doesn’t appear to be any interest in fixing it.

    • Skates Jul 06, 2015 

      Having the same issue, any word on a fix?

  • Stefan Jul 05, 2015 

    Good work and thank you :)
    And have a great summer now…

  • JP Jul 06, 2015 


    Kodi seems to be really great.

    However subtitles over UPnP don’t work at all.
    It says that in this release they can be enabled in the settings menu but I don’t see any new setting…

    • zefhit Jul 11, 2015 

      Same problem. I didn’t found the option to enable subtitiles over upnp anywhere and the feature dont work at all (even on latest nightly). I rolled back to beta 1 and it works fine.

  • George Jul 06, 2015 

    What happened to the language folder? I always had to add “A” and “An” to English article token in the xml file.

    • George Jul 06, 2015 

      Found it. It’s now under the user’s addons with prefix of “resource.language” instead. For sorting token, in English, “A” and “An” should be added to the xml file along with “The”.

  • Simon Jul 06, 2015 

    Is it possible to fix the Live TV crashes on Fire TV? It happens on the 1080i HD channels

  • Kodi-user Jul 06, 2015 

    Guys, congrats on the developments of the new Kodi version!
    I have just finished replacing the different media-solutions in the house with Kodi and i am really amazed by the power of the software.

    Thank you so much for (further) developing Isengard. I think it‘s great and becoming even better!

    I gave the newest beta2 a test-drive and overall i think it‘s getting even better.
    The only thing that made me revert to 14.2 for now is because i use DVBLogics PVR addon that v15 packs OOTB. In the latest version (haven‘t backtracked this) there‘s some breakage. One major issue i noticed:

    When sheduling a new timer, Kodit freezes on the recording choices menu and has to be restarted.

    I hope this will be resolved before first stable drops..!

    In any case, great job on the development, can‘t wait to test the first stable :-)


  • poul thomassen Jul 06, 2015 

    default cache missing upgrading from isengard beta Windows, i made it Work with advanced XML.

    • JOe K. Jul 06, 2015 

      are you referring to network caching in the UI?

      • poul thomassen Jul 09, 2015 

        the default 10 mb networkcache

  • Mikeayla Jul 06, 2015 

    Something strange with music playlists: if using “find items with” Genre contains – nothing happens in RC1 but still worked in former releases

    • Martijn Jul 06, 2015 

      Report it on the forum with full debuglog

  • Russmac8 Jul 06, 2015 

    I am getting an issue with Genres for TV Shows not doing anything. Errors out on select statement to MySql. Viewing with all other selections works fine. Music and Movie Genres work fine.

    • Martijn Jul 06, 2015 

      Report it on the forum with full debuglog

  • Nik Jul 07, 2015 

    When is it gonna be released for pc?

    • Tonebotic Jul 07, 2015 

      The RC has been released for PC been using for a few days now.

  • Torgen Jul 08, 2015 

    Does someone know when the OpenELEC isengard RC1 Version comes? On their page it’s still beta 2 and i don’t find anything about the RC1 on their forums.

  • Gerryx Jul 09, 2015 

    I have been using this build RC1 on my windows 7 64bit windows, I have noticed that I can not update add-on, there are loads available but they do not update. Any help would be appreciated. Great work guys.

  • Craig Jul 09, 2015 

    It crashes whenever the visualisers start on music playback (my music source is via an FTP server although I don’t know if that makes a difference or not. It did it during the betas and it’s still doing so on the RC’s. I am on a Mac, unsure whether this problem affects Windows.

  • Melih Jul 10, 2015 

    I am using Kodi as DLNA server and works great except some minor issues. First and most important is external “srt” subtitle files for *,avi formats which are at same name and in same folder cannot be played together. Also some *,mkv files which i have downloaded via torrent system has problem like sound runs normally at playtime but picture freezes, plays some time later and freezes again (i don’t know if it’s because xbmc doesn’t transcode video files). If there is a solution, Can you fix them please? Thanks for your great work, especially flow of files at network. It’s really communication fast over ethernet.

    • Melih Jul 10, 2015 

      communicating* :)

  • willemd Jul 10, 2015 

    Kodi 15 still crashing when Yatse (Android remote control) is polling it for video information. Didn’t happen in Helix. :( Have a bug report on the Windows forum two weeks back.

  • Yaqot Jul 11, 2015 

    thanks a lot for your update . but i have a problem with 5.1 surround sound ! it is not working in kodi ! but on out kodi it is work fine with other applications .

    what is the problem ?! please , help me

  • migel Jul 11, 2015 

    morning i need help i have downloaded kodi but cant get any further can some one send me some instruction plssssss


  • Hussrin Jul 12, 2015 

    Having a problem with sound not working sometimes. When I first start a show, there is no sound. It comes on sometimes if I move forward in the show. I’d say it works normally 60% of the time. I’ve also had a issue where the video is scrambled and the sound is okay. This was working fine in the previous version. Not sure if I’m the only one with this problem.

  • AL8782 Jul 15, 2015 

    I have a problem losing all sound when Aeon Nox updates. Is there something that I need to do be make my Aeon Nox Helix 14.2 back up work with isengard?

  • Jose bernardino Jul 15, 2015 

    I did update fr google play store …
    But it take a long time to response
    And all pictures are on the right side of the tv can not watch properly
    I have to go back and install kodi 14.2 helix again to go back to stable normal viewing
    I think it needs to be fix properly before it will run smoothly like 14.2 release
    And it is not really hd the reception of the movies …tnx guys but it is a good update
    I hope it will run like the 14.2 helix…….

  • Caleb Buggs Jul 17, 2015 

    Why did my on screen keyboard characters disappear with Isengard?

    OTT M8 Box
    Amlogic 2805

  • Alex Jul 20, 2015 

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU for adding “jump to first unwatched episode” for TV episodes – this is my most-wanted feature! Can’t wait to try out the RC later!

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