Kodi 15.0 Isengard – RC 2

Posted By: Martijn Kaijser on Jul 11, 2015 in Pre-Release
Kodi Isengard System 15.0

Here it is, the second Release Candidate (RC) built for Kodi 15.0; freshly baked and ready to be served! Although we said that Kodi 15.0 is a “clean-up” edition, we still managed to squeeze in a couple of really nice features. So far we had around 1080 code change requests which were included since Kodi 14.2. This vast amount sums up in a pretty big list of improvements and clean-up being done by various developers for which we should show our everlasting gratitude. As such we will only highlight some of the bigger changes further on. Download link is also provided at the bottom.

Google Play

Without a doubt the biggest news this year has been that Kodi is now available in Google Play. You can download it at the previous link or using the following QR code.

The benefits of installing the Google Play version of Kodi are fairly simple. You always get the most recent stable release without needing to mess with finding, downloading, and sideloading apks. With that said, we will continue to publish apks on our site, so if you’d rather sideload, or if your Android device doesn’t have Google Play, we’ve still got you covered. You should be able to install the Play Store version on top of your current Kodi install without any problems.

Fixes done since RC 1 version

  • • Fix endless loop in PVR section which causes high CPU load
  • • Fix crash on opening conext menu item
  • • Fix sorting by episodes
  • • Don’t try to use hardware decoding for h264/10bit video files (don’t confuse with h265/10bit)
  • • Fix playback of certain HEVC files
  • • Avoid freezing/deadlock in peripheralmanager
  • • Fix genres in smartplaylists
  • • Fix grouping by artists in smartplaylists
  • • Fix video calibration for Android
  • • Make sure to download the OBB file when Play Store doesn’t
  • • Some other technical changes….

Biggest changes in 15.0 so far

Let’s continue with some of the changes that have been done since last stable release. As already mentioned, this is only a very tiny part of the list.

  • • Minimal 10.7 Lion 64-bit required on Mac OSX
  • • Minimal iOS 5.1 required and no more ATV2
  • • Minimum Android 4.2 Jelly Bean MR1 required on Android
  • • Various improvements in PVR section. This includes skin support and new PVR add-ons
  • • Complete video database clean-up session on stored data (no data will be lost). This may take some time on first run
  • • ffmpeg 2.6.2 update which bring better codec compatibility and playback
  • • Improved CC (Closed Captions) support for Live TV
  • • Fix the queuing of music videos
  • • Improvement of FF/RW (fast-forward / rewinding) of videos
  • • Improved logic to make PVR, audio encoders and audio decoders optional
  • • Fix of grouping movie sets when navigating in smartplaylists
  • • External subtitles over UPnP can be enabled through the settings section
  • • Allow scanning of new sources and marking as watched during other library operations such as “update library”
  • • Allow different sort orders for different sort methods
  • Skip steps (step forward & backwards) improvements for videos and music
  • • Add jump to first unwatched in TV section
  • • Fix subtitles showing on top of each other in certain cases
  • • Reworked add-on manager that should give a better overview
  • Chapter selection window that shows thumbs on where to skip to in the video
  • • Easier to navigate audio and subtitle selection list
  • • Show progress for add-on repository update
  • • Addition of language add-ons which allow us to update the User-Interface text outside of regular Kodi releases
  • • Immediately fetch updates from repository after Kodi version upgrade to prevent delay in getting better compatible add-ons or skins
  • • Expansion of international options like time and date format, temperature and speed units.
  • • Improvement of installing new skins selection
  • • Upgrade included webserver which should fix issues with iOS or Android remotes loosing connections
  • • Fix season art scraping on newly added seasons
  • • On Android the system now handles the volume instead of Kodi
  • • Android HEVC H.265 support for some chipsets
  • • Refreshrate switching on Android 5.0 opr higher (your device must have the proper implementation of these features to support it)
  • [email protected] playback on the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV
  • • Reworked the storage provider on Android. This fixes several problems with mounting points for storage.
  • • Remove default 250ms audio delay on Android for AMLogic chipsets. You may need to adjust the delay again
  • • Remove certain codecs from our core code and made add-ons out of them. So called Audio encoders/decoders
  • • Removed the need for root/SU on Android. Some hardware/firmware might not like that. Please contact your hardware supplier
  • • Removal of Tuxbox support. Users of Enigma2 boxes can use the VUPlus PVR add-on
  • • Removal of AFP filesystem support
  • • Remove legacy code pre-Frodo 11.0
  • • Vast amount of possible memory leaks, segfaults, crashes and minor issues have been fixed
  • • General improvements regarding code stability and performance in all areas
  • • General code clean-up in all areas to simplify adding future features

The complete technical list can be found on our Github milestones.

Improvements so far in 15.0

The above list is just a very small highlight of all the changes. Some other improvements and more in depth information can be found through the following links


General: So far in 15.0 there are no add-on changes that would impact any add-ons except for PVR. Since our 12.x Frodo release there have been some gradual changes but in general all add-ons, even from that time should still work, of course there are some exceptions. If the add-ons worked in Gotham and in Helix then we are happy to say that all these add-ons should still work.

Skins: As of this moment, all skins that worked in 14.x Helix should still work in 15.0 Isengard. In the PVR sections there are certain changes that might be noticeable and need specific skin changes. These changes are minimal and shouldn’t cause any major problems in usability. There still might be some options still missing which you relied upon first. We’re sure that most skin creators will be updating the skins in due time. Before that happens you should be able to enjoy this beta build without any problems.

DirectX 11 upgrade (not included in 15.0)

DX11Although this release post is all about the upcoming 15.0 version, mentioning the DX11 upgrade for next version is very important. Since switching from OpenGL in 2009, Kodi (and XBMC in the past) has used the DirectX 9 implementation for various tasks of rendering the user interface and media playback. This almost dates back to the XBOX days. With the hardware industry moving and focussing more on the newer DX11 with their drivers, more people have problems with running our outdated DX 9 version. This could range from simply not starting, crashing just after loading, playing videos or having problems with hardware acceleration. One of our developers afedchin took on this task and completely revised our DirectX 9 implementation and upgraded it to the more current standard of DirectX 11. Don’t worry if you still have an older card, we only use low level features so you don’t need to run to the shop for new gear. If you are having problems on Windows you can head to our forum where you can find the most recent build available which is currently based on our 15.0 release. We appreciate all the feedback we can get. Read more: here. Again this will not be part of our final 15.0 release, it will be in 16.0

We need your help

With every release there comes a point where we as a team think we’re ready enough to call it “beta” and work our way to make it a final release. From this point on we need you, the users, to help test the builds we publish and report any problems you may encounter. As we are only a limited group of people who also use Kodi in their spare time, we are limited in the ways we can use and test Kodi to the full extent. We are grateful to the devoted users who have already helped us testing the alpha builds and the first beta build on day to day basis. Having many thousands more running and testing this beta we can hopefully work out some of the remaining issues that lie within our power.


Should you want to download and install this beta build please visit our download page.

After the beta release you can also install the nightly versions we build each day.

Other Software

In addition to creating Kodi, the members of Team Kodi have created official remotes to be installed on your tablet or phone.

Kore™ (Android) Official Kodi Remote (iOS)
org.xbmc.kore Official Kodi Remote (iOS)

Like Kodi™ itself, both official remotes are free and open source software.

Get involved

Getting involved is quite easy. Simply take the plunge and start using these 15.0 Isengard builds. If you use these builds, we encourage you to report problems with these builds on our forum first and after that, if asked, submit bugs on Trac (following this guide: How to submit a bug report). Do note that we need detailed information so we can investigate the issue. We also appreciate providing support to other users in our Forums where you can, or donate to the XBMC Foundation if you like. You can of course also follow or help promote Kodi on all available social networks. Read more on the get involved page.

Discussion - 77 Comments

  • LongMan Jul 11, 2015 

    Amazing Work. Thank You. Can confirm grouping by artists in music video playlists fixed.

    • mkortstiege Jul 12, 2015 

      Great ;)

      • Kenny Jul 19, 2015 

        Hi, I’m getting the error ‘there was a problem parsing the package’ after I try and download Kodi 15.0 rc2?

  • Daniel Jul 12, 2015 

    I have one last ticket fo Kodi 15

    If you have time, please take a look, it could be easy to fix


  • Vanessa Jul 12, 2015 

    Hi ALL

    There is any ADD ONS or SET UP that let me watch 1 episode and continously to the next?
    Thanks in advance ALL


  • Steve Jul 12, 2015 

    When will you integrate 3D Blu Ray iso playback?

    If not any time soon , will it be possible to get a ‘PowerDVD’ add on?

  • Johnny Biy Jul 12, 2015 

    Awesome work everyone!!!

  • Khalid Jul 12, 2015 

    Great work! Congrats on finishing RC2!!

  • Gustavo Jul 12, 2015 

    This version is awesome, Please guys, implement the portuguese – Brazil language, cause here in brazil it is very famous this app.

    • Klojum Jul 13, 2015 

      You can install that language from the Addons / Languages section.

  • JNRW Jul 12, 2015 

    I have downloaded today’s nightly build and it is called RC3.

    The developers’ work rate is phenomenal. Can’t wait for the Final Release.

  • Mike Jul 12, 2015 

    Missing .apk files for android

    List .zip files instead, so can’t be installed on amazon fire tv

    • Martijn Jul 12, 2015 

      use a proper webbrowser.

      • Mike Jul 12, 2015 

        ? Don’t answer question

        • Mike Jul 12, 2015 

          Strange works now…

  • gerrick Jul 12, 2015 

    Great. Congrats. But after more then two years kodi with roku &, chromecast there should have been a cast support for pc users.

    • nedscott Jul 13, 2015 

      We’ve supported the open standard of UPnP for longer than Chromecast has existed. We can’t help it if every company wants to reinvent the wheel with their own proprietary format.

  • joseph Jul 12, 2015 

    still having trouble playing videos on 15.0 in 1080p i have to change my android box settings to 720 never had this problem before update

  • cpl183 Jul 12, 2015 

    subtitles always show on the bottom of the video and not below the video for me, changing the setting doesn’t work, the subtitle wont show outside of the video. is that a bug or is it just on my system?

    • Klojum Jul 13, 2015 

      Something like this? http://trac.kodi.tv/ticket/16106

      • cpl183 Jul 13, 2015 

        exactly like this. subs won’t show below or above video, just inside the video.

  • Reuben Jul 12, 2015 

    I’m using a Blu Life 8, just update the latest version of Kodi but unfortunately its saying the package isn’t compatible with my device.

  • Jr Lopez Jul 12, 2015 

    I notice on kodi 14.2, favorites is misspell , it says fovourites. Instead of FAVORITES are you guys going to fix that,in the new kodi 15.0 update?

    Thanks for everything….

  • Star sparrow Jul 13, 2015 

    Won’t download

  • petrus2069 Jul 13, 2015 

    After install I lost Spanish configuration. I have only english language in option International

    • Martijn Jul 13, 2015 

      Check your connection as you should be able to install them.

  • Manny Jul 14, 2015 

    It crashes on my window 7 today got the error unable to create application exiting

    • Martini Jul 28, 2015 

      Yes, I’m getting this problem today with an 8.1 installation. KODI 15.0 won’t start fails “unable to create application”. Kodi was working fine for past few days – just stopped working.

  • Luu Jul 14, 2015 

    Not support 4k ?

    • Klojum Jul 14, 2015 

      4K is supported just fine by Kodi, as long as you have the proper hardware (htpc and TV) for it.

  • Larry Jul 14, 2015 

    I installed the RC 2 version of Kodi V 15 and have problems with programs running full screen on my TV. I have a 47″ LG smart TV. Trying to zoom only makes the top of the screen cut off.

    I have done a complete clean re-install and have replicated the problem. 14.2 runs full screen just fine.

    Am I missing something or does this need to be added to a bug list?

    Cheers, Larry

  • Matt Jul 14, 2015 

    Works perfectly, thanks guys!

  • Stefan Jul 14, 2015 

    That was fast…Seams like I just had Installed RC 1 :) Thanx for RC 2 :)

  • Bigbadlee Jul 14, 2015 

    Are there any plans to include Samsung S Pen support in future updates?

  • Alex Jul 15, 2015 

    When the normal playback hevс 10-bit?
    KODI still does not reproduce smoothly.

  • Robert Jul 15, 2015 

    Hallo never Problems with beta1 and beta 2. Since Rc1 And Rc2 Windows crashes nearly every time when having finished a Video, when looking at the program preview and at many other points. Then i cannot leave kodi. I am using the Titan skin with Windows 7/64. Tried it on 2 PC, same result.

    • Martijn Jul 15, 2015 

      report it on the forum like mentioned in the blog.

    • Juansnow Jul 18, 2015 

      Im having the same issue since rc1. My kenovo mini pc gets overheated i think then reboots. Never happened with previous builds. Windows 7, aeon nox theme, rc2

  • Luis Carlos Jul 15, 2015 

    I love Kodi, long time user, but I missed the Portuguese Brazilian subtitles option. There´s only Portuguese. I think that´s what Gustavo was tallking about, some posts above. Please implement the Portuguse Brazil subtitles option.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Klaus Jul 15, 2015 

    Hi folks,

    nice work over the years! Thank You all!

    I notice one problem for the current RC1 and RC2, spoiling the Kodi show for me:
    the audio significantly lags the displayed video data. (wmv, mp4, …)
    Particularly after seek operations the gap between video and audio increases.

    The same video content is played OK with the current VLC.

    System is OS X 10.10.4 on a Mac mini.

    Would love to continue using Kodi, but the audio lag is somewhat annoying :-)

    • Martijn Jul 15, 2015 

      report it on the forum like mentioned in the blog.

  • Walter Jul 16, 2015 

    I downloaded build 15 rc2 last night. It work, and now it wont open at all. I deleted it reinstalled, still doesn’t work. Went back to Helix. Now that wont work. Every time I try to install it I get the error “Error opening file for writing:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Kodi\Kodi.exe” What is going on?

  • carlos Jul 16, 2015 

    Hi everyone,

    I´m a real fan of your work and i have to say kodi is amazing platform… congratulations.

    I became your fan since XBMC, now i use the minix-android with kodi-rc2 ( from google play). Since the actualization kodi – isengard Beta1, the option of the language Portuguese (Brazilian) in the subtitles disappear. We know that Portuguese and Portuguese (Brazilian) are the same language, but on the subtitles sites they separate them, then on kodi we stay limited just to the subtitles on language Portuguese, and that is not so good because it shows just a little few subtitles files.
    Thank you

  • carlos Jul 16, 2015 

    I report it on the forum but no one say anything…

  • Markus Jul 17, 2015 

    Just tested RC2 and the latest build on Win 10 10240, unfortunately sqlite.dll will not load :-( maybe you are able to fix, or hold on with rtm until sqlite is available in a win 10 version

  • Jbernardino Jul 17, 2015 

    Hi why is that kodi 14.2 helix is better than the new update?
    Having problems with the pictures watching movies always leaning on the right
    And the quality most of the movies are in sd even in hd before if the movie is in hd …
    It is hd…and the big problem if someone can help….i will reset the q box to factory setup the install the kodi 14.2 helix and it would be fine excellent back to normal like before…then turn off after using..then when u turn on again just wondering why it is going back to kodi 15? How do i prevent it to update by itself? Tnx need help

  • Adam Jul 17, 2015 

    I like your work – however I have had a few issues – audio is skipping on passthrough, program is generally slower. Maybe I need to backup, remove and reinstall?

  • Charlie Jul 17, 2015 

    Do the RC automaticly updates to the normal release when its done and released?

    • Mr Bogus Jul 19, 2015 

      android & the majority of linux disro which have it in their repo – Yes
      windows – No
      mac Os – i don’t know

      • Charlie Jul 19, 2015 

        Thx, Openelec is the dist.

  • zefhit Jul 18, 2015 

    Subtitles over UPNP still not working and there is no option to enable. My TV is an LG WebOS and worked fine on beta 1

  • Trex Jul 19, 2015 

    For peoples which using only mouse, like me, I think it will be more easier if on the virtual keyboard when deleate something (backspace) just to hold the button of the mouse, not to click 20 times on the backspace. 10x :)

  • Shibu86 Jul 19, 2015 

    Thanks for the great work!

    However i’m having issues rewinding movies/series. It freezes and won’t let me rewind. Forwarding works well. Anyone else here having this problem/ or a solution?


    • Bob Smith Jul 23, 2015 

      I have the same problem, did you ever manage to fix it?

  • cyfmu Jul 20, 2015 

    Under the kodi 15.0 Isengard – RC2 the ace stream engine and sopcast don’t work. They only work under the kodi 15.0 Isengard – Beta2

  • Jazza1872 Jul 20, 2015 

    I had kodi 15.0 installed but kept losing all the bacground images in the build i was using , could you tell me if this type of issue has been fixed please . . .

  • tkgafs Jul 20, 2015 

    There seems to be a problem playing music using party mode.

    Some tracks finish before they should and playing starts on next track I have noticed this in version 14 & and both release candidates for release 15. It did not happen with release 13. see the same issue running on 64 bit windows 7 and using openelec. Also on the openelec builds it will also sometimes crash with out any explanation.

    I pretty much only use kodi as a music player and usually in party mode, it can be several hours before the issue happens, I will create debug logs if some one lets me know what debugging should be turned. I am running on a Zotac ID18 using dual boot between Windows 7 64 bit running Kodi 15 rc2 and Openelec 5.95.3 (x86_64)

    i have passthrough turned on and upmix to 5.1 sending audio to yamaha surround sound system, video out goes via hdmi to television

    Any help to get to bottom of this gratefully received

  • Jack Low Jul 22, 2015 

    Subtitles for UPNP is still not working. No option to enable and can’t be found when I used the “browse for subtitles” option.

    Using Kodi 15 rc2 on mibox.

    • Martijn Jul 22, 2015 

      The option is under UPnP

  • Timothy Borbas Jul 23, 2015 

    Simply put I love this Kodi project.
    I wish to get two programs.
    The latest version RC for my Fire Stick and the program that helps install it from my Windows 8.1. I need the exact addresses please.
    Every one involved with this project has made amazing changes to Kodi.
    Thank you all.
    Mr. Timothy Borbas

  • Galdor Jul 26, 2015 

    Nice new version like it a lot. one question about the subtitles i tought i read somewhere it was now possible to see the subs when using pnp. But when i go from my smart tv (LG) to kodi i somehow don’t see the subs

  • Wolf Jul 28, 2015 

    Did Not work On iPad I 5.11 installier via cydia. No Chance to fall back, because nö oder Version in cydia available

  • Juan Jul 29, 2015 

    How to update from 14.1 to 15.0 can someone help
    Thank you

  • Rob Jul 30, 2015 

    Is there a seamless way to update my Raspberry pi 2 with the latest Kodi without losing all my settings? After installing Kodi, I can’t read the memory card with Windows, so how do I update it? I used a 64gb card and I had to download tools to format it to FAT32, so it will be an ordeal to update it. Anyone has a process how to do it and preserving the current settings?

  • Mike Way Aug 01, 2015 

    I too am having a problem with the screen size after the new Kodi 15.0 rc 2 install. I cannot adjust the size as the top left corner of the display is off screen so cannot grad the arrow there to pull picture fully on screen and get the picture to fill my HD TV screen as before with Helix. I have tried calibrating, zooming and anything available to get a full screen display and end up with a picture 3/4 size of screen. I see others are reporting similar problem. Any chance of a fix soon?

    • christen g Sep 05, 2015 

      I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled kodi several times. I cannot get the screen to be correct. Everything is very low and to the bottom right corner. No amount of calibration fixes this. Has anyone else found a different fix?

  • Mike Way Aug 02, 2015 

    Today, I performed an uninstall of Kodi and re-installed it. Solved my problem.

  • marilyn Aug 03, 2015 

    I get the following message kodi-15.0-isengard.exe has stopped working

  • Jose Blanco Aug 07, 2015 

    I’ve been getting this message when playing movies or TV episodes on certain occasions “one or more items failed to play, check the log file for details”

  • DOme Aug 10, 2015 

    Do you plan to release a Windows 10 app?

  • Neil Johnson Aug 20, 2015 

    having problems on movie playback since installing Kodi 15.0
    movies play but they are way out of synch and lag badly!
    I’m using a MX android TV box. anyone have any suggestions?
    it was fine on Kodi 14.1

    • corby86 Sep 17, 2015 

      Try upgrading to 15.2

  • David Sep 30, 2015 

    1 Running Isengard 15.2 RC1 do I need to upgrade to RC2 if so how do I upgrade it.

    2 Loaded stream engine to play Sky Sports programms worked when first used not working anymore tried other streams but no joy any suggestions.

    look forward to your reply


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